Persuader American Angling Press Release ISE Show Special!

The Rattlin Blade Spinner Bait is Added to Persuader’s Prestigious Line of Products

After major success in launching its Imaged Blade and E-chip Spinner Baits in recent years, Persuader American Angling of Danville Ca is now, introducing its latest spinner bait concept, The Rattlin Blade. This bait contains two diamond pattern blades , of which the larger blade contains a eight sided  brass chamber with rattling beads permanently encased for greater sound enhancement in the water. The larger blade with the sound chamber allows the rattle to be activated with ease.

Also included are Pro-Tie skirts with long tails for greater visibility to the fish. The package comes complete with Mustad long shank “Ultra Point” hooks and is available in both a 3/8 oz. or 1/2 oz. size. They are offerd in six color patterns ,including white, chartreuse, and white, black and red, orange, shad and bluegill.

“These baits certainly get the attension of fish because of the rattle and the uniqueness of the blades” says Persuader Pro-staffer , Randy Pringle. “This is a go-to bait in my tackle box.”

  As Cliff Liddy , President of Persuader American Angling puts it, “The Rattlin’ blade Spinner Bait offers an innovative fishing tackle alternative. They are designed to allow an an enhanced sound to travel further under water.”

Persuader American Angling also manufactures a line of other spinner baits,buzz baits, jig baits, poppers, bird baits, swim bait heads,weedless spoons, umbrella rigs and soft plastic baits, under the Persuader brand.

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These new exciting baits will have a special offer at the 2014 Sacramento ISE show. Come to the Fishermans Warehouse booth and get your Persuader Rattlin Blade Spinner baits buy 3 get one FREE! Choose from six colors in either 3/8 or 1/2 oz.