Fall Bass fishing the California Delta

On the california Delta with over 1000 miles of water to fish there are many patterns you can catch bass on in the fall. One of my favorite ways to fish this time of year is to use crankbaits.

 Baitfish and Bass will begin to move into dead end sloughs and or the middle of large bays. I look to follow them from the main river channels to theese dead end sloughs in hopes of finding how far the bait and bass have began to move. In October the fish usually are closer to the mouth of the sloughs and in November they tend to be from the middle of the slough to the back. In December the bait and the bass will be tword the end of the slough or in the middle of the bays.You just have to search and find them.

 I really like it when the cold weather begins to force the bass out of the grass and puts them either out on the edge of the grasslines or puts them in the holes between shallow grassy areas. They are eager to feed up and a crankbait is just perfect!

I make my choice super simple, I use 2 crankbait styles tight wiggling or wide wobbling.  From day to day the fish will tell you wich one to use. You can use the rule of thumb that dirty water equals wide wobble and clear water equals tight wiggle. Most of the time I will allways start with a wide wobbling bait since aggresive fish will attack these and I just like the way they feel on my rod. If the fishing is tough I will change to a tight wiggling bait. Use 2 basic colors shad colored baits or crawfish colored baits.

The Wide Wobbling Crank Bait seen below is a Ron Howe favorite a Strike King series 4 crankbait.

The Strike King Series 4 Crankbait is s medium-sized body with a wider wobble & an oversized bill to deflect off cover. Great for Mid-depth, heavy cover applications and dirty water.

In December the tight wiggling baits and rattle traps will be your best bets! 

Shallow running crankbaits will always be fish catchers. The Speed Traps are one of the most exciting baits you can throw when the crank bite is on.


For line I use 12-15lb Berkley 100% flourocarbon.

Use these simple Crankbait tactics this fall on the California Delta and you will have some fun days of fishing!

Good Luck

“Ron Howe”