Tournament Boat Preperation by Dan Wells

Tournament boat preparation


Many tournaments will be won or lost before the boat and angler ever hit the water. Boat preparation is key along with all equipment prep. Just think that a $1.50 light bulb can send you to the back of the line for blast off.

Tackle; Empty the boat of all your tackle. Inspect rods and reels for scared eyes, dirty reels and bad line. Check all your baits for rusted and dull hooks. Label tackle boxes for quick access. Make sure every piece of tackle you will need for the body of water you are heading to is clean and ready to go. After the tackle and rods are ready, organize them in the boat in a fashion that is efficient for you.

Boat; Clean the boat and make sure all the proper maintenance has been done. Don’t be in a position where your boat is over due for maintenance and run the risk of breaking down. Grease the fittings on the outboard, remove any line that may be caught in the props of your outboard and trolling motor. Inspect things like battery connections , running lights, tires on the trailer plus the spare. Be sure to have tools in the boat for minor repairs, jumper cables. I even carry a spare bilge pump that can used as a live well pump in an emergency.

My best advice is to make a check list of all things that need to be in the boat for a tournament day and a list to prepare for boat readiness, I simply go down and check off duties on the list as I do them.

Remember that the mechanics of tournament fishing starts well before blast off! Arrange your boat in a way the is comfortable and efficient for you. Its very hard to work well in a cluttered work space, your boat is no different! Good Luck!