Folsom Fishing Report by Charlie King

2nd stop on the Future Pro Tour Season was at Folsom lake April 22, the lake has been on the raise for a month now and is just about full. The amount of wood and debris that is floating around is flat out dangerous,
the water is clear with about 10 foot of visibility on the main body, it gets a little less the further you go up the river arms.

Folsom lake has always been a place I just can’t seem to catch them at, so I was very happy to come to the scales with 10.38lbs. Not enough to get a check but for me and Folsom, I will take it!
With water temp in the sixties some fish are on beds but the weather just will not stay stable long enough for a big move to the beds.

Friday during pre fish, it was bright and sunny with very little wind and I  found a good number of fish in the willow trees that would eat a Savage Gear Armor Crawler and planned on starting the tournament fishing the trees. The weather called for temps in the high seventies and sunny sky’s, but as normal the weatherman was completely wrong, it was windy, cloudy and colder then it had been all week.

The wood had blown into the cove so bad we couldn’t even get back to the trees we wanted to fish, so we had to make some adjustments right away.

I started with a darthead and a Pro Point Lure JR Bug and my partner Chase used a small swimbait on a ball head and we had a limit of small fish in about hour just fishing the edge of the wood that had blown into our cove.

Folsom Lake Bass

Needing to up grade our weight we started looking for trees we could pitch that Armor Crawler into and found enough trees to cull up to 10.38lbs.
I actually had a good time on the lake and caught 30 to 40 fish, just couldn’t get a big fish to put our total weight into the teens.

As usual Future Pro Tour had a great tournament and a awesome drive up weigh in that was a lot of fun.
So hope you enjoyed the recap of our day on Folsom lake and we are off to the next stop on the incredible Clear Lake.

Thanks to my sponsors


Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Charlie King

March 25th kicked off the opener for the 2017 Future Pro Tour Season.
After our performance in the FPT Classic on Lake Folsom earlier in the month, we were sure ready for Lake Berryessa and a little Redemption.
Friday was the only day my son-in-law and team partner Chase Elliott and I had to pre-fish, the weather was rainy and windy all day long and basically blew us off the main lake and with the water temp getting real close to 60 degrees we had no way to check the big spawning flats that everyone had been talking about.

With the storm and colder weather we decided to concentrate on pre spawn fish in areas that would be protected from the wind. We started with a River2Sea Biggie square bill and covered a lot of water with no luck.
We found a good number of fish off the bank in the 15 to 20 foot range near long secondary points but the fish didn’t want to eat that well,  we figure out a couple of baits that would catch them and made our plan for the tournament day.
Saturday morning we made the run to our first stop and started fishing, it didn’t take long before we realize that it was a little different, the fish wanted the baits moving more then the day before, Chase tied on a 3/4oz Gold Blade Runner underspin with a 4.8 Keitech Fat Impact in Bluegill Flash color and started slow rolling it in twenty feet, when I say slow I mean SLOW! about 15mins of this our first fish was a 9.67lb lagermouth that ended up being big fish of the tournament. We got 10 to 15 fish on the underspin and culled a couple of the fish with a Shakey head and a 6″ Savage Gear 3D Armor Crawler in the Watermelon Red flake color later in the day on the main body of the lake. We ended up in 4th place out of 134 teams with 19.95lbs and took home the big fish money as well.

The rods that we used for the underspin was the new EVX series from Okuma, paired with Okuma Citrex reels, these are very light and super sensitive. Fins 40G 25lb test line was our choice for this setup.
For the Savage Gear 3D Armor Crawler we choose the Okuma TCS 7 foot Shakey head rod paired with Okuma Trio-20 Reels spooled with 15lb test Fins 40G, once again super light and sensitive!
I  want to say thanks to all my friends and family that continues to support me in doing what I love to do.
Also to my sponsors, without them I would not be able to fish at all!,,,,, ,,,,,


RB BASS Anglers @ ISE Show Sacramento

Several RB BASS Tournament Anglers will be at this years ISE Show in Sacramento Ca, working at many of the Vendors booths or locations. Stop bye say hello we look forward to seeing you!

Charlie King @ Anglers Press Thursday

Preston Henson @ Phenix Rods Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Steve Wilson @ C&C Marine Thursday, Friday ,Saturday, Sunday

Ron Howe @ Pure Fishing/Berkley/Abu Garcia Friday and Saturday

Tamara Rustin @ BASS Angler Magazine Saturday and Sunday

Alex Sanchez @ Phenix Rods Friday and Saturday

Michael Coleman @ Bass Angler Magazine Thursday, Friday ,Saturday, Sunday

Mark Lassagne @ Bass Angler Magazine Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Cal Expo, State Fairgrounds
1600 Exposition Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815


Thu.. 11am – 8pm
Fri… 11am – 8pm
Sat.. 10am – 7pm
Sun.. 10am – 5pm


Adult Admission – $17.00
Youth under 16 – Free!

Buy Tickets Here

No Pets
No Weapons, Firearms or Ammunition


Cal Expo Parking: $10 per vehicle 









Future Pro Tour 2017


Coors Light Championship closing in

Ok guys the Coors Light Open is next weekend and I can’t wait.
I spent Wednesday and Thursday fishing in Old River around the Discovery Bay area and let me tell you the water in the bay has the worst algae bloom I have ever seen, it is ugly! I got a couple of small fish by the Marina but just didn’t like fishing in that green water so I spent the rest of the time fishing from Cruiser Haven to Union Point, I don’t want to give to much away but the fishing was pretty good, Wednesday I had about 17lbs and about 15lbs on Thursday. I found fish on points and the rock walls. The two baits that I think will play a major role in the Coors Light Open are…  
To be continued after the tournament’s over. I hope to see you all next weekend.
Thanks to RBBass, Savage Gear USA, OkumaFishing, Johnson Outdoors, River2Sea, PlanoSynergy, Cal Coast Fishing, Fins.
Charlie King 

2016 River2Sea open wrap up

river 2 sea logo black

Bethel Island Ca-River2Sea wrap up

River2Sea held another Big Party on the California Delta with 118 boats in attendance. Anglers could only fish with River2Sea Products leveling the playing field for all. River2Sea makes Crank baits, Spinner Baits, Poppers, Frogs, Tungsten Flipping weights, Tungsten Nail weights, Punch Hooks, The Rover, The Whopper Plopper, The New Ruckus and the New Double Whopper Plopper. This gave Anglers several choices on how they could fish and chase those Big Delta Bass. To get your River2Sea product at please click here.

River2Sea Open

Stormy weather rolled thru the Delta region for the weekend, there was wind-sun-clouds, rain, the bottom line is the weather was crazy over the weekend with a 25 Degree Temperature drop! None of this would distract the Anglers fishing for the 2016 River2Sea Crown. Boats scattered in every direction chasing the win. The Team of Venkus and Haley would take home the 2016 River2Sea Title. They were awarded with $5350.00 for their efforts. To see Results Click Here.



The Big Bass of the River2Sea Open was a Stud 9.44 Delta Donkey caught by the Team of Patton and Patton! Big Smiles with a Big Bass Payout and a pair of Nice Trophies! The Big Bass paid out $1020.00 in this event! 


The River2Sea Open Big Bass Party would not be complete without a Huge Raffle! Top prizes included a set of Tires from Hercules Tires in the new Terra Trac M/T , Terra Trac T/G or Terra Trac At2, all these Hercules Tires offer a Industry leading 2 year 50% Road Hazard Warranty with 100% Free replacement in the allotted time and tread wear.


The grand prize would be a fully Rigged Hunting set up with a Quad-Shotguns and more, this prize would be given to the lucky Team holding the Golden Ticket! This was done bye Boat Draw and the Lucky Team in attendance was Dee Thomas and Mr Ryan.


On Display was Ranger Boats,Trigger Happy Comfort Grips, Big ol Pig and Cal Coast fishing was in attendance throwing out the Bait Sack product samples to the crowd! Also Bait Sack was a big supporter of the huge Raffle!  

Cal Coast PDF


Huge Crowds were gathered around Trade booths waiting for the Final Results and Raffle Prizes! All the Anglers were eager at their shot for huge Raffle prizes about to be drawn.