California Tournament Trail Coming in 2014



California Tournament Trail (CTT) is proud to announce the debut of a ‘workingman’s Pro-Am Circuit.’ CTT will begin full time operations in January 2014.

The goal of CTT is to provide California anglers an alternative to higher cost Pro-Am tournament series. With our lower entry fees and more local venues, CTT hopes to enable anglers the opportunity to fish a Pro-Am tournament and not break the bank in doing so.

During 2014, CTT will offer 5 tournaments on some of California’s finest fisheries, including Clear Lake, Oroville, Shasta, New Melones and The California Delta.

These events will be staffed by California’s most experienced tournament staff, Tournament Director Bill Cook, Weighmaster Bret Smith and Terry Greenwaldt. Says Cook “Bret, Terry and I have long felt that there was something missing in the West Coast Pro-Am’s. WON, AC and FLW all do a good job with what they do, but we don’t feel that they meet everyone’s needs. Our intention is not to challenge these organizations and the services they provide, but to encourage more anglers to fish and to provide a service to these anglers that can’t afford the more costly circuits.

We intend to run a lean, tight circuit that provides our anglers an outstanding event with fewer frills, but one that will be run professionally. We want the angler to be able to fish a series that helps prepare them for higher level events, that provides an even, competitive tournament and one that makes you feel like you got your money’s worth.

CTT will feature a shared weight format where the pro and amateur fishermen work as a team. The entry fees will be $300 for the boater and $150 for the non-boater. One of the primary differences between CTT and the other organizations is that our pay-out is the same for boaters and non-boaters. CTT will pay-out 85% of all entry fees to both.

CTT will have a $25 annual membership fee. We are starting this circuit with our own money and will use the membership fee to help defray start-up costs and insurance fees. We will have an open book policy that will show our members what we spent and how much we made. Our pay-out schedule includes an organizational profitability chart that shows how much we keep. No need to get out the calculator, we show it all.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Bill Cook at 661-319-3014 or e-mail him at We take and return all calls.

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Fall Fishing report for Lake Kaweah


Not a lot of the Central Valley lakes have a ton of water this time of year, Kaweah is no different. It does seem to have launch ramps that go to the bottom of the lake.

          I have taken a couple trips to this lake recently and have been able to catch a number of fish. No real size, just lots of tugs on the line. The largest has been a two and a half pound fish. Now, Kaweah is known for having some giant fish in it, my personal best is an 11 pounder. I have seen 13 pound fish taken and have seen pictures of 16+ pound monsters coming from the lake. Most of the big fish have all been in the spring, I have never heard of any real big fish being caught in the fall. You can’t catch a big fish if you don’t try so I tried.

          The water temperature was 64 degrees and the air temp was 84. Water levels had still been dropping and it had just been a full moon. It’s always tough this time of year to figure out what the bite will be. There are plenty of bait fish balling up, the trout are starting to move back towards the surface and the crawdads are still active. I decided to start with top-water baits and then gradually work my way down. I started by throwing a Lunker Punker on the main lake points and around any structure I could find. When that proved fruitless I changed to a Huddleston swimbait (ROF 5). My partner started throwing the S-waver and a Skinny Dipper swimbait, we worked the same areas. After an hour of fishing those baits, I switched to the tried and true bait that seems to work every time the drop-shot. I took the Pro Worm Rainbow Shad out and made a cast into the area that I had just gone through with the HUD. First cast hooked a bass; this was the start of a 25 fish day. Now, there were no giants caught but sometimes just catching fish can be fun. I was catching most of the fish in 12 feet of water, as I drifted out over deeper water (30-40 feet) I would mark a few fish. I tried to catch these fish but it was tough they just seemed more lock jawed. Finally I took out a 3 inch Pro Leech in Purple Shad; third cast into the deeper water rewarded me with the biggest fish of the day. Having this new knowledge lead me to fish for the deeper fish, thinking “this is where the bigger fish might be lying,” I picked up the HUD again. After another half hour of no bites, back to the drop-shot, this time sticking with the deeper water and the smaller bait. Caught only one fish and it wasn’t a big fish.

          So, if you’re headed out to Lake Kaweah in the next few weeks I would still tell you to bring the big baits and keep them handy. You just want to make sure and have that drop-shot rod ready. Focus on the areas of the lake that have some bottom structure and depth changes. Keep your eyes on your graph, when you find bait balls drop down your bait. First thing in the morning seemed to be the better bite, action wise.

Good Luck out there,


Big Ed-


James Everhart

James website

Gearing up for the River2Sea Open by Alex Sanchez

spo alex

Alex Sanchez is a local Delta Expert. Here are his suggestions for the upcoming River to Sea Open




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Gearing up for the River2Sea Open

1.      Probably one of the hottest top water baits on the market is the River2Sea, Rover 128. I have been throwing the Rover for quiet sometime now and have fallen in love with this bait. The Rover is a bait that you can pull right out of the package, tie it on, and catch fish.  Right now the bass on the Delta are starting to school up and push bait towards the flats and the back of sloughs. This will be a bait that I would be fishing with for the first two hours of the morning with low light conditions and the last two hours of the day when the water temperature warms up to the mid 60s and the bass are up chasing bait.


2.       What would the Delta be without a fall crankbait bite? Fall is here and the bass are going to follow the baitfish. River2Sea struck gold with Ish Monroe’s Biggie. The Biggie comes in two sizes, The Biggie Poppa and The Biggie Smalls. I personally like throwing the Biggie Poppa this time of year, the bait fish is usually 3 to 4 inches long depending on the school. Another cool feature to the Biggie series is that they come in a silent “Creepin” slow floating series and rattling “Bumpin” fast floating series. This crankbait is a great way to cover water effectively without picking up a flipping stick to find the bass. The Biggie Poppa will be tied on my rod at all times.



3.      Did someone say Tungsten??? I think SO! River2Sea have a phenomenal array of Tungsten Sinkers, from Drop Shot weights to Punch weights like the 1oz Trash Bomb. The Delta is an amazing fishery; fish will be caught in a foot of water to ten feet of water. It just depends on your style of fishing. I really enjoy heavy flipping this time of year. Bass tend to hunker down tight to structure on high pressure days and the only way you can get to some of those fish is with a ½oz or 1 ½oz weight. This method can be like searching for a needle in a hay stack but the reward is even greater. You can expect me to have two rods on the deck rigged with a ½ oz weight and a 1 ½oz. 

drop shot


4.      Rip Rip……Rip Rip…..Rip Rip Rip. Throwing a Rip Bait for fall time bass is probably most exciting ways to fish. Bass school up in coves or shallow flats and the bite could last all day, cast after cast catching fish. However the Delta can be a tough cookie to crack, I’ve found River2Sea’s “The Ripper” a game changer. This bait makes inactive bass quiver, they can’t resist eating it. The Ripper is one of those rip baits I found to produce solid keepers all year around, from 2 ½ pounders to 6 pounders. I believe The Ripper will play a key role in landing some nice fall time bass.


5.        Last but defiantly not least, the River2Sea’s Whopper Plopper. This is one of the hottest baits on the market. I can’t tell you how many big fish I’ve caught on this bait this year. I love throwing buzzbait’s this time of year but the ratio of landing some of those big fish are slim. My hook up ratio has double since I have switched over to a Whopper Plopper. When I’m fishing a buzzbait down the bank and I get blown up, 9 out of 10 times the fish isn’t going to come back and eat it the bait. However when I throw the Whopper Plopper and get blown up; I stop the bait, start slow rolling the bait back to the boat and they crush it. I guarantee a lot of big fish will be landed on this bait throughout the tournament.

Whopper Plopper

For more River to Sea Products Click Here



Haven’t signed up yet for the big River2Sea Open that will be on the California Delta in 2 short weeks?


Haven’t signed up yet for the big River2Sea Open that will be on the California Delta in 2 short weeks?

Well you had better hurry because if you get your entry in by Monday, Oct 28th, three people will be randomly drawn for a FREE entry of into one of the three scheduled Coors Light Delta Open Team Series events scheduled for next year!

If you win, you can choose any of the following events to participate in:

·         Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge! – (May 3rd and 4th )

·         SnagProof Open – (Aug 2nd and 3rd )

·         River2Sea Open – (Nov 1st and 2nd )

You can get signed up for the River2Sea event, online or simply by calling the Angler’s Press offices at 916-768-0938 or visit the Angler’s Press website at

Get your entry in today!

Note: the 1st  name that is drawn will get to choose which event they want, then the 2nd name drawn will get to pick from the two events left, followed by the third name drawn who will get the event that is left.


delta series

New Pro/Am Circuit announced California Tournament Trail

JB Russ Meyers

California Tournament Trail

Well folks, with no real Pro/Ams in Northern California Bill Cook, Brett Smith and Terry Greenwalt have decided to start a true working man’s Pro/Am circuit. Between them, they have collectively put together a tournament trail that addresses the concerns we have all heard over the past 10 years. And, they’re not closed off to additional ideas or constructive criticism.

The opener will be at Lake Oroville

Lakes and dates:
Oroville …………… 1-18/19-2014
New Melones…….. 2-22/23-2014
Delta………………. 3-22/23-2014
Shasta…………….. 4-19/20-2014
Clearlake…………. 5-10/11-2014

Pro entry $300
Am entry $150
$50 big fish option/ both sides
85% payback on entry
100% on Big Fish option $$.
$25 yearly membership fee
Complete open book policy.
Anyone who fishes the event can
See exactly how the money is distributed: no hidden agenda
“EVERYONE” is allowed to fish/ 1 in 5 payout:
There will be a true TOC, which will include the 1st place finishers from each event and a 15 additional places based on points. Only 20 Pros and Co’s will fish the TOC
No BS fees:
Off limits m/t/w; pre-fish t/f
For additional info or sponsorship opportunities contact
Bill Cook: (661)319-3014, or email at
Or, Terry G. @ (661)301-2959
More info to come.

National Bass West 2014 Tournament Event Schedule released

National Bass West

National Bass West releases 2013/2014 Tournament event schedule.

We will continue our 90% payback.  We will also be giving away a NEW PHOENIX 618 PRO powered by a 150 MERCURY Optimax motor.

If you are looking to get into another boat, a boat built with the very best materials, one with the utmost performance in rough water and with speed, one that has more standard features at no additional cost to you, check out the PHOENIX boats at Last Chance Performance Marine. 
Thank you for your participation and support for National Bass West. 
Best to you all,
Mike and Lynne Peterson


National Bass West


90% payback J


Schedule of Events


Contact us

Mike Peterson  760-801-4281

Lynne Peterson  760-497-8238


2014 Classic

October 2014

Giving away a 


Colorado River Region

All Lake Havasu


October 26,2013

November 16, 2013

January 25, 2014

February 15, 2014

March 8, 2014

May 10, 2014




November 3, 2013 DVL
December 8, 2013 DVL
January 12, 2014  PERRIS
February 9, 2014 PERRIS
March 16, 2014  DVL
April 27, 2014   DVL




November 2, 2013—El Capitan
December 7, 2013—El Capitan
January 18, 2014—El Capitan
February 8, 2014—Otay

March 8, 2014—Otay
May 3, 2014  El Capitan


Brian Linehan (714-580-4088)


November 9, 2013  Castaic

December 7, 2013–Pyramid
February 8, 2014-Castaic
March 1, 2014–Pyramid
April 12, 2014—Castaic

May 10, 2014 Pyramid






Certified MerCruiser Technician on duty



2014 Summer Nights


Lots of Fun for Summer Nights    

Open Events


Lake Havasu—-2-day Team

 Lake Havasu

March 22/23, 2014  Lake Havasu


Diamond Valley—2 day Team
April 5/6, 2014 OPEN


7th Warrior Event

Diamond Valley    May 17, 2014





Sponsored by PHOENIX BOATS Mercury Motors


90% payback J





Lake Perris Night OPEN


May 31, 2014     6 p.m.—Midnight








June 6, 2014
July 11, 2014
August 8, 2014
September 12, 2014






7 p.m. —  1 a.m.


June 28, 2014   

August 9, 2014
September 13, 2014






$95 hour labor rate





for ALL your boating needs




Boat Sales                Boat Service







Best Bass Tournaments 2014 Tournaments Event Schedule

BBT header

Best Bass Tournament Trail release 2014 Schedule

The BBT enters its third year of hosting Tournaments. The BBT had over 1500 Teams fish in 2012 and 2013 and the numbers of members continues to grow. Well run events with low entries and high payouts keep the Anglers coming back. The 2013 T.O.C paid out over $45,000! For more info go to

Randy walker RaBBT Berryessa opener-2

Northern Region

Berryessa March 15
Oroville April 12
Clear Lake May 31
Oroville June 21
Clear Lake July 19
Oroville August 09

Randy Pringle
(209) 543-6260

Central Region

McClure February 01
Pine Flat March 01
Eastman March 29
Don Pedro May 03
Eastman May 31
Pine Flat June 21

Kevin Cheek
(559) 977-8420

Mother Lode Region

McClure January 11
McClure February 08
New Melones March 08
Don Pedro April 05
Don Pedro May 17
Delta June 08

Kevin Cheek
(559) 977-8420

Coastal Region

Nacimiento January 11
Lopez February 08
Santa Margarita March 08
Santa Margarita April 05
San Antonio May 17
Nacimiento June 07

Chris Gilkison
(661) 703-7929

Delta / Wine Region

Clear Lake March 29
Delta April 19
Berryessa May 17
Delta June 28
Clear Lake July 26
Delta August 16

Randy Pringle
(209) 543-6260


USAC Gold City Trail gets a new Tournament Director


Hello everyone,

                We would like to introduce you all to the new GoldCity Trail Director Mr. Rick Stone, he has a lot of experience running bass tournaments and we are positive that he will continue to try and bring you all the top quality events you have come to expect/enjoy from U.S.AnglersChoice Tournament Trails. We wish you all as well as him all the success for the future. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact Rick at . Here are the tournament dates and the Entry form for the new GoldCity Region 2014.











Lake Oroville Fishing Report

Lake Oroville Map

Lake Oroville Fishing Reports 

In a nut shell Lake Oroville is a tough bite right now. Water temps are in the high sixty’s to low seventy’s on average and gin clear except the areas with heavy boat traffic stirring up the red clay.The lake level is low but no longer dropping fished with Dan Wells today ,a well known local Pro from the area and got a lesson on commitment.Dan showed me there are good top water bites to be had,you just really have to work for them .I on the other hand am more of a Drop-shot and Dart-head kinda guy.Both of these technics offered up steady action off of main Lake points and island tops but on size to them at all.If your fun fishing this is the ticket but for the tournament guys reading this,Leave your cull beam on the deck it’s gonna get a work out.We also gave the jig a chance to show off today but had no luck,however when you fish Lake Oroville you have to have a jig tied on.The jig can defenilty be a player on Oroville.Last but not least we also threw spinner baits and crank baits along the mud lines after they developed.Mud lines can be pretty good ambush points for large roaming fish.All in All we caught alot of fish and had a great day.Good Luck Bob Tyler

Humbolt State wins College FLW event on Clear Lake

Derrick Hicks Clear lake


Over the weekend I participated in the FLW College Fishing Western Regional on Clear Lake representing Humboldt State University. My teammate, Graeme Lock, and I competed against 45 other top college teams in the Western Region. We were able to sack up a two-day weight of 41lbs-10oz to take first place. We netted $4,000 for our club as well as a spot in the National Championships, which will be held next March on Lake Keowee in South Carolina.


Without having a pre-fish or practice day, we knew on Day One of the tournament we were going to have to cover a lot of water to find a good school of fish. We were expecting to face a tough bite as not only are the fish transitioning into their fall patterns, but also there has been a lot of pressure due to the amount of tournaments being help on Clear Lake during the month of October. After covering a lot of water on the south end of the lake, we made a decision to see if there was a school of fish mid-lake in Horseshoe Bend. As soon as I dropped the trolling motor in Horseshoe I started graphing large balls of bait in about 18ft of water and the bass engaging in a feeding frenzy. After trying to entice the bass with a deep-diving crankbait and swimbait with no bites, we decided to go with a finesse approach, as I suspected that the bass had been hit hard with reaction baits from the Everstart Pros throughout the week. We started to drop-shot Margarita Mutilator Roboworms and immediately started catching fish. We quickly filled the boat and started culling fish. The key to the drop-shot was to dead stick the bait and not move it and wait for the fish to swim off with it. We did have a couple of the Top 10 Everstart Pros come in wanting to fish our spot, which told me we were sitting on a good school of fish. I respectfully let them fish the area as they had a lot of money on the line. We ended up weighing a limit of five fish on Day 1 for 21lbs-09oz putting us in 2nd place.


On Day Two the field was narrowed from 45 teams, to the Top 10. Our plan for the day was to head straight to Horseshoe and protect our spot all day. We were pretty confident that the bait would still be there, along with the bass. During the low-light conditions in the early morning the bait was very spread out and the bass were not as active. We tried throwing some topwaters and other reaction baits, but nothing would commit. Once the sun was fully shining the bait became more concentrated and the bass began to feed. We started throwing the drop-shot again and the bite only got better as the day went on. I really gave my Dobyns Champion Extreme 702 Finesse rod a workout. We caught a lot of fish and culled many times throughout the day, working about a 30-40 yard stretch. We ended up with a 20lb-01oz for our five fish on Day Two, putting us in 1st place.

Derrick Team

 A Story by Derrick Hicks

I graduate in December, so this was a great way to finish the 2013 season. I cannot wait for the National Championships. I must say I am very proud of my teammate Graeme, it was a blast winning this tournament with him. I also want to give a shout out to our other Humboldt State Team of Chris Childers and Erich Coulter who placed 7th in the tournament and will be heading to Nationals with us. I would also like to thank my sponsors for supporting me and college fishing, without their support, none of this could happen: Dobyns Rods, Pure Fishing, The Rod Glove, Monster Fishing Tackle, NuTech Lures, Sinister Wacky Worms and RB