Powell Rods Review by Sean Wayman

Powell Rods Review

  I’ve been fishing Powell rods for the better part of 15 years now. Ive tried many others over the years but find myself preferring the Powells time and again. Rods are very much about preference for many of us and in today’s market there are a vast amount of viable choices, Most of them are good products and a lot of times it comes down to a name brand. Other times, its value. Still for others its warranty. For me I think its a combination of value, feel , and confidence. Most of todays rods are sensitive and fairly balanced, light , and astetically pleasing. Im not big on the looks, it really is not an issue to me near as much as performance is. Function and getting the job done is the key. 
  So lets talk about Powell rods and what I use and why. 
First IM a big Punch and Flip fisherman. I love the bite of a huge punch fish and the battle of getting the fish out of the slop. I use many rods for this technique based on cover, weight Im flipping, and line required for said cover. My favorite and most often used is the 806 3D Max. Its an awesome rod with a great action for using weights up to 2 oz. The action is not overly  fast which is good when wrestling big fish out of the slop. I have 4 806 3Ds and usually rig em with various size weights as well as line type. Its also a great rod for flipping general weights. Although in that case I usually will choose the 795 3D or the 775 3D. I prefer the 795 in most cases for flipping unless IM thrown g something really light, then Ill f=go with the 775.
   I will also use the 795 for A rigs, mid size swim baits, whopper plotters and buzz baits. The 775 3D is one of the most universal rods in the 3D line up. You can do just about anything with it. Ive punched with it and thrown a drop shot with it. Buzz baits, plotters, smaller a rigs, the list goes on. I have several in my boat at all times and can do just about anything with them. The 764 3D has taken some of the load off the 775 for me. I really like it for all my pitching applications. Jigs, senkos, beaver baits, its my open water choice. Pitching to tule pockets and such this rod is my choice. 734 3D for tighter more precise casting and skipping. 
   Specialty lake rods, meaning rods I use exclusively on lakes suck as Berryessa, Folsom or Oroville. The 753 3D comes to  mind. Its a bit lighter rod then I prefer for the Delta or places like Clear Lake. The 753 is a great bait caster to use in place of a spinning rod for deep water applications. Shakey heads, smaller jigs, dragging baits and such. When I need the extra length for a good hook set when fishing deep the 753 fits the bill. Also a great rod for fishing deep open hook senkos. 
     For reaction fishing with spinner baits, chatter baits, and cranks there are some options. The 755 CB is in my opinion the best chatter bait rod on the market. Great power, parabolic bend, plenty of power, its a real work horse. If you need something a bit shorter then the 705 is a good choice. I use the 705CB for my square bill fishing, as well as some mid running cranks such as the River 2 Sean Goon and Biggie. Also a good choice for top waters and smaller spinner baits. The CB line by Powell are awesome rods and remain light compared to some. The action is great and feels good in your hands. The 705 and 703 CB are also good choices for ripping or smaller swimbaits on a ball head. 
   As far as spinning applications I use the 712 the most. I do have a few 703 Infernos as well. This series of rods is a great value for a rod that is comparable to the original Powell Max rods. I prefer the 3Ds but use a few Infernos and love them. The 703 spinning is good when you want a little more power out of a spinning rod. The 712 is my choice for drop shot, shakey head, ned rig and such. Very light and sensitive, great action, great all around spinning rod. 
   The 3D max rods are a great buy with the current price. The Infernos are a bit lower price and is a great value rod that you will not be disappointed with. Keep your eyes open for a new model coming soon from Powell. Very exciting for those of you that loved the Endurance series rods, I think your gonna love the new rods. If you have any questions or comments please leave them here and Ill get back with you. 
Sean Wayman

Future Pro Championship at Folsom lake – report by Josh Parris

Water temp: 47-60

Clarity: 1-3 ft

Conditions: partially cloudy 

Lake level: rising daily 


I had a blast last week on Folsom lake while fishing the Future Pro Tour Championship with Nick Lynch. We had been looking forward to this event the entire year! The decision to move it to Folsom lake after the Oroville dam issue had little to no effect on me. I know neither lake very well but was excited either way! Official practice opened the Monday prior to the event. I was not able to get out on the water until Tuesday. I started out a little late around 8am. I started throwing reaction main lake to shake out some of the excitement. 20 minutes in with no bite I had a gut feeling based on conditions to slow down. I picked up a darter head and went to work. 3rd cast in about 18ft of water I cracked the first fish of the day and it was a good one! So, I pressed on the rest of the day with the darter head. I never got a lot of bites or even two in one spot but the ones I did were big large mouth. 

Day two of practice I figured I’d just expand on that pattern. It didn’t work out! After only getting two bites the entire day on main lake I knew I was missing something. So, on the last day of practice we had to be of the water by noon. We made the decision to run north, I’ve personally never even been to that part of the lake. Once we got up there we realized there was an abrupt water temp and clarity change. That change in clarity would prove to be where most of the top ten did it. It got really clear and the temp dropped. We picked a do nothing point and got to work. Immediately I hit 2 big largemouth back to back. Then Nick grabbed a 2 lb spot. We jumped around a bit a liked what we were seeing. It was the most bites in the shortest time span we’d seen. That’s where we would start on day one. 

Day one of the championship went off without a hitch! Had 7 bites land 6 and ended the day with 16.02 putting us in the lead. Day two we were last boat out and a few of our spots were taken. We still did good considering but not enough to hold on to the lead. With only 11 lbs we fell short and to 3rd place on day two. All our fish were still coming on the dart head in 18-20 ft of water in the north fork. 

Day three we knew we would have to hit everywhere we caught a fish and even some new spots. The fish had been beaten up and seen everything. We stuck to our guns and pulled out another 11lbs on day 3. It wasn’t enough to push us up but was enough to hold on to third. Anglers Press put on a great event and I look forward to next years’ championship!

Thank You,

Josh Parris 


Camp Far West fishing report by Bob Pietruszka 3-9-17

My buddy David and I launched the boat about 10 am.. Water temp was 57 at the dock.  The water clarity was about 6 in. before you’re lure disappeared. Cold and muddy, not looking good. We fished all of my favorite spots and searched for new ones. We used brown Jigs with plastic trailers, spinner baits and both square bill and medium diving crank baits. All fished as slow as possible. Still nothing. The graph showed fish spread out and not schooling at all. No bait fish balls and diving birds were spread out searching. Caught my first fish on a jig on the edge of the drop in front of the spillway. Caught my last fish on the square bill in the Rock Creek arm in about 3ft. of water. Two fish total for the day. We did not get up into the Bear River arm so I don’t know what the water temp or clarity is up there. As always, thank you for checking in with RBBass and please visit our sponsors on our home page for great deals.   

Bob Pietruszka

Nate Boomhower joins RB BASS Group of Anglers

Age 35
Born Sacramento
Lives Citrus Heights

Fishing runs deep in my family from generations to Generations. As far as I can remember I always had a fishing pole in my hand every chance I had. From fishing small farm ponds when I was little to fishing bigger bodies of water As I Grew Older . I always just loved to fish. Bass fishing trumped all fishing for me though. It became a part of my life more then I could ever imagine. Through out the years I became a better angler, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Now, I’m loving the sport even more. I started competitive bass tournaments in 2006 fishing several different local circuits in northern California. I currently am a Tournament Angler fishing the BBT northern region and FPT Northern Region. I’m also a writer for Westernbass. I write reports, online featured articles and articles for the magazine. I’m blessed to have the sport I love so much be such a big part of my life and to share and enjoy it with my 2 beautiful boys is amazing.

Lake New Melones Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 54-56

Air temp 45lows 59 highs 

Water clarity 4into 1ft

Wind 2-4 mph

Weather ?

With Bass Nation coming to Lake New Melones  in just a few weeks  and the water temperatures warming rapidly the fishing should be good as a matter of fact it should be a complete slug fest. With the water temperatures creeping into the high 50s the big spotted bass are starting to Rome the banks and taking full advantage of the rising water and all the small pray that is being  trapped by the quickly rising water. The largemouth are also taking full advantage of the rising water and easy meals before they Spawn. The largemouth are coming out of there winter haunts starting to migrate to pre Spawn staging areas. I saw a perfect opportunity for myself and my good friend Dave Romanus to do a little scouting for the tournament so keeping all the conditions in mind we  started on the West Bank’s facing east and long sloping points leading into spawning bays or flats.  We quickly picked up a fish and our first clue using the Blade Runner A- rig and Bass Assassin Lures Die Dapper swim baits  in  albino shad with all the recent rains and the muddy water we also decided to spray B.A.N.G sent in the shad flavor and the fish were just absolutely crushing the Bass Assasin Die Dapper. As the sun got high we started targeting the flatter banks and boom our first largemouth bites, so I continued throwing my Blade Runner A-rig on my Phenix Maxim 711 H and we started to put together a good bag.

Just targeting long points that are located out in front of spawning bays and flats adjacent to Deep water. We started in around 20 feet in the morning and began working shallow as the day goes on. We kept moving around from spot to spot, make sure you watch carefully for floating debris as with all the heavy rains there could be some hazardous conditions. If there is any last minute gear you need stop at the Glory Hole they have ,Gas, Food , and a ton of tackle.

Report by Michael Coleman fishing

Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge on the California Delta

Yamamoto Big Bass Open


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Lake Don Pedro Fishing Report

Lake Don Pedro Map

Fished the BBT Saturday at Don Pedro. Water is rising  the lake came up more than 10 vertical feet the week before the tournament. Water temp is 55-58 degrees. We started of throwing swim baits and top water with one good bump on the swimbait but I didn’t hook up. After that we started fishing incoming creeks fishing only were water was coming into the lake. They bit on jigs, flukes, sinkos, rattletraps, and darter head worms. Water clarity was about 2 feet in some places and less in others. We had a 10.5lb limit but could not find a kicker anywhere and trust me we tried. The winners were throwing chatterbaits, swimbaits and jigs in 5-15 feet of water rippin it out of the grass is how there were caught in there fish. Congratulations to the team  La Xiong and Shadowns Vangyi with there 16.81 limit for the win. I would also like to thank my sponsors: BBT, RBBass, Cousins Rods,Rat-L-Trap my wife Vicki, Mom and Dad and all my friends that support my fishing.

Brian Orange Don Pedro



A Trip to Bullards bar

Bullards Bar Map-2

A Trip to Bullards Bar

Water temperature is still way to high but dropping with weather change. Water temp was about 65 degrees i tried to fish extremely deep 60 to 100 foot but that’s really hard for me as im a shallow water fishermen if the fish aren’t in 0 to 10 foot of water im in trouble. I was dragging jigs and split shoting. Their was a bunch of small fish shallow but i was their to catch the big girls i did have about a 4lber follow my Swaver back to the boat. Water clarity was 4 to 8 foot. Ill probably get back up there in about a month.

Austin Wilson