Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Sean Wayman

Lake Berryessa 3/18/17

Mike Tremont and myself fished Lake Berryessa on Friday and did the BBT tournament on Saturday. What a great turn out on a beautiful weekend. Friday was greeted with beautiful and stable weather. Water temps have been on the rise and the big girls were moving to the shallows. While the bite wasn’t wide open for quality fish they could be found. Friday was calm and forced us to fish plastics. Senkos, Ned Rigs, jigs, and rip baits worked at times. We started in the main body and searched for quality fish moving up. Around noon I got a nice spawned out 7.02 largemouth on a Senko in 4 ft of water. We then probed the east banks with flipping presentations and Senkos in the flooded brush. We caught plenty of fish on Senkos fished wacky and Texas. We then moved into the narrows and got on some slow tapering points and caught em drop shooting, jigs, and rip baits. 
  Saturday was tournament day. We were about boat 109 out of 129 boats to blast off. We decided to run away from the masses due to the fact we knew the prime water on the east banks would be covered. Therefore we ran towards the dam and Markley cove. Nothing doing in Markley which was kinda baffling since it had been easy to get 15 lbs in there prior to tournament day. The weather change may have not agreed with the spots and small mouth on this over cast yet calm day. Water temps were still about 62. Mike suggested we move to the backs of coves and bays since the fish were not on points. BAM! I get bit on a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss flipped into the brush in 2 ft of water. A beautiful 7.60 largemouth that turned out to be the big bass of the tournament. We then probed bays and coves for flooded brush and threw the Pit boss and a senko for the rest of the day. We culled several times before running up lake to look for the 7lb bed fish from the day before. Water clarity did not permit sight fishing, just had to hope they were there. Well if she was she wasn’t falling for out presentations today. We moved over to the east bank and I flipped the pit boss in watermelon red while mike threw a S waver and a Senko. Bam a good bight, I set the hook and a 6 lb largemouth comes flying out of the water, waves with her tail and bam the hook comes out. 
  The bite was tougher but the fish are moving up. Id look for the bite to improve in the coming weeks as the fish get ready for the major spawn. Its that time of year to get out on the water for the fish of a life time. 
Id like to thank Monsterfishingtackle.Com for the continued support. Everything we fished with can be bought there and shipped direct to you for no charge on $50 or more purchases. Abu Garcia Revo Sx reels spooled with Berkley 100% Trilene in 17 lb did most of the flipping damage, and 15 lb for the senkos. 
Until next time tight lines.
Sean Wayman

Bass Nation New Melones Report by Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman Bass Nation Big Ones

Air temp low55 high68
Water clarity 6 feet
Wind 4 to 6 mph north west
Water temp 65

              Angels Camp California lake new Melones. As I pre-finished for the Bass nation opener at new Melones  I realized that pre-spawn pattern was going to be the ticket, I found three places that had large numbers of largemouth. Two long pockets up river, a spot in the North and also a big school mid-lake towards the south. On day one of the tournament I ran to Brushy Cove and started my day on the main lake point. I quickly picked up a limit on a River2Sea S Waver in the color called party crasher on the new Phenix rods maxim series. M0y plan was to run up river mid day as the water started to warm up. Sun direction is key in these pre-spawn conditions you want to find the coves and pockets protected from the north wind and facing west, so with around 12 pounds Clip N Culled in the box I ran up river throwing a Swim Jig with the Bass Assassin Lures die dapper in albino shad color as my trailer. I only culled one fish and quickly realized that the river  bite was gone and it was all about being south. I ran back to Brushy cove where I started to catch a lot more fish but only helping my limit to just under 15 pounds. In my opinion with the overcast conditions and cool breeze I just felt that the bigger females did not move up but I had a solid bag for the day to put me in six place, still just a few pounds out of the lead. Pondering what I should do for day two I figured I would start at brushy Cove and see with the overcast conditions going away if those bigger females would move up. I started on the long point just as I did the day before. This did not pan out so I moved through into the pocket. I started to get a few bites right away. That’s when I realized the fish had pushed farther back into the pocket. My new plan was to just rotate three small areas no bigger than 30 yards and just wait for the fish to come to me. As I rotated through my spots I quickly picked up a limit and then BOOM a good one just as the day before I started off with the S waiver but quickly moved to the Bass Assassin Lures’s fat job stick bait, I was rotating three Baits almost exclusively and would add the swim jig here or there, the third bait was a Bass Assassin Lures Rail worm. The fat job stick bait was the most successful. I would just fancast going around with a small nail weight 1/4  oz rigged wacky style and leaving it dead stick. This was the key and as I rotated my three areas fish just kept coming to me and although a lot of boats were rotating through that area everyone would move in and make a few casts not get bit and leave. The key was knowing that those fish were coming at you targeting several laydowns and Buckbrush and just waiting. All of my fish for two days were coming off of a 30 yard stretch.  After day one I weighed in a pretty solid bag of three pounders but all the people ahead of me had that one big bite, which I never got on day one , but on day two about mid way through the day I finally got my big bite to go along with my solid limit weighing  in at just under 18 pounds witch was good enough for third place to start the Bass Nation season off in a good position. I would like to thank all my sponsors Cal Coast fishing, River2sea, Bass Assassin Lures, Bass Angler Magazine, Phenix rods and Evolution Baits


Future Pro Championship at Folsom lake – report by Josh Parris

Water temp: 47-60

Clarity: 1-3 ft

Conditions: partially cloudy 

Lake level: rising daily 


I had a blast last week on Folsom lake while fishing the Future Pro Tour Championship with Nick Lynch. We had been looking forward to this event the entire year! The decision to move it to Folsom lake after the Oroville dam issue had little to no effect on me. I know neither lake very well but was excited either way! Official practice opened the Monday prior to the event. I was not able to get out on the water until Tuesday. I started out a little late around 8am. I started throwing reaction main lake to shake out some of the excitement. 20 minutes in with no bite I had a gut feeling based on conditions to slow down. I picked up a darter head and went to work. 3rd cast in about 18ft of water I cracked the first fish of the day and it was a good one! So, I pressed on the rest of the day with the darter head. I never got a lot of bites or even two in one spot but the ones I did were big large mouth. 

Day two of practice I figured I’d just expand on that pattern. It didn’t work out! After only getting two bites the entire day on main lake I knew I was missing something. So, on the last day of practice we had to be of the water by noon. We made the decision to run north, I’ve personally never even been to that part of the lake. Once we got up there we realized there was an abrupt water temp and clarity change. That change in clarity would prove to be where most of the top ten did it. It got really clear and the temp dropped. We picked a do nothing point and got to work. Immediately I hit 2 big largemouth back to back. Then Nick grabbed a 2 lb spot. We jumped around a bit a liked what we were seeing. It was the most bites in the shortest time span we’d seen. That’s where we would start on day one. 

Day one of the championship went off without a hitch! Had 7 bites land 6 and ended the day with 16.02 putting us in the lead. Day two we were last boat out and a few of our spots were taken. We still did good considering but not enough to hold on to the lead. With only 11 lbs we fell short and to 3rd place on day two. All our fish were still coming on the dart head in 18-20 ft of water in the north fork. 

Day three we knew we would have to hit everywhere we caught a fish and even some new spots. The fish had been beaten up and seen everything. We stuck to our guns and pulled out another 11lbs on day 3. It wasn’t enough to push us up but was enough to hold on to third. Anglers Press put on a great event and I look forward to next years’ championship!

Thank You,

Josh Parris 


Lake Oroville Fishing Report


Location: Lake Oroville
Water Temp: 49-56 degrees
Water clarity: Stained to 2ft
Weather: Sunny

My buddy Brandyn and I launched out of Bidwell about 9 o’clock in the morning, we started out the day fishing main body with no luck on steep walls. About an hour later we decided to head up the middle fork and found that the drop shot and a small swimbait produced a better bite. All fish were caught anywhere between 15-25ft on flats and slow! Headed up north bout noon, a lot of debris in the water. Fished the coves with a small swimbait and found bait and started catching fish pretty good, overall a good day! Good luck!

Lake Oroville Bass

Delta fishing report by Christopher Evola 3/12/17

Water temp: 56-59
Water Clarity: 6″-2′ 
Air Temp: 56-74 degrees 
Wind: Northwest 2-7 mph 
Tide: Outgoing
Moon: Full ?

My brother Justin Ross and I, launched my boat at 0645 hours out of the Tiki Lagun Marina & Resort, located at 12988 W. Mcdonald  Road, Stockton, California, 95206. 

After launching we made our way out to the North side of Mildred Island. We started off throwing reaction baits such as the River2sea Ish Monroe Square Bill in delta craw color, and the River2sea Ish Monroe Bling Spinnerbait in the cold blooded color. We had zero bites on these baits in the first thirty minutes of fishing. I knew there were fish in the area because it’s a well known spot by almost everyone who fishes the delta. With the water warming the way it has, the full moon, stable weather, and high tide, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around why they wouldn’t eat a moving bait. 

Without hesitation I knew exactly what needed to be done. The warm weather had me so excited for the pre spawn I forgot about winter transition. The bass needed to transition from their wintering holes up into the secondary breaks. From the secondary breaks they needed to feed on a forage that provides high calories, minerals, magnesium, and calcium which will sustain them through the spawning process. They needed to feed on crawfish which were becoming more active with the warm weather. I looked at my brother Justin and quickly put away all my rods but one. The only rod I left on the deck was my Dobyns 735 matched with my Abu Garcia Revo Rocket. This combination compliments my 1/2 ounce TNT Baits Dragon Fly Wada Jig extremely well.  This particular color is my go to when the bass are in their winter transitioning stages. 

We pulled up to a break on the north side of Mildred where the water was ripping out of the island. The rocks on the break were barely exposed and several scattered  tules were present. I pitched my jig into a hole between the tules and rock about the size of a basketball. I felt a small tick so I leaned in and set, boat flipping a three pounder onto the deck of the boat. I looked over at my brother Justin and I told him we’re throwing jigs the rest of the day. He agreed and we continued down the bank catching several three to three and a half pounders. The tide was over half way out so we decided to run to Mandeville. We pulled up on the south side of Mandeville and it just looked perfect for a big girl to be present. It had a hard rock break scattered tules and a hard well defined grass line five feet off the bank. This area is what is referred to as a trough. I pitched my jig into the trough popped it twice and my line shot under the boat. I cranked on my Revo Rocket twice and leaned back with a cracking hook set. My rod doubled over and a nice chunk largemouth jumped right next to the boat. I flipping her up onto the deck of the boat and was greeted by a fist bump from my brother. That’s a seven he stated and I obliged him as I slipped her carefully into the livewell. As we made our way down the bank we caught several more three pounders along with several fish in the two pound class. As the tide fell out even further we noticed the fish were reacting towards a more aggressive swimming action on our jigs. This was beneficial because it allowed us to cover more water quicker rather then a traditional slow retrieve. 

We came to an area where the trough was no deeper then two feet and there was lots of wood present. My brother flipped in between two limbs which were submerged and his line jumped approximately two feet. He leaned in and set the hook as he landed a nice largemouth which weighed five and a half pounds. We ran out of good looking water so we started up the motor and blasted back towards Mildred. We settled in an area we call three ponds which is located Northeast to Mildred. This area is basically tules with mixed in grass but the exterior has deep water around it which makes it ideal for winter transitioning bass. We fishing there for approximately twenty minutes when we doubled almost simultaneously on twin four pounders. With limited time before we had to leave, we took a quick photo and ended the day. 

If I had only one tip to give it would be this. Just because the water is warming rapidly and there is a few fish getting ready to bed, doesn’t mean they all are. Keep an open mind while your out on the water and always stay optimistic. Hope this fishing report helps you catch more fish, and good  luck out there next time your on the water.

RB Bass Pro Staff Angler 

Christopher Anthony Evola 

Folsom Lake Fishing Report by Danny McElroy

My buddy Jason Wing and I launch out of Granite Bay around 10 o’clock on a last-minute decision to go fishing.. We blasted off into the north end of the lake fishing rock piles with tubes, cranks, and Keitech swim baits .. We were really expecting a tough bite , but didn’t take long to get one with a Keitech on an offshore rock pile.. Water clarity was stained with visibility up to 3-5′ where we were.. We moved in shallow and the water was a little warmer in the 54°-58° range and we started getting some shallow bites on the tube , and we were finding bait in the same areas.. We made a decision to check water temps on the main body but we only had about 45 minutes left to fish, water temps were around the same but the clarity was a little bit more stained than up north..

        So we wrapped up our day at about 2 o’clock, and we ended up with six fish and a few missed bites. I would have to say Folsom is worth going to right now and next weeks rain just might fire them up.. So stay tuned to RBBASS I’m looking to go find out.. Fish safe guys and gals, good luck!

Folsom Lake fishing report by Mike Tremont

Folsom 3-5-2017

Temp. 40 to 55 rain with hail showers.

Wind was 5 to about 25 during a downpour.

Water temp. 46 to 50,

stained 6 inch visibility.
Fished the local High School Tournament put on by Vista del Lago HS. Each boat has 2 anglers from a high school fishing team. The HS Anglers fish for their own 5 fish limit and the boater fishes for one fish in a big fish only option. I prefished Saturday, the water levels have been fluctuating greatly with all the recent rain. Between 2/10 and 3/5 the high water level was 450 and the low of 400. With all this and the lingering cold water temps, the fish were not very active. I committed to the main body of the lake. Found some nice groups of fish in the 20 foot range outside of some coves and off of some points. I threw a number of known fish catching baits at them with no takers! I threw spinnerbaits, A-Rig and my trusty pointers on some flats, nothing! Deciding that some smaller baits like tubes, baby brush hogs and 4″ fat worms would increase my odds of getting bit, everything else went in the rod locker.
Working a rocky flat with a few stumps I got my one and only prefish bite. Chunky spot that ate a 4″ green pumpkin Senko, covered in Smelly Jelly. Surprise to me, it was in about 2 feet of water. That was a pattern I was going to focus on in the tournament. I was paired with Daniel and Tony from Vista del Lago. They were ready and had similar results from their prefish. At 8:30 I got bit and landed a nice 4lb Spot on a green pumpkin tube dipped in chartreuse dye on an 1/8 darthead. Having a little confidence that we were doing the right thing, I put my rod down and let the kids go at it while I tried to keep them in good position. The grind was on, doubts creeping in my head as 2 hours passed without another bite. I grabbed a rod with a Zappu head and trick worm. Many more casts and finally a bite, but it was gone that fast! One of the team had a Smallie Beaver on a darthead rigged which he threw in immediately where I was just bit. Fish on! They landed a nice little 2 pounder. I put my rod down again for some time. I really wanted these guys to do well, but the fish weren’t cooperative! We kept moving around trying different baits. I picked my rod back up and instantly wished I hadn’t, I landed another 4 pounders!

Knowing we have decent fish around is great, but me catching them is not helping! I put the rod down again and kept my guys in good position, until the wind really started going. It was time to seek shelter behind a hill. There were several other boats with the same idea. There was also a huge school of fish down in 20′, but they would not bite! The water was also 46 degrees! We had an hour left and decided to try one other spot close to the ramp. The wind had really shifted and was blowing. On our way in we found some good size waves and the ride was rough, even in a 21′ Champion! We stopped outside the ramp area and discussed our options. They made a great decision to call it a day. We had a great pizza lunch, raffle while the wind laid down as the sun was coming out. 

Simple and effective baits all found at were the key. While there were some that did better, there were many that didn’t even get bit. Remember what’s important is the learning and to remain safe when you’re out there!



Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Mike Tremont

Berryessa Water temperature 53 to 56, stained Winds calm to about 10
Got a late start in the morning. I travel through Winters up 128 which was closed due mudslides. I got a lucky break and was allowed through. It’s amazing seeing the hillside on top of the road!
Got on the lake about 11am. With the lake just reaching full pool and still rising, my plan was to cover water looking for the more active fish. Bright noisy baits were tied on. I ran around a bit trying to locate either bait of fish with the graph. Not much of either. The birds were also scattered about trying to eat. They were having a tough time as well!
I slowed down a little bit and started throwing a baby brush hog on a darthead. Never felt the bite, but finally the tug at the end of the line was there! Poor fish was pale, but had a lot of fight in it! I’d love to tell you I had it dialed, but that was it on this day!

Cal Coast Clip N Cull

Being out on the water trying to figure out the puzzle in itself is a victory for me. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get, but some days the catching part of doesn’t happen. Next time I have a little bit better of a clue as to where and how to start if conditions don’t change much.
So I did little shopping at To restock some necessities. They have much of what one needs for multiple species of fish, or for our comfort out on the water. Remember to enjoy the beauty of the chase, if it were always easy, it wouldn’t be the challenge.

Lake New Melones Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 54-56

Air temp 45lows 59 highs 

Water clarity 4into 1ft

Wind 2-4 mph

Weather ?

With Bass Nation coming to Lake New Melones  in just a few weeks  and the water temperatures warming rapidly the fishing should be good as a matter of fact it should be a complete slug fest. With the water temperatures creeping into the high 50s the big spotted bass are starting to Rome the banks and taking full advantage of the rising water and all the small pray that is being  trapped by the quickly rising water. The largemouth are also taking full advantage of the rising water and easy meals before they Spawn. The largemouth are coming out of there winter haunts starting to migrate to pre Spawn staging areas. I saw a perfect opportunity for myself and my good friend Dave Romanus to do a little scouting for the tournament so keeping all the conditions in mind we  started on the West Bank’s facing east and long sloping points leading into spawning bays or flats.  We quickly picked up a fish and our first clue using the Blade Runner A- rig and Bass Assassin Lures Die Dapper swim baits  in  albino shad with all the recent rains and the muddy water we also decided to spray B.A.N.G sent in the shad flavor and the fish were just absolutely crushing the Bass Assasin Die Dapper. As the sun got high we started targeting the flatter banks and boom our first largemouth bites, so I continued throwing my Blade Runner A-rig on my Phenix Maxim 711 H and we started to put together a good bag.

Just targeting long points that are located out in front of spawning bays and flats adjacent to Deep water. We started in around 20 feet in the morning and began working shallow as the day goes on. We kept moving around from spot to spot, make sure you watch carefully for floating debris as with all the heavy rains there could be some hazardous conditions. If there is any last minute gear you need stop at the Glory Hole they have ,Gas, Food , and a ton of tackle.

Report by Michael Coleman fishing

Lake Mohave Fishing Report by Dominik Mohameds

February 24-26 2017

Lake Mohave

Calm to 15/20mph winds

55-57 degree water temp

Water Clarity 25+ feet

So I headed down to fish the Wild West Bass Trail PRO/AM at Lake Mohave. I’m going to talk about what my pros did. On the first day we headed south for a 15min run to a south facing point. The bait of choice was a small 3/8th brown and purple jig matched with a Yamamoto Fat Baby Craw. My pro dropped the trolling motor and immediately started burning bank searching for the small mouth bass that started to move in shallow. When he came across some fish he would watch the direction they were swimming and determine where he would cast his jig to cut them off. This worked for him both days of fishing enough to cash a check. 

Day 2 Pro I was with had a decent limit the first day. My pro had a cove he wanted to fish all day. This particular cove had man made structure along with wood piles that were placed in 20ft of water. He was throwing a small jig, small keitech on a 1/4oz ballhead and a small crank bait. This cove was very popular amongst the tourney anglers. At one time there were 5 boats packed tight. I believe there was to much pressure on these fish to catch them and that’s exactly what happened. Day 2 Pro did not have any fish to weigh in. 

Day 3 I had a very unique opportunity to go as an observer with one of the top 10 pros. I was paired with a very good fisherman Justin Kerr. Very humble and great guy to be in a boat with. He was sitting with 30lbs going into day 3 and behind the leader 7lbs. We ran south to a big cove where he located a lot of active fish. As he rolled up to his first point the trolling motor was in the water burning bank and scanning for smallies. When he would find a cruiser he would cut him off by casting ahead with a drop shot and work the bait to entice the fish to bite. He explained to me it was crucial to find fish in Lake Mohave because there was a lot of dead water. He sacked 19lbs by doing this. He missed out on the win by a little over one pound. 

Lake Mohave is just weeks from turning wide open with the bite. My next lake will be Lake Havasu at the end of March. Be sure to follow RB Bass on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and sign up for the email list.