Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Sean Wayman

Lake Berryessa 3/18/17

Mike Tremont and myself fished Lake Berryessa on Friday and did the BBT tournament on Saturday. What a great turn out on a beautiful weekend. Friday was greeted with beautiful and stable weather. Water temps have been on the rise and the big girls were moving to the shallows. While the bite wasn’t wide open for quality fish they could be found. Friday was calm and forced us to fish plastics. Senkos, Ned Rigs, jigs, and rip baits worked at times. We started in the main body and searched for quality fish moving up. Around noon I got a nice spawned out 7.02 largemouth on a Senko in 4 ft of water. We then probed the east banks with flipping presentations and Senkos in the flooded brush. We caught plenty of fish on Senkos fished wacky and Texas. We then moved into the narrows and got on some slow tapering points and caught em drop shooting, jigs, and rip baits. 
  Saturday was tournament day. We were about boat 109 out of 129 boats to blast off. We decided to run away from the masses due to the fact we knew the prime water on the east banks would be covered. Therefore we ran towards the dam and Markley cove. Nothing doing in Markley which was kinda baffling since it had been easy to get 15 lbs in there prior to tournament day. The weather change may have not agreed with the spots and small mouth on this over cast yet calm day. Water temps were still about 62. Mike suggested we move to the backs of coves and bays since the fish were not on points. BAM! I get bit on a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss flipped into the brush in 2 ft of water. A beautiful 7.60 largemouth that turned out to be the big bass of the tournament. We then probed bays and coves for flooded brush and threw the Pit boss and a senko for the rest of the day. We culled several times before running up lake to look for the 7lb bed fish from the day before. Water clarity did not permit sight fishing, just had to hope they were there. Well if she was she wasn’t falling for out presentations today. We moved over to the east bank and I flipped the pit boss in watermelon red while mike threw a S waver and a Senko. Bam a good bight, I set the hook and a 6 lb largemouth comes flying out of the water, waves with her tail and bam the hook comes out. 
  The bite was tougher but the fish are moving up. Id look for the bite to improve in the coming weeks as the fish get ready for the major spawn. Its that time of year to get out on the water for the fish of a life time. 
Id like to thank Monsterfishingtackle.Com for the continued support. Everything we fished with can be bought there and shipped direct to you for no charge on $50 or more purchases. Abu Garcia Revo Sx reels spooled with Berkley 100% Trilene in 17 lb did most of the flipping damage, and 15 lb for the senkos. 
Until next time tight lines.
Sean Wayman

Nate Boomhower joins RB BASS Group of Anglers

Age 35
Born Sacramento
Lives Citrus Heights

Fishing runs deep in my family from generations to Generations. As far as I can remember I always had a fishing pole in my hand every chance I had. From fishing small farm ponds when I was little to fishing bigger bodies of water As I Grew Older . I always just loved to fish. Bass fishing trumped all fishing for me though. It became a part of my life more then I could ever imagine. Through out the years I became a better angler, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Now, I’m loving the sport even more. I started competitive bass tournaments in 2006 fishing several different local circuits in northern California. I currently am a Tournament Angler fishing the BBT northern region and FPT Northern Region. I’m also a writer for Westernbass. I write reports, online featured articles and articles for the magazine. I’m blessed to have the sport I love so much be such a big part of my life and to share and enjoy it with my 2 beautiful boys is amazing.

Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Tamara Rustin

February 4th 2017

Water temp: 53
Weather: 56 degrees and overcast with a few showers.
Finally got to get out on the water after about 2 weeks. Kate Hall and I decided to hit Lake Berryessa to do a little pre-fishing for our upcoming tournament for BBT on February 25th. My first time ever fishing this lake.
We launched at Pleasure Cove around 8:30 am. Started fishing the narrows. Water was a little stained had about 2 feet of visibility. We tried throwing just about a little bit of everything from Top water, A-Rig, Crank baits, Swim baits they were just not biting. Kate decided to throw on a drop shot using a Keitech leach and BAM she landed one. We landed four of our five fish for the day on the drop shot.
We decided to move to the main lake water visibility was like chocolate milk. We fished it for a while and nothing. So we decided to make our way back to the narrows around 12. Bite was tough so I decided to throw a Gary Yamamoto 5″ pink senko wacky style and finally got a bite. When we got it in the boat I was stoked landed a 3lber. For me that’s my biggest of 2017 so far. We got our 5×3 and we have a start to where we will be headed on tournament day. All of our fish were caught in warmer water in the 20 feet range and before 1:00.
Thanks for taking the time to read my fishing report and hope to see you all on the water sometime. Sack em up…

Best Bass Tournaments 2017 Schedule



BBT-Releases 2017 Bass Tournament Schedule

BBT-Releases 2017 Bass Tournament Schedule

As the 2016 Bass Tournament Season winds down with the T.O.C on the Horizon. The Best Bass Tournament Trail announces their 2017 Season Schedule. With 6 Divisions to choose from The BBT has California covered from North to South with the newly added SoCal TST Region there will be 36 regular season events to Choose from, So weather your chasing that highly coveted AOY crown in a given region or fishing the Travelers division that fits your busy life style you can choose your path to the 2017 T.O.C with the Best Bass Tournaments Trail! For more information go to





BBT upcoming Tournaments

BBT header

Tournament: Castaic Lake
Date: 6/11/2016
Body of Water: Castaic Lake
Launch Location: West launch ramp
Details: Sign ups for this event will be at 4:30 a.m the morning of the event, or online prior to event. We will be launching out of the west ramp for this event, they are scheduled to open the gate at 4:30 a.m for us to enter. Please remember to follow Best Bass Tournaments on instagram and facebook to get the latest news and updates. If you have any questions contact Chris Gilkison @ 661-703-7929

Tournament: Delta
Date: 6/18/2016
Body of Water: CA Delta
Launch Location: Russo
Details: Sign ups will start at 4am in Russo’s office the morning of the event or online prior to the event.  For more information contact Randy Pringle at 209-543-6260

Pine Flat Fishing Report


Sat May 7 fished the BBT at Pine Flat. Lake has been coming up about a foot a day. The weather was cloudy with chance of rain. Water temp was in the mid 60’s. Half the lake was off limits due to a debris barrier just below trimmer. So the lake was going to fish small. We wanted to start at the dam but 6 boats headed that way so Mike and I decided to fish Zebe creek due to no boats at all. We figured it was a good thing let everyone fight over spots and we had the whole creek to our selves. First cast of the day on a Bluegill top water bait a 3.44lb largemouth smashed it. We fished around in Zebe creek rest of the morning with the big fish just slapping at it. With the water coming up the weeds and grass were in the water as deep as we fished always bringing up weeds so we decided to use weightless worms so they wouldn’t bury themselves in weeds ever cast. We moved around on main lake with only little fish eating. At noon we went to the dam and were the only boat there again. We caught a few fish and culled up then we saw the rain coming we saw it and heard it for over 5 min as it came across the lake. As soon as the rain hit the bite was on. In the 10 min it poured on us we caught fish ever cast culling each time when the rain stopped our bite stopped and that was it when it was all over we had 9.70lbs and won the tournament good luck out there.

Brian Orange

Brian Orange Pine Flat


BBT May events

BBT header

Tournament: Clear Lake
Date: 5/14/2016
Body of Water: Clear Lake
Launch Location: Konocti Vista Casino
Details: Konocti Vista Casino
Remember to receive the $10 Discount fee, you must sign-in by Thursday by 11:59 PM online or mail in your check with your entry form. All checks must arrive by Thursday prior to the tournament. This event will be going out of Konocti Vista Casino.  Quagga Mussel Inspections must be done before you launch your boat. Check -in will begin early Saturday morning at 3:30 AM at Konocti Vista Casino. If you have already checked in on Friday afternoon, you do not need to check in again as you will have your boat number to show the BBT men wearning chartreuse vests and have all your boat compartments open and ready for inspection then you can launch.  
   If you are boating over from another launch site and you have already checked in on Friday afternoon, have your boat compartments open at the dock to have your boat checked there. If you have not checked in, you will have to sign up and get your boat number. Open all your boat compartments for the inspection. Coffee and snacks will be available in the morning.

Tournament: Don Pedro
Date: 5/14/2016
Body of Water : Lake Don Pedro
Launch Location: Fleming Meadows
Sign-ups will be at the Trading Post in the upper part of the parking lot. We will be ready for everyone at 4am till blast off. Come early for the launching could be a problem due to low lake levels, any questions please call Kevin at 559-977-8420.

Tournament: Castaic Lake
Date: 5/14/2016
Body of Water: Castaic Lake
Launch Location: Main Ramp
Sign ups for this event will be at 4:45 a.m the morning of the event, or online prior to event. We will be set up in front of the auxillary gate which is located before the main entrance. You must go past the main entrance and turn around and have your vehicle facing downhill to enter into this gate. Also your boat must be tagged either from pyramid or Castaic to enter this gate. If you do not have a tag on your boat and need inspection you will have to wait to go in the main entrance with the general public and get a boat inspection. Please remember to follow Best Bass Tournaments on instagram and facebook to get the latest news and updates. If you have any questions contact Chris Gilkison @ 661-703-7929

RB BASS Anglers on a Roll!


We get asked a lot who is RB BASS? What is RB BASS? Well the truth is its not an easy answer. Here at RB BASS we do a lot of things for the Fishing Community. From Seminars, Video Shoots, YouTube, Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs,Bass Angler Magazine, Bass Pro Shop Event appearances , involvement in Youth Fishing events and more, we are a very active group of Tournament Anglers that love to fish and support our sport. RB BASS has estimated that it has given away over $25,000.00 in Rods, Reels, Tackle and many other prizes by supporting and hosting raffles , Giveaways and other Promotions.  We have been responsible for helping Tournaments receive sponsorships from Tire Pros, and General Tire to mention a few. RB BASS and its Anglers support the Sport!


The RB BASS Group has Tournament Anglers from 19 to 70 plus years old. We support all Tournament Organizations. We have Anglers in California, Texas, and Florida. We have some young Guns that are going to make noise well into the future of this sport. Not only do we collectively spend a lot of time on the water we have a very competitive Group of Anglers. Were all becoming better friends every day and the support we give to each other is not measurable, but when a boat number is called its game on!


The start of 2016 has been a good one for many of Anglers in the group. RB BASS has a lot of very good Yung Guns that will be making noise at Tournaments for years to come!

RB Anglers-3

Here is a small summary of the start to 2016. Josh Parris Future Pro Tour 13th place Lake Berryessa,10th place Future Pro Tour Folsom Lake, 1st Place Future Pro Tour Lake New Melones.

Lynch PB

Austin Schmalz 2nd Place AM CTT Lake Oroville,Big Fish AM Lake Berryessa,

Austin SChmalz Berryessa Bass

Preston Henson Top 10 Wild West Lake Oroville, Boby Tyler Top 10 Wild West Lake Oroville,10th Place BBT Lake Oroville, John Bradford 2nd Place Wild West AM Lake Oroville, Bryceson Wright three top 5’s in the South end Challenge YTD,

Tim Meeks 3rd Place Ca Delta Teams Trail.

Meeks Dirty D

Alex Sanchez 2nd place and 9th place BASS Federation Cal Delta.

Alex Delta


Danny Cross 2nd place Wild West Lake Oroville, 4th place CTT Pro Lake Oroville, 7th place finish Future Pro Tour T.O.C Lake Oroville/Bullards Bar.

Danny Cross Oroville

Nick Lynch AOY Future Pro Tour, Future Pro Tour 13th place Lake Berryessa,10th place Future Pro Tour Folsom Lake, 1st Place Future Pro Tour Lake New Melones.

Nick top 10

Austin Wilson 1st place Future Pro Tour Championship wins Ranger Bass Boat.

Austin Mag Spotts

Michael Coleman 2nd place BASS Federation Pyramid Lake,15th place Wild West Pro am,13th Place CTT AM,11th place CTT AM, 2nd place Anglers Choice Delta, 10th place BASS divisional,1st place Ca State Champion.

Federation Champion

Ron Howe 16th Place Pro Wild West Lake Oroville, 9th place Future Pro Tour Lake Berryessa,3rd place Wild West Lake Berryessa,

Ron Howe Wild West Berryessa 3rd place

Bob Miller 3rd place Wild West Lake Berryessa,

Bob Miller WWBT 3rd Berryessa

James Everhart 11th Place Future Pro Tour Championship.

James Oroville






Best Bass Tournaments April 16-17 Events

BBT header

Tournament: Pyramid Lake
Date: 4/16/2016
Body of Water: Pyramid Lake
Launch Location: Main Lake
Details: Signups for this event will be at 4:45 a.m. the morning of the event, or on line prior to the event. We will be set up in front of the exit gate of the lake. Remember your boat will need to be tagged to be able to gain early entrance into the gate, or you will have to wait for the tagging station to open to get inspected. Remember to follow Best Bass Tournaments on instagram and facebook to get the latest updates and news. If you have any other questions, please contact Chris Gilkison @ 661-703-7929


Tournament: Delta
Date: 4/16/2016
Body of Water: CA Delta
Launch Location: Russo’s
Details:  BBT sign-ups will be at 4:00 AM at Russo’s Marina on Bethel Island in the Russo’s Marina office, at the top of the launch ramp.

Be there early to sign up as we are expecting a large field. Reminder, both anglers must sign the BBT waiver and entry form. If you are boating over from another location, you can get your boat checked at the gas dock.

The Rat-L-Trap Open will take place at the same time and location on Sunday so come out and fish again the following day!

For more information on the Rat-L-Trap Open Click Here



“Rat-L-Trap Open”

April 17, California Delta

Russo Marina on Bethel Island

100% Payout

Five Fish Limit


No Membership Fee

$100 Entry Fee

$20 Big Fish Option





1.Rat-L-Trap: Tournament rules are included herein with special notations. It is each participant’s responsibility to read all items before entering. Rat-L-Trap rules will apply in all events unless superseded by federal, state or local laws. Rat-L-Trap reserves the right to refuse any tournament entry fees or entry forms for any reason. Rat-L-Trap officials and director’s decisions will be final in all matters.

  1. Any lures CURRENTLY made by Bill Lewis Outdoors “Rat-L-Trap” may be used during this tournament. This includes the Slap-Stik and the NEW Echo 1.75. NO UMBRELLA RIGS. Custom painting your lure is permitted. You may also change your hooks. Modifying internal shot loads is NOT allowed. Adding or attaching soft-plastic baits to the ‘Trap is NOT permitted. If your modification is in question, then it is advised you seek permission from the tournament director prior to tournament ***All fish must be caught on a hook directly attached to the ‘Trap being used. ***All lures and tackle that are not on the above list of allowed tackle to be used in the Rat-L-Trap Open cannot be out on the angler’s boat deck during tournament hours.


  1. Eligibility & Participation: Any person age 17 or under must be a team partner with a parent or a person age 18 or older. Persons under 18 must have the signature of his/her parent or legal guardian on the tournament entry form.


For remaining rules list, please see “Best Bass Tournament Trail Rules 2016