Product Review IMA Pinjack-200 Crankbait


IMA 200

Designed specifically to come through cover without hanging up or losing effectiveness, the Ima PinJack 200 is an all-around, versatile crankbait that can catch fish in shallow cover or on deep rock banks. Offering a precise wobbling and rolling action, it dives with ease down to 6-8 feet on 10-20lb line. Its design also incorporates a small internal fixed weight, which maximizes diving depth while preventing the lure from tumbling and getting fouled on the cast. The diving angle is also tuned so when you come in contact with weeds or cover, you can softly lift up on the rod and the Pin Jack 200 will back-slide and glide over the cover. Available in a range of detailed colors, every aspect of the Ima Pinjack 200 Crankbait is made to maximize performance in this most efficient mid-depth crankbait.

Ima Lures Length Weight Depth
Pinjack 200 2.25″ 7/16oz 6-8ft

berryessa howe pinjack 2

A great mid depth diving bait! ” Ron Howe”

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