Winter Delta Fishing Tips

As fall comes to an end winter arrives right on time on the California Delta!

     There comes a point when you can feel fall is over and early winter is here. This will usually happen in the first week of December.The key factor is the morning temperatures. When you get your first freeze on your window and the roof tops are icy winter has arrived! The water temps will be in the mid 50’s but begin to drop, this is a great time to fish the Delta!  You must use caution at this time of year as the fog can be very thick and dangerous so be carefull.

     At this point in the year the bass will be slowing down and become less active. This is a great time to get out your jerk baits to entice lazy bass to come up and strike your baits. Shallow diving baits with a 3-6 foot diving depth will be best like a IMA Flit 100 and 120. You must work your baits slowly and use long pauses in your retreives. You will catch many quality fish on the outside of weedlines. Look in dead end sloughs,marinas and large bays for best success.  Use 12lb flourocarbon line for no strech and instant hookups. For colors choose your colors according to the sky you have on winter days. On cloudy foggy days try the Boned shad, on clear and sunny days try silver  flash and matte bluegill.

This winter get out to the Delta get your jerkbait tied on and go chase those bass!

Good Luck!