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Lake Mc Clure

Lake MC Clure is loacted 1 hour east of Modesto. The southern most lake in the Motherlode. This lake has great Bass fishing for numbers and has some hard to find Giant Bass! This lake has fluctuating water levels so be carefull! Spotted Bass dominate here, but the Largemouth are coming back! Trout, shad,minnows and crawfish are the primary food sources for the bass here!

This lake breaks up into three sections, main body,canyon,and river. The main body holds better numbers of Largemouth Bass. The Canyon is dominated by spotted bass. The river has Large mouth Spotted and Smallmouth Bass. On any given tournament you can watch the boats go from main body to the top of the river and back. This lake has some huge Bass on tap, but they are tricky to catch come tournament day. Large mouth to 15lbs and Spotted Bass to 9lbs have been caught here!

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