Tackle Management with Ron Howe ICast 2016

I Cast Cal Coast Fishing
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Ron Howe talks about tackle management and a new product the Cali Clip from Cal Coast Fishing that will be on display at ICAST 2016. Make sure to go bye Booth #2011 and check out all the Cal Coast Fishing products!


The Bait Sack Joins the RB BASS Sponsor Family

RB BASS would like to welcome our newest web sponsor The Bait Sack a product of Cal Coast Fishing. Here at RB BASS we always try to Team up with Companies that offer product with great value. As a group of Tournament Anglers we try out many products and take great pride in informing you of what we know will help you in your fishing ventures, weather your a weekend Angler or a seasoned Tournament Angler you need to take a look at the Bait Sack its value will speak for itself and were sure you will enjoy them for years to come!

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The Fastest, Easiest and Most Secure Lure Protector on the Planet

Just squeeze with one hand to open, drop the lure in, place the line under the line keeper, and clip onto your rod. It’s that simple! No more velcro, tangled lures, or damage to your gear, and no hooks in yourself or your carpet. The Bait Sack is great for all anglers whether on a boat, kayak, float tube, or on the shore. Protect yourself and your gear with The Bait Sack!

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They say the best inventions, are born out of frustration with a problem, that other products on the market are unable to solve. The idea for the Bait Sack, came to me as I was fishing on a lake in Southern California, with a buddy of mine. While throwing crankbaits and umbrella rigs, we began talking about the hassles presented by these types of lures with multiple hooks: everything from problems with transportation and storage, to hooks getting caught with other rods and creating a mess or worse yet – in your finger.

The Bait Sack Product

New ” Tournament Edition”

Like most anglers, I had already tried many of the available lure wraps without success. Traditional velcro style wraps are very difficult and clumsy to use, requiring you to hook your lure to your rod, and then put the wrap around the lure and rod. This often leads to hooks getting caught in the velcro, lures slipping out of the wrap, and hooks scratching rods. I knew there had to be a better solution, so I set out to create The Bait Sack.

The Bait Sack original

The Bait Sack is the combined result of over 2 years  of research and development, countless hours of refining and testing, and a love of all thing’s that make it easier to do what I love most: fishing. The Bait Sack is the fastest, easiest and most secure lure protector on the planet. Just squeeze with one hand to open, drop the lure in, place the line under the line keeper, and clip onto your rod. It’s that simple! No more velcro, tangled lures or damage to your gear and no hooks in yourself or your carpet. The Bait Sack is great for all anglers whether on a boat, kayak, float tube or on the shore. Protect yourself and your gear with The Bait Sack!


– Dave Romanus Owner Cal Coast Fishing



IMA-Skimmer Grande


Ima Lures Skimmer Grande

The Ima Lures Skimmer Grande is a topwater walking bait that subtly glides across the surface replicating the action of small shad that are often found roaming the surface. The Grande size Ima Skimmer retains the design of the original, but increases the size from 4.5″ to 5″ in order to mimic lager species of forage that predatory fish feed upon. The Ima Skimmer Grande possesses a slim profile that has proven to be one of the most appealing bass lure shapes ever. As a result of this subtle shape, the lure will glide across the surface softly much like the wake of a lone shad as it seeks refuge from the predators below. There’s a whole lot to be said simply for this slender profile and silhouette, and the Ima Skimmer Grande is really the only topwater hardbait that has perfected it.



A large part of the Skimmer Grande’s action is caused on the ending movement of each zig or zag as the tail-weighted back end of the Ima Skimmer Grande stirs the water slightly causing a natural boil. So every time that the Skimmer zigs or zags left or right, the final movement of the weighted tail interrupts the consistency of the slick surface and the lure slips out barely ahead of the boil, just like a desperate baitfish narrowly escaping a bass’s lunge.The Skimmer Grande’s action then becomes a non-stop series of ever-widening boils emanating behind it. It’s like having a school of surface-feeding bass on the scene, all boiling the surface behind the Ima Skimmer’s tail. If there’s ever anything that gets a non-committal bass to bite, it is other bass feeding in front of it – and that’s the competitive feeding cue that the Skimmer’s tail-stirring movement sends out to all bass within range of sensing the surface-feeding boils trailing out behind the Skimmer.

The IMA Skimmer Grande measures 5″ in length and weighs 5/8oz.


IMA Skimmer Grande Specs

  • Length: 125mm, 5in
  • Weight: 17g, 5/8oz
  • Classification: Top Water
  • Hooks: Owner ST-36 #4

The Rod Glove are you protected?

LOGO-TM-The-Rod-Glove_web Jen Edgar
Most bass anglers have felt the pain of trying to retrieve a rod out of a rod locker. Just keeping multiple rods in close proximity can leads to tangles and wasted time as any co-angler can tell you. Most times when I put my rods in the my locker they don’t come out as nicely as they when in, or you have to pull out a few to detangle the one you want. In the past I’ve tried things to cope with this like wrapping the main line around the rod guides or staggering the rods as I put them in. After a tow to the ramp and boat run they end up back in the mess I was trying to avoid. Then came the Rod Glove! As simple as it is, it has made a huge impact on my fishing. I am now able to put more rods in my rod locker and easily retrieve any of them with a moments notice. Ive also found my rods take less of a beating going in and out of the locker.
Rod Glove 2
On any rod if you bend any eye a few times it’s going to break off. The rod glove protects the eyes, line and rod itself from catching on other rods or the edges of the compartment. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your needs. They also have another great product the bait glove.
Rod Glove Bait Gloveass
I like the bait glove for any baits that have multiple treble hooks. As a serious tournament angler every minute counts. The rod glove will save you time and frustration. Check them out at therodglove.com!
Josh Parris 
Josh Melones

World Class Fishing is just a Revo Away

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Get your ABU Garcia’s at Monsterfishingtackle.com today! 


Folsom Lake Ima Flit Video with Nick Lynch

Ima Tackle company
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFpNuQcXKwo]

Nick Lynch catches Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass at Folsom Lake Ca, on the Ima Flit 100 and 120.

This an excellent Rip Bait year round!

Get your Ima Flit today at Monster!

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The New Revo Spinning Reel

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Abu garcia Grey

Butch Brown talks about rigging your Huddleston!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=453ZUor4jI0]

Butch Brown talks about rigging your Huddleston!



ABU Garcia Revo SX

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aij0QJ6OxlI]

The Revo® SX takes cutting edge design to the next level. By utilizing and Insert Molded C6 (IM-C6) carbon body design that incorporates a one piece aluminum gear box, the latest Revo® SX is lighter than the previous generation while maintaining excellent rigidity.

Abu garcia Grey


Treat your Rods Right with the Rod Glove


Taking care of your equipment could easily be argued as one of the most important things when it comes to practicing good (fundamentals). Us bass fisherman spend thousands upon thousands of dollars of our hard earned money on our fishing equipment, boats, electronics(fish finders), rods, reels, line, tackle, proper apparel for the weather, the list goes on and on. When spending this kind of money I’m sure many of you are like me and want to take care of your investments and get the most out of them. For boats they offer specialty cleaning products for the hull, carpet, upholstery, for tackle there’s awesome storage trays designed just for rip baits, crank bait or even swimbait boxes. They make line and lure conditioner, cases and special cleaners for our sunglasses, special soft and hard cases for fish finders, it’s a never ending list. But what about one of the most important tools you use, your rods, what is the best way to protect these?

Jon Spot

Well like everything else in the fishing world different companies offer different things for protecting the same piece of equipment and by trial and error we all figure out what is the best and what is not! I have found Dobyns Rods to be superior to all other rods and I’m not just saying that because I’m on there staff, I really believe they make in my mind and many others out there, the best rod you can buy. I take pride in using these rods and I want to make sure I’m doing everything possibly to protect them and how I do that is with a Rod Glove! 

Ive fished as a co-angler therefore I havnt always had the pleasure of keeping all my rods in the rod locker or on the deck of a boat all the way to the lake and back. I’m constantly taking them in and out of my truck, throwing them in one boat, back in my truck and into another boat. This can be very hard on your rods, I used to not use anything to protect them, I would throw a strap around all of them and load them up. Well after time this started to cause problems like bent guides and even chipped guide inserts, after trying different things like hard cases and even soft cloth like martial cases/sheaths I still wasn’t happy. Hard cases were not the answer because I found myself wasting time having to take the reels on and off every time I used the case plus once they are in the case the rods are all banging against each other and you guessed it, in time it caused the same problem of bent and chipped guides. The soft cloth like material was good because it stopped the banging against each other but was still not enough protection for the rod guides and even my line.

JB Russ Meyers

The Rod Glove was first shown to me by a fellow Dobyns Rods and RbBassFishing.net staffer Dan Wells a little about 2 years ago, since I stared using them I couldn’t be happier! I enjoy being able to leave my reels on my rods and have them completely rigged for fishing and not have to worry about it. One other thing I really like about the Rod Glove is that your line is covered and not jus covered so you can’t see it, it’s covered with enough protection against knicks caused by sharp objects they might encounter form there trip from your house to the lake and back again.


 Like my Dobyns rods, I believe that the Rod Glove is the best protecting and user friendly rod cover out there. The Rod Glove is a very affordable piece of equipment for the protection it offers and will give you. When it comes to your rods don’t just use any cover and think they’ll be ok, as affordable as they are do your self a favor and buy some Rod Gloves!