Delta Fishing Report by Mark Lassagne

Delta Bass Report Feb 11th 2017


Mark Lassagne and Charlie King


Since it finally stopped raining for a couple days we hit the Delta to locate fish for some upcoming guide trips.  

Launching from Orowood Marina near Brentwood Calif. 

High tide about 7AM and Low tide about noon. 

The day started with 46 outside temps in the morning and a light breeze. The wind picked up throughout the day to about 15 MPH and the temps rose to near 60 by days’ end.  

It was a bluebird day after a week of rain, so hopes were high but expectations were low as with most post frontal days the bite will be tough, especially when the water is cold.  

The water was 52 to 55 degrees and its mid Feb so we targeted wintering places for Delta bass like dead end sloughs, sharp channel swings and places where the current slows. 

With a goal of locating as many places as possible in one day we decided to power fish searching as many spots as possible throughout the day vs. fishing slow and picking an area apart. 

After running a few miles, the first bite came at 8AM felt like a big fish but didn’t hook up, 8:30 first fish in the boat a solid 3+, we then missed 2 more bites and then landed another 3+ at 9AM all on an orange Revenge Vibrator with an orange ribbon worm trailer.

A Delta Bass caught on a Revenge Vibrator

 Keeping to the plan we went searching other areas, fishing about an hour or so with no bites. We ran to a dead end slough and about 11AM (low tide at noon) we got a couple more a 2lber and one close to 6lbs.  

Catch those two we went on the search, again locating a little bend in the river where we got two more another 3lber and a 5 then headed out.  

Now it’s noon – low tide and we start fishing other places we assumed winter fish would be, hitting about 10 to 15 more in the next few hours but not a single bite. 

Note: The tide was never low, even the low tide at noon was, with the huge amount of water coming in it was like high tide all day.

 Conclusion, the fish today were grouped up, when you find one there are more in the same area. If it was tournament day we would have stayed in the few places where we found fish and I believe we could have had a big bag.  

None the less we had about 20lb for the best five catching 7 fish total and missing 5 bites which is a pretty good day for the bluebird day after a storm.


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Destination Oroville and Lake Shasta


I got a call from fellow anglers Christopher Freeman and Cody Derby to tag along on a fishing trip to Lake Shasta.  I thought it would be good practice before the Future Pro Tour Classic on Lake Oroville scheduled for early March.
As we made our way to the lake, we started calling around for room availability, after about 4 calls and because of the Pro Am at Shasta there was nothing available until Saturday.   So we changed our plan and decided to fish Lake Oroville on Saturday, and then head up to Lake Shasta for a full day of fishing Sunday.  A perfect plan for me!

Lake Oroville Spotted Bass
-Charlie King

Lake Oroville is known for a variety of fish (large mouth and small mouth bass, chinook, catfish, white crappie to name a few) and we went looking for bass.   The air temperature was just around freezing as we pulled up to the spillway ramp at daylight, the sky was crystal clear and just a slight breeze on the water. The lake has received a lot of rain the last few weeks and is at 80% of capacity.

The water was slightly stained and a lot of wood and debris floating around.  Once we made it to our first stop, at Middle Fork, the water temp was 46 to 49 degrees and the water falls were running and absolutely beautiful. I tried the A-rig and Spinnerbait early, fish weren’t interested so I switched to drop-shot and a small swimbait.  The Drop Shot and small Swimbait produced the best bite in the 15 to 35 feet range.   As the sun started to warm the day, we were able to get fish on points and the bluff walls all the way back to the main lake.   Once we made it back to the main lake, Chris got on a small Jig bite in 15 to 20 feet on under water humps, we finished the day catching about 15 to 20 fish and enjoyed the outdoors and awesome views Lake Oroville has to offer.

Lake Oroville Spotted Bass Anglers Charlie , Chris and Cody

We got off the water in time to stop by to say hi to the folks at North Valley Tackle and pick up a few things for our next day of fishing on Lake Shasta.  Chris’s wonderful wife Mary had already booked our stay at the Bridge Bay Resort right on Lake Shasta and all we had to do was make the drive!

Lake Shasta, wow – what a beautiful lake to wake to!  Snow covered mountains and Bald Eagles flying around, we couldn’t wait to hit the water! Now the first thing we noticed was the outside temperature was about 10 degrees warmer than the day before, with quite a bit of cloud cover in the sky.  Now like Lake Oroville, Lake Shasta has received a bunch of rain and is filling nicely.  The water clarity and temp is just about the same as Oroville. We focused on the Pit River arm of the lake and made the run to some stuff similar to what we finished on yesterday at Oroville.

I think Cody got the first fish on an underspin and little swimbait, Chris and I were throwing small jigs and picked up where we left off yesterday. The fish wanted that jig on the bottom and not moved at all! We got most of the fish in 15 to 20 foot range and had 10lbs for are best 5 by 8:30 am. I also was able to get the spotted bass to eat the A-rig that day and got several fish on it, but they were smaller than the jig fish.

Lake Shasta Spotted Bass Charlie and Chris

Over all we got about 30 fish that day and had a blast.  As we set in the middle of a big cove around noon, taking pictures and just admiring the beautiful surroundings, a Bald Eagle swooped down about 30 yards away and plucked his lunch out of the water, it was incredible to see. What a way to end this awesome weekend! I want to thank Chris and Mary Freeman and Cody Derby for inviting me along.  I also want to thank my wife Natalie and daughters Melissa & Rebecca for their support, love you guys!

DROP SHOT: Okuma TCS 7’2” Rod paired with Okuma Helios Hx-25s Reel with 5lb test Fins 40G.
A-RIG: Okuma Guide Select 7’11” Rod and Okuma Komodo 350 with 50lb Fins windtamer Braid. The
JIG: Okuma TCS 7’ jig rod paired with Okuma Helios TCS 8:1:1 gear ratio with 12lb floro line



Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Tamara Rustin

February 4th 2017

Water temp: 53
Weather: 56 degrees and overcast with a few showers.
Finally got to get out on the water after about 2 weeks. Kate Hall and I decided to hit Lake Berryessa to do a little pre-fishing for our upcoming tournament for BBT on February 25th. My first time ever fishing this lake.
We launched at Pleasure Cove around 8:30 am. Started fishing the narrows. Water was a little stained had about 2 feet of visibility. We tried throwing just about a little bit of everything from Top water, A-Rig, Crank baits, Swim baits they were just not biting. Kate decided to throw on a drop shot using a Keitech leach and BAM she landed one. We landed four of our five fish for the day on the drop shot.
We decided to move to the main lake water visibility was like chocolate milk. We fished it for a while and nothing. So we decided to make our way back to the narrows around 12. Bite was tough so I decided to throw a Gary Yamamoto 5″ pink senko wacky style and finally got a bite. When we got it in the boat I was stoked landed a 3lber. For me that’s my biggest of 2017 so far. We got our 5×3 and we have a start to where we will be headed on tournament day. All of our fish were caught in warmer water in the 20 feet range and before 1:00.
Thanks for taking the time to read my fishing report and hope to see you all on the water sometime. Sack em up…

Berryessa Fishing Report by Nick Lynch

I got out with the man himself Ron Howe on Berryessa last Sunday, here’s how it went.

Water temps stayed between 50-52. Air temp was a low of 36 and a high of 64. The water was stained but not too muddy. Markley cove is now using their main ramp.

When we got on the water there was way too much fog to safely run to the main body, it didn’t lift until about 9:30. I got a decent spot draggin a jig from the back of the boat, with it being winter I was using a 3/4 ounce jig trailed with a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss. The Pit Boss makes an excellent trailer this time of year because it is bulky but also subtle. We caught a few other spots early in the narrows on finesse rigs like a dropshot and a dart head. The fish were all on ledges in 30ft of water.

At about 10am the bite had really slowed down so we decided to make our way out to the main body. We noticed tons of fish sitting in the 30-40ft range but they wouldn’t touch a thing. We ran around near Goat Island for a little while with no luck. At 2ish we tried to run up north but the further we got the water started to become filled with debris and dirty. We turned around and made our way back to the narrows.

By this time is was about 3pm and the bite was absolute trash. We looked for shallow fish warming up in the sun but didn’t find any. We eventually started fishing in the 5mph zone by Markley and caught a few more fish but we had to downsize. I got most my fish either slowly dragging the jig or dropshotting a 3inch worm. Ron caught his on the dart head.

In conclusion it was a pretty tough bite. The water is still cold and no fish had moved up yet. Hope this helps and tight lines- Nick Lynch.


Lake Camanche by Mark Lassagne



By Mark Lassagne

Lake Camanche is named after the town that is now underwater.

The lake is located in the California Gold Country near Ione, Calif, about a two-hour drive from the bay area was created in 1963, is about five miles long with 54 miles of shoreline when full. The lake has numerous island humps, dredge tailings, ledges, river channels, graveyard along with underwater roads and bridges.


There are two main launch ramps North Shore and South Shore with a mussel inspection before entering.

You will want to make sure you pull the plug, lower your outboard and dry your livewells prior to the inspection. It’s not a white glove inspection but they do check.


If you decide to stay a few days, they have over 500 campsites, a mobile home park along with some cottages. Both ramps have a store to purchase food and basic supplies, they both have café’s that open seasonally.


Lake Camanche has a variety of fish with: trout, catfish, crappie, smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass. The variety of bass make it an ideal lake for bass anglers as we know each species has its own criteria. They also have regular trout plants to keep our bass healthy and happy. More on Camanche @


In December, the lake elevation was at 215, 67% of capacity it rose to 79% over the month and now preparing for the runoff they’ve increased the outflow lowering it back to 215 ft again.

Full pool is 235 so we’re 20 ft from full and hoping late rains and snow melt will keep it full for most of the year.


In early to mid-December before the major rains the lake was 52 degrees, very clear and the bite was awesome. (see The Informative Fisherman’s video) Late November through December the A-rig bite was off the hook, 20 to 30lb stringers and a few giant fish each day was the norm. As the weather turned cold and rains came the bite slowed off.

Ron Howe holds up some nice December Camanche Bass

I guided a client on Camanche just as the bite was tapering off in late December and though it was a little tough but we still managed 15 fish quality fish with a 20lb stringer for five. These were mostly on the A-Rig (Umbrella rig) with a few on plastics and jigs in the mail lake on steeper bluff walls. Besides these quality fish we found a big school of small bass with some crappie mixed in and caught 20 or so on small swimbaits and Senkos.

In early January, the water was rising and even though the water was cold the fish were going to the bank and the bite was pretty good again using a variety of baits. Jigs were the number one for quality fish while drop shotting, dart and shakey heads were also productive.

Moving to the end of January the bite is altogether different. The fish now are scattered and mostly loners up feeding then leaving. I know this because using the Aqua-Vu underwater camera, I can see exactly what’s going on, you can see a fish up shallow (8-18ft) and then catch it. These fish are mostly spotted bass located in 8 to 18ft of water with chunk rock and the nice thing is once you find one they are easy – so catching them is not nearly as hard finding them.



We used a few different baits to fish for these feeders. The best overall was a standard brown or brown and purple jig with a matching Yamamoto twin tail grub, you’ll want a jig with a weed guard because there’s a lot of brush underwater to snag on.

Next bait is dropshot use about a 10” leader and a 4” worm (Aaron’s Magic, Morning Dawn or Prizm Shad), I like a #2 Gamakatsu dropshot hook because the hook ratio is so good but you’ll snag up and want to have some extra hooks and weights available.

Small Keitech’s , shad patterns on a barrel head work well but again these will get hung up.

The tube is also a staple at Camanche which there are some special ways to rig them that the locals won’t tell you about, but the standard green pumpkin or Old Ugly work well rigged Texas rigged or on a jig head.

An umbrella rig will still work but it’s slowed down considerably where you will only catch a few fish using it all day with the same quality as other techniques.

The Underspin, Blade Runner 3/8oz chrome underspin with a shad colored 3.8 Keitech will also produce some good fish.



On Jan 30, I guided a client on Camanche where the water was 49 degrees and weather was beautiful but the fishing was a little tough. I believe high pressure and the lake level dropping caused the bite to slow. We started the day off with a 4lb largemouth in 18ft of water on an underspin and then proceeded to get a few more in the morning all in the 3lb range fishing the same shallow rock pattern as before. By 10AM we had about 5 or 6 fish for about 14-15lbs, a couple on a jig but most on the underspin. We then headed up river to where they were biting the day before hitting the best spots but they were gone. Also, the day before we caught 8 fish on the dropshot, when this day they wouldn’t touch it. After spending a couple unsuccessful hours up river, we headed back to the main lake. Once there we started catch fish again, with a few on the underspin and a couple more on the jig.

All in all, a decent day, we landed about 10 fish, missing or losing maybe 6 or 7, no fish was under 2.25lb and we had two 4lb fish for the day.


Dropshot: 7.4 Med light Okuma Helios spinning rod, Okuma Helios 2500 spinning reel, 10 Fins 40G braid with 8lb Sunline FC fluorocarbon leader, Gamakatsu #2 dropshot hook and a 3/16ox dropshot weight. (same set up for the small swimbait and Senko)

Jig: 7.3 Heavy Okuma Helios rod with a 7.3:1 Helios bait casting reel, spooled with 12lb Sunline FC fluorocarbon, ½ Revenge football jig with a 4” Yamamoto twin tail trailer.

Underspin: 7.0 Med Heavy Okuma Helios rod with a 7.3:1 Helios bait casting reel, spooled with 12lb Sunline FC fluorocarbon, 3/8oz Blade Runner underspin with a 3.8 Keitech.



Things change every day so keeping an open mind and changing up will help put a few more fish in the boat. The dropshot was key on day one where the underspin was the bait on day two and on day three who knows what a deep crankbait might bring up.


Thanks for taking the time to read my report and please feel free to follow me

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Lake Oroville Fishing Report by Ron Howe

Weather Clear 38-56 deg

Water stained to muddy 47-48deg

The lake came up over 65ft in 1 week, this is just amazing! As expected this changed the bite. In the morning I threw Spinnerbaits and A-rigs for the first hour with no luck fishing steep walls. I changed to a Ima Beast hunter crank bait and Boom! I stick a sold 2+ on a flat point, so I keep cranking and Boom another 2+ , I felt like I was going to crushem, but that was all the crankbait would yield all day. It was a tough day, but we mixed it up and caught a few on Rip baits and a few on Senkos and Tubes in darker colors. Cleaner water is in the Middle fork if that’s what you want to fish. At the end of the day fish moved shallow and we had some more action on Rip baits.

Good Luck

Ron Howe RB BASS Angler



Lake Camanche Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Air temp 36
Water temp 48
Water clarity 3 ft in main body and up the river 0 clarity

With one of the biggest storms in recent years just coming to a halt I saw an opportunity to fish my home lake Camanche . In the morning it was socked in with fog and had a very cold north wind. Air temps were in the mid 30’s and the lake was on the rise in a big way. I was not to sure What I was in for since the lake had came up 20 ft or so in the past few weeks, I wasn’t sure if the fish would move up with the cold weather and dropping water temps. I started on south shore bluff wall in 30 ft or so and not even a nibble. The bluff wall came to a point and a shallow cove so I tossed a River2sea jig with the Bass Assassin pure craw trailer in about 12 ft of water and Booooom a nice fat 4 pound largemouth was in the boat . I then started targeting the new cover that hasn’t been in water for years  and the bigger largemouth were there! The fish were shallow in the 12ft to 17ft range and the dropshot began to play a huge part and caught the big fish! I was dragging the jig every now and then and I would use my lowrance see a arch and drop my Bass Assasin lit’l Tapper in watermelon red down on them with about a 1ft leader and 1/4 ounce weight. I was targeting the spine of the points, but it seemed the fish were on the side of the points farther back. There is still a ton of good fish on the south shore islands they are getting heavily pressured and are a little harder to catch. All in all it was a great winter day. Staying to the north will find you the cleaner water and some better fish .
Report by Michael Coleman
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Lake Oroville Fishing Report by Ed Everhart

Lake Oroville Fishing Report January

Water -stained to 2 ft

Water Temp 47-49 Deg

Weather Cloudy Cold – light rain


Lake New Melones Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 52 to 54
Air temp 32
Wind 2 mph
Weather pre front ?
Water clarity 4ft
Location new Melones

                With freezing temperatures  what better place to be than on Lake New Melones with my good friend Josh Parris. With the current conditions and Josh’s knowledge of this great fishery we started on off shore islands. I started with a 1/2 slickhead jig in pb&j trailered with a Bass Assassin pure craw in watermelon red flk and Josh with a Optimum swimbait. We positioned our self on the top of the island and made long casts and we were dragging our baits uphill and in no time I had our first fish on the jig catching a few more in the 2 pound range and Josh catching one in the 4 pound range we decided to make a move to a steep bluff on the main lake.

 Josh was still fishing the big swimbait and I picked up the A-rig and started to really put a hurting on em!!!! I started to put together a solid pattern with the G-rig letting it sink to a 9 count and slow retrieve was the ticket on the bluffs. We also found a shallow largemouth bite on long sloping points as the day went on that bite seem to get better dead sticking the fat job worm and slow rolling the G-rig with Bass Assasin swimbaits at about 2 o’clock we had 15 pounds or so for our best five so josh decided to go back to were we started on the submerged islands so I picked back up the jig and make a few casts and feel tick tick and  KAKABOOOOOOOM a true giant largemouth comes to the surface josh nets her she topped the scales at 9.7 pounds!

A 9.7lb Giant!

We started to notice big bass chasing trout all around us josh quickly picks up the new Balam 300 swim bait by Optimum baits and boom another big fish hammers it this fish in the 7 pound range. With all the activity I pick up the G-rig and a 4 pound spot just crushes it putting our total bag just under 30 pounds. All in all it was a great day. Remember it’s winter slow down and fish adjacent to deep water access bring your baits uphill, and good luck !!!!

Lake Camanche Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 55
Air temp 35
Water clarity 3ft
Weather blue bird post front
Wind 2to4 mph
Location lake Camanche

                  With winter now in full swing the spotted bass are on fire at lake Camanche but there is a largemouth bite going real good as well. One of the main keys for myself is fishing the off shore humps or tailing piles or even the steep bluffs were ever the river channel swings up against them this is key as well as  retrieving  my baits up hill is key to winter time fishing in my opinion.

The key baits for myself have been a fat job worm rigged whacky and nail weighted also the boss shiner swim bait and the A rig, I personally have been using the G-funk baits A-Rig and the Bass Assassin  die dapper in albino shad. Fishing slow is also a huge part to my success. There are a good population of largemouth on the south shore humps and a few in houseboat cove and the river is holding a good population of spotted bass. Keep in mind it’s winter the fish are living together when there’s one the is usually more and slow down!!!!!!!