Lake Berryessa fishing report – May 12th and 13th – by Danny McElroy

Fished the BBT Northern this past weekend with Randy Walker of RBBass, and it was a grind. The previous week we were on a good bed fish and River2sea S-waver bite, and with the full moon and good weather we looked for those fish on Friday, but they were nowhere to be found. So, we changed our game plan a little bit, caught a few fish on the S-waver and really started getting them going on a Keitech Underspin. They seemed to not be eating it all over the lake so we keyed in on bait in the back of coves in the Narrows. Nothing over 3 pounds on practice but largemouth were eating it.

Tournament Day;

We blasted out of Pleasure Cove, went straight to the back of our cove and found the bait. We both caught a couple and then it happened. I felt a tick and tried to set the hook but he was running toward me, I was reeling to catch up and it was a Giant black that jumps, I turned him down and he pulled off and I hit the deck of the boat. Lesson learned… Don’t ever underestimate the bite, always be on your game cause a big one does not care about your tournament!!

We had between 10-12 lbs at the end of the day due to a Dropshot , Senko, And the Underspin…look for bait jumping out of the water and you’ll find fish…Thanks for reading my “Big Fish Tale”

Tight lines,                              

Danny McElroy

Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Water Temp 69-73 deg

Water clear to light stain

Weather Cold Front windy WNW @15-20 mph high around 70 deg

Fishing has been up and down. There are Still good fish to be caught but you need to move around and find active fish. Dragging Jigs with the new Reins Tungsten football head has been getting some quality bites on long flat tapering points. I’m using 15lb 100% Berkley Triplane Flourocarbon Line  These fish are transitioning away from Spawning and out to their Summer haunts. Senkos are catching some smaller fish as well as drop shots shallow 5-10 feet. Occasionally a good one will eat the senko but you need to make alot of casts. The topwater bite is close to opening up, most the fish are just swiping at the bait and not fully committing yet, but this upcoming weather will change that, I did catch 10 fish on the IMA Skimmer Grande up to a  4 lb Spotted Bass, But I had some bigger ones just wiff on the bait. I also had good action on the new Ima Suspending Vibe 70 . I was making long casts in 3-5 feet of water as I was searching for bed fish, the 1 pounders  were clobbering it! Most the beds are empty, a few fish are still finishing their spawn, but they are very spooky. Last week the fish were bigger, but this week the numbers were better. Expect the lake to turn into summer mode , Top Water early and Late, then Deep Ledges and Offshore cover during the day.

Good Luck “Ron Howe”

Lake Camanche Bass


Delta Fishing Report by Mike Tremont


Delta 5-13-2017
Launched at B&W. It felt like an early March morning rather than! I started fishing on a weedy flat not far from the ramp. The tide was just starting to go out. I started in the same spot the week prior on the low. What a difference a week and a cold snap can make. Water temp was 57° and the water had really gotten dirty. The crank bite I had the previous week was gone. I did flip one about 3lbs. off a weed patch under a bush. I worked a mile or so of bank with no luck. The 7 degree drop in water temperature and lack of clarity told me it was time to move.
I started flipping some weeds on a 90° turn on the Old River. I was using 1/2 oz gambler screw in rattling weight, a red Gamakatsu #5 EWG offset hook, with green pumpkin/red Zoom Brush Hog. I was fishing some slack water just inside the current. I had a number of bites, but nothing to show for it! I threw in my drop shot with a 6″ Rob Worm in the MMIII color. To my surprise, not a bite. I downsized to the same color worm in 4″ model with the same results! Time to move…
Ran over to the outside of Mildred Island. It was about 11am at this point, I was still it my sweatshirt, the wind was blowing about 10mph, nothing extreme, it was just cold! I started flipping the weeds with a 1oz weight and sprayed grass beaver. The water was in the 65° range over there with 2′ visibility. On my first drop with the beaver in about 5′ of water in the milfoil, I got my first good bite. How do I know, well I never felt a thing, I wasn’t 100% focused on my bait that had moved a few feet from where it started, my brain finally reacted with a swing an a miss! This is why practice and I’m glad that is what I was doing. I continued throwing a number of baits, in different forms of cover for the next couple hours. I managed another one about 3 on the Brush Hog. The tide was about bottomed out. This cold weather really had the fish in a funk. I wasn’t feeling to confident at this point, then I hear it. The sound we are hearing way too much on the Delta nowadays, a seal in the middle of the slough. I had a weed flat between myself and it. It was swimming parallel to the bank out in the middle. Going underwater a few seconds and then coming up for air. I thought it would just keep moving in that direction. It went under again, it made a 90° turn right toward me, came through the weeds and surfaced about 30′ in front of me. This guy was at least 8′ long! I yelled as loud as I could to GET! Very surprised, it worked. I scared it, as much as it scared me! It dove under going away from me and I never saw it surface, nor did I see again!
Ate a little snack and thought about where to go, what to try next? I have learned to sometimes do what you don’t think will work. So out came the frog. I threw it for about a half hour until I got a little swipe at it. Had to be a small fish? Went a little bit further and my first frog fish of the year. The bite was subtle as far a frog bites go, but it ate it! Good old Bobby’s perfect frog. The Swallows are flying all around right now, and I think the fish know it. For the next half hour I managed 4 fish out of 6 subtle blow ups to save my day. Nothing huge, but it sure is fun!
All gear mentioned is available at

Lake Berryessa fishing report by Ryan Hall

I spent the last 2 weekends fishing Lake Berryessa in preparation for the 3rd BBT Northern Region event of 2017. Last Friday morning, May 5th, I put my boat in the water at Markley Cove and to my surprise my Humminbird was showing 72.2 degree water temps. I ran through the narrows up to the North end of the lake and started fishing near spawning areas. I pulled up to a point leading to a major cove and started throwing a Reaction Innovations Vixen. No more than 3 cast later I had already gotten my first bite. I kept throwing my spook as I fished further in to the cove and was rewarded with a handful of bites. I was also able to pick up a few more on a 3.8″ Keitech swimbait. I left this cove with about 8 fish but none larger than 2.5lbs. I continued to fish points and coves with success on every stop. My top water pattern continued throughout the entire day. Towards the end of the day I could find a point that had a few better fish on it. I landed a 3.25lb smallie that had another clone with it and I was also able to get a 2lb spot that had a herd with it and a 6lb largie following them. I later checked some deeper water with a jig and a Shwanger baits 6″ whiptail on a drop shot. This lead to a few more bites but nothing over 2lbs. I got of the water around 2 o’clock with a small limit for about 12lbs.

               The following Friday, May 12th, I was able to get out again. I launched out of Pleasure Cove at around 10 o’clock. This day would fish a little different being that earlier in the week some wintry weather had come through and dropped the water temps to the low/mid 60’s. This day there was 15-20mph winds from the northwest and the entire lake had white caps on it. With that being said I chose to focus in the narrows and near the dam. I started fishing coves that were protected from the wind in an effort to maybe find some bed fish but that was a bust. It wa s an issue the previous weekend where I also did not see a single bed fish. While looking for bed fish I blind casted a spook and tubes. I only had one small bite on the spook but caught a handful of 1.5-2.5lb spots on the tube and a 3lb post spawn smallie. After a few hours of looking for beds without success and catching a ton of rats I decided to fish some wind-blown banks and get on a reaction bite. I threw a small Keitech swimbait without success, then switched to a spinnerbait and started getting a few bites. Later in the evening I pulled up to a windy bank near the dam and was rewarded with a 4.8lb spot and 2.3lb spot both on the same Nichols Lures Pulsator Spinnerbait (1/2oz double willow in bombshell shad).

               The next day was tournament day. That morning I hopped aboard my partner Bob Tyler’s RB Bass/B3 Solutions wrapped Ranger 520 and got ready for our day ahead. We started the day near Big Island throwing top water and nail weighted Senkos. We got on the fish very quickly and had our limit within about 30 minutes. We had a small limit of smallies for about 10lbs. We continued to fish around the island and we picked up 3.5lb Largemouth on a weightless senko then another 2.5lb largie shortly after. We then left and headed up to Putah Creek where we were unable to upgrade. After leaving Putah we stopped near the mouth of Pope Creek and found a bunch a smallies on beds. We looked through this whole flat full of beds but only saw 2 that would have helped our limit but were unable to get them to go in a timely manner. We then headed back down near Big Island and made 1 or 2 very small culls then had to head back in to weigh in.

               Ultimately, we caught a ton of fish. Catching them was not the issue but finding the big bites was. Our best Baits for the weekend were a Reaction Innovations Vixen, Nichols Lures Pulsator Spinnerbait, Yamamoto Senko, & a Shwanger Baits Whiptail. The links to each of these baits are listed below.

Thanks for Reading,

Ryan Hall

Top Picks:

Reaction Innovations Vixen:

Nichols Lures Pulsator Spinnerbait:

Yamamoto Senko:

Shwanger Baits Whiptail:

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Breaking News Nick Wood Joins RB BASS Group

Nick Wood is the next Tournament Angler to Join the RB BASS Group. Nick has been making Big noise in Tournaments for quiet some time and is quietly one of the Best Spotted Bass Anglers in the state of California, but his skills go far beyond the deep canyon lakes in Nor Cal as Nick is competitive on any body of water and is the only Angler to win the Snag Proof Open on the California Delta twice! We are Very excited to have Nick join the Group states Ron Howe the founder of RB BASS.  Nick Wood ads to a group of very competitive Anglers that range from 19-75 years old that promote the great sport of Bass fishing. Nick is hot right now coming of a Wild West Bass Trail Team win and a B.A.S.S Federation Nation Win along with the California State team win.  Welcome to the Family Nick Wood!

Below is a little more about Nick Wood.

Nick Wood is from Montague, CA.  He is the owner-general contractor of Wood’s Construction and he is a professional bass fisherman from Northern California.  He has fished professionally since 2005.  Won the Snag Prof Open twice (2005 & 21012) , Back to back winner the WON Bass Pro-Am 2009/2010 on Shasta Lake, CA. In 2009, he won a Nitro Boat and then in 2010 repeated the win.  ABA Angler of the Year for the Shasta Cascade Region in 2015/2016/ and 2017.  BASS Federation Nation Western Divisional CA Team Champion in 2009 and most recently the 2017 BASS Federation Nation Western Divisional Champion and the Wildwest Team Tournament on Shasta Lake.  He is confident and excels on Lake Shasta with versatility of swimbaits.  Nick has competed successfully in Arizona (Colorado River to Lake Cordaliane, ID and all the way to the Harris Chain of Lakes in Florida for the BASS Federation Nation Championship.  

Camanche lake fishing report by Josh Parris

I’ve been fishing Camanche lake for the past few weeks in preparation for the 3rd stop of the Future Pro Tour central region that was held last Saturday. Over the last few weeks the fish have continued to progress through the spawn cycle with some great fishing to be had. Coming into the tournament with the knowledge I’d gained over the last few trips out I knew it would be a slug fest! Indeed, it was, it took over 16lbs to even make the top 20.

In pre-fish I was jumping between targeting spawning fish and post spawn fish and planned to do the same tournament day. In the morning to the early afternoon the top water bite has been good for some of the better-quality bites. I have been having my best luck on the River2sea rover 128 in powder

In the afternoon, I’ve been looking for bedding fish. Most of the fish I found were either deep in pockets or on islands tops that are only a few feet under. The bigger fish seemed to be mostly done at this point and in post spawn. For bed fishing I was flipping Texas rigged soft plastics and swapping baits constantly depending on what the fish were reacting to.

If bed fishing wasn’t productive or I just could find them I’d pick up the IMA Pinjack 200 and go in search of more post spawn fish.

The areas I was targeting for post spawn fish were main points, humps or walls near spawning areas. Typically, bass will hang around those areas outside of the spawning areas for a few days after they’ve pulled off beds or left their fry. My other tactic for these worn-out fish was a wacky senko. Simple but it’s hard for a tired-out fish to pass on such an easy offering.

Tournament day we were met with a cold snap and high winds out of the east till the afternoon. Water temps plummeted 10-15 degrees. In the areas, I planned to with start top water it wasn’t an option with high winds so I opted for the IMA Pinjack 200 and my partner threw a wacky rigged senko. We had a limit in 30 minute, just not of the right fish. So, we pressed on to our next few areas. We continued to catch fish everywhere we went culling by ounces. Once the wind died down I picked up the River2sea rover within a few casts and absolute giant swing and missed. My partner was quick with a follow up bait and instantly hook up, unfortunately it came unbuttoned. We continued as the sun rose higher, the water warmed and our time was running out. The fish started to pull back up and feed in the areas they had been in pre-fish their typical post spawn areas. With wacky rigged senkos for the last 30 minutes we were able cull up to just over 16lbs. We had a few other fish in that time come off that surely would have helped but its fishing not catching. Our 16lbs was good enough for 16th place! I hope this helps and Good luck out there!

Josh Parris


Delta fishing report – Rattle Trap Open by Christopher Evola

Date: April 23, 2017

Location: California Delta

Water temperature: 59-63 degrees

Water clarity: 2-4 feet

Air temperature: 55-77 degrees

Wind: 10-20 mph

Tide movement: outgoing

On April 23, 2017, my brother Justin Ross and I fished the 2017 Rattle Trap Open directed by BBT Tournament director Randy Pringle. The event was held out of Russos Marina in Bethel Island and the fishing conditions were set up to be fairly difficult. With the recent drop in water temperature due to April storms the fish on the California delta were in all stages. There were fish staging to spawn, spawning and there were fish post spawn.

My plan was to target post spawn locations on the edge of heavy current, adjacent to spawning flats. I’ve found these areas to be fairly productive because it allows the bass in a post spawn state to recover from their recent spawning activities. An area with healthy vegetation whether it be submerged or emergent has traditionally been my most productive areas when targeting post spawn fish. The reason I believe these areas are more productive compared to others is because bass forage is plentiful.

The first area we ran to was a rock bank with a spotty grass line approximately four feet off of the bank. The trough created had fresh rock present from the recent levee reconstruction. I believe this spot was unique compared to others because of the fresh rock and clear water I could see bluegill and crawfish in and around the crevasses of the rock so I knew the bass would be near these areas.

I started out throwing a 3/4 ounce rattle trap in a red craw color, teamed up with sixty-five pound braided line.  My Dobyns Champion Series 736 was paired with my Abu Garcia Revo Rocket. This equipment was imperative because the six-power rod and the no stretch sixty-five pound braided line allowed me to rip the rattle trap bait through the vegetation triggering reaction strikes.

We fished approximately one hundred yards down the bank and had a quick limit of small fish. I started up my big motor and went down to the end of the slough where several tule berms were present. The tide was falling fast leaving us limited time to put together a descent bag. The area we were fishing was beginning to show more and more vegetation making it crucial to make pin point casts in order to fish the trap effectively. I made a short cast and brought my trap around the inside line of the berm, my six-power rod doubled over like a Shakespeare ugly stick. I yelled to my partner “get the net it’s a giant “. I winched her out of the grass and Justin netted her. He immediately took her from my sight and into the live well. Justin culled out a small bass and we went back to fishing.

We fished hard for three more hours and I managed to catch a three pounder which culled a small rat buck bass. We made two more runs to two different ends of the delta. After about noon we could not catch a fish. We finished the tournament in fourth place and I was awarded big fish honors with my 8.19 pound slug. Over all it was a fun day and both Justin and I look forward to next year’s Rattle Trap Open on the California delta.


Delta Fishing Report by Charlie King

Wind wind and more wind!
Not being able to pick and choose the day’s I  get to go fishing, I have to deal with whatever mother nature throws at me.

Today it was wind, blowing out of the North at 15mph even more at times. Air temperature was in the low 70’s and the water temp was 60 to 63 degrees. I am sure a lot of fish have already spawned in some spots on the Delta but where I was fishing they had moved back to outside edge of the weeds.
Unable to fish the area I wanted, I had to use the wind and the Delta current to my advantage. Using a TNTBAITCO.COM Claymore Chatterbait and Red Biggie square bill crankbait, I was able to catch some nice fish in 7 to 10 feet of water.

Today was more of a learning to deal with whatever mother nature throws at me then it was about catching fish, I had to really keep telling myself to just fish what is giving to you and keep positive. So tomorrow if the wind is blowing or pouring rain just get out and fish the condition I promise, it will make a better fisherman out of you. See ya on the water!
Charlie King