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The California Delta

 The California Delta is located smack dab in the middle of the San Quaquine valley. This delta is loaded with Smallmouth and Spotted bass in the north and the Central-West and Southern delta is packed with trophy largemouth everywhere! Striped Bass rome the waters year round too! Salmon and Steelhead pass through to spawn and provide great food sources for all the bass. Primary food sources here are shad, smelt,bluegill,golden shiners,and crawfish. With over 1000 miles of water to fish you have many options to enjoy different terrains and depths. It is recommended to learn the Delta with a experienced Angler, Navigating these waters can be Dangerous as the Delta changes annually due to its Tidal flows.

  1. Russo’s Marina: 2-lane ramp, (925)-684-2024.
  2. B&W Resort Marina: 3-lane ramp,  (916)777-6161
  3. Orwood Resort: 3-lane ramp,  (925)634-7181

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