Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Charlie King

March 25th kicked off the opener for the 2017 Future Pro Tour Season.
After our performance in the FPT Classic on Lake Folsom earlier in the month, we were sure ready for Lake Berryessa and a little Redemption.
Friday was the only day my son-in-law and team partner Chase Elliott and I had to pre-fish, the weather was rainy and windy all day long and basically blew us off the main lake and with the water temp getting real close to 60 degrees we had no way to check the big spawning flats that everyone had been talking about.

With the storm and colder weather we decided to concentrate on pre spawn fish in areas that would be protected from the wind. We started with a River2Sea Biggie square bill and covered a lot of water with no luck.
We found a good number of fish off the bank in the 15 to 20 foot range near long secondary points but the fish didn’t want to eat that well,  we figure out a couple of baits that would catch them and made our plan for the tournament day.
Saturday morning we made the run to our first stop and started fishing, it didn’t take long before we realize that it was a little different, the fish wanted the baits moving more then the day before, Chase tied on a 3/4oz Gold Blade Runner underspin with a 4.8 Keitech Fat Impact in Bluegill Flash color and started slow rolling it in twenty feet, when I say slow I mean SLOW! about 15mins of this our first fish was a 9.67lb lagermouth that ended up being big fish of the tournament. We got 10 to 15 fish on the underspin and culled a couple of the fish with a Shakey head and a 6″ Savage Gear 3D Armor Crawler in the Watermelon Red flake color later in the day on the main body of the lake. We ended up in 4th place out of 134 teams with 19.95lbs and took home the big fish money as well.

The rods that we used for the underspin was the new EVX series from Okuma, paired with Okuma Citrex reels, these are very light and super sensitive. Fins 40G 25lb test line was our choice for this setup.
For the Savage Gear 3D Armor Crawler we choose the Okuma TCS 7 foot Shakey head rod paired with Okuma Trio-20 Reels spooled with 15lb test Fins 40G, once again super light and sensitive!
I  want to say thanks to all my friends and family that continues to support me in doing what I love to do.
Also to my sponsors, without them I would not be able to fish at all!,,,,, ,,,,,


Delta Fishing Report by Mark Lassagne

Delta Bass Report Feb 11th 2017


Mark Lassagne and Charlie King


Since it finally stopped raining for a couple days we hit the Delta to locate fish for some upcoming guide trips.  

Launching from Orowood Marina near Brentwood Calif. 

High tide about 7AM and Low tide about noon. 

The day started with 46 outside temps in the morning and a light breeze. The wind picked up throughout the day to about 15 MPH and the temps rose to near 60 by days’ end.  

It was a bluebird day after a week of rain, so hopes were high but expectations were low as with most post frontal days the bite will be tough, especially when the water is cold.  

The water was 52 to 55 degrees and its mid Feb so we targeted wintering places for Delta bass like dead end sloughs, sharp channel swings and places where the current slows. 

With a goal of locating as many places as possible in one day we decided to power fish searching as many spots as possible throughout the day vs. fishing slow and picking an area apart. 

After running a few miles, the first bite came at 8AM felt like a big fish but didn’t hook up, 8:30 first fish in the boat a solid 3+, we then missed 2 more bites and then landed another 3+ at 9AM all on an orange Revenge Vibrator with an orange ribbon worm trailer.

A Delta Bass caught on a Revenge Vibrator

 Keeping to the plan we went searching other areas, fishing about an hour or so with no bites. We ran to a dead end slough and about 11AM (low tide at noon) we got a couple more a 2lber and one close to 6lbs.  

Catch those two we went on the search, again locating a little bend in the river where we got two more another 3lber and a 5 then headed out.  

Now it’s noon – low tide and we start fishing other places we assumed winter fish would be, hitting about 10 to 15 more in the next few hours but not a single bite. 

Note: The tide was never low, even the low tide at noon was, with the huge amount of water coming in it was like high tide all day.

 Conclusion, the fish today were grouped up, when you find one there are more in the same area. If it was tournament day we would have stayed in the few places where we found fish and I believe we could have had a big bag.  

None the less we had about 20lb for the best five catching 7 fish total and missing 5 bites which is a pretty good day for the bluebird day after a storm.


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Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Tamara Rustin

February 4th 2017

Water temp: 53
Weather: 56 degrees and overcast with a few showers.
Finally got to get out on the water after about 2 weeks. Kate Hall and I decided to hit Lake Berryessa to do a little pre-fishing for our upcoming tournament for BBT on February 25th. My first time ever fishing this lake.
We launched at Pleasure Cove around 8:30 am. Started fishing the narrows. Water was a little stained had about 2 feet of visibility. We tried throwing just about a little bit of everything from Top water, A-Rig, Crank baits, Swim baits they were just not biting. Kate decided to throw on a drop shot using a Keitech leach and BAM she landed one. We landed four of our five fish for the day on the drop shot.
We decided to move to the main lake water visibility was like chocolate milk. We fished it for a while and nothing. So we decided to make our way back to the narrows around 12. Bite was tough so I decided to throw a Gary Yamamoto 5″ pink senko wacky style and finally got a bite. When we got it in the boat I was stoked landed a 3lber. For me that’s my biggest of 2017 so far. We got our 5×3 and we have a start to where we will be headed on tournament day. All of our fish were caught in warmer water in the 20 feet range and before 1:00.
Thanks for taking the time to read my fishing report and hope to see you all on the water sometime. Sack em up…

Western pro angler Mark Lassagne joins the ranks of RB Bass  

December 13th – Western pro angler Mark Lassagne joins the ranks of RB Bass.

Mark Lassagne accepts a position with the RB Bass Group a community of anglers helping other anglers to catch more bass by posting videos and reports about various lakes.

We are excited to have Mark Lassagne join the RB BASS Group of Anglers. Many Anglers in the RB BASS Group have worked with Mark at one point or another over the years. Mark has been a Consistent force in Bass Fishing for many years, with Solid Fishing Skills, Industry Knowledge, and a Media Platform that is top notch including Online, Social Media and Print with Bass Angler Magazine mark can help RB BASS in many ways, Mark is also a Guide and can put you on the fish. We welcome Mark Lassagne to the Family.

We asked Mark what was the Value of joining the RB BASS Group

“RB Bass has been gaining exposure across the bass fishing community in leaps and bounds. I felt its a great career move to partner with them and I’m super excited to be accepted as one of the team. RB Bass has a number of great anglers who are willing to share their knowledge with others where I’m honored to be a part of the RB Bass Team.”

About Mark


Marine Bass Angler – Mark Lassagne, from San Ramon, California is a popular pro bass angler, former US Marine, outdoor writer, guide, promoter and top tournament competitor. In addition, Mark is the editor-in-chief of  Bass Angler Magazine

 In his career, he has qualified: As the 2016 Bassmaster Federation State Champion, Bassmater Top150, West Coast Bass Classic (4), FLW Costa Championship (4), Redman Regional (3) BASS Federation Regional (4) and many team championships. Mark competing in hundreds of events across the west has cashed a check on every body of water where a tournament has been held.

Career highlights include: competing in BASS and FLW circuits, winning several events including the team USA Black Bass World Championship in Mexico.

Mark has worked with a host of celebrities including professional ball players, musicians, actors along with many pro anglers including: Kevin Van Dam, Mark Daniels, Jason Williamson, Fred Roumbanis, Alton Jones, Ish Monroe, Stacey King and others.

He has appeared on various media platforms:  Informative Fisherman,Western Bass, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, West Coast Bass, Bassmasters, Angler West, Pros On Tour, True Bass and others.

Along with performing seminars across the states Mark is a regular guest speaker on various radio shows including:  Fish Talk Radio,  Bass Radio weekly, Mighty 690, 1150 Extra sports, Shake Rattle & Troll, Ultimate Bass, Wishn’ I was Fishin’ on the Water, ESPN Radio and Fish Bait Radio.

As a writer Mark has published articles in:  Game and Fish magazine, Times News Paper, Bass West USA, Bassin, American Bass Angler Magazine, CA Fish and Game, FLW Outdoors, Rabid Angler, Fish Sniffer, Field & Stream, Western Bass and Tackle Tour.


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Lake Amistad Fishing Report


Check one off the bucket list!

  With Mark Lassagne and Mike Coleman

 Traveling through New Mexico on there way to the B.A.S.S. National Championships in Conroe Texas Mike Coleman and Mark Lassagne decided to forgo a night of sleep and make a couple hundred mile detour to Lake Amistad.

 Amistad is one of those lakes where you hear and read about but located on the Mexico border on the southern end of Texas is a long ways from California hence the reason for the diversion.

 Arriving at the lake Mark and Mike were met with a majestic lake where the water visibility was over 10 feet, low 70 degree temps light winds and moderate rain clearing throughout the day.

 Launching from the state park near the Hwy 90 Bridge the pair traveled out about a ¼ mile and started fishing. Heading out from the ramp everything looks fishy so much that it’s difficult to choose where to start, stated the pair.

 By the looks of the day they tried top water, chatterbaits and some other reaction with no bites.

 Picking up and heading to the bridge as bridges are generally a good place to catch a few fish. This bridge has deep water, riprap with flats on both sides with submerged brush.  Tossing crankbaits and worms along the riprap, no bites.

 Now about an hour into the trip and no bites Mark decides to get out the Aqua-Vu and see what’s really down there. Lowering the camera down on the points of the bridge Mark spots several good smallmouth in about 15ft of water. They didn’t know there were smallies in the lake.

 Mike started dropshotting along the riprap after seeing this and quickly landed a small smallmouth, them Mark landed one also, but the fish were small and not what they were looking for.


 Moving up into the cove next to the bridge, Mike tossed a Senko (Green Pumkin Purple Fake) get’s bit, the fish is ripping drag and Mike pulls the rod up quickly while reeling and hooks the reel handle in his rain gear hood, fish proceeds to break the line leaving Mike frustrated, Mark laughs and tried to get a picture and video of the ordeal.

The one that got away #Colemanalltangledup


Coleman all Tangled up

Coleman all Tangled up

After this they both start pitching Senkos in the brush, landing about 10 fish to 2lbs – still not the size this Texas Lake is famous for.


 Heading across the lake Mike tried a jig and Mark cranked a R2S Goon in Big Sexy color. They both land fish right away two of them in two foot of water and then another one after seeing it bust out deep – both fish were 1.5 to 2lbs.


From there they bounced around the main lake catching a fish here or there – then headed back toward the launch, pulling up on a point Mark lands a couple on the Goon when Mike spots more fish busting out deep.  Switching to a LV500 they started following busting fish more than ¼ mile off the bank.

 The bite turned on like crazy and they landed over 50 fish in the next two hours. Once the sun started to set the bite stopped as abruptly and it started.


Amistad – not the giants it’s noted for but and awesome day on a beautiful lake, one these guys will not soon forget.


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