Bass Assasin Product review the Die Dapper Swimbait

If you’re out fishing tournaments or  you’re just out on the water fun fishing the Bass Assassin Die Dapper swim bait is a bait that just catches fish it’s a bait that every angler should consider giving a try. There are 38 colors to choose from all enhanced with B.A.N.G scent and a new liquid salt infused into its super soft plastic. This swim bait has a real life type action! The Die Dapper is by far one of the best plastic swim baits on the market today coming in two sizes the 5 inch and the 3.5 it is offered in qty 10 per bag and retails at $4.95. There is several popular ways to rig the bait up, on a ball head or on the Alabama rig or on a drop shot. Dragging this bait along the bottom on a small jig is deadly! To see more check out

Review written by Michael Coleman fishing