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Tow Vehicle Performance by Sean Wayman

 How can we maximize our vehicles performance without breaking the bank, and perhaps saving a bit of dough?

      Well this is a pretty easy question for me to answer. Simply put I have tried many things on my vehicles. Some work well, others dont seem to do a thing other then lighten one’s wallet. A bit of knowledge goes a long way. Most vehicles come from the factory as very quiet. This is mainly to please your average buyer. The way they do this is restrict the air flow in, as well as out. They run fine and do the job intended, but are nowhere near optimal. So what is the solution? and what does it cost?

       The fix is very easy and quick. The first and easiest thing to do is replace the stock air filter with a K&N air filter. Yes they cost alot more(usually about $70) then a stock filter, but they flow much better and they dont need to be replaced. You simply buy the recharge kit and follow the directions, clean, let dry, oil lightly and your back in business. Now you have more air coming into the system. However if there is no way for it to get out then we are not achieving our best results. The other part we need to change is the muffler. They are very restrictive. There are a ton of choices as far as mufflers go. Some are loud, but that does not mean they are better. I have run many different mufflers over the years, as I have gotten older I no longer like anything too noisy. My choice on my current tow vehicle(Ford F250 with a 5.4 V8) is a Different Trends FloThru. This is the same as a Magna Flow, but in my opinion its better built and a bit quieter. Flowmaster is another great product if you a looking for a bit of rumble.

        Cost can vary greatly but need not be expensive. Basically this can be done for as little as $140 and as much as say $400. Really depends what ya want. However there is no difference in performance, its simply cosmetics. A dual tailpipe system will give no more performance then a properly done single system. Its all looks and perhaps a tad different sound.

       Now that we have increased the flow in and out what do we get?

 Well you get a truck that breathes better. This will mean that it can do the same thing with less effort. Improved gas mileage, better torque (big for towing), and increased horsepower. Now we are not talking huge numbers here, but it is noticeable and in the long run it does pay for itself.

   See Ya on the Lake
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