Lake Amador fishing Report


Water Temp 72-76 deg

Water Stained with green bloom

Weather changing daily, cool rainy,warm,warming

 Fish mode Post Spawn

The RB BASS group was on vacation. We  went to Lake Amador for some fishing fun camping and just hanging out.

Friday we rolled up the hill to the lake to get settled in. Saturday we had a small turkey shoot with 9 boats attending.

Fishing was tough over all with the changing conditions, but they would bite if you covered enough water. It took 23lbs of post spawn bass to win the turkey shoot, followed by 18lbs, two 15 lbs bags, and  14lbs were the best five bags. Deep crank baits, buzz baits, frogs,and spinner baits were the top choices. The frog got the big one on this day at 7.95 lbs caught by Dan Wells the winner of the Turkey Shoot. Deep crank baits will provide the most consistent bite rite now in shad patterns.

We did fish on sunday night for a few hours and the bite remained tough. Ron Howe took Spencer out from and was able to get Spencer his first Lake Amador night time bass!