Bass Nation New Melones Report by Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman Bass Nation Big Ones

Air temp low55 high68
Water clarity 6 feet
Wind 4 to 6 mph north west
Water temp 65

              Angels Camp California lake new Melones. As I pre-finished for the Bass nation opener at new Melones  I realized that pre-spawn pattern was going to be the ticket, I found three places that had large numbers of largemouth. Two long pockets up river, a spot in the North and also a big school mid-lake towards the south. On day one of the tournament I ran to Brushy Cove and started my day on the main lake point. I quickly picked up a limit on a River2Sea S Waver in the color called party crasher on the new Phenix rods maxim series. M0y plan was to run up river mid day as the water started to warm up. Sun direction is key in these pre-spawn conditions you want to find the coves and pockets protected from the north wind and facing west, so with around 12 pounds Clip N Culled in the box I ran up river throwing a Swim Jig with the Bass Assassin Lures die dapper in albino shad color as my trailer. I only culled one fish and quickly realized that the river  bite was gone and it was all about being south. I ran back to Brushy cove where I started to catch a lot more fish but only helping my limit to just under 15 pounds. In my opinion with the overcast conditions and cool breeze I just felt that the bigger females did not move up but I had a solid bag for the day to put me in six place, still just a few pounds out of the lead. Pondering what I should do for day two I figured I would start at brushy Cove and see with the overcast conditions going away if those bigger females would move up. I started on the long point just as I did the day before. This did not pan out so I moved through into the pocket. I started to get a few bites right away. That’s when I realized the fish had pushed farther back into the pocket. My new plan was to just rotate three small areas no bigger than 30 yards and just wait for the fish to come to me. As I rotated through my spots I quickly picked up a limit and then BOOM a good one just as the day before I started off with the S waiver but quickly moved to the Bass Assassin Lures’s fat job stick bait, I was rotating three Baits almost exclusively and would add the swim jig here or there, the third bait was a Bass Assassin Lures Rail worm. The fat job stick bait was the most successful. I would just fancast going around with a small nail weight 1/4  oz rigged wacky style and leaving it dead stick. This was the key and as I rotated my three areas fish just kept coming to me and although a lot of boats were rotating through that area everyone would move in and make a few casts not get bit and leave. The key was knowing that those fish were coming at you targeting several laydowns and Buckbrush and just waiting. All of my fish for two days were coming off of a 30 yard stretch.  After day one I weighed in a pretty solid bag of three pounders but all the people ahead of me had that one big bite, which I never got on day one , but on day two about mid way through the day I finally got my big bite to go along with my solid limit weighing  in at just under 18 pounds witch was good enough for third place to start the Bass Nation season off in a good position. I would like to thank all my sponsors Cal Coast fishing, River2sea, Bass Assassin Lures, Bass Angler Magazine, Phenix rods and Evolution Baits


Product Review Blade Runner A-Rig by Michael Coleman

The Blade Runner A- rig is one of the most affordable and stealthy A- rigs on the market retailing at $13.49 the airhead finesse rig is quickly becoming one of my favorites and is a great value!  Built with five durable stainless steal-wires and four willow blades this bait is very durable .The airhead is great for lakes in open water or heavy cover applications. I prefer rigging it with the Bass Assassin Lures salt water ball head in a quarter ounce and the Bass Assassin Lures Die Dapper swim bait. I prefer rigging the two top bates with hitchhikers and the bottom three with the ball heads this will ensure that the bait runs true and will prevent the bait from spinning. I personally believe in the odd man theory to have all your baits the same color and the one on the middle wire a little bit different color .The A rig  could be a great way to catch fish and a lot of fun! You can find the Blade Runner Airhead A-rig @ Fisherman’s Warehouse and the Die Dapper swim bait @


Lake Camanche Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Air temp 36
Water temp 48
Water clarity 3 ft in main body and up the river 0 clarity

With one of the biggest storms in recent years just coming to a halt I saw an opportunity to fish my home lake Camanche . In the morning it was socked in with fog and had a very cold north wind. Air temps were in the mid 30’s and the lake was on the rise in a big way. I was not to sure What I was in for since the lake had came up 20 ft or so in the past few weeks, I wasn’t sure if the fish would move up with the cold weather and dropping water temps. I started on south shore bluff wall in 30 ft or so and not even a nibble. The bluff wall came to a point and a shallow cove so I tossed a River2sea jig with the Bass Assassin pure craw trailer in about 12 ft of water and Booooom a nice fat 4 pound largemouth was in the boat . I then started targeting the new cover that hasn’t been in water for years  and the bigger largemouth were there! The fish were shallow in the 12ft to 17ft range and the dropshot began to play a huge part and caught the big fish! I was dragging the jig every now and then and I would use my lowrance see a arch and drop my Bass Assasin lit’l Tapper in watermelon red down on them with about a 1ft leader and 1/4 ounce weight. I was targeting the spine of the points, but it seemed the fish were on the side of the points farther back. There is still a ton of good fish on the south shore islands they are getting heavily pressured and are a little harder to catch. All in all it was a great winter day. Staying to the north will find you the cleaner water and some better fish .
Report by Michael Coleman
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Lake New Melones Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 52 to 54
Air temp 32
Wind 2 mph
Weather pre front ?
Water clarity 4ft
Location new Melones

                With freezing temperatures  what better place to be than on Lake New Melones with my good friend Josh Parris. With the current conditions and Josh’s knowledge of this great fishery we started on off shore islands. I started with a 1/2 slickhead jig in pb&j trailered with a Bass Assassin pure craw in watermelon red flk and Josh with a Optimum swimbait. We positioned our self on the top of the island and made long casts and we were dragging our baits uphill and in no time I had our first fish on the jig catching a few more in the 2 pound range and Josh catching one in the 4 pound range we decided to make a move to a steep bluff on the main lake.

 Josh was still fishing the big swimbait and I picked up the A-rig and started to really put a hurting on em!!!! I started to put together a solid pattern with the G-rig letting it sink to a 9 count and slow retrieve was the ticket on the bluffs. We also found a shallow largemouth bite on long sloping points as the day went on that bite seem to get better dead sticking the fat job worm and slow rolling the G-rig with Bass Assasin swimbaits at about 2 o’clock we had 15 pounds or so for our best five so josh decided to go back to were we started on the submerged islands so I picked back up the jig and make a few casts and feel tick tick and  KAKABOOOOOOOM a true giant largemouth comes to the surface josh nets her she topped the scales at 9.7 pounds!

A 9.7lb Giant!

We started to notice big bass chasing trout all around us josh quickly picks up the new Balam 300 swim bait by Optimum baits and boom another big fish hammers it this fish in the 7 pound range. With all the activity I pick up the G-rig and a 4 pound spot just crushes it putting our total bag just under 30 pounds. All in all it was a great day. Remember it’s winter slow down and fish adjacent to deep water access bring your baits uphill, and good luck !!!!

Lake Camanche Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 55
Air temp 35
Water clarity 3ft
Weather blue bird post front
Wind 2to4 mph
Location lake Camanche

                  With winter now in full swing the spotted bass are on fire at lake Camanche but there is a largemouth bite going real good as well. One of the main keys for myself is fishing the off shore humps or tailing piles or even the steep bluffs were ever the river channel swings up against them this is key as well as  retrieving  my baits up hill is key to winter time fishing in my opinion.

The key baits for myself have been a fat job worm rigged whacky and nail weighted also the boss shiner swim bait and the A rig, I personally have been using the G-funk baits A-Rig and the Bass Assassin  die dapper in albino shad. Fishing slow is also a huge part to my success. There are a good population of largemouth on the south shore humps and a few in houseboat cove and the river is holding a good population of spotted bass. Keep in mind it’s winter the fish are living together when there’s one the is usually more and slow down!!!!!!!

Lake Amador Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Lake Amador Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 55
Air temp 39
Weather/ bluebird
Water clarity 1ft
Wind 4mph east
Location lake Amador

        Living in the mother lode I am fortunate to be able to fish these great fisheries !!!! This time I picked lake Amador, it is no doubt one of the most under rated largemouth fisheries in Northern California. With our first real cold snap coming in after a big storm and a 28 degree start in the morning I decided to pull up on a point that I have caught them on for years in the winter months. This point is near Jackson creek  I was using a Bass Assassin rail  worm in red bug color with a 3/8 ounce pegged weight and made six casts or so and BOOM  got my first bite and it was a good one!

I went back and forth over the point a few more times with the rail worm  and picked up a couple more fish, knowing the way fish stack up on this point in the winter I picked up the jig in brown and purple and quickly picked up two close to 5 pounds after making a few more passes I switched baits again to a fat job worm witch is also made by Bass Assassin in green pumpkin color rigged whacky style with a 3/8 nail weight and picked up 3 more good ones. One of the biggest keys was to slow way down, I was counting rocks…. I mean slow !!!!!!! I started to think about my next move and made a short run to another point were the creek channel swing comes right over the point and I’m getting right up on the bank and casting out to 40 ft  and dragging my baits up hill , I feel this time of the year it very important to do this for plenty of reasons and I quickly started picking up fish rotating 3 baits and I stayed in the Jackson arm and absolutely hammered 4 pounders! As soon as I got off the points and back in the pockets the fish seem to get smaller . Things to remember it’s winter slow down also stay close to river or creek channels points are a good place to start especially when the channel swings over the point and last but not least when you find one there’s almost always more .

Lake Amador is FanBasstic in Winter!