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Lake Tulloch

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Lake Tulloch is nested just below lake New Melones and 30 min east of Oakdale CA, In fact New melones feeds Lake Tulloch daily with its water supply. This lake is very small yet holds tons of shoreline to fish. This lake has four main areas,the main body,Black Creek,Green Spring and the River arm. The main body is full of rocky points, ledges and a few boat docks. Black Creek has flats, grassbeds,creek guts,coves,ditches rocky points and ledges and a ton of docks. Green Spring has weedbeds, laydown trees, coves and rocky shorlines. The river arm leads to the bottom of Lake New Melones and is a canyon type river arm filled with giant boulders and steep bluff walls and is all a 5 zone. Dispite heavy recreational pressure there are pleny of 5 zones to fish in including Black Creek and the River Arm. The Black Creek and Green Spring Arms hold the better population of Largemouth Bass on this lake.The main body holds pleny of Smallmouth Bass and the river has a ton of Red eye Bass.  Lake Tulloch Rises and falls daily so be carefull of water levels when going to this lake.


Example of fluctuating water levels at Lake Tulloch