Sean Wayman joins RB BASS group of Anglers!

My name is Sean Wayman. Im married to my wonderful wife Kristi for just about a year now. We have a dog and 3 cats. Ive been fishing as long as I can remember thanks to my Dad and Uncle. I spent my early years chasing trout before finding the joy of crappie and bass in a local pond by the house. Ive been tournament fishing for the past 14 years, including a two year stint with a club. I am a service engineer for Atlas Copco in the bay area. I hope to once again excel at fishing local team and pro ams here in Northern California. I enjoy teaching newcomers the sport of bass fishing. I fish with a variety of products, including Trilene fishing line, Abu Garcia rods and reels, Havoc baits. Currently I am fishing out of my 2012 Ranger Z521 powered by a Etec 250.
I hope to see you on the water.
Tight Lines
Sean Wayman

Danny McElroy Joins RB BASS Group of Anglers


I’d first like to introduce myself, I’m Danny McElroy from Sacramento, and I want to thank RB Bass for adding me to the team. It all started as an early teenager fishing ponds creeks and I always caught this green creature with a large mouth and big black eyes and never paid much attention to it.In my mid twenties I started fishing Folsom Lake as I lived walking distance from New York Creek. I started to really figure them out on the bank but that wasn’t enough for me. So I called my Uncle who fished a lot of tournaments in his day and got him all fired up about fishing a tournament with me and so we fished WRL for one year and I was HOOKED!! That’s when I decided to become a professional bass fisherman, right then is when I knew my journey has begun!
                            At this point of the journey I am still fishing as an amature and taking all the right steps to be ready for the Big Show when I get there. One of the hardest things to over come being a sponsored Am is the judgment of my peers,but I quickly remind myself it is me that I need to please. With stickers all over my truck and a” Top This”Jersey riddled in logos I’m off to a good start to live the dream.When it all comes down to it we are all the same, we all have the passion,the dream,the same feeling inside when we get a big one,or when we lose one.So it doesn’t matter what we wear,doesn’t matter what size,shape,color,and gender you are,all that matters is we  have the same thing in common and for that we treat each other with respect and keep this sport alive.
                          Thanks for giving me your time and look out for some reports coming soon! Stay off my WATER!!!


                                                             Danny McElroy


Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic

BPS store

Bass Pro Shops has over 70 existing and proposed stores in the United States and is holding the world’s greatest fishing show and sale starting February 28th – March 16th… The Spring Fishing Classic!

The Bass Pro Shops in Manteca, CA is taking part in the event  and there are going to be incredible deals on tackle, rods, reels and you can even enter to win a Nitro Z-7 and a chance to fish with BASS Elite Pro – Edwin Evers!

 Bass Pro Shops sells the popular BPS brand along with a huge selection of other brands. One brand that they carry is Daiichi, which makes the world’s sharpest hooks. The TTI Blakemore Fishing Group is the mother company for Daiichi, Tru-turn, Real Magic, Road Runner, Standout Hooks, Xpoint, Team Catfish and Mr. Crappie. One of TTI’s pro-staff; Ron Howe attended the show to help promote TTI and the sport of fishing and said there were amazing deals to be had along with an exciting atmosphere.

Daiichi Hooks

 The show is going to offer days and days of great deals on tons of stuff in the store. Some of the things that are going on during this event will be reel trade-in’s, rod trade in’s, daily specials, boat specials, food and more!

And if the great deals are not enough for you, how about attending the FREE Bassmaster University seminars with guest speakers Steve Carson, Johnny Johnson, Doug Romano, 2011 Bassmaster Elite Rookie of the Year – Ott Defoe and 13 time Bassmaster Classic qualifier/2009 Champion and 2007 Bassmaster Angler of the Year – Skeet Reese! This is an amazing opportunity to be able to sit and listen to these incredible anglers speak about what they do best.

Bassmaster University speakers

Here are some of the deals that are happing that you don’t want to miss out on:

  • Reel trade in: Trade in your old reel and save even more on a new one.
  • Rod trade in: Trade in your old rod and save even more on a new one.
  • BPS Bonus Bucks: Receive $10 up to $100 bonus bucks on varied purchase amounts.
  • Daily Specials: different items everyday March 7/8th and 14/15th.
  • Boat Specials: Contact Bass Pro Shops for more information
  • FREE local Pro fishing tips and seminars: March 7th-9th
  • FREE catch & release pond, photo booth, crafts and giveaways for KIDS!!

Check out just some of the amazing deals and products that you can find at the event…

Daiichi Hooks                     Yamamoto Custom Baits       Savage Baits

Daiichi Hooks  Yamamoto custom baits  Savage Baits

Persuader Baits                  Road Runner                       Berkeley Havoc

Persuader Baits  Road Runner  Berkley Havoc

Zoom Baits                          Abu Garcia Rods                    Live Target

Zoom plastics  Abu Garcia rods  Live Target - bait ball

Spring Fishing Classic deals  Reel trade-in

This is going to be a FUN event that you don’t want to miss. Take your family out to the Bass Pro Shops and enjoy the savings, free seminars and other fishing and outdoor enthusiasts at the Spring Fishing Classic.

2014 ISE Show wrap up


Another ISE show in the books. The 2014 Sacramento ISE Show has come and gone. Alot of great attractions were on tap for people to come see. Boats,Seminars,Tackle Deals and more! The ISE show always has alot to offer.


RB BASS attended its second year at the show. We were very happy with our results. We gave away 20 tickets to the show and for the most part all 20 people came to our booth and thanked us. We learned how many loyal RB BASS followers were there as many people told us what they like about RB BASS and how it has helped them. We met new people and made new partnerships while we were at the show.


The RB BASS Group “we thank you”

The funnest part of the show for us is our  Raffles,we spend months gathering premium products and services for you to get a chance to get something cool to take home and 2014 was flat out loaded with great stuff to give away! With the cost of parking, tickets and food, we wanted to offer people a chance to have some fun on a budget. This was so successful that the ISE show officials came and shut us down on Saturday for having too many people blocking the Isles and crowding around the RB BASS Booth! We created a ton of Excitement with our giveaways! We want to thank all of the people who came by our booth, said hello, talked Fishing and got in on the raffles.  Thanks for making this years show alot of fun!


We could not have created all the fun without Sponsor support. The following companies all pitched in both big and small, so we want to thank them for supporting RB BASS and the ISE show Raffle.  Please consider these companies when shopping for products and services as they are willing to support this type of fun for all of us!

Pro Worms, Fishing without Pain, Nor Cal 90 Tournament Trail, Daiichi Hooks, Best Bass Tournament Trails, Randy Pringle’s Guide Service, IMA, Optimum Baits, Dobyns Rods, Paycheck Baits,Blade Runner tackle, Persuader Premium Bass Baits, Tackle Warehouse, River 2 Sea, Bass Boat,, Rayjus Outdoors, Sinister Wacky Worms, Nu tech Jigs, California Reservoir Lures, Ron Howe, Pure Fishing, Abu Garcia, Havoc baits, Big Ed, Stockton Bass Tournaments, TNT Baits, The Future Pro Tour, California Tournament Trails, and Freedom tackle.

Thanks to you all!

photo 33344

fish circle

photo 29771

NorCal90 logo

photo 4321


photo 1234

BBT header

photo 2

promo Row H- Copy


Ima Tackle company



Future Pro Logo NEW






paycheck baits


Blade Runner




Tackle warehouse




River 2 sea black



ise crowd at RB BASS booth

sinister logo 1rbgirl ise

Nu Tech Lures

Jony C's logo

Howe raffle

Stockton Bass New

rbbass booth


TNT baits

pro worms




2014 Sacramento ISE Show RB BASS Raffle Information


RB BASS has been gathering prizes for the 2014 Sacramento ISE show since November. We would like to thank all the companies that pitched in to make this another exciting raffle for the 2014 show! For a dollar a ticket you can win some really cool stuff! Another way RB BASS gives back to the Anglers !  Please come to our booth and support our raffle! The Following companies supported our raffle , Fishing Without Pain, Nor Cal 90 tournaments, Daiichi Hooks, Best Bass Tournaments, IMA, Optimum Baits, Dobyns Rods, Pay Check Baits, Randy Pringles Guide Service, Blade Runner tackle, Persuader Premium Bass Baits, Tackle Warehouse, River 2 Sea, Bass Boat, Rayjus , Sinister Worms, Monster Fishing,  Nu Tech Lures, California Reservoir Lures, Pro Worms, RB BASS Anglers, Pure fishing, ABU Garcia,Berkley Havoc Baits, Stockton Bass,  TNT Baits,Big Ed, Freedom Lures, Ron Howe  

Our Raffles will be held on Thursday,Friday and Saturday at 3:15pm

From Rods, Reels,Tournament Entries,Alabama rigs,gift certificates, swim baits,crank baits and more!

Another solid 3 days of Raffle Prizes coming your way from RB BASS! For a buck a ticket! Thousands of dollars of premium products!




Freedom Tackle Supports RB BASS Sacrameto ISE Raffle


Freedom Tackle to Support RB BASS Sacramento 2014 ISE Raffle !

Make sure to get in on our Raffles and get your Freedom tackle! The secret is out!

RB BASS Raffles times are Thursday,Friday and Saturday at 3;15PM.

FREEDOM Tackle Corp. was created by Anglers for Anglers with one goal in mind: to create the ultimate line of fishing lures. We achieve this by combining fishing passion with creative engineering.

Unlike the conventional jigs, our “Live Action Hybrid Jigs” offer total freedom from the minute the jig hits the water, until it lands “hook side” up in the perfect “strike” position. our unique design, which has the hook separate from the jig head, provides the following benefits:


  1. Natural Unrestricted Action With Live Or Artificial Baits
  2. Non Affixed Hook Provides Greater Hook Set
  3. Less Thrown Hooks As The Fish Cannot Use The Jig Head For Leverage
  4. Pre-Bait Your Favorite Hooks For Instant Change Up
  5. Tailor Your Jig To Target Each Species Of Fish And All Fishing Conditions


Our Spinner Baits are designed with the same creative engineering, allowing the angler to have a weedless presentation and the ability to customize the hook. With the addition of any trailer our Spinner Baits come alive!

 Create and Conquer.

 Our Commitment to Quality and Service is TOTAL

 Always practice “Catch & Release” and, “Tight Lines” to all

The Freedom Team

Ron Howe Rogue

Ron Howe with a 9.37lb Large mouth Bass caught on the Rogue!



Rock the Cyber Bass! Get your RB BASS gear today!

Rock the coolest Bass logo on the planet! The RB Bass logo. T-Shirts,long sleeves, jackets, hoodies, beer mugs ,I phone covers and more all at the RB Bass store. You can choose any color shirt you want! Choose any one of 4 logo’s and all on sale 25% off we just want you to have the cool Bass Gear you’ve been looking for!





Berkley Havoc baits




 PDF Document

 PDF Document


RMD Revolution Spinnerbait product review new 3/8 oz on the way!

At RB BASS we not only fish a lot of Tournaments and attend a lot of media engagements we also test and review a lot of products.

We had a chance to test the RMD Revolution spinner baits and we were very impressed by them.  From the packaging to the design the colors  they offer to construction and quality of the products they have done a great job building a unique one of a kind product. The patented blade design is all the difference. The bait comes thru the water with ease and the fish they just flat out like it! We were immediately catching fish on this product.  No spinner bait we’ve ever  tested  has ever came through the water so smooth. This advanced blade design will let  you fish deeper with a 1/2 oz. bait with ease. This bait is so smooth it is effortless to fish with!  If your looking for a quality product with cutting edge design you need to try a RMD Revolution Spinner Bait!

RMD Products are available at

Hi’s Tackle Box

Coyote Bait and Tackle

Action tackle


Here is a write up from Coyote tackle Co.

RMD’s Revolution Spinnerbaits are designed by and for the bass fisherman.

Spinnerbait features are:
Gamakatsu super sharp hook
R-Bend line keeper
Hand tied silicone skirt for more flair
Skirt colors blended to catch fish, not just the fisherman.
Crinkled mylar trailer for more flash and action.
Available with single or tandem blades, willowleaf, colorado, or combination.
With the awesome color schemes and superior components try a RMD Revolution spinnerbait today.
1/2 oz.

Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:

rating rating rating rating rating
rating rating rating rating rating
Awesome Bait!!!
Vince Hurtado (Modesto, CA) 3/27/2011 7:52 PM
If you are a serious Bass fisherman you NEED this bait. The ability to control your spinnerbait in the water column you choose is so important. George has revolutionized a blade design that lets you do it with ease. I have had his baits for a few years now, and if you are serious about being effective with your blade baits, you need this one!!! Great price and even a better product!! Thanks George for creating such a versatile spinnerbait!
rating rating rating rating rating
Must have Spinnerbaits!
Andy COOCH Cuccia (Oakley, CA) 3/27/2011 5:32 AM
When George first introduced me to this new blade concept, my brains lil cartoon question cloud was full of ???? and a “Yeah Right”. It wasn’t until we went out to my dock and tied one on, that this bait caught my attention, like instantly! I was amazed at how fast the blades rotated, especially at a slow crawling pace. The amount of flash & vibration created by this innovative design, is second to no other blade bait on the market today. I only rely on two companies for my spinnerbaits, and RMD’s Kevkel Baits is one of them. I don’t leave the dock with out em.


 Now new 3/8 oz is on the way!



Lucky Seven Graphics 1600 HP Pro Mod Camaro Dragster Full Wrap

Lucky 7 mod

Probably one of the coolest projects I have done.

1600 HP Pro Mod Camaro Dragster Full Wrap

Don Carter Racing looked at options and put together price as well as time to get the project done. He called us with a 3 day deadline and we went above and beyond to meet that deadline. This camaro carbon fiber body was bare and we turned it into a real clean looking hot rod.

We used 3M gloss white and accented the wrap with Matte Black stripes and pin stripping as well as black carbon fiber rear fins rear decklid as well as the side louvers in carbon fiber. It is a real head turner and cost about 25% less than paint!

Lucky 7 mod black

Lucky 7 Graphics only uses the best materials in the industry and want to thank DCR for putting the trust in us to wrap his 1600 HP drag car. We cannot wait for pictures of this thing doing 250 MPH.

If you have any questions about vehicle wraps & graphics feel free to give us a shout at 916-708-7420 and check us out online at

Lucky 7 Mod

Josh Combs | Lucky Seven Graphics
Tel: 916.708.7420

Fax: 916.452.2692 |

Lucky 7 wrap