Powell Rods Review by Sean Wayman

Powell Rods Review

  I’ve been fishing Powell rods for the better part of 15 years now. Ive tried many others over the years but find myself preferring the Powells time and again. Rods are very much about preference for many of us and in today’s market there are a vast amount of viable choices, Most of them are good products and a lot of times it comes down to a name brand. Other times, its value. Still for others its warranty. For me I think its a combination of value, feel , and confidence. Most of todays rods are sensitive and fairly balanced, light , and astetically pleasing. Im not big on the looks, it really is not an issue to me near as much as performance is. Function and getting the job done is the key. 
  So lets talk about Powell rods and what I use and why. 
First IM a big Punch and Flip fisherman. I love the bite of a huge punch fish and the battle of getting the fish out of the slop. I use many rods for this technique based on cover, weight Im flipping, and line required for said cover. My favorite and most often used is the 806 3D Max. Its an awesome rod with a great action for using weights up to 2 oz. The action is not overly  fast which is good when wrestling big fish out of the slop. I have 4 806 3Ds and usually rig em with various size weights as well as line type. Its also a great rod for flipping general weights. Although in that case I usually will choose the 795 3D or the 775 3D. I prefer the 795 in most cases for flipping unless IM thrown g something really light, then Ill f=go with the 775.
   I will also use the 795 for A rigs, mid size swim baits, whopper plotters and buzz baits. The 775 3D is one of the most universal rods in the 3D line up. You can do just about anything with it. Ive punched with it and thrown a drop shot with it. Buzz baits, plotters, smaller a rigs, the list goes on. I have several in my boat at all times and can do just about anything with them. The 764 3D has taken some of the load off the 775 for me. I really like it for all my pitching applications. Jigs, senkos, beaver baits, its my open water choice. Pitching to tule pockets and such this rod is my choice. 734 3D for tighter more precise casting and skipping. 
   Specialty lake rods, meaning rods I use exclusively on lakes suck as Berryessa, Folsom or Oroville. The 753 3D comes to  mind. Its a bit lighter rod then I prefer for the Delta or places like Clear Lake. The 753 is a great bait caster to use in place of a spinning rod for deep water applications. Shakey heads, smaller jigs, dragging baits and such. When I need the extra length for a good hook set when fishing deep the 753 fits the bill. Also a great rod for fishing deep open hook senkos. 
     For reaction fishing with spinner baits, chatter baits, and cranks there are some options. The 755 CB is in my opinion the best chatter bait rod on the market. Great power, parabolic bend, plenty of power, its a real work horse. If you need something a bit shorter then the 705 is a good choice. I use the 705CB for my square bill fishing, as well as some mid running cranks such as the River 2 Sean Goon and Biggie. Also a good choice for top waters and smaller spinner baits. The CB line by Powell are awesome rods and remain light compared to some. The action is great and feels good in your hands. The 705 and 703 CB are also good choices for ripping or smaller swimbaits on a ball head. 
   As far as spinning applications I use the 712 the most. I do have a few 703 Infernos as well. This series of rods is a great value for a rod that is comparable to the original Powell Max rods. I prefer the 3Ds but use a few Infernos and love them. The 703 spinning is good when you want a little more power out of a spinning rod. The 712 is my choice for drop shot, shakey head, ned rig and such. Very light and sensitive, great action, great all around spinning rod. 
   The 3D max rods are a great buy with the current price. The Infernos are a bit lower price and is a great value rod that you will not be disappointed with. Keep your eyes open for a new model coming soon from Powell. Very exciting for those of you that loved the Endurance series rods, I think your gonna love the new rods. If you have any questions or comments please leave them here and Ill get back with you. 
Sean Wayman

Don Pedro Fishing Report by Josh Parris

Lake Don Pedro Map

Don Pedro fishing report

Water temp – 51-58
Water clarity – muddy to 1-4 ft
Conditions- sunny post frontal 
Winds – light
Over the weekend I fished the Sonora bass anglers tournament at lake Don Pedro with my buddy. I hadn’t been out there in a while and in light of all the recent rain and rising water I was expecting tuff post front conditions. Water temp and clarity really just depended on location. We launched out of Moccasin, it was 53 degrees and muddy with 3-6 inches of water clarity and a lot of floating debris. I like fishing that area but decided to make a run in search of cleaner water. On our initial run when ran out past middle bay and found clear water. We found early success on jigs and tubes for a hand full of short fish in the 20 foot range. After that we jumped out to submerged lake island tops with little success. At 8am and an empty box we turned our attention finding running water. I immediately realized that almost every decent tributary had a few boats on them. We opted for some of the smaller feeder creeks and quickly found success with a half oz River2sea Papa Mur jig. My partner then turned to throwing reaction baits like cranks, a rigs and quickly got a 3lber on the a rig. The a rig quickly became the dominant factor for us. My Falcon Bucoo rig rod got a work out! On my a rig I was throwing River2sea rig walkers in silverside color. If your not familiar with the River2sea rig walkers check them out! They are pre rigged swim baits that can save you a ton of time on the water.
After the bite slowed down I started throwing single rig walker and managed to get 3lb spotted bass. With our fish exhausting we moved on. We had little to no success on the next 5 or 6 small tributaries we ran. Towards the end of the day I decided to go back up to the dirty water. We found a long creek arm and went to work. After about an hour we had caught a hand full of fish but nothing to help us. As we worked our way out we stoped on another small feeder creek for the last twenty minutes of the day. It did take long and I grabbed our best fish of the day on the a rig, a just under 4lbs large mouth. We ended the day with 14.85 witch was enough for the win. With changing conditions keep an open mind and adapt.

Josh Parris Don Pedro Bass


Lake Berryessa Fishing Report

Lake Berryessa Map

Had a late start at Lake Berryessa and got to the lake at about 11AM. It was already pretty hot out so I started right away fishing some offshore humps that were out by goat island. I hit three spots and they were all pretty much empty with the exception of 2 little small mouth. I started moving up the lake and got onto a good jig bite. I was throwing a 1/2 ounce green pumpkin/ brown jig with a green pumpkin rage caw trailer. I was hitting rocky points and fishing 20-40 ft. I picked up some decent spots but never found any largemouth. I was getting bit the whole day so I never put the jig down. Later in the day I tried moving over to the vineyards but the wind picked up and I could not figure them out. Got off the water at about 7:30. The launch ramp at Markley cove is pretty bad right now, might be worth driving a little further to pleasure cove. Tight lines, Nick Lynch

Lynch Report

Lynch Report2

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Clear Lake Fishing Report

Clear Lake Map

Clear Lake Fishing report for July

The Lake is in fantastic shape this year,The water level is about six feet from full pool and holding pretty steady from what I can tell. The water temp has been averaging mid eighty’s in the areas I’ve been fishing and the algae bloom is in full swing. The South has been green every time I,ve made the run to bass alley and the bite has been less than desirable for me.
Bob Tyler AM
Rattle snake and the narrows still look pretty good and the fishing has been best for me mid-lake on jigs and deep cranks in craw-fish patterns. I,ve spent a lot of time in the key,s and the top water bite has been on and off with no real big ones to speak of and a good spinner bait bite early .
Bob Tyler Clear Lake Quality Bass..
Ive made a few runs up north and kicked butt on frogs, and drop-shot. The wind has been a factor as to were and how I’ve been able to fish,Clear Lake gets Huge and needs to be respected .Every time I’m able to fish a weightless Senko its been on fire. Hope this helps a little, Good Luck and stay Safe Bob Tyler 
Bob Tyler Clear Lake Bass

RB BASS Delta Bass Fishing

Delta Map

Ron Howe and Michael Coleman fun fishing the California Delta in July. Danny McElroy came along and filmed our fish catches for the day. It was cold and very windy most of the day, we made several adjustments to catch fish in many different ways. Topwater, Chatter Baits, Persuader Spinner Baits, River2Sea Whopper Ploppers and drop shots were all catching fish. It was a good day we had a lot of fun RB BASS style! For more RB BASS videos check out our You Tube Channel.




Preston Henson and James Matsuoka Win Bass Pro Shops Top 100 event

Bass Pro Shops Top 100

Preston Henson and James Matsuoka Win Bass Pro Shops Top 100 event

The First ever Bass Pro Shops Northern California Open was held at Folsom Lake last weekend. This was a event where 100 Teams fished for 2 days and only the top 10 Teams moved on to weigh in at Bass Pro Shops is Rocklin Ca on Sunday. Two RB BASS Anglers made the top 10 Randy Walker and Preston Henson, both Anglers Teams had a shot at the title.

The Team of Preston Henson and James Matsuoka squeaked out the win as they edged out Corey Fenske’s Team by a very narrow margin. Preston Henson stated that the bite changed each and every day, the fish were transitioning from eating bait to eating craws. The team used the River2Sea Rover for key topwater bites and then changed to dartheads and the River2Sea Papa Mur Jig for most of their bites that they weighed in over 3 days to take the win with a total weight of over 40lbs.

Preston Ninja

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Pine Flat Fishing Report


Sat May 7 fished the BBT at Pine Flat. Lake has been coming up about a foot a day. The weather was cloudy with chance of rain. Water temp was in the mid 60’s. Half the lake was off limits due to a debris barrier just below trimmer. So the lake was going to fish small. We wanted to start at the dam but 6 boats headed that way so Mike and I decided to fish Zebe creek due to no boats at all. We figured it was a good thing let everyone fight over spots and we had the whole creek to our selves. First cast of the day on a Bluegill top water bait a 3.44lb largemouth smashed it. We fished around in Zebe creek rest of the morning with the big fish just slapping at it. With the water coming up the weeds and grass were in the water as deep as we fished always bringing up weeds so we decided to use weightless worms so they wouldn’t bury themselves in weeds ever cast. We moved around on main lake with only little fish eating. At noon we went to the dam and were the only boat there again. We caught a few fish and culled up then we saw the rain coming we saw it and heard it for over 5 min as it came across the lake. As soon as the rain hit the bite was on. In the 10 min it poured on us we caught fish ever cast culling each time when the rain stopped our bite stopped and that was it when it was all over we had 9.70lbs and won the tournament good luck out there.

Brian Orange

Brian Orange Pine Flat


Lake Almanor Report


Lake Almanor Location


Lake Almanor Chester ca
One of the most prestigious places I’ve ever seen is lake Almanor, sitting just out side of Chester Ca, hides one of the best Smallmouth Bass lakes in our state. With a huge population of 3 pounders this lake sets up for putting together big numbers of of quality fish . I recently was visiting Jody White at his new lake house and knowing that the fish are starting to move shallow to spawn I decided to go walk the east  bank for a few hours . With only two rods in hand my Dobyns 701 and a 702 drop shot on 701 and a tube on the other . I instantly was bit on the drop shot using a Jackson Quon money bait !!!!!!! So I began to walk the bank and pick up some solid fish but no bigins so I decided to put down the drop shot and pick up my tube rod and after making a few casts boooooom got a Big OL Pig  so as I started to dial  in were the fish were I started putting the smack on em. I was using a 3/8oz jig head in green pumpkin and smothered it in crawfish Pro Cure, I was able to catch some nice fish by figuring out that the fish were on the steep banks next to spawning flats . Let me tell you this lake is about to explode with spawning fish.  It felt good to just walk the bank again like a kid  and catch some fish.
With a huge sculpin population Tubes and Small Swimbaits such as the AA’s Bubba Shad are great choices .

Always practice catch and release.

COleman Pro Cure



Lake New Hogan Fishing Report

New Hogan Lake Map


Lake New Hogan Fishing Report

I got on the water at 6am, with post front conditions and high winds predicted for the day I figured I was in for a long day. Previously I haven’t been to hogan since last summer so really wasn’t sure what to expect. Water clarity was 8-10 ft and temp was 65 and got to 72 by the afternoon. I started off throwing top water, a River2sea rover and a buzz bait in shad pattern. I had a few swirls on the buzz bait but found a few 1lbers on the rover. As the sun started to rise I switched to spinner baits and crank baits. There are a lot of large schools of bass fry all over the lake, the spawn seems to be over. I started to find fish on the river2sea biggie papa in the 1-5 ft range, it seemed that they were holding on the newly submerged grass. Most fish were in the 1-2lb range. The rod I like throwing my smaller 3/8-3/4 oz crank baits is the Falcon Boo Coo micro deep runner. This is a great rod for long cast and has enough back bone to get a good hook up but enough give that the fish can’t throw the hooks. You check the full line of Falcon rods online at Monsterfishingtackle.com. I was occasionally picking up the spinner bait but only had a few bumps. Close to noon I made a run south and picked up the a rig. Again I was able to find some small large mouth and stripers but nothing over 2lbs. The River2sea S waver 168 in baby bass pattern later in the day is were I found my best fish. I was targeting main lake points and humps, and rock piles, slow rolling it. I was able to get 6 bites on it and put 4 of them in the boat, they were all over 3lbs. Eventually the wind just got too bad to contend with and I called it a day. The shad spawn is in full swing, in most coves there are big schools of shad roaming. Not sure if it was due to the weather or post front conditions but there wasn’t much action on them. Hope this helps and good luck out there!
Parris Hogan