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Tournament Bass Fishing Tips by “Ron Howe”


     I am by no means any super Pro Bass Angler, but Ive had a lot of Tournament success in recent years and I want to share what has made me better and hope it can help you be a better Tournament Bass Angler.

     We all start out as Beginners or Rookies or Future pro’s. We develop a love for fishing and a love to compete. Throw a high horse powered bass boat in the mix with a cool looking gel coat and were hooked! Blasting off against 60,70-230 boats is a serious endorphin rush! You against the world the weather the water and oh ya the fish! Once a Angler fishes a few events they get addicted to Tournament Bass fishing. I did!



     Very few Anglers ever make it to the top level of Bass fishing and fish as a “Pro” for a living. Many of us can live the dream regionally near home and are happy to do so. With kids a full time job and few sponsor dollars available for a weekend warrior we are limited in our opportunities.

Delta BHQ Ron Howe_Steve Adams - 16

      I have been tournament fishing for over 20 years now. I love it! I love meeting new people and love to compete. Along this journey I started at a club level. We caught fish, but rarely got in the money or won a Trophy or some Wood! The same guys always did well. We new we were good anglers, but couldn’t get to the top of the club event level. Then you meet new people and learn about events with a higher winning potential. So you say sign me up im in! And much like the club level you fish well, but never end up in the top level of the circuit. The same guys always do well??

Second Placeweb

      When we fish at the club level or regional semi-pro level it is the last time we will ever get info on how these Anglers did better than us. You must stay to the end of every event you fish to learn and get better. In time you will find out what won the events or what the top 5 teams did to out fish the rest. If you leave the event early because you didn’t place well you are loosing the chance to get better! Stay, ask questions, hang out with those willing to talk, many Anglers love to brag! Heck I do! That’s how you learn!

Ron Howe Delta 9.60


      Take what you learn and go practice it, get better at it. When you tackle your weakness find another tournament tactic and get better at it. The more versatile you are the better you will become at Tournament Bass fishing at any level! Don’t get mad when a team does well, try to find out what they are doing that you are not! Now go get good at it. Many years ago I forced myself to practice Punching or heavy flipping. Its not that I couldn’t do it, I love to flip just not in the junk. If I can open water fish I would rather do so. By forcing myself to practice this and get better at it I Punched 25lbs in 15 minutes. That’s all I needed to do 1 time to get me to get over what I want to do and what I need to do at the right times. Drop shotting was an other one, Its not hard, I just didn’t like to do it. I would rather drag a jig or a 10” worm, but quickly I forced myself to improve at this tactic and believe me it has paid off! Get better at what you don’t like to do, it will make you a better Tournament Bass Angler.  

clear lake 2 bass

     One big bit of advice I can give you is to take control of as many things as you can. This is one of the most important steps to becoming a better Tournament Angler. Make sure your line is new or in great condition. Always tie new knots. Always use new hooks. Make sure your boat is fully ready before you leave your house. Know the weather, the tide, the water level, the seasonal pattern you will fish and know the primary food source at that time of year where you are fishing! And as I have asked my partners on a few very sad occasions when the big fish gets off, did you have a trailer hook on? Being pre-paired is the best thing you can do that will improve your Tournament results as a weekend warrior.

2013 March 27 Bullards Bar - 012


      This one is tough, but invest in good quality products. Make sure you buy products that are proven tournament products. Have the right rod and reel for what you’re doing! A red crank bait just aint a red crank bait if it doesn’t work correctly. If a spinner bait doesn’t work properly it just wont catch as many fish. Bite the bullet and buy good stuff. Make sure you bring enough product that you do well with, do not run out! I have multiples of my favorite baits; I don’t want to run out.

b howe 9er

        Time management. This is critical to your success in tournaments. This does not mean fish too fast. This means fish every second of the day effectively. Each time you start and stop do it quickly. This will add 1-25 more casts per day in every event. If you made 25 more casts in 5 events that is 125 more chances to catch a big one! It is a percentage game and you are improving your chances. If you are the non boater, are you getting ready to go quickly? When the boater puts his pole down and grabs the trolling motor rope that’s a big clue you need to be on the move. Timing is everything!! Think how many times in practice you pull up and first or second cast BANG you get a big one! If you manage your time in tournaments you will increase these odds in your favor. I do a lot of Salmon fishing and I get asked a lot “how come you hook so many fish?” I always answer because im a tournament Bass Angler! And then respond by saying I make more casts than the average angler. Make the most of your time and you will become a better Tournament Bass Angler and a better fisherman.

Berryessa BASS

Berryessa BASS


    I hope you can use some of these valuable tips to improve your time on the water and your success in your next Tournament.


Good Luck

“Ron Howe”

Ron and Dan Win Snag Proof Open


Looking to protect your A-Rig? The Rod Glove has your ticket!

Stowing the Umbrella rig

 The umbrella rig explosion has taken us all by storm! So many different options for baits, rigs, rods, reels and line, the list goes on and on. After you get all this gear, gain confidence in the tactic and began using it in tournament competition, now you have to figure out how to keep the dang thing from getting all tangled up inside your rod lockers after you have just rigged them up for the next day’s tournament.

The folks over at VRX fishing, builders of the rod glove have made a very simple system that will keep your umbrella rig from getting tangled with other rods while being placed in your rod lockers or when your U-rig rod is just being stored.

The system is very simple. First, after you have tied your rig up just slip one of the hooks through the bait keeper that is fixed to the rod its self. Next take whichever rod glove rod sleeve that fits the rod you are using and slide it over the rod as you normally would but this time when you pull the rod glove down towards the reel and it bumps into the head of the umbrella rig simply use one hand to close the wires on the rig and slip the rod glove over the rig till it is at max length and covering the rig all the way to the baits themselves. Now you have the rod glove holding the rig and wires in place and all that is left out are the swim bait heads or whatever baits you decide to use. The last step is simply hold all of your rigged baits against the rod and cover them up using a bait glove lure wrap. Now you can place your umbrella rig safely in the rod locker all tied up and ready to go for the morning.


What makes this system really cool is that not only are you keeping your umbrella rig from becoming a mess in the rod locker but you are protecting your rod and rod guides at the same time. The rod gloves tapered tip design is perfect for this because its fits the rod snuggly to protect and still opens at the bottom allowing it to cover the head and wires of the umbrella rig and the bait glove with its wrap and Velcro design, it opens big enough to wrap around all the baits plus rod blank and then snug up tight to keep them out of harm’s way.  This system will make it a lot easier to fish and store the umbrella rig!

Available at


Stockton Bass May 19th!

Stockton Bass revs up for their next event on the California Delta May 19th! Big Delta Bass are still biting and this should be a great event! With over 1000 miles of water to fish who will find them? This is a open teams tournament with No Membership fees and no Late fees. Just show up and fish! This is the longest standing tournament circuit in Nor Cal come support it!



Clear lake Fishing Report

Clear Lake fishing report. 4-10-13

Water temps are in the low to mid seventies and the algee bloom is really coming on strong at the south end of the lake. There is still alot of clear water to be found and most of it is four and five pound Bass Soup. Here a fish ,there a fish,everywhere a fish fish. It’s so much fun right now at Clear Lake. The bass are in all three stages of the spawn right now,I saw them roaming,locked on bed’s and guarding fry. Today I fished a tournament with a one hundred and four boat feild. I weighed in a twenty-two pound bag that placed me in the top twenty of the feild but no check.It took a twenty-seven pound bag to win it.All my fish today were caught on belive it or not a five inch margarita mutilator ROBO WORM fished on the drop-shot with eight pound BERKLEY TRILENE line. The key for me was tulle’s with chunk rock. The dock talk was Big jig’s,swimming flukes,beaver’s and the frog and buzz bite seem to be starting early and late in the day. A nine pounder was the big fish of the tourney and no I didn’t catch it.Clear Lake is a bass fisherman’s dream right now,don’t miss the chance to live the dream.Hook Up and Go. Good Luck Bob Tyler

Yamamoto big bass 3rd Annual event shatters previous participation mark and delivers biggest payout ever

BETHEL ISLAND, Ca. – The 3rd annual Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge held on the California Delta at Russo’s Marina, was a huge success as a record field of 325 turned out to get their share of the over $30,000 in cash that was awarded to those catching a single big bass during the 2-day event.

Strong, gusty winds prevailed on the first day, which limited many anglers from running to areas that required long runs, but solid, healthy large mouth bass in the 5.5 to 7.5 pound range were the norm for those who were successful in grabbing one of the thirty cash awards presented to the field that day.

Day two was a weather “grab bag” as strong winds prevailed at the 4am check-in, but subsided by 6am, followed by hours of dead calm, followed by shower bursts, then followed by warm overcast skies. That variation of conditions either triggered the big bass to bite, or allowed participants to run to better areas as day two saw even bigger fish come to the scales that topped 11 pounds!

When all was said and done, the overall big fish of the event was an 11.56 pound giant, caught by Luke Ellison, which earned him the overall big fish trophy and a cool $3,000 dollars, while Derek Dagneau, left the event $10,000 richer as he successfully picked the right envelope in the dramatic “Super 12” draw.

The large crowd that stayed around to watch the “Super 12” draw broke out in both laughter and cheers as when Derek was asked how he felt about winning $10,000 thousand dollars replied… “I don’t know how to feel right now….I’m a starving college student…I’ve never seen $1,000 let alone $10,000”!

This was a great event, and on behalf of Yamamoto and Kinami baits, we sincerely thank everyone for their support and participation as Angler’s Press looks forward to bringing it back to the California delta once again in 2014.

Meanwhile, go out and get some Yamamoto or Kinami product and start practicing NOW for next year!

For those of you that don’t know, this was the first qualifying event in the Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series, and as such qualifies the top overall 25 big fish winners of the event for a spot in the first-ever Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series Championship where only 100 teams will fish for a new vehicle in June of 2014 right here on the California delta.
The next event in the Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series that will allow anglers to qualify for the inaugural championship event will be the 2013 Snag Proof Open – presented by Gone Fishing Marine, which will be held Aug 3rd and 4th on the California Delta at Russo’s Marina.The top 25 teams in the Pro division as well as the top 15 teams in the Am division will each receive a spot in the exciting Coors Light Delta Open Teams Championship.

The top 25 qualifiers from this event for the Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series Championship are:

1    Luke Ellison    11.56
2    Robert Jones    9.55
3    Derek Dagneau    9.17
4    Bobby Barrack    9
5    Ronnie VanArsdale    8.6
6    Nick Abaro    8.47
7    Stacy Gee    7.98
8    Eric Hawkins    7.88
9    Gary Gottschall    7.74
10    Matt Van Sloten    7.54
11    Tom Shores    7.54
12    David Ritche    7.52
13    Mike Nuzum    7.52
14    Clyde Livingston    7.45
15    Firuz Gizatullin    7.43
16    Alfonso Orozco    7.27
17    Steve Newton    7.26
18    Rob Riehl    7.23
19    Matt Latino    7.22
20    Jim Larosa    7.12
21    Billy Davis    7.1
22    Rocky Cha    7.09
23    Dave Langendorff    7.08
24    Brian Johnson    7.07
25    David Schlander    6.92

See you all at the Snag Proof Open!

Angler’s Press

Future Pro Tour heads back to Clear Lake

CLEARLAKE, Ca. – The first FPT event of the season, the “Big Bass Brawl” held in early March on Clear Lake, was supposed to be a slugfest that only those uniquely familiar with catching big fish on that lake were supposed to enjoy.

But at the end of the day, so many anglers in the 130 plus field had big limits, that THIRTY POUNDS for five fish became the gold standard to get in to the top ten, and there were so many fish over 7 pounds, it was ridiculous.

Moreover at the FPT’s last event, the “Capitol City Showdown”, held on Folsom lake, those anglers in that 120 boat field counting on the traditional “bed fish” bite – usually in full bloom on Folsom Lake in mid April, were completely baffled, sending teams to the scales with small limits that made it seem like a fall time bite.

But competitive “tour” fishing is neither for the impatient nor the faint at heart as it always requires those that wish to master the skill, to be resilient and adjust as necessary to any challenge that may present itself.

For the third stop on the 2013 Coors Light Future Pro Tour schedule will take place this Saturday at Clear Lake in an event dubbed the “North State Rumble”, where the table has been set for yet another set of challenges for those beginning to amateur level anglers that live for conquest and wish to be the best.

Many in the field may want to believe that the spawn is over on this massive fishery, but don’t be fooled… Clear Lake is known to have HUGE fish on spawning beds well into late June, so the challenge for FPT anglers will be whether to play it safe and go for a “good limit” – which will help them secure “good points” and a possible berth in the FPT’s prestigious year-end championship, OR go “all in” and stalk those big bass that many know are still spawning in the coves and tulle areas of California’s largest natural lake.

This Saturday’s event may decide the fate of many anglers as the exciting launch will commence at safe-light out of Red Bud Park, followed by a dramatic weigh-in process that begins at 3pm.

As always, there will be an OPTIONAL pre-registration on Friday evening from 4-6pm at Clearlake Bait and Tackle located right behind the launch area.

And for those that can’t make it up on Friday evening, we will be taking late signups for this event at the ramp – the morning of the event, beginning at 4am, where limited memberships will be available for those that can only fish a few FPT events or simply wish to try us out.

Western anglers have your big fish gear ready to go as the FPT presents the “North State Rumble” bringing with it a ton of hungry anglers anxiously waiting to put a “whoopin” on some big Clear Lake bass!

See you there!



Florida FWC Scientists Discover New Bass Species


Scientists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) have uncovered a new species of black bass in the southeastern United States. Scientists have proposed naming the new species the Choctaw bass and recommended the scientific name of Micropterus haiaka. They revealed their discovery at a meeting of the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society earlier this year.

FWC scientists first noted a DNA profile that did not belong to any recognized species while testing a bass specimen from the Chipola River in 2007, as part of a broader genetic study of bass.

“We didn’t set out to find a new species,” said Mike Tringali, who heads the genetics laboratory at the FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. “It found us.”

After confirming the initial discovery, scientists searched for the DNA profile in bass caught in nearby rivers to determine the species’ range. They found that the Choctaw bass inhabits coastal river systems in Alabama and along the western Florida panhandle, including the Choctawhatchee River.

“We chose the name ‘Choctaw bass’ because the species’ range overlaps the historic range of the Choctaw Indians,” said Tringali. “As for our recommended scientific name, Micropterus haiaka, ‘haiaka’ is a Choctaw word that means ‘revealed.'”

The American Fisheries Society must approve the suggested scientific name for it to take effect.

The Choctaw bass is very similar in appearance to its relative, the spotted bass. The physical differences between the two species are not easily seen with the naked eye, one reason they had never before been distinguished despite decades of bass studies in the region.

For more information about how FWC scientists discovered the new bass species, visit, click on “Freshwater,” and select “Black basses” under “Freshwater Sport Fishes.”

Western Angler wins again! Skeet Reese heating up!

LAGRANGE, Ga. – Skeet Reese is on fire – again.

The Auburn, Calif., superstar of bass fishing was victorious Sunday in the Bassmaster Elite Series’ West Point Lake Battle after starting the final round in seventh place, almost 2 1/2 pounds behind leader Tommy Biffle.

But when Reese weighed 15-4 Sunday, he squashed the other 11 finalists’ hopes of winning the four-day Battle out of LaGrange, Ga. Closest to catching Reese with a 46-6 total was Aaron Martens of Leeds, Ala., who finished second with 44-6, exactly 2 pounds back.

Reese won $100,000 and his 14th Bassmaster Classic qualification. He also racked up points in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year race, rising eight steps in the standings into third place.

“We play for the win – and the money’s always nice. But I fish for one title – Angler of the Year. For me, it doesn’t get any better than that,” said Reese, who has won the AOY crown once in 2007.

The West Point event win, the seventh of his Bassmaster career, was his first since he won two Elite competitions in 2010. He was in contention for the AOY title throughout 2010, but Kevin VanDam took it.

Then Reese’s streak stopped – until Sunday, that is, when as quickly as a kitchen match bursts into flame when scratched against a rock, Reese again was on fire.

He was not confident about success on West Point Lake, even up to the last minutes of the final weigh-in, drenched by a driving rain. He watched from the official Toyota Hot Seat as the other finalists weighed their bass.

“If they’re sitting out there,” Reese gestured to the crowd unsheltered from the rain, “I can sit out here.”

Soaking wet, Reese savored every minute of the win, at one point jumping up and down on the stage.

Reese talked later about his expectations going into the West Point event.

“I thought if I could win, I’d win on a swimbait,” said the California angler who often turns to that lure. “I couldn’t get a bite on a swimbait. I didn’t think I’d be picking up a spinning rod, but I adapted to conditions.”
In fifth place with 13-0 the first day, he said, “I was excited. But on Day 2 it was back to reality. I had 9 pounds – just a normal limit. Yesterday, I had 8 1/2 pounds, and I didn’t think it would put me in the 12-cut.”

It did. Saturday night he studied the Top 12 weights. He decided he had a chance.

“I saw how tight the Top 12 were,” he said. “I realized it was one of those tournaments wide open for any of the 12. I thought 15 to 16 pounds today would wind up winning it. Fortunately, I was the one who caught 15 pounds.”

Reese targeted bedding bass all four days, even trying for one large female several times before she seemingly disappeared.

Sunday he caught his first two fish of the morning on a Lucky Craft LV100 lipless crankbait, fishing shallow flats in the backs of ditches. Then he picked up a dropshot rig with a 4-inch smoke-purple Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper. That yielded two more keepers.

“Then I went quite a while without a bite,” he said. “I tried for spotted bass, and it just wasn’t happening.”

Reese checked on that big female again – no dice – so he fished banks. He boated a few more that weighed between 2 and 2 1/2 pounds. His total of 15-4 was the largest bag of the day, hands-down.

“I was just fortunate I had all decent fish today,” Reese said.

Martens walked away with second place for the 11th time in his Bassmaster career.

He lamented the loss Sunday of a 5-pounder about 12 feet from his boat. That was the bass that could have given him a win, he said. It broke off when the line wrapped around a tree.

“You have to have a flawless event to win one of these, and Skeet did,” Martens said.

Finishing third was Pete Ponds with 44-1. Ponds started in 24th place on Day 1, then hopped into 10th, and then into second. His 11-1 of Sunday wasn’t enough to overtake Reese, who got the better of Ponds by 2-5.

Fourth was Elite rookie Hank Cherry of Maiden, N.C., with 41-2, including the day’s largest, a 5-15. Fifth was Todd Faircloth at 39-1. Faircloth rose from 40th place on the first day to become one of the 12 finalists.

Day 3 leader Tommy Biffle of Wagoner, Okla., fell to 10th place after weighing one bass that went 1-5.

The Battle’s results did not bump Edwin Evers of Talala, Okla., off the top of the standings in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year race, but the mix under him changed. Seven-time Angler of the Year winner Kevin VanDam of Kalamazoo, Mich., moved up one tick from third place to be Evers’ closest challenger. A margin of just six points separates the two leaders.

The other three pros now within the first five positions in the AOY race are Reese, 14 points behind Evers; second-year Elite pro Chris Zaldain of San Jose, Calif., 26 points in back of the leader; and Casey Ashley of Donalds, S.C., also 26 points behind Evers.

Pros earn points according to their finishes at each of eight regular-season events. At the end of the season, the pro with the most points will win the $100,000 AOY award.

The bonuses that Elite pros earned at the West Point Lake Battle:

• Carhartt Big Bass of the tournament, worth $1,000 plus another $500 for wearing Carhartt apparel: Biffle for his 6-12 weighed on Day 1.

• Berkley Heavyweight Award of $500 for the best five-fish limit: Keith Combs of Huntington, Texas for his Day 1 bag of 15-14.

• Toyota’s $1,000 bonus to the leader in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year points race: Evers, for the second consecutive event as No. 1 in the AOY standings.

• Luck-E-Strike Comeback Award of $500 to Hank Cherry, who achieved the biggest jump in the AOY standings from 47th up to 22nd place.

• Power-Pole Captain’s Cash award of $500 to the highest finisher equipped with Power-Poles: Reese.

• Livingston Lures Leader Award of $500 for leading on the second day: Aaron Martens of Leeds, Ala.

The West Point Lake Battle will air on ESPN from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET May 12 on The Bassmasters TV show.

The Elite Series travels this week to Montgomery, Ala., for the Alabama River Charge presented by Star brite. The four-day competition will begin Thursday at Montgomery’s Riverfront Park (200 Coosa St., Montgomery, AL 36104).

2013 Bassmaster Elite Series Official Sponsors: Toyota, Mercury, Minn Kota, Nitro Boats, Skeeter Boats, Triton Boats, Yamaha, Bass Pro Shops, Berkley, Evan Williams Bourbon, Humminbird

2013 Bassmaster Elite Series Supporting Sponsors: Carhartt, Diet Mountain Dew, Livingston Lures, Lowrance, Luck-E-Strike, Power-Pole, Ramada, Shimano

2013 Bassmaster Elite Series Proud Partner: Mustang Survival

About B.A.S.S.
For more than 45 years, B.A.S.S. has served as the authority on bass fishing. The organization advances the sport through advocacy, outreach and an expansive tournament structure while connecting directly with the passionate community of bass anglers through its Bassmaster media vehicles.

The Bassmaster brand and its multimedia platforms are guided by a mission to serve all fishing fans. Through its industry-leading publications – Bassmaster Magazine and B.A.S.S. Times – comprehensive website and ESPN2 and Outdoor Channel television programming, Bassmaster provides rich, leading-edge content true to the lifestyle.

The Bassmaster Tournament Trail includes the Bassmaster Elite Series, Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open Series, Carhartt Bassmaster College Series, B.A.S.S. Nation events and the ultimate celebration of competitive fishing, the Bassmaster Classic.

B.A.S.S. offers an array of services to its more than 500,000 members and remains focused on issues related to conservation and water access. The organization is headquartered in Birmingham, Ala.


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2013 West Point Lake Battle 5/2-5/5

West Point Lake, La Grange, Ga.

(PROFESSIONAL) Standings Day 4

Angler Hometown No./lbs-oz Pts Total $$$

1. Skeet Reese Auburn, CA 20 46-06 100 $100,000.00

Day 1: 5 13-00 Day 2: 5 09-10 Day 3: 5 08-08 Day 4: 5 15-04

2. Aaron Martens Leeds, AL 20 44-06 99 $25,500.00

Day 1: 5 13-05 Day 2: 5 11-09 Day 3: 5 07-12 Day 4: 5 11-12

3. Pete Ponds Madison, MS 20 44-01 98 $20,000.00

Day 1: 5 08-11 Day 2: 5 13-00 Day 3: 5 11-05 Day 4: 5 11-01

4. Hank Cherry Maiden, NC 20 41-02 97 $15,000.00

Day 1: 5 12-04 Day 2: 5 08-12 Day 3: 5 09-06 Day 4: 5 10-12

5. Todd Faircloth Jasper, TX 19 39-01 96 $14,000.00

Day 1: 5 07-12 Day 2: 5 08-12 Day 3: 5 15-09 Day 4: 4 07-00

6. Chris Zaldain San Jose, CA 20 38-14 95 $13,500.00

Day 1: 5 08-12 Day 2: 5 12-12 Day 3: 5 10-07 Day 4: 5 06-15

7. Cliff Pace Petal, MS 20 38-10 94 $13,000.00

Day 1: 5 14-02 Day 2: 5 07-04 Day 3: 5 08-02 Day 4: 5 09-02

8. Greg Vinson Wetumpka, AL 20 38-01 93 $12,500.00

Day 1: 5 15-10 Day 2: 5 09-03 Day 3: 5 05-02 Day 4: 5 08-02

9. Rick Clunn Ava, MO 17 37-05 92 $12,000.00

Day 1: 5 07-11 Day 2: 5 14-00 Day 3: 4 08-07 Day 4: 3 07-03

10. Tommy Biffle Wagoner, OK 14 34-14 91 $12,500.00

Day 1: 4 12-10 Day 2: 4 10-09 Day 3: 5 10-06 Day 4: 1 01-05

11. Casey D Ashley Donalds, SC 17 34-05 90 $11,000.00

Day 1: 5 08-15 Day 2: 5 13-08 Day 3: 5 09-05 Day 4: 2 02-09

12. Cliff Crochet Pierre Part, LA 10 29-15 89 $10,500.00

Day 1: 3 10-13 Day 2: 3 09-10 Day 3: 4 09-08 Day 4: 0 00-00


Tommy Biffle Wagoner, OK 06-12 $1,000.00


Keith Combs Huntington, TX 15-14 $500.00

BBT Best Bass Tournaments Clear Lake results

The BBT Northern region trail hits Clear Lake with a Bang! Big Bass were biting at Clear lake this weekend! The weights below prove a better than average  bite for late spring is still in effect. The BBT staff did a great job getting boats in and out quickly. Clear lake bassmasters had the release boat at the dock to help preserve all the big bass caught on this day. Aaron Britt and Ron Britt win their second event in a row, coming off runner up for AOY in 2012 Aaron has came back strong and proves to be a up and coming young gun in the sport. The next event in the Northern Region will be June 1st at Oroville!

For more information and Pictures go to


Place Angler Angler Total Fish Big Fish Total Weight Winnings
1 Aaron Britt Ron Britt 5 9.45 36.67 $3,020.00
2 Ron R Howe Jr Bob C Miller 5 8.80 33.03 $1,700.00
3 Mike Park Chris Park 5 7.05 29.01 $605.00
4 Rich Reeser Jr Kevin Ryan 5 7.29 27.99 $410.00
5 Jesse L Roach Jesse M Roach 5 8.38 26.80 $305.00
6 Mike A Henry Curtis D Howard 5 6.66 26.67 $185.00
7 Jared Biddle Russ Vezzali 5 7.29 26.46 $170.00
8 Troy Shiffer John Penman 5 8.52 25.77 $360.00
9 Patrick A Mateo Zane J Wiley 5 6.07 25.76 $135.00
9 Joseph Durling Anthony Crivelli 5 8.24 25.76 $135.00
11 Craig Smith Barb Smith 5 7.64 25.47 $112.50
11 Anthony Tamayo Vince Herring 5 0.00 25.47 $112.50
13 Todd B Clark Kip Whiteacre 5 5.96 25.21 $105.00
14 Christopher Gosselaar Jered Brendel 5 6.19 25.08 $0.00
15 Mike Nicholson Karen Canevari 5 6.67 24.84 $0.00
16 Jose Juarez Omar Juarez 5 0.00 24.18 $0.00
17 Mike Krnaich Alex Christianson 5 0.00 24.02 $0.00
18 Tim J Merino Sr Jimmy D Morgan 5 0.00 23.95 $0.00
19 Alex Vlasache Weston Vlasache 5 8.42 23.91 $140.00
20 Brandon Berlin Gus Berlin 5 0.00 23.90 $0.00
21 Kenneth Durling Mason Lewis 5 0.00 23.38 $0.00
22 Kevin Hunter Logan Stonehouse 5 0.00 23.37 $0.00
23 William Rosch Donna Rosch 5 0.00 23.11 $0.00
24 Wes Stevener Tim Little 5 6.58 22.74 $0.00
25 Shane E Robertson Matt S Hunt 5 5.34 22.65 $0.00
26 Steve Thurmon Todd Braden 5 5.18 22.48 $0.00
27 Jason Jones Karl Hallstrom 5 6.78 22.37 $0.00
28 George Boyd Eric Boyd 5 5.54 22.31 $0.00
29 Matthew S Ruggiero Peter J Blake 5 0.00 22.02 $0.00
30 Rod Smith Mark Hale 5 4.75 21.98 $0.00
31 James K Wardell Adam Curtis 5 0.00 21.84 $0.00
32 Scott Bern Craig Norman 5 0.00 21.72 $0.00
33 Mike Rychard Jeff Pyles 5 0.00 21.45 $0.00
34 Dan Wells Jonathon Bradford 5 0.00 21.42 $0.00
34 Lou E Turold Dan Eckhart 5 0.00 21.42 $0.00
36 Joe H Leone Gary C Wilson 5 0.00 21.29 $0.00
37 Bob Fergerson Bret Fergerson 5 0.00 21.10 $0.00
38 Ryan Petersen Dave Mercado 5 0.00 20.68 $0.00
39 Greg Dornback Tom Murray 5 5.45 20.20 $0.00
40 Edison E Hicks David Wong 5 0.00 20.12 $0.00
41 Wendell D Brown 5 0.00 19.61 $0.00
42 Robert Garland Curtis Walsh 5 5.74 19.54 $0.00
43 Joe Berge Todd M Goodman 5 0.00 19.40 $0.00
44 Joe Stout Bill J Nevills 5 0.00 19.35 $0.00
45 David C Anderson Sr Raymond D Garnett Sr 5 4.70 19.17 $0.00
46 John K Joslyn James E Paschall 5 4.79 19.08 $0.00
47 Ron Rodgers Don Frailey 5 0.00 19.06 $0.00
48 Shawn D Milligan Steve M Lake 5 4.07 19.04 $0.00
49 Tom W Richards John Walker 5 0.00 18.64 $0.00
50 Robert L Muraco Jared D Haygood 4 5.85 18.50 $0.00
51 Jeff Hardin Sr Jeff Hardin Jr 5 4.65 18.17 $0.00
52 Eric Andersen Lloyd Bebilone 5 0.00 18.01 $0.00
53 Randy Walker Erik B Hornbaker 5 0.00 17.54 $0.00
54 Thomas A Dean Anthony L Prophet 5 4.77 16.97 $0.00
55 Randy F Chapman Jr Ray Sandoval 5 0.00 16.72 $0.00
56 Frank Pomilia Joe M Pomilia 4 0.00 15.61 $0.00
57 Mike Heath Marty Lager 5 0.00 13.48 $0.00
58 Barry L Johnson Sr Barry L Johnson Jr 4 4.62 12.30 $0.00
59 John Kalafatich Jr Rob Hodges 4 0.00 10.54 $0.00
60 Jon Jackson Ron Stover 4 0.00 10.07 $0.00
61 Eric D Aasen Christopher N Wells 2 0.00 7.13 $0.00
62 Jamie R Clifton John Bounds 2 0.00 3.81 $0.00
63 Michael O’Neill Steve Palenko 1 0.00 3.32 $0.00
64 Ronney Richard Kerry Harris 0 0.00 0.00 $0.00
64 Travis Tate Matt Leverich 0 0.00 0.00 $0.00
64 Lyle K Valador Jerimiah M Valador 0 0.00 0.00 $0.00
64 Emilio Ruiz Robert Maher 0 0.00 0.00 $0.00

Small Boat

Place Angler Angler Total Fish Big Fish Total Weight Winnings
1 Chriss K Cabodi Russ D Olson 5 7.92 29.92 $850.00
2 Ried G Bridges Christine W Spurrell 5 4.75 18.38 $0.00
3 John H Hennecke Jr John H Hennecke Sr 2 4.80 7.29 $0.00
4 Glenn R Sargent Shelley L Sargent 2 0.00 4.85 $0.00
5 Troy E Davenport Jr Bascal A Davenport 1 4.75 4.75 $0.00

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