Gearing up for the River2Sea Open by Alex Sanchez

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Alex Sanchez is a local Delta Expert. Here are his suggestions for the upcoming River to Sea Open




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Gearing up for the River2Sea Open

1.      Probably one of the hottest top water baits on the market is the River2Sea, Rover 128. I have been throwing the Rover for quiet sometime now and have fallen in love with this bait. The Rover is a bait that you can pull right out of the package, tie it on, and catch fish.  Right now the bass on the Delta are starting to school up and push bait towards the flats and the back of sloughs. This will be a bait that I would be fishing with for the first two hours of the morning with low light conditions and the last two hours of the day when the water temperature warms up to the mid 60s and the bass are up chasing bait.


2.       What would the Delta be without a fall crankbait bite? Fall is here and the bass are going to follow the baitfish. River2Sea struck gold with Ish Monroe’s Biggie. The Biggie comes in two sizes, The Biggie Poppa and The Biggie Smalls. I personally like throwing the Biggie Poppa this time of year, the bait fish is usually 3 to 4 inches long depending on the school. Another cool feature to the Biggie series is that they come in a silent “Creepin” slow floating series and rattling “Bumpin” fast floating series. This crankbait is a great way to cover water effectively without picking up a flipping stick to find the bass. The Biggie Poppa will be tied on my rod at all times.[youtube]



3.      Did someone say Tungsten??? I think SO! River2Sea have a phenomenal array of Tungsten Sinkers, from Drop Shot weights to Punch weights like the 1oz Trash Bomb. The Delta is an amazing fishery; fish will be caught in a foot of water to ten feet of water. It just depends on your style of fishing. I really enjoy heavy flipping this time of year. Bass tend to hunker down tight to structure on high pressure days and the only way you can get to some of those fish is with a ½oz or 1 ½oz weight. This method can be like searching for a needle in a hay stack but the reward is even greater. You can expect me to have two rods on the deck rigged with a ½ oz weight and a 1 ½oz. 


drop shot


4.      Rip Rip……Rip Rip…..Rip Rip Rip. Throwing a Rip Bait for fall time bass is probably most exciting ways to fish. Bass school up in coves or shallow flats and the bite could last all day, cast after cast catching fish. However the Delta can be a tough cookie to crack, I’ve found River2Sea’s “The Ripper” a game changer. This bait makes inactive bass quiver, they can’t resist eating it. The Ripper is one of those rip baits I found to produce solid keepers all year around, from 2 ½ pounders to 6 pounders. I believe The Ripper will play a key role in landing some nice fall time bass.


5.        Last but defiantly not least, the River2Sea’s Whopper Plopper. This is one of the hottest baits on the market. I can’t tell you how many big fish I’ve caught on this bait this year. I love throwing buzzbait’s this time of year but the ratio of landing some of those big fish are slim. My hook up ratio has double since I have switched over to a Whopper Plopper. When I’m fishing a buzzbait down the bank and I get blown up, 9 out of 10 times the fish isn’t going to come back and eat it the bait. However when I throw the Whopper Plopper and get blown up; I stop the bait, start slow rolling the bait back to the boat and they crush it. I guarantee a lot of big fish will be landed on this bait throughout the tournament.

Whopper Plopper

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