Fishing and Fitness by Sean Wayman


Fishing and Fitness

    So we all love setting the hook on big fat bass. Matter of fact I love setting the hook on all bass. That said fishing all day, getting up early, getting to bed late, standing and casting all day, running the boat in rough water, it all takes a toll on this old guys body. My lower back would be sore from hard hits in rough water, balancing on the deck in windy conditions, and lifting all those big bass into the boat. Ok maybe that part is a bit far fetched. My shoulder would  also get sore the last couple hours of the day. Multi day tournaments or days fishing just amplified this. When I was younger none of this was an issue, but as father time creeps in changes take place. My lower back was a real problem at times, and it did effect my fishing in every way, casting, hook sets, and definitely runs in the boat at speed in rough water. Well times change and even for the Elite pros on tour. There are many that work out in preparation for the grueling season. Some work out seriously and other to get in shape and increase endurance. Aaron Martens, John Cruz, Ish Monroe, Carl Jocumsen and Im sure many others all work out to some extent or another. Aaron Martens last year credited his workout for his stellar season.  
   Working out is tough at first but in short time it becomes very enjoyable and makes one feel good. It can be done in just a few hours a week or you can do a bit more if you desire. Ive been lifting weights for the past 2 years. I began that shortly before my 48th birthday. I started out with just 3 days a week one hour each and worked my way into more. For me working out changed my eating habits. I no longer was willing to eat fast food. I was eating cleaner and feeling better because of it. There are many routes on can take to get in better shape. You can do a home workout program if that works for you. I started out with P90X at home. They are 1 hour workout and include stretching. These worked for me for a bit, but Im not great at, or real motivated for home workouts. That said it is a great program. The gym is another option and my primary choice. If you dont know how or what to do in the gym, a trainer is a good option until you learn a bit. You may have a friend you can workout with, helps with accountability. Something I recently added to my routing is Crossfit. Zack Birge the young FLW star recently started doing Crossfit. Crossfit is a great way to get in shape. Again most of these classes are 1 hour. I lift 5 days a week and Crossfit 2 nights a week. If just doing Crossfit 3 days a week would be great. Crossfit incorporates some cardio amd some lifting moves. Also stretching, and combination movements. Crossfit is for people of all levels and is a lot of fun. Ive also found the folks in the class to be very supportive. Core work is also a big thing in Crossfit and the biggest benefit to fisherman and adults in general.
  So what are the benefits you ask? Well my lower back has not hurt in 2 years. My shoulders dont get sore as often. Many days on the water I still feel good and fresh at the end of the day. If Im not tired my head is more clear.  Not to mention we all should be concerned about out over all health. Means we can fish more and longer into out lives. Lose a few lbs and the boat is faster. In my case I have gained 40 lbs, but I was rather skinny. The bottom line is there are plenty of benefits to exercise when it comes to our fishing. Give it a try and stick with it for a few months. I think you will be glad you did and you will enjoy your time on the water just a bit more.
Sean Wayman