Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Mike Tremont

Berryessa Water temperature 53 to 56, stained Winds calm to about 10
Got a late start in the morning. I travel through Winters up 128 which was closed due mudslides. I got a lucky break and was allowed through. It’s amazing seeing the hillside on top of the road!
Got on the lake about 11am. With the lake just reaching full pool and still rising, my plan was to cover water looking for the more active fish. Bright noisy baits were tied on. I ran around a bit trying to locate either bait of fish with the graph. Not much of either. The birds were also scattered about trying to eat. They were having a tough time as well!
I slowed down a little bit and started throwing a baby brush hog on a darthead. Never felt the bite, but finally the tug at the end of the line was there! Poor fish was pale, but had a lot of fight in it! I’d love to tell you I had it dialed, but that was it on this day!

Cal Coast Clip N Cull

Being out on the water trying to figure out the puzzle in itself is a victory for me. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get, but some days the catching part of doesn’t happen. Next time I have a little bit better of a clue as to where and how to start if conditions don’t change much.
So I did little shopping at To restock some necessities. They have much of what one needs for multiple species of fish, or for our comfort out on the water. Remember to enjoy the beauty of the chase, if it were always easy, it wouldn’t be the challenge.

Lake Mohave Fishing Report by Dominik Mohameds

February 24-26 2017

Lake Mohave

Calm to 15/20mph winds

55-57 degree water temp

Water Clarity 25+ feet

So I headed down to fish the Wild West Bass Trail PRO/AM at Lake Mohave. I’m going to talk about what my pros did. On the first day we headed south for a 15min run to a south facing point. The bait of choice was a small 3/8th brown and purple jig matched with a Yamamoto Fat Baby Craw. My pro dropped the trolling motor and immediately started burning bank searching for the small mouth bass that started to move in shallow. When he came across some fish he would watch the direction they were swimming and determine where he would cast his jig to cut them off. This worked for him both days of fishing enough to cash a check. 

Day 2 Pro I was with had a decent limit the first day. My pro had a cove he wanted to fish all day. This particular cove had man made structure along with wood piles that were placed in 20ft of water. He was throwing a small jig, small keitech on a 1/4oz ballhead and a small crank bait. This cove was very popular amongst the tourney anglers. At one time there were 5 boats packed tight. I believe there was to much pressure on these fish to catch them and that’s exactly what happened. Day 2 Pro did not have any fish to weigh in. 

Day 3 I had a very unique opportunity to go as an observer with one of the top 10 pros. I was paired with a very good fisherman Justin Kerr. Very humble and great guy to be in a boat with. He was sitting with 30lbs going into day 3 and behind the leader 7lbs. We ran south to a big cove where he located a lot of active fish. As he rolled up to his first point the trolling motor was in the water burning bank and scanning for smallies. When he would find a cruiser he would cut him off by casting ahead with a drop shot and work the bait to entice the fish to bite. He explained to me it was crucial to find fish in Lake Mohave because there was a lot of dead water. He sacked 19lbs by doing this. He missed out on the win by a little over one pound. 

Lake Mohave is just weeks from turning wide open with the bite. My next lake will be Lake Havasu at the end of March. Be sure to follow RB Bass on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and sign up for the email list. 

Delta Fishing report by Alex Sanchez

Water Temperature-54-58

Water Clarity Mud – 5 Feet

Weather Condition- Party Cloudy/Rain

Wind- 10 to 20MPH


I had the chance to fish the California Delta this past Sunday with long time friend and sponsor Vince Borges of Phenix Rods. Vince and I got on the water about 7:30, due to high water conditions we launched out of Paradise Point Marina. We started fishing fairly close to Paradise Point Marina jumping around through Disappointment and 14 Mile Slough. We managed to boat a couple nice fish tossing Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits on some isolated tulle berms nothing really special to try and duplicate. So we started working our way to the West Delta looking for some cleaner / warmer water. It took quite a bit of gas to do so but we found 58 degree water with 5 foot visibility and the fish were chewing! Immediately, Vince and I double hook up with a 5 and 3 pounder both on Chatterbaits..

We continue further back into the pocket and not a bite! I change things up and toss a deep diving Crankbait and boat another solid fish. We reached the end of the pocket, Vince tosses his Chatterbait against the edge of some isolated Hyacinth and gets CRUSHED…two head shakes and comes unbuttoned. Vince was heartbroken knowing that could have been a today’s kicker fish. Being pressed for time with a bad weather system coming in we decided to fish up to little patch of tulles adjacent to hyacinth then leave. I fired cast into the patch and got hammered! A beautiful 6 pound pre-spawn bass boated on a Spinnerbait! Vince and I ended up with 17 pounds for our best five. Our key to success was clear water, you won’t catch a lot of fish but you will boat the right ones.

Todays Gear

River2Sea Goon Crankbait

River2Sea Bling Spinnerbait



Lake Shasta Fishing Report by Ron Howe

Lake Shasta Fishing Report by Ron Howe

Post Front conditions 2 weeks in a row

Water stained to muddy

Water Temp 49-55 deg

I made 2 trips to Lake Shasta in 2 weeks, Practicing for the Wild West Bass Trail. The first weekend we launched at Bridgebay and stayed at the resort, it was nice to pull off the water after a 230 AM start and have the Hotel right there. They have a restaurant right there, a good place to fish, Lodge and eat.  

  The first weekend we started our day right at the ramp area just outside the five zone due to the late start. Quickly boating fish on the Blade Runner Alabama rig. I was using Optimum Baits Opti Shads and my rig had small blades for flash and vibration. I caught a fish on the second cast so I was off to a good start. I bounced from point to pocket checking where the fish were setting up at. Points were the key, they had to have small rocks or hard sand bottom and have a very flat slope. This was a little hard to find due to lack of time on Shasta and the lake higher than ive ever fished it. 

As I kept bouncing around the bites continued, several fish in the 2 pound range including Smallmouth and Spotted  Bass were crushing my rig. After hitting about 8 points and 5 pockets, I rolled up on a point and BOOM I got a good one over 5 lbs, a Spottapotamuss! Then it was like a light switch the bite shut off. I got a few more rig bites but they were just nipping it. The fish just went right to the bottom. I started getting fish to eat a tube or a beaver on the Frenzy Nail. All in all a great day. We had well over 16 lbs

The next day I had my guns loaded and I was eager to catch more A-rig fish-trying new points and pockets, I was a gun slinging, I think my Opti Shads were tired I made so many casts, but on day 2 the A-rig bite was dead- I could feel the change in the air, day 2 post front. I slowed way down and it was tough to get bites on much of anything. My team partner Zack Meeks began tossing the Float N FLy and he had action right away boating a nice 3lber. He had several bites and then it shut down-the fish went back to the bottom again. I started tossing Senkos and Boom stick a 3 plus. Then we caught another 3 fish around 3 pounds on the Senko and it was time to go home. We had over 14lbs on this day.

The next week is off limits for Wild West Bass Trail teams, so we prepped for the event and headed up.

Saturday morning came fast and I was battling the Cold and Flu pretty bad with next to no sleep, I knew I had to push myself. I went gun slinging with the A-rig again and quickly got a 2 lber. I had just a few more bites on it and it was more than apparent that bite had shut off for me. My Team Partner had the Float N Fly ready, and I mixed up bottom baits trying to fill a bag. It was a good decision, we quickly caught fish in the same areas we found the weekend before. It was a grind , but it was getting better as it warmed up. I kept mixing in crankbaits and the A-rig along with the S-Waver looking for bigger bites, they just weren’t where I was at. We went back to a Point we found in practice and the flurry began, we caught several fish there on the Float N Fly, Senkos and the Frenzy Nail. Fish were stacked up in pockets near creeks, they would move up on the point and feed and then pull back out. We managed just over 14lbs and placed 30th out of 181 Boat Field, not the finish we were looking for, but we got some Dough for our efforts and we learned a lot about a Lake that Ive spent very little time on.  

New Melones Fishing Report by Josh Parris

New Melones fishing report 

Water temp
Clarity: 1-3 ft
Conditions: partially cloudy 
Lake level: rising daily 
I had a blast over weekend on New Melones lake fishing the Future Pro Tour with Nick Lynch. It was the opener for the central division and had been shaping up to be a slug fest. The week of the event when conditions were identical to tournament day I was able to get out and prefish. It started out slow, I picked up a few small fish early throwing soft plastics. I eventually found a small school of shallow fish I hammered on almost every cast with soft plastic. I decided to see if I could get them to eat one of my confidence baits the River2sea S Waver. The S Waver also typically pulls fish with a bit more quality to them. First cast at the school and it got blasted by a 2lb spotted bass. 2nd cast again and so on. I quickly left those 2lb fish alone and began running that pattern all over the lake. It was immediately successful, the next fish I caught on it was an 8.75 lb spotted bass. That gave me the confidence to throw it the rest of the day. I found the hand full of fish that were coming after it were giant spotted bass. I only had about 15 bites on it throughout the day but they were tournament winning bites. I end prefish with a giant bag of all spotted bass. So as game day arrived I was confident in that pattern. If I could get even five of those bites I would have a great shot at winning. Our first spot was taken so I moved on to our second spot and boom 4lb spot on the S Waver! 2nd stop 2lber! Third spot taken so we moved on. Our key was to run as much water as humanly possible in 8hrs. If the fish were there and ready to eat they would, if not no point wasting time casting at fish that won’t bite. 4th stop of the day was were I realized something was changing. In practice they were eating the bait without hesitation and very few short strikes. On our 4th stop about ten feet from the boat an absolutely giant spotted bass came up on the S Waver! It short struck, and hooked up briefly before it was gone. We talked about it and collected our selfs and got right back to it. We continued it get short strikes and catch smaller fish. I believe due to boat traffic and pressure the larger fish started to pull out and hesitated to eat. We eventually got 2 more good bites on the S Waver throughout the day to push us up to what we weighted in, 18.18lbs taking second place. I threw the River2sea S Waver 168 in a baby bass color, and targeted shallow points, humps, and lay downs. I prefer to throw it the Falcon Bucoo micro rig rod, this is hands down the best rod I’ve found fit this application. The rod has a slower action and really slows down your hook set, witch is important on the S Waver of all sizes. I use 15lb fluorocarbon and a 7:1 ratio reel. All of the used items can be purchased at I hope this helps and good luck out there.

Josh Parris with a Huge Spotted Bass


Delta Fishing Report by Charlie King

Report Date: Wednesday, Feb 15 
Launch: Orwood Resort
Weather: low pressure building with cloud cover and a chance of rain
Water: The tide was going out but the water was still very high, the water temperature was right at 55 degrees. 

Plan:  Fish towards Holland Cut, after fishing with chatterbaits this past Saturday and having a fair bait, and with the pressure moving in I started the day with the same technique used Saturday – chatterbait.
For about 30 minutes I fished a big flat with the TNT BAITS Claymore Chatterbait, then I turned back around and fished the same flat with a red River2Sea Biggie square bill crankbait, not one bite!
I moved to another big flat with the hopes that some big-girls would be up cruising the shallows.  After another 45 minutes of throwing the Chatterbait and Crankbait still not one fish. Just the night before I read an article in Bass Angler Magazine called Late Winter Bass Migration and how fast the weather can make these fish move.  I decided to move away from a reaction bait and try some flipping, I stopped at a river bend with riprap to try some deeper tulles.  I flipped a ½ oz. black and blue TNT Wadda Jig for another half hour without a bite.  I sat down to drink a bottle of water and thought about what I should do next.  Then it hit me: After fishing two of the spots where I thought the fish should have moved into, the only place left was deeper water.  So, I turned around and went back to the first flat I fished and tied on a ¾ oz. TNT M80 football jig tipped with Savage Gear Reaction Crayfish.  I stayed back from the flat and casted up to about 6 ft. and worked the jig down to about 15 ft., on my third cast a healthy three pounder chocked the jig.  I got two more fish on that spot and at least one on every spot I stopped where there was a big flat that would roll off to at least 15 ft. 

Charlie King Testing the Clip N Cull

I didn’t get any big fish today but managed to catch 7 fish, with my best five weighing a little over 13 lbs.
 I think my best take away from this day on the water is it’s good to have a game plan; but keeping an open mind and making adjustments throughout the day can turn not catching fish into a fish catching day!
The Delta is getting ready for some great spring fishing, so get out there and try some of the different techniques I talked about and catch some fish! God bless and good fishing. Charlie King

Camp Far West Fishing Report by Austin WIlson

Camp Far West Fishing Report
Feb. 18th 2017

I spent this past Saturday fishing Camp Far with a couple buddies. We figured the water clarity wouldn’t be great, but when we got there the water was extremely muddy with an average temp of 52 degrees. We decided to run up the rock creek arm to try and find cleaner water. While on our way up there we hit a few points and pockets with a spinner bait, had a few bites but didn’t land anything.

We made our way to he back of the rock creek arm where the water temp was a little warmer, around 56 degrees. This is where we started catching fish on the points leading back into the pocket. I caught a few in the pocket, but most of the fish were staging outside of it. All the fish were caught exclusively on a spinner bait, they didn’t seem to like anything else. They were shallow, anywhere from 6 in. to 5 foot of water. Our best five weighed in at a total of about 12.5lbs.

Pine Flat Reservoir by Rich Hale

Fishing has been tough to say the least at Pine Flat reservoir. Rainy weather and rising water have got the fish scattered. The water temperature is sitting around 52-54 degrees and slightly stained to stained depending on where you are. The log boom is in place right below Trimmer launch ramp which has taken much of the river out of action. We found fish as shallow as three feet all the way out to 50 feet deep. Main body creek channels seemed to hold the majority of better sized fish for us. We found dragging brown/green pumpkin jigs and Dry Creek tubes across the small channels produced solid bites. Start your drag in 30 feet on the flat and drag slowly into the channel. Most bites came just before or just as the bait dropped off the ledge into the channel. For those people that like to chuck and wind there is a reaction bite if you’re willing to cover lots of water to find it. Target the small cuts that have moving water in them. Most bites came right on the bank. Our best bites came from the Ima Pinjack and from the Keitech swing impact swimbait tossed right into the moving water. There are fish to be had but you will need to work for them. There’s a lot of floating debris so stay aware and please utilize your life jacket and kill switches. All the tackle we used and a whole lot more can be found at Grab your rain gear and get out there!

And as always SET THE HOOK!

Don Pedro Fishing Report by Josh Parris

Lake Don Pedro Map

Don Pedro fishing report

Water temp – 51-58
Water clarity – muddy to 1-4 ft
Conditions- sunny post frontal 
Winds – light
Over the weekend I fished the Sonora bass anglers tournament at lake Don Pedro with my buddy. I hadn’t been out there in a while and in light of all the recent rain and rising water I was expecting tuff post front conditions. Water temp and clarity really just depended on location. We launched out of Moccasin, it was 53 degrees and muddy with 3-6 inches of water clarity and a lot of floating debris. I like fishing that area but decided to make a run in search of cleaner water. On our initial run when ran out past middle bay and found clear water. We found early success on jigs and tubes for a hand full of short fish in the 20 foot range. After that we jumped out to submerged lake island tops with little success. At 8am and an empty box we turned our attention finding running water. I immediately realized that almost every decent tributary had a few boats on them. We opted for some of the smaller feeder creeks and quickly found success with a half oz River2sea Papa Mur jig. My partner then turned to throwing reaction baits like cranks, a rigs and quickly got a 3lber on the a rig. The a rig quickly became the dominant factor for us. My Falcon Bucoo rig rod got a work out! On my a rig I was throwing River2sea rig walkers in silverside color. If your not familiar with the River2sea rig walkers check them out! They are pre rigged swim baits that can save you a ton of time on the water.
After the bite slowed down I started throwing single rig walker and managed to get 3lb spotted bass. With our fish exhausting we moved on. We had little to no success on the next 5 or 6 small tributaries we ran. Towards the end of the day I decided to go back up to the dirty water. We found a long creek arm and went to work. After about an hour we had caught a hand full of fish but nothing to help us. As we worked our way out we stoped on another small feeder creek for the last twenty minutes of the day. It did take long and I grabbed our best fish of the day on the a rig, a just under 4lbs large mouth. We ended the day with 14.85 witch was enough for the win. With changing conditions keep an open mind and adapt.

Josh Parris Don Pedro Bass


Delta Fishing Report by Mark Lassagne

Delta Bass Report Feb 11th 2017


Mark Lassagne and Charlie King


Since it finally stopped raining for a couple days we hit the Delta to locate fish for some upcoming guide trips.  

Launching from Orowood Marina near Brentwood Calif. 

High tide about 7AM and Low tide about noon. 

The day started with 46 outside temps in the morning and a light breeze. The wind picked up throughout the day to about 15 MPH and the temps rose to near 60 by days’ end.  

It was a bluebird day after a week of rain, so hopes were high but expectations were low as with most post frontal days the bite will be tough, especially when the water is cold.  

The water was 52 to 55 degrees and its mid Feb so we targeted wintering places for Delta bass like dead end sloughs, sharp channel swings and places where the current slows. 

With a goal of locating as many places as possible in one day we decided to power fish searching as many spots as possible throughout the day vs. fishing slow and picking an area apart. 

After running a few miles, the first bite came at 8AM felt like a big fish but didn’t hook up, 8:30 first fish in the boat a solid 3+, we then missed 2 more bites and then landed another 3+ at 9AM all on an orange Revenge Vibrator with an orange ribbon worm trailer.

A Delta Bass caught on a Revenge Vibrator

 Keeping to the plan we went searching other areas, fishing about an hour or so with no bites. We ran to a dead end slough and about 11AM (low tide at noon) we got a couple more a 2lber and one close to 6lbs.  

Catch those two we went on the search, again locating a little bend in the river where we got two more another 3lber and a 5 then headed out.  

Now it’s noon – low tide and we start fishing other places we assumed winter fish would be, hitting about 10 to 15 more in the next few hours but not a single bite. 

Note: The tide was never low, even the low tide at noon was, with the huge amount of water coming in it was like high tide all day.

 Conclusion, the fish today were grouped up, when you find one there are more in the same area. If it was tournament day we would have stayed in the few places where we found fish and I believe we could have had a big bag.  

None the less we had about 20lb for the best five catching 7 fish total and missing 5 bites which is a pretty good day for the bluebird day after a storm.


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