Wanta Get Bit? Get Flit! Ima Flit 120 jerkbait


-3 Hooks: Made with three hooks.  This design helps increase catch ratio when fish are in a reactive mood and not willing to aggressively feed.  Most commonly an asset in colder water early and late in the year and in post frontal situations.

-High Pitch (small bb’s):  Most Commonly resembling to baitfish in the Herring family (flat sided, as opposed to a round sided smelt), which includes Gizzard and Threadfin Shad, to imitate sound in colder water conditions and in post frontal situations.

-Triangular Internal Chamber system:  This unique system maximizes sound by ricocheting bb’s at constant angles.  With this design it allows for a controlled sound among all jerkbaits that come out of production, allows the jerkbait to be consistent in sound, and keeps the bb’s from getting stuck in crevices.  This design emits a controlled sound and maximizes consistency, maximizing it’s realistic and unique sound.

-6 to 8ft dive depth:  Most common depth, within visible sight, of suspending baitfish and predatory fish aimed to catch in colder months and post frontal situations.

-Flat sided, wider back:  A common shape of baitfish resembling in the Herring family.  If taken a cross section of, both will appear triangular in shape, as oppose to oval in shape, more resembling of a smelt or minnow, which is less commonly fed on by Bass.

-Forward pointed, skinnier bill:  This lure has its action built into it’s design.  Many competitors make a lure and adjust the bill width and size to give the lure its action.  This will only create more resistance wearing the user out much quicker.  The bill angle, length and width is designed for strictly the depth, where the body is designed for the action by resembling the shape of Herring, which includes Gizzard and Threadfin Shad, and giving a similar cadence, resulting in a much user friendly, less tiring lure.

-Flash:  With how the sides of the jerkbait are designed, they reflect light slightly downward, naturally the direction from which a strike will most likely come from, as oppose to outward and in any which direction like most competitors.


-Jerk Pause:  Starting each jerk with a slack and ending with a slack after single to multiple jerks.  Increase frequency between jerks and pauses as fish activity level increases and as water temperature increases.  Work the lure with your rod top close to the water to maximize depth, bringing the rod tip up as you would like to work it shallower or through or over shallow cover.

-Deadsticking:  Working the lure with very little contact with the lure itself and inching the lure forward by bringing up the slack and using the weight of the line to move the lure forward.  Start out with a couple cranks and with the Jerk Pause technique to get the lure to depth before working the deadsticking technique.

Recommended Tackle

-6’0″ to 7’0″ depending on height:  You want the rod as long as possible, but just short enough to where your rod tip is not dragging in the water on the Jerk Pause technique when your rod is pointed downward.

-8lb-14lb line:  The lighter the line the better, when you can get away with it.  This will maximize the natural action of the lure.  As there is more cover and debris to wear line easier, increase the weight of the line.

-Reel:  Most reels can be used, but suggest using a 6.3:1 ratio or greater for easy use.

Flit 120 – Available in 18 colors

Flit 120 – 114 Table Rock Shad


Flit 120 – 171 Boned Shad

199 – Clear *NEW*

100 – Silver Flash

101 – Gold Flash

102 – Clown

104 – Chartruese Shad

105 – American Shad

107 – Olive Herring

108 – Misty Shad

109 – Ghost Minnow

113 – Brown Flash

115 – Blue Shad

116 – Tennessee Shad

125 – Matte Bluegill

150 – Ghost Tennessee Shad NEW COLOR

151 – Pro Blue NEW COLOR

152 – Phantom Craw NEW COLOR

Wild West Bass Trail Set for 2016!


Wild West Bass Trail Set for 2016!

Here is the first release of information on this new 100% Payback Tournament Trail.

We are extremely excited to introduce to everyone the inaugural 2016 Wild West Bass Trail tournament series!!!

Here are some of the details for the new series. Please keep in mind that we will be posting updates with new and exciting information and sponsors. This is what the West Coast has been waiting for!

100% payback, great sponsor contingency programs, and off limits periods:

Pro: $700.00
AAA: $350.00
Teams: $300.00

Pro/AM Tournament Lakes:

Lake Havasu
Roosevelt Lake
Lake Pleasant

Lake Shasta
Lake Oroville
California Delta

Pro/AM Championship: Lake Mead

Team Tournament Lakes:

Roosevelt Lake
Lake Mohave
Lake Pleasant
Lake Havasu

Championship for AZ Teams:
Lake Mead

Lake Oroville
Lake Shasta
Lake Berryessa
California Delta

Championship for CA Teams:
Clear Lake

Dates to be announced next week and be ready for T.V.

Bassmaster Elites Wrap up


Bassmaster Elites came to Sacramento and the Stage was set for an exciting event on the Big Bass California Delta! Local Angler Justin Lucas takes home $100,000.00

Lucas Champion

Bassmaster Elites were in town this past weekend and launched out of Discovery Park on the Sacramento River. Most of the Elites made a run to the California Delta taking anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. If you didn’t know, this was a four day event with 112 anglers competing for $100,000. After day two they cut the field to the top 52 anglers, and on the last day only the top 12 are allowed to compete. Most of the pros were using sight and bed fishing techniques, as well as flipping, and throwing a frog and other top water baits. Top Angler of the weekend, and winner of the Bassmaster Elite tournament was Justin Lucas with 82.14lbs over the four day event. Other Notable Anglers were Aaron Martin, who came in second place with 80.7lbs. Third place went to Dean Rojas with 78.2lbs, Fourth to Ish Monroe with 72.9lbs and fifth place went to Chris Zaldain with 71.11lbs. Overall it was a great turnout at Discovery Park with people coming from all over to see these Elites. Can’t wait for them to come back!

Here are some Bassmaster Pictures taken from the Sacramento Event for you enjoyment.

truck trailer

RB BASS “Jim Vretzos with River2Sea Pro Ish Monroe”

JIm Ish

Britt Meyers Gear Alloy Wheels Pro www.atdwheels.com

Gear Alloy


Justin Lucas the Champions rig with Monster Wheels! www.atdwheels.com

monster wheels

fo sho

skeet trokar







Blakemore Real Magic-is it?


Jimmy Houston’s Real-Magic Tips.
I couldn’t believe this stuff at first. Then I tried it and Real Magic increased my casting distance 10-15%! I was so impressed; I went to my friend Joe and told him “You need to buy this company” and he did.
What is Real Magic? The base is called “iso-something or other”. Heck, it may be French for all I know. But I do know it works and it has UV inhibitors that protect my line and gear.A lot of anglers ask me how often I use Real Magic. I like to spray my line (monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided) before my trip. This allows the formula to soak in. Then I spray it a couple of times during the day. Real- Magic lasts longer than that watered down stuff the imitators make. There’s no smell after it dries too.Since it reduces friction; I believe that Real Magic also increases line life.

I’m still surprised how many uses we’ve found for Real Magic. It isn’t slimy or greasy after it dries, so it doesn’t attract dust. It makes an excellent, light lubricant for bail-hinges on your reels. It protects my vinyl seats and dash on my boat. It cleans and protects the connections on my depth-finders. Thanks to its no-water formula; Real- Magic is safe for gun actions and the pulleys on my bow. There’s no smell after it dries too. I’ve got a buddy that wipes Real Magic on his laptop screen. He swears it kills the static and it stays cleaner, longer.

If you haven’t tried Real Magic, test it yourself. The stuff’s so good, they guarantee it!

RB BASS ads River2Sea to Angler Program

river 2 sea logo black

RB BASS ads River2Sea to Angler Program.

We are excited to announce we have partnered with River2Sea for our Tournament Angler Program. River2Sea makes a lot of Big Bass catching products and many of the RB BASS Anglers are already using them for success! River2Sea makes,Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Crank baits, Swimbaits, Frogs, Dropshot weights and a whole lot more!  We look forward to growing with River2Sea and continue to use their products to catch Big Bass! If you want a solid variety of Big Bass catching baits check out www.River2Seausa.com

Preston pic




Destination Delta RB BASS

Delta Map

April on the California Delta is a great place to be. RB BASS Anglers are tearing it up on the river right now.

“Its What we do!”

With over 1000 miles of water to fish and every cast could be another Giant, how can you not get excited to fish the Delta right now?

Reaction,Flipping,Top Water,Drop Shotting,Swim baits are all catching fish right now. You need to move around and find the areas the fish are in and they will bite! Make sure to change tactics each day with the weather and tide changes this is affecting the fish hourly! With fish in all three stages of the spawn you just cant go wrong, just go Delta RB BASS does!

Bob Miller with a Delta Mule!

Bob Giant 1

Kevin Cornwell Dobyns Rods Staffer with a pair of Delta Studs!

Kevon Delta

Ron Howe Abu Garcia Ambassador with a Nice Toad!

Ron Delta 1

Bob Tyler Dobyns Rods Staffer Sticking Piggs!

bob tyler delta 2

Rich Hale BBT Staffer Holding some Nice Ones!

Rich Hale

Alex Sanchez Phenix Rods Pro Staffer Loads the Boat with nice ones!

alex delta



Bob Tyler Joins Dobyns Rods Pro Staff Team


Bob Tyler is excited to be a New Member of the Dobyns Rods Pro Staff Team.

“He loves his Dobyns Rods as they have helped him improve his Tournament results the last few years”

“I know Im fishing with a Premium product on every cast and that just feels good”

Congratulations Bob from all of us at RB BASS you have earned this!

Bob Tyler big bass

Sportsman 360TV Charity Bass Tournament “BBT”

BBT header

“Owen Nolan”



Sportsman 360TV Charity Tournament

 The Best Bass Tournaments will be hosting the first Sportsman 360TV charity tournament, launching out of Russo’s Marina on April 13th. This Event is to benefit the San Jose Sharks Foundation. The anglers will be fishing for major prizes and big fish cash. The entry for this event is $150.00 for the team and a $20.00 Big Fish. If you go to the BBT website and click any Sportsman 360TV logo, it will take you to all the information you will need.
This event will be filmed for a Sportsman 360TV show. 
Guest appearances by celebrity athletes and commentators will be present. Free BBQ for the participants and a lot of prizes. So let’s get signed up and play!


Sportsman 360TV OPEN

Bass Fishing Tournament

When – Sunday April 13th

Where – CA. Delta Russo’s Marina

Team Entry – $150

Big Fish Options – $20

Free BBQ for all participants

Thank you for your support and Let’s get on those fish




Gear for fishing the Schooling rig

 The Abu Garcia Revo Toro family of reels, C3, C4 and Revo Winch are the perfect match for the new Veritas Schooling Rig rod. So if you throw Berkley Schooling Rig baits or the Alabama Rig you’ll have the perfect outfit for optimal performance.


Bob Pietruszka Joins the RB BASS group of Anglers.

bob p


Hello, my name is Bob W. Pietruszka from Lincoln, Ca. My parents started me fishing as soon as I was old enough to hold a pole. When I was 7 my grandmother moved here from the east coast. She loved to fish as much as I. Together we would fish the banks of local lakes and rivers where she taught me the valuable virtues of patience and persistence. She signed me up for a subscription to Bass Master magazine and my passion for bass fishing was born. I began fishing tournaments in 1987. I competed in New Bass, West Coast Bass, Cal Bass and any local club or open events I could until 1996. I continued to fun fish and pursue my second passion; teaching my love of fishing to anyone who wants to learn to fish. Nothing beats seeing someone catch their first fish! I just got back into competitive fishing in 2011 on the Future Pro Tour. I currently own a blue and white 1996 Javelin 389 with a 175 Johnson. If you see me on the water please say “HI” and I’ll be happy to share any information I have about the fishing or just swap stories! I’m proud to be a part of the RB Bass team and look forward to meeting you out on the water.
Wishing you the” lunker of a lifetime” on your next fishing trip, Bob W. Pietruszka