New Product from Cal Coast Fishing the Clip N CULL


With the 2017 tournament season quickly approaching there is a new product coming that’s going to change the culling game forever!!!!!

Cal Coast Fishing has been working on a new product with anglers from the weekend warrior up to the Touring Pro level to perfect the Clip N Cull. Cal Coast has spent countless hours testing and working with top engineers to produce a reliable fish care culling system. Fish care is takin very seriously at Cal Coast Fishing so we spent a lot of time focusing on a product that would help reduce stress on fish and bring Value to the Tournament Bass Angler.  Cal Coast Fishing is launching their new no puncture ratchet clip culling system. Coming with six buoys to a pack and retail pricing around 40 Bucks the new Clip N Cull is a great Value. The clip n cull is equipped with a durable e.v.a foam buoy. Connecting the e.v.a foam to the no puncture ratchet clip is surgical tubing incased with 200-pound mono to insure there is no rusting. This new system is easy to use and is non-tangling, as you lift that Big Ol Pig out of the live well the complex ratchet system will tighten to ensure max grip but not puncture or scar the fish.  The clip n cull will be set hit the market January 2017 the product is a must have for your next tournament this product will be available at

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Christmas Gift Suggestions with Ron Howe


Ron Howe talks about great Gift ideas for Bass Fishermen ,IMA baits are available at


merrychristmasRB BAss

Cal Coast Fishing Tackle Management with Michael Coleman

Cal Coast Fishing Tackle Management with Michael Coleman

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River2Sea Double Plopper now at

Double Plopper

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River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait

If you became addicted to the gurgling buzz of the original Whopper Plopper you will love the new River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait! Armed with the same plopping tail technology, the Double Plopper Buzzbait provides anglers with two subtle rotating blades that create twice the magic of the original topwater phenomenon. Due to the ABS plastic construction of the tiny plopper blades, this buzzbait will remain almost entirely weedless as it is retrieved and it can even be stopped because it floats! The buoyancy also makes it easier for anglers to get the lure in action and can be an interesting facet to the retrieval technique.

The twin arms of the River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait split and separate vertical cover like reeds, emergent weeds or brush tops without getting hung up, leaving behind an irresistible double bubble trail. Creep and crawl it over mats, plop and stop it in the pockets, slow roll it down the alleys or bomb and buzz it over weed or stump flats. Plus, you can stop and go, twitch and burp and any other combination of triggers not available in other weedless buzz baits because they don’t float.

You might call it a floating double buzzer whopper plopper. Great fished with a soft plastic trailer or with an added stinger hook for short strikers. The Double Plopper just might be the most versatile surface lure you’ve ever used.

Model Wt (oz) L (in) Hook Action
DP148 5 ⁄ 8 5 3/4 River2Sea Big Bite (BN) 2X Strong # 5/0 floating


Michael Murphy New Ima Lure Concept

Michael Murphy of Ima Lures talks about his custom design Signature series Wake Bait, Swimbait,Jerk bait.



Brandon Card Elite series Angler Abu Garcia RBBASS

Brandon Card talks about the new ABU Garcia Revo ALX this new premium Reel is smooth light and low in profile. The new Reel is positioned above a ABU Garcia Revo Premier and below the MGX. This gives Anglers the option to have a Premium Reel at a attractive price!

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TTI Blakemore Bucktail Pro

Ron from TTI Blakemore talks about the New Bucktail Pro! This new bait has flash , vibration and color patterns to attract Big Bites! If you like underspins you gotta try these tipped with the worlds Sharpest Hook Daiichi!



RB BASS Delta Bass Fishing

Delta Map

Ron Howe and Michael Coleman fun fishing the California Delta in July. Danny McElroy came along and filmed our fish catches for the day. It was cold and very windy most of the day, we made several adjustments to catch fish in many different ways. Topwater, Chatter Baits, Persuader Spinner Baits, River2Sea Whopper Ploppers and drop shots were all catching fish. It was a good day we had a lot of fun RB BASS style! For more RB BASS videos check out our You Tube Channel.




Tackle Management with Ron Howe ICast 2016

I Cast Cal Coast Fishing

Ron Howe talks about tackle management and a new product the Cali Clip from Cal Coast Fishing that will be on display at ICAST 2016. Make sure to go bye Booth #2011 and check out all the Cal Coast Fishing products!


The Bait Sack Joins the RB BASS Sponsor Family

RB BASS would like to welcome our newest web sponsor The Bait Sack a product of Cal Coast Fishing. Here at RB BASS we always try to Team up with Companies that offer product with great value. As a group of Tournament Anglers we try out many products and take great pride in informing you of what we know will help you in your fishing ventures, weather your a weekend Angler or a seasoned Tournament Angler you need to take a look at the Bait Sack its value will speak for itself and were sure you will enjoy them for years to come!

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The Fastest, Easiest and Most Secure Lure Protector on the Planet

Just squeeze with one hand to open, drop the lure in, place the line under the line keeper, and clip onto your rod. It’s that simple! No more velcro, tangled lures, or damage to your gear, and no hooks in yourself or your carpet. The Bait Sack is great for all anglers whether on a boat, kayak, float tube, or on the shore. Protect yourself and your gear with The Bait Sack!


They say the best inventions, are born out of frustration with a problem, that other products on the market are unable to solve. The idea for the Bait Sack, came to me as I was fishing on a lake in Southern California, with a buddy of mine. While throwing crankbaits and umbrella rigs, we began talking about the hassles presented by these types of lures with multiple hooks: everything from problems with transportation and storage, to hooks getting caught with other rods and creating a mess or worse yet – in your finger.

The Bait Sack Product

New ” Tournament Edition”

Like most anglers, I had already tried many of the available lure wraps without success. Traditional velcro style wraps are very difficult and clumsy to use, requiring you to hook your lure to your rod, and then put the wrap around the lure and rod. This often leads to hooks getting caught in the velcro, lures slipping out of the wrap, and hooks scratching rods. I knew there had to be a better solution, so I set out to create The Bait Sack.

The Bait Sack original

The Bait Sack is the combined result of over 2 years  of research and development, countless hours of refining and testing, and a love of all thing’s that make it easier to do what I love most: fishing. The Bait Sack is the fastest, easiest and most secure lure protector on the planet. Just squeeze with one hand to open, drop the lure in, place the line under the line keeper, and clip onto your rod. It’s that simple! No more velcro, tangled lures or damage to your gear and no hooks in yourself or your carpet. The Bait Sack is great for all anglers whether on a boat, kayak, float tube or on the shore. Protect yourself and your gear with The Bait Sack!


– Dave Romanus Owner Cal Coast Fishing