Clear Lake Spring Bass tips

A few spring bass tips for Clear Lake Ca.

As march,april and may bring longer hours of sunlight to Clear Lake California the bass begin there spring movements. This is one of the best times to get out and fish Clear Lake as the average bass will go 4-6 lbs with fish up to 9 or 10lbs taken on the right days.


Understanding the movements of Clear Lake bass at this time of the year is the key to a successful outing. The fish will begin to move to the shore to look to spawn. Fish will funnel into creeks,bays,marinas and any area offering protection from the cold northern winds that come with a typical spring. Intercepting these fish can be tricky as they move in big pods/schools waiting for the weather to get just right.  The shallow North part of the lake from State Park to Lakeport is a good area to check in early spring. This area has many tules and shallow flats for the bass to use for spawning. Bass will stack up near the mouths of creeks or coves and will move in and out as the weather changes. On warm calm days look for the bass to funnel in to the shore and be shallow and tight to the bank. When the weather changes or cools look for the bass to move off shore , but stay close to the areas they want to use for spawning. Areas with sparse tules or willow trees near bye will clue you in that your in the right areas in spring.

In the south  the deeper part of the lake the keys will offer a protected area for the bass to migrate into and spawn. This area is a good place to go when the winds are strong making the lake rough and difficult to travel to the north part of the lake. Houses with many boat docks and coves make up the keys making for excellent bass fishing in spring. Other areas that will be good in the south part of the lake are any of the bays such as  Konocti Bay, and other protected bays. These areas will see less pressure in early spring and the bass will tend to stay deeper longer in the south before moving up.

There are so many tactics to catch bass at Clear Lake in the spring so well just cover a few of the top producers on this great bass fishing lake. In march look to fish very slow with rip baits such as the Lucky Craft pointer 127’s in the north and staycee 90’s in the south chartuese shad will work just fine make sure you use long pauses when ripping in spring. Next will be slow rolling a spinner bait right on the bottom this will work well in both the north and south part of the lake fish 1/2oz Persuader Spinner baits when fishing shallow and 3/4oz DM Custom Baits Sniper Spinner baits when fishing deeper . Shortly after this the swim bait bite will heat up and continue for some time! Berkley hollow bellies will work well, but if your looking for the bigger fish you had better be throwing bigger baits such as the BVD 3d or the Osprey Talon in light hitch colors. When the weather warms and the fish move up to spawn it will be tough to beat a senko type bait and a frog! This will usually happen in april and may. Many may bass tournaments are won there on a frog! So think shallow, think FROGGY!

There are many more ways to catch bass on Clear Lake and this lake is good year round for bass fishing. There are many hotels and ammenities close to the lake.

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Drop-Shotting Spawning Bass With Hank Parker

New techniques come along every year, but most of them turn out to be fads, and we wind up discarding them for tried-and-true traditional methods. I’m here to tell you that drop-shotting is here to stay.

Anglers are still learning the many advantages of this deadly finesse technique and just how versatile it is. The tactic was initially introduced as a method for taking bass holding on structure in deeper water. However, I’ve found it can be equally deadly in shallow water and on finicky spawners.


Previously, I had to cast a 1/2oz tube bait. A heavier jig was required to get the lure on the bed and hold it there. However, if a bass didn’t eat it aggressively, it would jump and throw the bait because of that heavy lead inside.

Drop-shotting eliminates those problems. I can put as heavy of lead as I need on the end of the line and keep it in the bed. With a bait rigged about a foot above it, the bass will come up and eat it nearly every time. I also have fewer problems landing them because the weight is away from the hook.

Lure Selection:

I prefer rigging my bait with a Mustad nose hook right through the tip of the lure, which is usually a Berkley Gulp! Baits. Those baits are fabulous for bedding bass, and the Gulp! Leech is tough to beat. It is a small bait that looks more realistic than any artificial bait I’ve used.

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Spring Time Bass Fishing

Spring Time Bass Fishing


Pre Spawn




Fishing a Jig in the Cold of winter by Dan Wells

Fishing the Jig in the cold of winter by Dan Wells.



Jigs will catch fish 12 months out of the year however the cold water period is when a jig can really shine! When the water temps are at their lowest during the winter many bass only eat once every few days and they prefer a meal they don’t have to work hard for and provides a large amount of protein, what better then a slow moving crawdad. A jig mimics a crawdad better than any other lure!

Winter fishing with jigs will take place from 5’ to 50’ of water so you need to be prepared with a few different weights. 3/8, ½, and 1 oz will do fine. As a rule and to keep it simple use the 3/8oz jig from 1’ to 20’, 1/2 oz 20’ to 40’, and the 1oz from 40’ and deeper. Having the right tools for the job are critical. In clear lakes I use 12lb fluorocarbon line and in extremely clear water I will go to 10lb fluoro. When fishing Clear Lake I use 15lb fluoro because the water is usually more off colored and there is heavy cover present. A high speed 7;1 gear ratio reel is critical so you can pick up slack line fast and keep pressure on big fish that are hooked in deep water. The right rod is just as important as the line and reel. For my 3/8oz jigs fished to 20’ of water I use a Dobyns 734C Champion casting rod and for the 1/2oz and larger jigs fished in deep water I use a Dobyns DX 784C ML casting rod. The DX 784C ML rod is 5” longer then the 734C rod and this will help move more line on a deep water hook set, both rods have a fast action which allows the rod to react very quickly for hook sets and working the jig.

There are a million different colored jigs out there and they all catch fish but again I try to keep it simple with my colors. Brown, Brown/Purple, Green Pumpkin and Black Blue are about the only colors I use and they cover almost every situation you will come across. My number one go to jig is a 1/2oz Brown/Purple football jig, this jig is very versatile and will catch fish on every body of water there is!

There are 3 types of retrieves I will use in the winter. Dragging (slow movements with the rod tip in a downward angle, or using the trolling motor to drag the jig in a certain depth), small hops or shaking (using the rod tip in short popping movements and letting the jig rest back on the bottom) and stroking ( fast sharp hops similar to a hook set then letting the jig rest back to the bottom). You will have to experiment with all three retrieves daily to find what the fish have keyed in on or what mood they are in. There will often be a certain cadence that fish will key on and respond to better then another.

Use your electronics to find what depth the bass are holding at best and concentrate on that depth. Once you have a determined depth then try different types of banks and cover( mud, small rock, boulders, 45 degree banks, etc) soon you will have a pattern developed to start targeting larger bass.

In winter I really focus my search for bass on deep main lake features such as points, ledges, humps and creek channels. Start fishing your jig shallow and work your way deeper till you begin to get bit. When a little warming trend moves in and settles for a few days I will start fishing creek channels that go from main lake areas into pockets and deeper flats that the fish will move on to and feed.

Jig Tips. Use scent! I have been using the BIOEDGE crawdad potion and I have noticed my number of bites go up. In Cold water apply scent often to help attract sluggish bass. If you are fishing a lake with little cover in it you can thin a few strands out of the weed guard and spread it with your fingers to help with hook ups and if your jig ever feels funny or a little heavier than normal, SET THE HOOK! Colors can be confusing and if you are not sure exactly sure what the fish are keyed on and what the crayfish look like, just match the bottom color the best you can, this will give a good starting point. One more thing to remember when fishing a jig in the winter is to experiment with different trailers on your jig and if the water gets real cold, say in the 48 degree and lower range try a pork trailer. You can’t fish a jig to slow and often large bass are caught on jigs while barely moving them or even dead sticking them.

Good Luck out there and stay warm!

Dan Wells


Winter Delta Fishing Tips

As fall comes to an end winter arrives right on time on the California Delta!

     There comes a point when you can feel fall is over and early winter is here. This will usually happen in the first week of December.The key factor is the morning temperatures. When you get your first freeze on your window and the roof tops are icy winter has arrived! The water temps will be in the mid 50’s but begin to drop, this is a great time to fish the Delta!  You must use caution at this time of year as the fog can be very thick and dangerous so be carefull.

     At this point in the year the bass will be slowing down and become less active. This is a great time to get out your jerk baits to entice lazy bass to come up and strike your baits. Shallow diving baits with a 3-6 foot diving depth will be best like a IMA Flit 100 and 120. You must work your baits slowly and use long pauses in your retreives. You will catch many quality fish on the outside of weedlines. Look in dead end sloughs,marinas and large bays for best success.  Use 12lb flourocarbon line for no strech and instant hookups. For colors choose your colors according to the sky you have on winter days. On cloudy foggy days try the Boned shad, on clear and sunny days try silver  flash and matte bluegill.

This winter get out to the Delta get your jerkbait tied on and go chase those bass!

Good Luck!






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