Lake Berryessa fishing report by Ryan Hall

I spent the last 2 weekends fishing Lake Berryessa in preparation for the 3rd BBT Northern Region event of 2017. Last Friday morning, May 5th, I put my boat in the water at Markley Cove and to my surprise my Humminbird was showing 72.2 degree water temps. I ran through the narrows up to the North end of the lake and started fishing near spawning areas. I pulled up to a point leading to a major cove and started throwing a Reaction Innovations Vixen. No more than 3 cast later I had already gotten my first bite. I kept throwing my spook as I fished further in to the cove and was rewarded with a handful of bites. I was also able to pick up a few more on a 3.8″ Keitech swimbait. I left this cove with about 8 fish but none larger than 2.5lbs. I continued to fish points and coves with success on every stop. My top water pattern continued throughout the entire day. Towards the end of the day I could find a point that had a few better fish on it. I landed a 3.25lb smallie that had another clone with it and I was also able to get a 2lb spot that had a herd with it and a 6lb largie following them. I later checked some deeper water with a jig and a Shwanger baits 6″ whiptail on a drop shot. This lead to a few more bites but nothing over 2lbs. I got of the water around 2 o’clock with a small limit for about 12lbs.

               The following Friday, May 12th, I was able to get out again. I launched out of Pleasure Cove at around 10 o’clock. This day would fish a little different being that earlier in the week some wintry weather had come through and dropped the water temps to the low/mid 60’s. This day there was 15-20mph winds from the northwest and the entire lake had white caps on it. With that being said I chose to focus in the narrows and near the dam. I started fishing coves that were protected from the wind in an effort to maybe find some bed fish but that was a bust. It wa s an issue the previous weekend where I also did not see a single bed fish. While looking for bed fish I blind casted a spook and tubes. I only had one small bite on the spook but caught a handful of 1.5-2.5lb spots on the tube and a 3lb post spawn smallie. After a few hours of looking for beds without success and catching a ton of rats I decided to fish some wind-blown banks and get on a reaction bite. I threw a small Keitech swimbait without success, then switched to a spinnerbait and started getting a few bites. Later in the evening I pulled up to a windy bank near the dam and was rewarded with a 4.8lb spot and 2.3lb spot both on the same Nichols Lures Pulsator Spinnerbait (1/2oz double willow in bombshell shad).

               The next day was tournament day. That morning I hopped aboard my partner Bob Tyler’s RB Bass/B3 Solutions wrapped Ranger 520 and got ready for our day ahead. We started the day near Big Island throwing top water and nail weighted Senkos. We got on the fish very quickly and had our limit within about 30 minutes. We had a small limit of smallies for about 10lbs. We continued to fish around the island and we picked up 3.5lb Largemouth on a weightless senko then another 2.5lb largie shortly after. We then left and headed up to Putah Creek where we were unable to upgrade. After leaving Putah we stopped near the mouth of Pope Creek and found a bunch a smallies on beds. We looked through this whole flat full of beds but only saw 2 that would have helped our limit but were unable to get them to go in a timely manner. We then headed back down near Big Island and made 1 or 2 very small culls then had to head back in to weigh in.

               Ultimately, we caught a ton of fish. Catching them was not the issue but finding the big bites was. Our best Baits for the weekend were a Reaction Innovations Vixen, Nichols Lures Pulsator Spinnerbait, Yamamoto Senko, & a Shwanger Baits Whiptail. The links to each of these baits are listed below.

Thanks for Reading,

Ryan Hall

Top Picks:

Reaction Innovations Vixen:

Nichols Lures Pulsator Spinnerbait:

Yamamoto Senko:

Shwanger Baits Whiptail:

Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Ron Howe

Water Temps 57-61 deg

Water Stained

Weather variable-Clouds-Wind-Showers

Fishing has been up and down, the warm days get Better Bites and the cold fronts have made it tough. Just go and fish when you can and be open minded about your tactics. I found fish in Coves and Guts. I started aggressive , but quickly ended up using Reins Tungsten weights and began to dropshot Bass up to 3.5 Lbs, Morning Dawn was the key. Fish were very fickle, the lake has had a lot of pressure and the weather has been unstable. This Produced fish from Markley Cove out to the Main Body up to 3.5 Lbs.

As it warmed up and the wind started to blow, I took out the new IMA Suspending Vibe 70 to give it a try. I was quickly rewarded with a Spotted Bass around 4lbs. This quickly opened my mind on how this new bait could be used. Just imagine a Rattle Bait that you can cast to a target and dead stick it! The bait will slowly sink to 3-5 feet and just Suspend, then I would slowly work the bait with downward rod tip motions with pauses in-between and the fish were knocking slack in the line. It was a blast and they were choking it.  I was using a 7-3″ ABU Garcia Vendetta Rod with a ABU Garcia Revo SX Reel in a 7-1 Gear Ratio. My line was 50lb Spider wire with 15 lb Trilene Fluorocarbon Spliced in.  With this bait you can work over shallow flats, cast at targets such as Rock or Wood and just kill it, let it sink slowly and activate the bait, the IMA Suspending Vibe 70 has a powerful rattle making plenty of noise.


It warmed up a bit so I headed North to the flats, Here I found Bass chasing shad in 1-5 Ft of water. Here I caught fish up to 4.5 Lbs in the warmer water near the flooded brush. Both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass were up shallow, I was pitching and flipping into 1ft of water with a 1/4oz Reins Sliding Tungsten Football head and a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss in Big Texan. The fish were running away with it!


All in all it was a good day with a solid bag of fish on Lake Berryessa.




Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Sean Wayman

Lake Berryessa 3/18/17

Mike Tremont and myself fished Lake Berryessa on Friday and did the BBT tournament on Saturday. What a great turn out on a beautiful weekend. Friday was greeted with beautiful and stable weather. Water temps have been on the rise and the big girls were moving to the shallows. While the bite wasn’t wide open for quality fish they could be found. Friday was calm and forced us to fish plastics. Senkos, Ned Rigs, jigs, and rip baits worked at times. We started in the main body and searched for quality fish moving up. Around noon I got a nice spawned out 7.02 largemouth on a Senko in 4 ft of water. We then probed the east banks with flipping presentations and Senkos in the flooded brush. We caught plenty of fish on Senkos fished wacky and Texas. We then moved into the narrows and got on some slow tapering points and caught em drop shooting, jigs, and rip baits. 
  Saturday was tournament day. We were about boat 109 out of 129 boats to blast off. We decided to run away from the masses due to the fact we knew the prime water on the east banks would be covered. Therefore we ran towards the dam and Markley cove. Nothing doing in Markley which was kinda baffling since it had been easy to get 15 lbs in there prior to tournament day. The weather change may have not agreed with the spots and small mouth on this over cast yet calm day. Water temps were still about 62. Mike suggested we move to the backs of coves and bays since the fish were not on points. BAM! I get bit on a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss flipped into the brush in 2 ft of water. A beautiful 7.60 largemouth that turned out to be the big bass of the tournament. We then probed bays and coves for flooded brush and threw the Pit boss and a senko for the rest of the day. We culled several times before running up lake to look for the 7lb bed fish from the day before. Water clarity did not permit sight fishing, just had to hope they were there. Well if she was she wasn’t falling for out presentations today. We moved over to the east bank and I flipped the pit boss in watermelon red while mike threw a S waver and a Senko. Bam a good bight, I set the hook and a 6 lb largemouth comes flying out of the water, waves with her tail and bam the hook comes out. 
  The bite was tougher but the fish are moving up. Id look for the bite to improve in the coming weeks as the fish get ready for the major spawn. Its that time of year to get out on the water for the fish of a life time. 
Id like to thank Monsterfishingtackle.Com for the continued support. Everything we fished with can be bought there and shipped direct to you for no charge on $50 or more purchases. Abu Garcia Revo Sx reels spooled with Berkley 100% Trilene in 17 lb did most of the flipping damage, and 15 lb for the senkos. 
Until next time tight lines.
Sean Wayman

Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Mike Tremont

Berryessa Water temperature 53 to 56, stained Winds calm to about 10
Got a late start in the morning. I travel through Winters up 128 which was closed due mudslides. I got a lucky break and was allowed through. It’s amazing seeing the hillside on top of the road!
Got on the lake about 11am. With the lake just reaching full pool and still rising, my plan was to cover water looking for the more active fish. Bright noisy baits were tied on. I ran around a bit trying to locate either bait of fish with the graph. Not much of either. The birds were also scattered about trying to eat. They were having a tough time as well!
I slowed down a little bit and started throwing a baby brush hog on a darthead. Never felt the bite, but finally the tug at the end of the line was there! Poor fish was pale, but had a lot of fight in it! I’d love to tell you I had it dialed, but that was it on this day!

Cal Coast Clip N Cull

Being out on the water trying to figure out the puzzle in itself is a victory for me. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get, but some days the catching part of doesn’t happen. Next time I have a little bit better of a clue as to where and how to start if conditions don’t change much.
So I did little shopping at To restock some necessities. They have much of what one needs for multiple species of fish, or for our comfort out on the water. Remember to enjoy the beauty of the chase, if it were always easy, it wouldn’t be the challenge.

RB BASS Anglers on a Roll!


We get asked a lot who is RB BASS? What is RB BASS? Well the truth is its not an easy answer. Here at RB BASS we do a lot of things for the Fishing Community. From Seminars, Video Shoots, YouTube, Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs,Bass Angler Magazine, Bass Pro Shop Event appearances , involvement in Youth Fishing events and more, we are a very active group of Tournament Anglers that love to fish and support our sport. RB BASS has estimated that it has given away over $25,000.00 in Rods, Reels, Tackle and many other prizes by supporting and hosting raffles , Giveaways and other Promotions.  We have been responsible for helping Tournaments receive sponsorships from Tire Pros, and General Tire to mention a few. RB BASS and its Anglers support the Sport!


The RB BASS Group has Tournament Anglers from 19 to 70 plus years old. We support all Tournament Organizations. We have Anglers in California, Texas, and Florida. We have some young Guns that are going to make noise well into the future of this sport. Not only do we collectively spend a lot of time on the water we have a very competitive Group of Anglers. Were all becoming better friends every day and the support we give to each other is not measurable, but when a boat number is called its game on!


The start of 2016 has been a good one for many of Anglers in the group. RB BASS has a lot of very good Yung Guns that will be making noise at Tournaments for years to come!

RB Anglers-3

Here is a small summary of the start to 2016. Josh Parris Future Pro Tour 13th place Lake Berryessa,10th place Future Pro Tour Folsom Lake, 1st Place Future Pro Tour Lake New Melones.

Lynch PB

Austin Schmalz 2nd Place AM CTT Lake Oroville,Big Fish AM Lake Berryessa,

Austin SChmalz Berryessa Bass

Preston Henson Top 10 Wild West Lake Oroville, Boby Tyler Top 10 Wild West Lake Oroville,10th Place BBT Lake Oroville, John Bradford 2nd Place Wild West AM Lake Oroville, Bryceson Wright three top 5’s in the South end Challenge YTD,

Tim Meeks 3rd Place Ca Delta Teams Trail.

Meeks Dirty D

Alex Sanchez 2nd place and 9th place BASS Federation Cal Delta.

Alex Delta


Danny Cross 2nd place Wild West Lake Oroville, 4th place CTT Pro Lake Oroville, 7th place finish Future Pro Tour T.O.C Lake Oroville/Bullards Bar.

Danny Cross Oroville

Nick Lynch AOY Future Pro Tour, Future Pro Tour 13th place Lake Berryessa,10th place Future Pro Tour Folsom Lake, 1st Place Future Pro Tour Lake New Melones.

Nick top 10

Austin Wilson 1st place Future Pro Tour Championship wins Ranger Bass Boat.

Austin Mag Spotts

Michael Coleman 2nd place BASS Federation Pyramid Lake,15th place Wild West Pro am,13th Place CTT AM,11th place CTT AM, 2nd place Anglers Choice Delta, 10th place BASS divisional,1st place Ca State Champion.

Federation Champion

Ron Howe 16th Place Pro Wild West Lake Oroville, 9th place Future Pro Tour Lake Berryessa,3rd place Wild West Lake Berryessa,

Ron Howe Wild West Berryessa 3rd place

Bob Miller 3rd place Wild West Lake Berryessa,

Bob Miller WWBT 3rd Berryessa

James Everhart 11th Place Future Pro Tour Championship.

James Oroville






Lake Berryessa Report


Lake Berryessa Map

Lake Berryessa Report 3/27

I fished the Future Pro Tour event at Berryessa on Saturday and had a good finish with 17.04 pounds. The pattern that me and my partner Josh Parris ran was bed fishing and catching shallow fish in spawning areas. We caught all of our fish in the cove between Big and Small Island.

Berry Island

We threw weightless senkos blindly in about 1-6 foot of water and kept our eyes open for beds. The fish would generally just start swimming off with the senko and if we found a bed fish we threw a variety of baits to make it to bite. The fish are really starting to move up and with more warm weather on the way there should be tons of beds soon.

Tight lines, Nick Lynch

Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Steve Wilson


Lake Berryessa Fishing Report by Steve Wilson

Lake Berryessa Map



Lake Berryessa Report

Lake Berryessa Map

Well after 3 days of fishing Lake Berryessa under changing conditions I feel like I learned a bit. I fished the CTT Pro/Am this past weekend. Weather over all was very nice, although it was changing from day to day. Cloud cover and wind came and went and definitely changed things. Fishing over all was good. I caught my fish in the middle lake area in 15ft or less. All fish were caught on a variety of baits. Swimbaits were the most consistent producer. Various plastics also brought fish to weigh in. Stick baits, tubes, creature baits, beaver style baits, all in natural colors. You can really fish as you like, and have success right now. Water  temps in the morning were about 57 deg and by weigh in each day it was 62-63 depending on location. Get out there and enjoy a day on Lake Berryessa while the weather is still good and the fish are biting.

All of your bait needs can be found at Monster Tackle, find the link on our page.

Sean Wayman Berry