a look back on 2012!

2012 End of the Year Video from Bass Hookups on Vimeo.

In this video you will see some of the great filming and video work that BassHookups media did in the year 2012.

BassHookups filmed some of the best BASS anglers in the nation from United States touring pros like Ish Monroe to

western legend Gary Dobyns.  Along the way BassHookups filmed many of the Wests best regional anglers like Ken Mah,

Richard Dobyns, Dan Wells, Ron Howe, and more! Basshookups also made videos for Yamamoto baits, River 2 Sea and ABT.

Look for more cutting edge videos from BassHookups in 2013! RB Bass video

Bass Hookups filmed Dan Wells and Ron Howe of  RB BASS during 2012 and came up with some great footage of these two tournament Pro Anglers.

Check out the explosive bites and big fish that Dan and Ron catch on film.


Dan Wells TNT M-80 Jigs



Spec ops Dan Wells Signature series jig

Bass Hookups with Ron Howe Froggin video

Bass hookups and Ron Howe capture some cool frog bites on film at the California Delta.

Dan Wells @ Lake Oroville in November

Dan Wells breaks down Lake Oroville in November.

Bass Hookups a look back on 2011


A look back at 2011 with Bass Hookups.


Bass Hookups Clear Lake having fun

Pro Duane Dunstone and basshookups crew take there chances filming an intro on Clear Lake, CA during the worst of the summer algae bloom….

Bass Hookups Ez-5 Oroville Video


Bass Hookups breaks down how to fish Lake Oroville.

Bass Hookups Ez-5 Delta Video

Bass Hookups helps break down Delta Bass fishing with this EZ-5 video.