Folsom Lake Fishing Report by Danny McElroy

My buddy Jason Wing and I launch out of Granite Bay around 10 o’clock on a last-minute decision to go fishing.. We blasted off into the north end of the lake fishing rock piles with tubes, cranks, and Keitech swim baits .. We were really expecting a tough bite , but didn’t take long to get one with a Keitech on an offshore rock pile.. Water clarity was stained with visibility up to 3-5′ where we were.. We moved in shallow and the water was a little warmer in the 54°-58° range and we started getting some shallow bites on the tube , and we were finding bait in the same areas.. We made a decision to check water temps on the main body but we only had about 45 minutes left to fish, water temps were around the same but the clarity was a little bit more stained than up north..

        So we wrapped up our day at about 2 o’clock, and we ended up with six fish and a few missed bites. I would have to say Folsom is worth going to right now and next weeks rain just might fire them up.. So stay tuned to RBBASS I’m looking to go find out.. Fish safe guys and gals, good luck!