Delta Fishing report by Alex Sanchez

Water Temperature-54-58

Water Clarity Mud – 5 Feet

Weather Condition- Party Cloudy/Rain

Wind- 10 to 20MPH


I had the chance to fish the California Delta this past Sunday with long time friend and sponsor Vince Borges of Phenix Rods. Vince and I got on the water about 7:30, due to high water conditions we launched out of Paradise Point Marina. We started fishing fairly close to Paradise Point Marina jumping around through Disappointment and 14 Mile Slough. We managed to boat a couple nice fish tossing Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits on some isolated tulle berms nothing really special to try and duplicate. So we started working our way to the West Delta looking for some cleaner / warmer water. It took quite a bit of gas to do so but we found 58 degree water with 5 foot visibility and the fish were chewing! Immediately, Vince and I double hook up with a 5 and 3 pounder both on Chatterbaits..

We continue further back into the pocket and not a bite! I change things up and toss a deep diving Crankbait and boat another solid fish. We reached the end of the pocket, Vince tosses his Chatterbait against the edge of some isolated Hyacinth and gets CRUSHED…two head shakes and comes unbuttoned. Vince was heartbroken knowing that could have been a today’s kicker fish. Being pressed for time with a bad weather system coming in we decided to fish up to little patch of tulles adjacent to hyacinth then leave. I fired cast into the patch and got hammered! A beautiful 6 pound pre-spawn bass boated on a Spinnerbait! Vince and I ended up with 17 pounds for our best five. Our key to success was clear water, you won’t catch a lot of fish but you will boat the right ones.

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Delta Fishing Report

Delta Map

Delta Fishing report

The water temp was around 70 degrees and the fishing was outstanding. We caught fish all day long. No tide was better was better, we caught most of our fish on chater baits and Paradise swim jigs, but my bigger fish came on a buzz bait and a whopper plopper. I did catch a few fish on a black repo man as well, but my big fish of the day came on a black and blue jig and it weighted a little over 7 and a half pounds. The water I was fishing in had a slight stain to it and it was just the way that I like it. If the water is clear I try not to fish in those areas because it’s harder for me to get a bite so I target were the water is stained. Plus, the stained parts are were the bigger fish come from. I hope that this is help for the next time you go out to the Delta.
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Delta Fishing Report 5-12-11

Took a buddy out to the Delta on 5/12/11. He hadn’t caught a bass all year until today! It was a little windy and the water temp was around 52F. We got a couple right off the bat with D&M weightless worms and then started throwing reaction baits. I tried out my new S.O.B. spinnerbait in a shad pattern and was able to pick up a couple nice ones. The bass seem to be at prespawn, spawn, and post spawn phases right now so get out there when you get a chance! Remember, it’s better to go when you get 3 days of steady weather…

Good luck! Jeff Czapla

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Mike O’Shea’s ELITE California Delta Guide Service

Mike O’Shea recently launched a new website to promote his new Guide Service on the California Delta!

From – O’Shea showing the way 7/12/2010

Former Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mike O’Shea has launched a guide service on the California Delta.

“What I love most is tournament fishing and teaching fishing,” he said. “I get such joy and satisfaction from teaching tips and techniques that I’ve learned in 30-plus years of tournament bass fishing. Hiring a guide not only can show you the right way to approach many on-the-water situations, but can improve your confidence in your ability to catch fish.”

As part of his service, he’ll also evaluate his clients’ equipment and give advice on future purchases for specific applications.

“Let’s face it, in the beginning we all are guilty of purchasing and wasting money on insufficient rods and reels that were wrong for a specific technique, and tackle boxes are filled with lures that just look good and never get used.”

You can learn more at his website, Designed by Steve Adams of 316 Design