2017-International Sportsmen’s Expos ISE Show Sacramento

Cal Expo, State Fairgrounds
1600 Exposition Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815


Thu.. 11am – 8pm
Fri… 11am – 8pm
Sat.. 10am – 7pm
Sun.. 10am – 5pm


Adult Admission – $17.00
Youth under 16 – Free!

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No Pets
No Weapons, Firearms or Ammunition


Cal Expo Parking: $10 per vehicle 





Nor Cal 90 Lake Oroville Results

Nor Cal 90 Lake Oroville Tournament Results


1 RYAN FRIEND CLINT ISBELL 2.85 11.26  $ 1,600.00
2 PETE JENSON JACK GOODBY 4.50 11.19  $ 1,490.00
3 MIKE FRIEND SHELLY CARR 2.20 10.79  $    750.00
4 RYAN WHITE TROY DANIELS 3.29 10.57  $    700.00
5 RICHARD DOBYNS JOHN BRADFORD 0.00 10.26  $    450.00
6 JOHN MCCLELLAN JAKE MCCLELLAN 2.87 9.40  $    400.00
7 MIKE OSBORN ERIC BOYD 2.66 9.36  $    350.00
8 DAN CRONE ERIC CRONE 2.51 9.11  $    275.00
9 DUGAN MCINTOSH RYAN MCINTOSH 2.53 9.08  $    225.00
10 MICHAEL TIMMONS BILLY HINES 0.00 9.01  $    200.00
11 JAKE ENGASSER BEAR ENGASSER 0.00 9.00  $           –
12 TOM GORDON LOGAN ROUSH 2.71 8.93  $           –
13 JR. WRIGHT MICHAEL WRIGHT 0.00 8.83  $           –
14 JOE HINKLE GLEN LOCKHART 0.00 8.78  $           –
14 JARED WALKER JESSE MARTIN 0.00 8.78  $           –
16 TOM SALO CHARLES WOOTEN 0.00 8.77  $           –
17 BRIAN FESLER MIKE ANTHONY 0.00 8.68  $           –
18 JAY GUTERDING BOB BENSON 0.00 8.59  $           –
19 ALAX PARKER CHRIS LAYTON 0.00 8.58  $           –
20 DAN SWEAT CODY NORRIS 3.14 8.55  $           –
21 PHIL GARCIA BRAD MARR 0.00 8.53  $           –
21 DANIEL ANDRUSAITIS SHANE ROBERTSON 2.62 8.53  $           –
23 JODY JORDAN DAVE KISTLE 0.00 8.41  $           –
24 TONY RAINEY KEVIN DAVIS 0.00 8.38  $           –
25 GARY SOUZA DON REIGHLEY 0.00 8.37  $           –
26 RON GANDOLFI VIC PETKUS 0.00 8.28  $           –
26 STEVE KLEIN NICK KLEIN 0.00 8.28  $           –
28 CHRIS WADSWORTH CORY CANCILLA 0.00 8.26  $           –
29 JOE OROZCO CHRIS WRIGHT 0.00 8.21  $           –
30 DUSTIN MARAVIOV LUKE WILSON 2.66 8.10  $           –
31 DAVID SHERRILL BOBI SHERRILL 0.00 8.05  $           –
32 JARED BOOM JEFF BOOM 0.00 8.03  $           –
33 BUB TOSH RUSSELL HERRING 0.00 7.91  $           –
34 CLAY KETTELL CHUCK GILES 0.00 7.85  $           –
35 BOBBY MURACO KENNETH KNIGHT 0.00 7.84  $           –
36 BRAD BONINO KIM BONINO 0.00 7.81  $           –
37 RICHARD ALCANTAR ERIC CASTRO 0.00 7.79  $           –
38 GARY DOBYNS CRAIG GOTTWALS 0.00 7.61  $           –
39 DAVE RUSH BRAD TAGGART 0.00 7.51  $           –
40 MIKEY KLEMM MARK GODFREY 0.00 7.29  $           –
41 JAMES LONG ALLEN GORDON 0.00 7.24  $           –
42 DOUG JONES DOUG MCKA 0.00 7.21  $           –
43 TRAVIS FOSTER DAVE BROWN 0.00 7.09  $           –
44 JAMEY SORENSEN TAMARA RUSTIN 0.00 7.01  $           –
45 JIM ELLIOT JORDAN KUNDE 0.00 6.97  $           –
46 CHRIS STOREY EDDY LOPES 0.00 6.87  $           –
47 CHUCK KAVROS CHAD DIBBLE 0.00 6.83  $           –
48 JACOB BEAUCHAMP TIM EVANS 0.00 6.80  $           –
49 DALLAS MERRICK TONI CORPE 0.00 6.70  $           –
50 SCOTT CAVEN JEFF MCFALL 0.00 6.50  $           –
51 KEVIN HOCHSTRASSER BILLY SYKES 0.00 4.77  $           –
52 AARON QUIN BRIAN DENNING 0.00 0.00  $           –
52 VERN ROBERTS LEON PUGH 0.00 0.00  $           –
52 LUKE BELLEFEUILLE ERIC KILBY 0.00 0.00  $           –

California Bass Nation announces 2017 Schedule

California B.A.S.S. Nation announces 2017 schedule

The California B.A.S.S. Nation returns to Lake Nacimiento in 2017 as the fourth event in the season schedule.
The 2017 California B.A.S.S. Nation schedule features four events that lead to the regional qualifier.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California B.A.S.S. Nation is pleased to announce its 2017 schedule. The four-event trail is the largest schedule to date for the California B.A.S.S. Nation.
The best anglers at the end of the season qualify for the 2018 California B.A.S.S. Nation State Team, which will compete in the 2018 Academy Sports + Outdoors B.A.S.S. Nation Western Regional, at a location to be announced. California’s top boater and top nonboater from the regional will advance to the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship to compete for a spot in the 2019 Bassmaster Classic and a berth in the Bassmaster Elite Series.

Lake Oroville Bass Nation Event
The first tournament of the new season will take place March 18-19 on Lake Oroville in Oroville, Calif. Competitors will launch from Bidwell Marina at 7 a.m. 

Lake New Melones Bass Nation Event
The second event falls two months later on New Melones Reservoir in Angels Camp, Calif. Anglers will take off from New Melones Lake Marina at 6 a.m. 

California Delta Bass Nation Event
The third event of the season is July 8-9 on the California Delta. Competitors will leave from Big Break Marina in Oakley, Calif., at 6:30 a.m. 

Lake Nacimiento Bass Nation Event
The final event will be Oct. 14-15 on Lake Nacimiento. Anglers will launch from the Lake Nacimiento Main Ramp at 7 a.m.
To qualify for the State Team, anglers will earn points on a 100-point scale at each event. Their best three events will be counted. The winning boater and nonboater at each tournament will automatically advance to the State Team.
The State Team will be made up of 10 boaters, 10 nonboaters and two alternates. The Top 4 in each division will be tournament winners; the remaining spots will be based on points.
The points winner in each division, Boater and Nonboater, based on all four events will earn the California B.A.S.S. Nation Angler of the Year award.
To be eligible to compete, each angler must be a member of a B.A.S.S. Nation-affiliated club. To find a club in your area, contact Chief Mark Torrez, California B.A.S.S. Nation president, at (805) 233-0883.
Date Lake Location March 18-19 Lake Oroville Oroville, CA May 20-21 New Melones Reservoir Angels Camp, CA July 8-9 California Delta Oakley, CA Oct. 14-15 Lake Nacimiento Paso Robles, CA
Keep up with future announcements by following California B.A.S.S. Nation on Facebook (www.facebook.com/CaliforniaBassNation). 

To print Entry Forms Click Here.



The new Balam 300 Swimbait Product Review by Josh Parris

Balam 300

The Balam 300 from Optimum baits just landed state side a little over a month ago and is already making its mark! I’ve been anticipating its arrival for some time and was lucky enough to nab one shortly after they arrived.
At first look it’s big, 12 inches long with a premium paint job and weighs in at 6.5 ounces. I had been watching videos of Kazuya Simada putting a serious hurting on some big fish with the prototypes in Japan long before its arrival.
So I was more than anxious to get out and see the action of the bait first hand. My first trip out with it I was blown away. It throws like dream! Some larger baits over 10 inches can be a bit cumbersome to cast, not the Balam. It sails! On the first morning out with it I started out with a slow and steady presentation. Whammy, it got nailed by a four pound spotted bass.
On a slow retrieve the Balam 300 has subtle tail swim, perfect for weary bass who have grown accustomed to glide baits. What was astounding to me was how slow I could retrieve the bait and it continued to swim. As the day continued on I started to play with retrieves. We began seeing bass chasing trout around, I got as close as possible to the schooling bass and tried burning it with short pauses. Bam! It was freight trained by a big large mouth.
I’m throwing it on the Flacon Cara Big Swimbait XH MF Rod, that rod is a perfect balance of strength for hook sets and give for keeping them hooked. The Balam 300 will continue to make a difference in my fishing, with every one so hung up on glide baits this is the perfect niche bait to show the big bass in my lakes something different. It’s not species specific either, a Sacramento pike minnow less then .03 away from the IGFA record also took a liking to it!
Product Review by Josh Parris

CTT-California Tournament Trail Hits Lake Berryessa

2017-Napa California

The CTT California Tournament Trail gets ready to hit Lake Berryessa!

Cold and Wet weather is blasting the west coast! Low Snow levels and high winds are tearing thru the area and Lake Berryessa is on the rise with the incoming water. Who will figure out the cold Muddy Water this week? Its anyone’s Guess as this lake has Big Smallmouth Bass, Big Spotted Bass and Huge Largemouth Bass and some of the Wests Best will be taking on the challenge! The CTT’s  Working Man’s Pro-Am opener this week will be weighing in @ Markley Cove on Saturday and Sunday and Big weights are set to hit the scales. For More info click here.





Best Bass Tournaments 2017 Schedule




Future Pro Tour 2017


2017 RB BASS Tackle Giveaway

2017 RB BASS Facebook Giveaway

Go to the RB BASS Facebook Page Like Comment and Share for your chance to win a Huge Prize pack loaded with Good Stuff! Once we reach 100 Comments- we will choose a Winner!



Tamara Rustin Joins RB BASS group of Anglers

Oroville Ca Dec 2016

Lady Angler Tamara Rustin Joins RB BASS group of Anglers

RB BASS is excited to add a Lady Angler to the Group. Tamara is a great addition to our Group, she is consistent with promotions on Social Media and She can put good ones in the Livewell. We look forward to helping Tamara grow with the sport of Bass Fishing in 2017 and beyond!  To Learn more about Tamara read her Bio below.

Hey there. My Name Is Tamara Rustin. I am a single mom with two beautiful children, Brody 9 and Kayleigh 5. I was born and raised in Oroville Ca. I work Full time in the Metal Supply Business.

I started fishing when i was 5. my papa and nana took me on my fist camping/fishing trip to little grass valley reservoir and i have been hooked ever since. I started fishing ponds behind my house to Lake Oroville, Clear Lake and other local lakes. In 2014 i fished my first tournament circuit which was the BBT. My passion is tournament fishing, the lights, the boats, the people and just enjoying the beauty of it all. I am currently fishing Norcal 90, a family run circuit on Lake Oroville. I am very fortunate to be a part of and represent the following companies. North Valley Tackle, Cal Coast Fishing, Bass Angler Magazine and i am also pleased and excited to have been offered the opportunity to be apart of the RBBASS Family. Looking Forward to the 2017 season. See You on the water! Sack ‘ Em Up.


RB BASS Monsterfishingtackle.com Gift Card Promotion #3-promotion is over

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