Optimum Baits “New” Top of the line!


The Top of the Line Swimbait from Optimum utilizes a highly effective rigging system that allows the hook to release from the back (TOP) giving anglers a direct connection to the fish while at the same time exposing the bait to minimal stress and battle damage.

Top Hook Line Thru

“Optimum’s 5″ BLT has been my “go to” swimbait for over three years now. With the addition of the Top Hook Line Thru I can now fish it in deeper water and either slow roll it on the bottom and have confidence it won’t pick up all the trash. The kicker is that once I hook the fish I know it will stay hooked because it still slides up the line.”

– BASS Elite Angler, Fred Roumbanis

Over Grass

Over rocks

Tungsten weight allows this Top of the line swimbait to run deeper!