Monster Fishing Camo Hat

Monster Fishing Tackle Flexfit SnapBack Camo

Contents: 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester

Sizes: OSFA
Additional Features: High quality Woodland Camo print. Classic shape. Plastic snap closure. Hard buckram. Classic green undervisor.



PROFILE Profile High
CROWN Crown 3 ¾” High
VISOR Visor Flat

PANELS Panels 6

Evolution Baits Grass Burner now at

Evolution Grass Burner Buzz Bait

The GrassBurner is like no other buzz bait in today’s market. It is an inline buzz bait with dual treble hooks that catches monster largemouth and smallmouth bass. It is designed to lay on its side. The bait was designed to mimic fleeing baitfish whether it be bluegill, crappie, perch, hitch or baby bass in the springtime or schooling shad in the fall. It will even mimic Crawfish! The GrassBurner really matches the hatch on the water. There are several different retrieves that can be achieved with the bait such as the standard slow roll or burning the bait across the surface. Due to the baits compact profile it casts much further and much more accurately than a standard buzz bait. It can also be pitched into tight cover and areas that require a precise presentation. Whether you are fishing the California Delta , Clear lake, or anywhere in the mid-west or eastern region, the GrassBurner never fails to produce limits of bass!



  1. 7″ overall length
  2. Lead-Free
  3. Dual hook system; belly and rear
  4. .051 diameter center wire
  5. Double strength split rings
  6. High end, extra sharp hooks
  7. Can be fished slow or fast

Holiday Promotions with RB BASS round 1


Holiday Promotions with RB BASS and
Ron Howe RB BASS Angler explains how to win this exciting Holiday promotion by simply Clicking Like-Comment-Share on the RB BASS Facebook page and the Monster fishing tackle page. Stay tuned to RB BASS this Holiday Season as we will run several promotions thru the New Year! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!



RB BASS Angler Steve Wilson with the whats hot weekly video at Monster fishing Tackle .


RB BASS Angler Steve Wilson with the whats hot weekly video at Monster fishing Tackle .

This week Steve talks about Exclusive products only available at

Both in Yamamoto made baits and Robo worms, these are products Steve just used in the Bass Nation State qualifier.




Christmas Gift Suggestions with Ron Howe



Ron Howe talks about great Gift ideas for Bass Fishermen ,IMA baits are available at


merrychristmasRB BAss

River2Sea Double Plopper now at

Double Plopper

Click Here


River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait

If you became addicted to the gurgling buzz of the original Whopper Plopper you will love the new River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait! Armed with the same plopping tail technology, the Double Plopper Buzzbait provides anglers with two subtle rotating blades that create twice the magic of the original topwater phenomenon. Due to the ABS plastic construction of the tiny plopper blades, this buzzbait will remain almost entirely weedless as it is retrieved and it can even be stopped because it floats! The buoyancy also makes it easier for anglers to get the lure in action and can be an interesting facet to the retrieval technique.

The twin arms of the River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait split and separate vertical cover like reeds, emergent weeds or brush tops without getting hung up, leaving behind an irresistible double bubble trail. Creep and crawl it over mats, plop and stop it in the pockets, slow roll it down the alleys or bomb and buzz it over weed or stump flats. Plus, you can stop and go, twitch and burp and any other combination of triggers not available in other weedless buzz baits because they don’t float.

You might call it a floating double buzzer whopper plopper. Great fished with a soft plastic trailer or with an added stinger hook for short strikers. The Double Plopper just might be the most versatile surface lure you’ve ever used.

Model Wt (oz) L (in) Hook Action
DP148 5 ⁄ 8 5 3/4 River2Sea Big Bite (BN) 2X Strong # 5/0 floating


RB BASS Delta Bass Fishing

Delta Map

Ron Howe and Michael Coleman fun fishing the California Delta in July. Danny McElroy came along and filmed our fish catches for the day. It was cold and very windy most of the day, we made several adjustments to catch fish in many different ways. Topwater, Chatter Baits, Persuader Spinner Baits, River2Sea Whopper Ploppers and drop shots were all catching fish. It was a good day we had a lot of fun RB BASS style! For more RB BASS videos check out our You Tube Channel.




World Class Fishing is just a Revo Away


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Folsom Lake Ima Flit Video with Nick Lynch

Ima Tackle company

Nick Lynch catches Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass at Folsom Lake Ca, on the Ima Flit 100 and 120.

This an excellent Rip Bait year round!

Get your Ima Flit today at Monster!

Monster-fishing-logo new


New Hitch Six Swimbait at Monster tackle


Attn:Clear Lake Anglers the next Big lthing is the JSJ Hitch Six Swimbait, Flw and CTT Anglers get yours now!



JSJ Hitch Six Swimbait

Providing anglers with the perfect baitfish profile and action, the JSJ Hitch Six is a soft plastic, internal jig hook swimbait designed to match many types of forage. Using an actual hitch to engineer the molds, JSJ baits has created the most accurate hitch swimbait to date. Despite the desire to match the unique forage option, JSJ’s Hitch Six Swimbait possesses a profile and action that broadens its scope of use to mimic shad, shiners and herring among other baitfish. At six inches in length, this swimbait is in the sweet spot of being a big bait, but not limiting it to only the big bass regions – instead, this bait appeals to bass of all sizes.

One look at the bait and you can tell it’s certainly got the looks to be a big bass slayer. As mentioned, the Hitch Six possesses a real fishy looking profile that’s enhanced by the addition of pectoral, pelvic, anal and dorsal fins which extend out from the main body. These fins are for more than just looks, they also help to stabilize the body and enable anglers to retrieve the swimmer slowly along the bottom with the bait still sitting upright – a very deadly technique. Also molded into the design are scale patterns, gills and facial features common to many baitfish species. In terms of paint jobs, it doesn’t get much better than JSJ’s work. The Hitch Six comes in six distinct color patterns each hand painted by baitmaker Josh St. John himself to match the most popular forage fish across the country including: hitch, shad and shiners. Finally, the real ingenuity of the bait: the tail. The Hitch Six features a brand new tail design that not only swims beautifully, but also provides a realistic shad or baitfish looking tail. Making both possible is a true feat of engineering and what makes this bait really special.

The JSJ Hitch Six Swimbait measures 6″ in length and weighs 2.3oz. The bait is constructed around a 5/0 Mustad jig hook that is very much sufficient without the addition of a stinger hook.