Lake Amador Fishing Report

Water temp 68 to 80 deg

water clear to slightly stained

Lake level 5 ft from full.

Weather ,cloudy,sunny,rainy,changing conditions

It was the annual RB BASS camping trip. A bunch of RB BASS staff and friends take our 3 day weekend at a fishing lake. We held a turkey shoot for bragging rights on Saturday. Lake Amador does not allow jet skies or wake boarding , this small lake is rather tamed for a holiday weekend. Fishing was tough overall, but good bites were there when you found them. Top water provided good bites, cranking, swim baits and drop shoting were the best choices.  Several bass 5-7 lbs were caught over the 3 day trip including some night fishing. Buzz baits were good early and late, Spooks were the go to bait for daytime topwater. The bass are feeding on shad and bluegill right  now. Expect the crankbait bite to get better everyday. 


“Bob the drop shot Tyler”

Report by Bob Tyler

Lake Amador is a proven big bass factory and it didn’t disappoint me over the Holiday weekend.The water temps were in the mid seventies,clear and about three or four feet below full pool.The fish this weekend were eating the buzz bait early and late in the day.They also liked the spook,all shallow.We caught fish in the six pound range with these baits.The drop-shot was the numbers bait of the weekend off of main lake points and pockets.I also hooked the biggest bass of my life on the drop-shot and only having seven pound test she broke me off.I’m guessing this fish was twelve to fifteen pounds,it hurt to watch her swim away.The crankbait was also a player fished over spawing flat’s.Lake Amador is a fisherman’s paradise as they don’t allow jet skis are sking.It’s a great place to relax and have a real chance for that true giant.Good Luck Bob Tyler

“Mrs drop shot Tyler”

Dan Wells with a nice Lake Amador Bass

Lake Amador night shot on a big Ranger Bass Boat

Ron Howe chucks his Persuader Buzz bait for big ones!

“Spencer Moran of Bass Hookups gets a good night bite fishing with Ron Howe”

“The Amador cup Trophy”

“This years Amador Cup champion was Spencer Moran shown celebrating by eating everything in site!”

Next year  he will have to defend the cup!