Informative Fishermans Expo this weekend You dont want to miss out!

Informative Fisherman’s Expo this weekend!

You don’t want to miss out as Nick Smith of Informative Fisherman and Local Angler Matt Frazier host the first annual Informative Fisherman’s Expo @ Modesto Toyota this weekend. The event will start at 12 Noon and end at 6pm. Well over 30 vendors will have booths set up for you to come and interact with them. Tons of Raffle prizes have started to stack up and the word is more are on the way! Free Food and Drinks- great weather is on the way finally, so come on down and see what the buzz is all about! There is no Entry Fee for this event! There will be casting contests and a Fishing pond for the kids. You don’t want to miss this event!



Lake Sonoma Fishing Report by Steve Wilson

I headed up to lake Sonoma with my son. Got a late start but he wanted to get on the water. We got on the lake about 9am and headed for cherry creek on the north end of the lake. It was a nice warm day already in the high 60’s. I Dumped the trolling motor in the water and noticed the water temp was in the low 60’s and stained, so i pulled out my new Dobyns 765 cb glass rod, with 40# Vicious no fade braid and a 15# Vicious pro fluorocarbon leader, Awesome new rod for chatterbaits. A Dobyns Fury 733 with a wacky rigged 6″ Yamamoto senko on a weedless 3/0 Moto hook with 40# Vicious no fade braid and a 15# leader of Vicious pro fluorocarbon and a 2 Dobyns 703’s, 1 with 8# Vicious pro fluorocarbon with a 3.8 Keitech on it and the other had a 5″ Yamamoto wacky rigged senko on a weedless 1/0 Moto hook and 20# Vicious no fade braid with no leader for my son. We started on a nice flat with no luck. We fished to a small point going into a small finger. My son Pitched the senko up to the bank into a shadow and a 5#er crushed it off the surface and the fight was on. Fish #1 was in the boat. I pitched to the next shadow and another good fished crushed it. I fought him to the boat but he came off. The very next cast into a shadow yielded a junky 3#er, I put it in the well and while fixing my senko i heard a splash ahead me so i fired the senko to the center of the boil and another 5# almost ripped the rod out of my hands. We fished for another hour before we had to leave, landing 15-20 fish with a limit weighing 18-20lbs. It was a awesome trip and cant wait to get back up there !! Tell next time. STICK EM !!!  

Take a Kid Fishing

Folsom Lake fishing report by Mike Tremont

Folsom 3-5-2017

Temp. 40 to 55 rain with hail showers.

Wind was 5 to about 25 during a downpour.

Water temp. 46 to 50,

stained 6 inch visibility.
Fished the local High School Tournament put on by Vista del Lago HS. Each boat has 2 anglers from a high school fishing team. The HS Anglers fish for their own 5 fish limit and the boater fishes for one fish in a big fish only option. I prefished Saturday, the water levels have been fluctuating greatly with all the recent rain. Between 2/10 and 3/5 the high water level was 450 and the low of 400. With all this and the lingering cold water temps, the fish were not very active. I committed to the main body of the lake. Found some nice groups of fish in the 20 foot range outside of some coves and off of some points. I threw a number of known fish catching baits at them with no takers! I threw spinnerbaits, A-Rig and my trusty pointers on some flats, nothing! Deciding that some smaller baits like tubes, baby brush hogs and 4″ fat worms would increase my odds of getting bit, everything else went in the rod locker.
Working a rocky flat with a few stumps I got my one and only prefish bite. Chunky spot that ate a 4″ green pumpkin Senko, covered in Smelly Jelly. Surprise to me, it was in about 2 feet of water. That was a pattern I was going to focus on in the tournament. I was paired with Daniel and Tony from Vista del Lago. They were ready and had similar results from their prefish. At 8:30 I got bit and landed a nice 4lb Spot on a green pumpkin tube dipped in chartreuse dye on an 1/8 darthead. Having a little confidence that we were doing the right thing, I put my rod down and let the kids go at it while I tried to keep them in good position. The grind was on, doubts creeping in my head as 2 hours passed without another bite. I grabbed a rod with a Zappu head and trick worm. Many more casts and finally a bite, but it was gone that fast! One of the team had a Smallie Beaver on a darthead rigged which he threw in immediately where I was just bit. Fish on! They landed a nice little 2 pounder. I put my rod down again for some time. I really wanted these guys to do well, but the fish weren’t cooperative! We kept moving around trying different baits. I picked my rod back up and instantly wished I hadn’t, I landed another 4 pounders!

Knowing we have decent fish around is great, but me catching them is not helping! I put the rod down again and kept my guys in good position, until the wind really started going. It was time to seek shelter behind a hill. There were several other boats with the same idea. There was also a huge school of fish down in 20′, but they would not bite! The water was also 46 degrees! We had an hour left and decided to try one other spot close to the ramp. The wind had really shifted and was blowing. On our way in we found some good size waves and the ride was rough, even in a 21′ Champion! We stopped outside the ramp area and discussed our options. They made a great decision to call it a day. We had a great pizza lunch, raffle while the wind laid down as the sun was coming out. 

Simple and effective baits all found at were the key. While there were some that did better, there were many that didn’t even get bit. Remember what’s important is the learning and to remain safe when you’re out there!



Lake New Melones Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 54-56

Air temp 45lows 59 highs 

Water clarity 4into 1ft

Wind 2-4 mph

Weather ?

With Bass Nation coming to Lake New Melones  in just a few weeks  and the water temperatures warming rapidly the fishing should be good as a matter of fact it should be a complete slug fest. With the water temperatures creeping into the high 50s the big spotted bass are starting to Rome the banks and taking full advantage of the rising water and all the small pray that is being  trapped by the quickly rising water. The largemouth are also taking full advantage of the rising water and easy meals before they Spawn. The largemouth are coming out of there winter haunts starting to migrate to pre Spawn staging areas. I saw a perfect opportunity for myself and my good friend Dave Romanus to do a little scouting for the tournament so keeping all the conditions in mind we  started on the West Bank’s facing east and long sloping points leading into spawning bays or flats.  We quickly picked up a fish and our first clue using the Blade Runner A- rig and Bass Assassin Lures Die Dapper swim baits  in  albino shad with all the recent rains and the muddy water we also decided to spray B.A.N.G sent in the shad flavor and the fish were just absolutely crushing the Bass Assasin Die Dapper. As the sun got high we started targeting the flatter banks and boom our first largemouth bites, so I continued throwing my Blade Runner A-rig on my Phenix Maxim 711 H and we started to put together a good bag.

Just targeting long points that are located out in front of spawning bays and flats adjacent to Deep water. We started in around 20 feet in the morning and began working shallow as the day goes on. We kept moving around from spot to spot, make sure you watch carefully for floating debris as with all the heavy rains there could be some hazardous conditions. If there is any last minute gear you need stop at the Glory Hole they have ,Gas, Food , and a ton of tackle.

Report by Michael Coleman fishing

Lake Camanche Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Air temp 36
Water temp 48
Water clarity 3 ft in main body and up the river 0 clarity

With one of the biggest storms in recent years just coming to a halt I saw an opportunity to fish my home lake Camanche . In the morning it was socked in with fog and had a very cold north wind. Air temps were in the mid 30’s and the lake was on the rise in a big way. I was not to sure What I was in for since the lake had came up 20 ft or so in the past few weeks, I wasn’t sure if the fish would move up with the cold weather and dropping water temps. I started on south shore bluff wall in 30 ft or so and not even a nibble. The bluff wall came to a point and a shallow cove so I tossed a River2sea jig with the Bass Assassin pure craw trailer in about 12 ft of water and Booooom a nice fat 4 pound largemouth was in the boat . I then started targeting the new cover that hasn’t been in water for years  and the bigger largemouth were there! The fish were shallow in the 12ft to 17ft range and the dropshot began to play a huge part and caught the big fish! I was dragging the jig every now and then and I would use my lowrance see a arch and drop my Bass Assasin lit’l Tapper in watermelon red down on them with about a 1ft leader and 1/4 ounce weight. I was targeting the spine of the points, but it seemed the fish were on the side of the points farther back. There is still a ton of good fish on the south shore islands they are getting heavily pressured and are a little harder to catch. All in all it was a great winter day. Staying to the north will find you the cleaner water and some better fish .
Report by Michael Coleman
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2017 RB BASS Tackle Giveaway

2017 RB BASS Facebook Giveaway

Go to the RB BASS Facebook Page Like Comment and Share for your chance to win a Huge Prize pack loaded with Good Stuff! Once we reach 100 Comments- we will choose a Winner!



Tamara Rustin Joins RB BASS group of Anglers

Oroville Ca Dec 2016

Lady Angler Tamara Rustin Joins RB BASS group of Anglers

RB BASS is excited to add a Lady Angler to the Group. Tamara is a great addition to our Group, she is consistent with promotions on Social Media and She can put good ones in the Livewell. We look forward to helping Tamara grow with the sport of Bass Fishing in 2017 and beyond!  To Learn more about Tamara read her Bio below.

Hey there. My Name Is Tamara Rustin. I am a single mom with two beautiful children, Brody 9 and Kayleigh 5. I was born and raised in Oroville Ca. I work Full time in the Metal Supply Business.

I started fishing when i was 5. my papa and nana took me on my fist camping/fishing trip to little grass valley reservoir and i have been hooked ever since. I started fishing ponds behind my house to Lake Oroville, Clear Lake and other local lakes. In 2014 i fished my first tournament circuit which was the BBT. My passion is tournament fishing, the lights, the boats, the people and just enjoying the beauty of it all. I am currently fishing Norcal 90, a family run circuit on Lake Oroville. I am very fortunate to be a part of and represent the following companies. North Valley Tackle, Cal Coast Fishing, Bass Angler Magazine and i am also pleased and excited to have been offered the opportunity to be apart of the RBBASS Family. Looking Forward to the 2017 season. See You on the water! Sack ‘ Em Up.


Lake Camanche Fishing Report by Michael Coleman

Water temp 55
Air temp 35
Water clarity 3ft
Weather blue bird post front
Wind 2to4 mph
Location lake Camanche

                  With winter now in full swing the spotted bass are on fire at lake Camanche but there is a largemouth bite going real good as well. One of the main keys for myself is fishing the off shore humps or tailing piles or even the steep bluffs were ever the river channel swings up against them this is key as well as  retrieving  my baits up hill is key to winter time fishing in my opinion.

The key baits for myself have been a fat job worm rigged whacky and nail weighted also the boss shiner swim bait and the A rig, I personally have been using the G-funk baits A-Rig and the Bass Assassin  die dapper in albino shad. Fishing slow is also a huge part to my success. There are a good population of largemouth on the south shore humps and a few in houseboat cove and the river is holding a good population of spotted bass. Keep in mind it’s winter the fish are living together when there’s one the is usually more and slow down!!!!!!!

New Product from Cal Coast Fishing the Clip N CULL


With the 2017 tournament season quickly approaching there is a new product coming that’s going to change the culling game forever!!!!!

Cal Coast Fishing has been working on a new product with anglers from the weekend warrior up to the Touring Pro level to perfect the Clip N Cull. Cal Coast has spent countless hours testing and working with top engineers to produce a reliable fish care culling system. Fish care is takin very seriously at Cal Coast Fishing so we spent a lot of time focusing on a product that would help reduce stress on fish and bring Value to the Tournament Bass Angler.  Cal Coast Fishing is launching their new no puncture ratchet clip culling system. Coming with six buoys to a pack and retail pricing around 40 Bucks the new Clip N Cull is a great Value. The clip n cull is equipped with a durable e.v.a foam buoy. Connecting the e.v.a foam to the no puncture ratchet clip is surgical tubing incased with 200-pound mono to insure there is no rusting. This new system is easy to use and is non-tangling, as you lift that Big Ol Pig out of the live well the complex ratchet system will tighten to ensure max grip but not puncture or scar the fish.  The clip n cull will be set hit the market January 2017 the product is a must have for your next tournament this product will be available at

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Delta Fishing Report by Charlie King

 Delta Map
With my belly still full from the Holiday, we headed out Saturday morning from Orwood on the California Delta. I paired up with my RB Bass brother Michael Coleman for the one day get together. It started raining shortly after we launched the boat, with rain  off and on all day.  Living my entire  life on the Delta,  I knew this weather was going to bring a pretty tough bite and.  If we can catch 13 to 14 pounds we just might win.  After talking with Mike we came to the conclusion  our best bite would be on a rip bait so I pulled out my #OkumaTCS crankbait rod and #Okuma Helios reel spooled with 12 lb. test fluorocarbon; I was ready – the night before I had tied on my favorite #River2Sea rip bait. We got a pattern pretty fast catching 2 lb’ers on tulle points. We had our 5 fish and decided to just hit points and hope for a couple of 4 lb’ers to give us 14 to 15 lbs. After fishing a point I turned the Minn Kota trolling motor up to high to get to the next point and right in the middle of the island a little patch of hyacinth was sticking out and Mike threw his rip bait up to it and worked it back to the boat and a 5 lb. fish grabbed his bait right next to the boat but came off before we could net it. It took just that one fish to make us slow down and start fishing the whole island, we culled one fish with a 3 lb’er that came from the middle of another island so the bigger fish today are definitely not on the points. I had one break my line with about 15 minutes left in the day that would have culled the one 13 inch fish we had.  I think if we could have put the two in the boat… but that’s fishing right! 
We got to put a product from Cal Coast Fishing called the Clip N Cull to the test today and we both are very impressed with the new cull system and think you will be to so keep your eyes open for the release of the CCF Clip N Cull. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and get the chance to get out and find some fish. Until next time friends, tight lines! Charlie.
Thanks to Savage Gear USA, Okuma Fishing, Johnson Outdoors, Bass Anglers Magazine, Cal Coast Fishing, Plano Synergy, Fins fishing, River2Sea, TNT, THCG and RBBASS