Wanna get bit? It’s time to get Flit!



Ron Howe shows off a lake Oroville winter Spotted Bass caught on the Ima Flit 120.

As the chill of fall and winter arrive bass begin to slow down and suspend. When this happens its time to get Flit.

Ima’s Flit jerkbait is perfect for leiry wintertime bass.  This bait has a eratic fleeing action like no other jerk bait. It has a perfectly balanced weight system for suspending in the most natural way. This fall and winter when you go bass fishing choose the Flit 100 and Flit 120 in the color that matches the hatch and you will catch more and bigger bass! The Ima flit jerk bait is available at Tacklewarehouse.

Please Note: Ima Flit 100 features raised scale pattern, while 120-size does not.

-3 Hooks System: Features three Owner #6 hooks for increased catch ratio.
-Flat sided, wider back: A common shape of baitfish resembling in the Herring family. If taken a cross section of, both will appear triangular in shape, as oppose to oval in shape, more resembling of a smelt or minnow, which is less commonly fed on by Bass.
-Forward pointed, skinnier bill: This lure has its action built into it’s design. Many competitors make a lure and adjust the bill width and size to give the lure its action. This will only create more resistance wearing the user out much quicker. The bill angle, length and width is designed for strictly the depth, where the body is designed for the action by resembling the shape of Herring, which includes Gizzard and Threadfin Shad, and giving a similar cadence, resulting in a much user friendly, less tiring lure.

-6 to 8ft dive depth: Most common depth, within visible sight, of suspending baitfish and predatory fish aimed to catch in colder months and post frontal situations.
-Flash: With how the sides of the jerkbait are designed, they reflect light slightly downward, naturally the direction from which a strike will most likely come from, as oppose to outward and in any which direction like most competitors.

-High Pitch (small bb’s): Most Commonly resembling to baitfish in the Herring family (flat sided, as opposed to a round sided smelt), which includes Gizzard and Threadfin Shad, to imitate sound in colder water conditions and in post frontal situations.
-Triangular Internal Chamber system: This unique system maximizes sound by ricocheting bb’s at constant angles. With this design it allows for a controlled sound among all jerkbaits that come out of production, allows the jerkbait to be consistent in sound, and keeps the bb’s from getting stuck in crevices. This design emits a controlled sound and maximizes consistency, maximizing it’s realistic and unique sound.

Ima Length Weight Depth Class Hook Line Recom.
Flit 120 4.75″ 1/2oz 6-8ft Suspending #6 Owner Blk Nickel Stinger 8-14lb
Flit 100 3.9″ 3/8oz 3-5ft Suspending #6 Owner Blk Nickel Stinger 8-14lb