Delta Fishing Report

Delta Map




AM Temp:  70.4 degrees

Clarity:        4-6 feet

AM:  Overcast, 50 degrees

PM:   Blue Bird Sky, 78 degrees

High Tide:  9:00am

Low Tide:   2:44pm

            The bite was tough in the morning. I was fighting some fog and the slough I was in had the weeds blown all over the banks/island from the previous days storm but the fish were there.  I started the morning off catching bass on frogs and the whopper plopper. Bass were closer to the tules and weed lines on the islands.  As the clouds rolled away, the blue bird sky came in.  I switched over to punching and was able to catch some good fish. They seemed to be relating more around the cheese than other vegetation. I am sure its because the cheese warms up faster than other vegetation.  I also know other fisherman that they were able to catch them on spinner baits and cranking. The weather is definitely transitioning from the summer to fall and so are the fish with the water temps dropping and the fog rolling in the top water bite should start to really turn on. Get out  those spooks and poppers and good luck. Thanks for reading and remember that next cast could be your Heavy Weight Bass.   


Vijay Malhotra