New Berkley Havoc Klein’s 6″ Boss Dog


Berkley Boss Dog


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Designed with the input of Bassmasters Elite Series professional Gary Klein, the Berkley Havoc Klein’s Boss Dog delivers a highly individualized look and action that bass will fall hook-line-and-sinker for. Complete with fluttering appendages and a lively J-shaped tail, the Berkley Havoc Klein’s Boss Dog makes a devastating addition to both Carolina-rigs and Texas-rigs. Offered in a number of proven colors, the Berkley Havoc Klein’s Boss Dog is made to be your go-to bait when bragging right are on the line. 

“The Boss Dog was designed to have a unique presence in the water. Features quivering legs and a slithering tail. The body is designed to handle larger hooks” – Gary Klein, Bassmasters Elite Series Pro

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6″ 10 


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Havoc Baits Sick Fish colors at Monster!

Berkley Havoc Sick Fish Swimbait

Soft Plastic Swimbait

The Berkley Havoc Sick Fish is a soft plastic, full bodied swimbait designed by professional bass angler Skeet Reese. The Sick Fish from Berkley is part of the Havoc line of soft baits designed by professional bass anglers. The Sick Fish was designed with an ambiguous fish appearance that mimics any number of forage fish including trout, perch, hitch and gizzard shad. The Sick Fish has an incredible swimming action that is evident at both slow and fast retrieves. The Sick Fish can be rigged in many ways including: weedless with a belly shank weighted hook, swimbait jig head or the Alabama Rig. The bait is 4″ in length and comes two per pack in many of the best colors.

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Berkley Havoc’s new Sick Fish


Skeet Reese talks about his new Berkley Havoc Sick Fish. He shares tips on hook size recommendations as well as ways to fish the bait.

New Berkley Havoc rocket craw


NEW – Berkley Havoc Rocket Craw designed by Scott Suggs. Built for speed and stirring up trouble around shallow grass and wood, the Rocket Craw is the best speed craw ever built. Super high-action claws move a ton of water and will get the attention of any bass close by. The extra long tentacles add even more action and a larger profile so the bass find it faster. Try the Rocket Craw and watch the bas inhale it!!!


New Berkley Havoc subwoofer


NEW – Berkley Havoc Subwoofer designed by Mike Iaconelli. “Speed worms and cut tails have been go-to lures forever. The bass key on the tail action but were always hitting the bait way behind the hook. The Subwoofer’s innovative design has taken care of this problem and hooks up exceptionally well.” Also a great bait for the Berkley Schooling Rig.


Berkley Havoc new Boyd Ducket Juice Worm

 The NEW Havoc Juice Worm designed by Pro Boyd Duckett has a unique design so it will not roll over during retrieve for consistent presence and has a high action tail even at slow speeds. The applications for this bait are endless and the results are sure to make you a believer. Each cast at a tournament can be the difference maker for a big win and money in the bank. So you can squeeze the most out of every cast with the Juice.

Berkley Nano Fill Fishing Line


NEW Berkley® NanoFil® TV commercial highlighting the castability and accuracy of this new fishing line.
Not a Monofilament. Not a Braid. The Next Generation in Fishing Line.


Berkley Havoc New Hawk Hawg

Bobby Lane designed the Hawk Hawg to use on Texas or Carolina Rig at any depth or speed. Whether you need action or subtle winter time movements, the Hawk Hawg does it all. This is the creature bait you have been waiting for….




Berkley Havoc Video

Berkley Havoc 2012 features all the Pro Designed baits in 2011 that made it successful plus the three new baits for the 2012 Bass Master Classic. (Skeet Reese, Mike Iaconelli, Gary Klein, Bobby Lane, Larry Nixon, Boyd Duckett)