Delta fishing report by Christopher Evola 3/12/17

Water temp: 56-59
Water Clarity: 6″-2′ 
Air Temp: 56-74 degrees 
Wind: Northwest 2-7 mph 
Tide: Outgoing
Moon: Full 🌕

My brother Justin Ross and I, launched my boat at 0645 hours out of the Tiki Lagun Marina & Resort, located at 12988 W. Mcdonald  Road, Stockton, California, 95206. 

After launching we made our way out to the North side of Mildred Island. We started off throwing reaction baits such as the River2sea Ish Monroe Square Bill in delta craw color, and the River2sea Ish Monroe Bling Spinnerbait in the cold blooded color. We had zero bites on these baits in the first thirty minutes of fishing. I knew there were fish in the area because it’s a well known spot by almost everyone who fishes the delta. With the water warming the way it has, the full moon, stable weather, and high tide, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around why they wouldn’t eat a moving bait. 

Without hesitation I knew exactly what needed to be done. The warm weather had me so excited for the pre spawn I forgot about winter transition. The bass needed to transition from their wintering holes up into the secondary breaks. From the secondary breaks they needed to feed on a forage that provides high calories, minerals, magnesium, and calcium which will sustain them through the spawning process. They needed to feed on crawfish which were becoming more active with the warm weather. I looked at my brother Justin and quickly put away all my rods but one. The only rod I left on the deck was my Dobyns 735 matched with my Abu Garcia Revo Rocket. This combination compliments my 1/2 ounce TNT Baits Dragon Fly Wada Jig extremely well.  This particular color is my go to when the bass are in their winter transitioning stages. 

We pulled up to a break on the north side of Mildred where the water was ripping out of the island. The rocks on the break were barely exposed and several scattered  tules were present. I pitched my jig into a hole between the tules and rock about the size of a basketball. I felt a small tick so I leaned in and set, boat flipping a three pounder onto the deck of the boat. I looked over at my brother Justin and I told him we’re throwing jigs the rest of the day. He agreed and we continued down the bank catching several three to three and a half pounders. The tide was over half way out so we decided to run to Mandeville. We pulled up on the south side of Mandeville and it just looked perfect for a big girl to be present. It had a hard rock break scattered tules and a hard well defined grass line five feet off the bank. This area is what is referred to as a trough. I pitched my jig into the trough popped it twice and my line shot under the boat. I cranked on my Revo Rocket twice and leaned back with a cracking hook set. My rod doubled over and a nice chunk largemouth jumped right next to the boat. I flipping her up onto the deck of the boat and was greeted by a fist bump from my brother. That’s a seven he stated and I obliged him as I slipped her carefully into the livewell. As we made our way down the bank we caught several more three pounders along with several fish in the two pound class. As the tide fell out even further we noticed the fish were reacting towards a more aggressive swimming action on our jigs. This was beneficial because it allowed us to cover more water quicker rather then a traditional slow retrieve. 

We came to an area where the trough was no deeper then two feet and there was lots of wood present. My brother flipped in between two limbs which were submerged and his line jumped approximately two feet. He leaned in and set the hook as he landed a nice largemouth which weighed five and a half pounds. We ran out of good looking water so we started up the motor and blasted back towards Mildred. We settled in an area we call three ponds which is located Northeast to Mildred. This area is basically tules with mixed in grass but the exterior has deep water around it which makes it ideal for winter transitioning bass. We fishing there for approximately twenty minutes when we doubled almost simultaneously on twin four pounders. With limited time before we had to leave, we took a quick photo and ended the day. 

If I had only one tip to give it would be this. Just because the water is warming rapidly and there is a few fish getting ready to bed, doesn’t mean they all are. Keep an open mind while your out on the water and always stay optimistic. Hope this fishing report helps you catch more fish, and good  luck out there next time your on the water.

RB Bass Pro Staff Angler 

Christopher Anthony Evola 

Delta Fishing Report by Charlie King

Report Date: Wednesday, Feb 15 
Launch: Orwood Resort
Weather: low pressure building with cloud cover and a chance of rain
Water: The tide was going out but the water was still very high, the water temperature was right at 55 degrees. 

Plan:  Fish towards Holland Cut, after fishing with chatterbaits this past Saturday and having a fair bait, and with the pressure moving in I started the day with the same technique used Saturday – chatterbait.
For about 30 minutes I fished a big flat with the TNT BAITS Claymore Chatterbait, then I turned back around and fished the same flat with a red River2Sea Biggie square bill crankbait, not one bite!
I moved to another big flat with the hopes that some big-girls would be up cruising the shallows.  After another 45 minutes of throwing the Chatterbait and Crankbait still not one fish. Just the night before I read an article in Bass Angler Magazine called Late Winter Bass Migration and how fast the weather can make these fish move.  I decided to move away from a reaction bait and try some flipping, I stopped at a river bend with riprap to try some deeper tulles.  I flipped a ½ oz. black and blue TNT Wadda Jig for another half hour without a bite.  I sat down to drink a bottle of water and thought about what I should do next.  Then it hit me: After fishing two of the spots where I thought the fish should have moved into, the only place left was deeper water.  So, I turned around and went back to the first flat I fished and tied on a ¾ oz. TNT M80 football jig tipped with Savage Gear Reaction Crayfish.  I stayed back from the flat and casted up to about 6 ft. and worked the jig down to about 15 ft., on my third cast a healthy three pounder chocked the jig.  I got two more fish on that spot and at least one on every spot I stopped where there was a big flat that would roll off to at least 15 ft. 

Charlie King Testing the Clip N Cull

I didn’t get any big fish today but managed to catch 7 fish, with my best five weighing a little over 13 lbs.
 I think my best take away from this day on the water is it’s good to have a game plan; but keeping an open mind and making adjustments throughout the day can turn not catching fish into a fish catching day!
The Delta is getting ready for some great spring fishing, so get out there and try some of the different techniques I talked about and catch some fish! God bless and good fishing. Charlie King

California Delta Salmon Fishing with RB BASS Anglers

Delta Map

Ron Howe and Preston Henson getting a few Fall Delta Salmon Hook ups using Mepps Flying C Spinners and Fire Tiger Ima Square Bill Crank Baits..


In the Fall Salmon migrate thru the California Delta on their way to Spawn up the rivers and creeks, they make stops along the way in the Delta, if you spend time and learn where they go each year, you can repeat your success. Rattle baits,Jigging Spoons,Spinners and Ima Square Bill crankbaits will draw viscous strikes from these Fall Chinook Salmon. Make sure to read the regulations each year on when and where you can keep Salmon!


Ditches-deep holes, Migration routes,Bays and Dead end areas are good places to scout out in the fall. 





Delta Fishing Report by Josh Parris

Delta Map

Last Saturday I got out for a Sonora bass tournament on the Delta out of Ladd’s. I’ve been super busy and wasn’t able to get out to pre fish. After taking a look at the tide charts and weather over the last week I figured I’d stay local and capitalize on time spent fishing versus running. Also the fact that it was the same day as BBT’s TOC, I didn’t want to interfere with anglers fishing it.  My first run on blast off was the mouth of the first sloughs past Ladd’s. I started out throwing top water. Within five casts I realized, I just wasn’t feeling it. So I picked up my Falcon BuCoo Super Duty rod and started punching and heavy flipping.


I was using a 1oz River2sea Trash Bomb paired with their New Jack flipping hook in 4/0. As far as my baits any crawfish imitation seemed to work. The cover that held the better fish was the thickest and hardest stuff to get my bait threw. The reason I didn’t just up the weight to get through easier, was once you got through the fish seemed to want a slow fall. I never had an initial fall bite and all were subtle pressure bites while working the bait. So I worked up the river to a spot I knew had a good mix of hyacinth, tulles and grass. Two spots with in a 100 yard stretch were really what I focused on the entire day. The patches were only about the size of a truck bed. It was the very bottom of low tide so rather than running for the right tide I waited it out. I was able to put a small limit in the boat for 10lbs by 8:30. At 9:00 the tide really started moving back in and got right! For the next three hours I literally worked as slow as humanly possible back and forth between the two patches, culling once on every pass. I felt the key was really to hit every target as quietly and effective as possible. At 10 I punched my best fish, at that point going over 5lbs. Ten minutes later I stuck another good one over 4 lbs. unfortunately during culling with the 4 lber the 5 lber jumped out of the well and right over the rail.  That was a first for me! In a bit of a fit I still threw out the 2 lb. fish I was culling leaving me with four fish. After about 15 minutes of stewing I got back to it. At 11:00 I stuck a 7 lber. I had two more good fish that I never saw pop off after that. By 1:00 the bite pretty much dissolved. I switched to cranking main channel and was able to catch a few fish and made one more cull before weigh in.


I ended the day with 18.72 which was good enough for first place and big fish for the tournament.

Jos Parris


CA Delta Report 9-24-2016 by Nick Lynch


Delta Map


I fished the Future Pro Tour event today with my partner Josh Parris. We took 10th place with 14lbs, here’s how it went down. We started our day in 14 mile slough throwing reaction baits and topwater. The water up there was very dirty and we only managed 1 keeper fish in an hour of fishing, topwater never went for us and our one fish came on a square bill. It was pretty much a grind after that, we filled out a small limit running around throwing senkos and dropshots. We fished around Hog Island and landed another decent fish on a spinner bait, the reaction bite was producing better fish. Towards the end of the day we fished the San Joaquin River and upgraded most of our fish by throwing senkos and punching the grass. If you’re going to be fishing the delta this time of the year you have to be punching if you want to catch a big bag. Everyone in the top 5 reported catching punch fish. The only issue is there has been tons of spraying going on and there is not much good punch water until you get around Franks Tract. Due to our boat we had to stay local and it was a grind to find our 14 lbs.

Tight lines, Nick Lynch


Bass Fest 2016 Seminar Speakers and Times

The Bass Fest

The Bass Fest hits the California Delta this weekend! September 10th and 11th!

The Bass fest is a end of Summer celebration of the sport of Bass Fishing. This is a two day weekend event Trade Show/Tournament style event. Saturday will be a full trade show outdoors starting at 12pm and going till 7pm. Sunday will start with a $50 100% payback 3 Fish limit event. Followed by the second day of the trade show from 12-5pm.  

Saturday will host 4 Seminars from 4 Different Anglers

1pm Tony Franceschi

2pm Nate Harbison

3pm Ron Howe

4pm Greg Gutierrez


Tony Franceschi @ 1PM

Tony Franceschi

Tony brings 25 years of Tournament Experience and winning resume with it! Don’t miss this seminar!

  • 20 Tournament wins
  • 3 time Pro Am winner
  • 3 Angler of the Year titles
  • 6 time Western Bass Classic Qualifier
  • 7 time BFL Regional Championship qualifier
  • 3 time Western Bass Classic Qualifier
  • 2 time Everstart Series Championship qualifier
  • Tony’s Sponsors:Bass Cat Boats, Mercury Marine, Lowrance, Boatmasters, Dobyns Rods, Daiwa Reels, Simms, P-Line, Power-Pole, Gann’s Custom Tackle

Nate Harbison @ 2PM

Nate Harbison

  • 3rd place as a FLW co angler on Kentucky lake 
  • Nate is a 2 time BBT Angler of the Year
  • Nate will be making the move to the front of the boat this upcoming season
  • Nate’s sponsors: by Strike King, Rat L Trap as well as Safe and Easy Boat Care

Ron Howe @3PM

Howe Delta bass

Ron brings 25 years of Tournament Experience and winning resume with it! Don’t miss this seminar!

  • 13 Tournament wins
  • 8 Second Place Finishes
  • Several Top 5 and Top 10 finishes
  • 2013 Angler of the year Best Bass Tournament Trails
  • Top 5 in AOY race 10 times
  • 3 Top tens in the Snag Proof Open Teams 1st,5th,10th
  • Wins on Mc Clure, Lake Oroville, Clear Lake, Ca, Delta
  • YouTube
  • Ron’s Sponsors: Christophers Construction, Greater Bay Protection, Trilene, ABU Garcia, Berkley, The Rod Glove, IMA, Optimum Baits, Persuader Baits, River2Sea, 

Greg Gutierrez @4pm

Greg Gutierrez

  • Anglers Choice Champion
  • WON Bass Champion
  • FLW Tour Champion
  • BASS Open Champion
  • 7 Time Angler of the Year
  • 2 Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier
  • All American Qualifier/Runner-Up
  • 3 Time US Team Member Euro-Bass
  • 8-tournament wins
  • 31-Top 10 finishes
  • 18-Top 20 finishes
  • 24-Top 50 finishes at the professional level
  • Greg’s Sponsors:Frenzy Baits, BHQ, Gone Fishin Marine, Mercury, Nitro, Lowrance, Irod, Roman Made, Duo, Stormr, Beast up, Safe and Easy  


Travis Huckaby using Navionics on the California Delta


Travis Huckaby talks about using Navionics contour mapping to find key Hot spots for punching on the California Delta.

Navionics 2016 winner

Timing on Tidal Water with Mark Lassagne

It’s all about timing on tidal water

 When you guide and fish tournaments on tidal water you need to figure the fish out on a consistent basis or you’ll be out of business.

 Pro angler and Delta guide Mark Lassagne had them dialed in this last weekend boating a 5 fish limit for 25.77 and his partner for the day landed 19.35 with their best going about 30lbs. Mark and his partner took 1st and 2nd while 3rd place only has 11lbs.

 You have to wonder was it just luck, a killer spot and could it happen again? It wasn’t luck and the day consisted of many different spots and yes it’s happened before and it will happen again and again.  Look back on YouTube on the Informative Fisherman’s channel where Mark and Nick went out and landed over 30lbs this time of year. Last year Mark won a couple events and just missed winning a couple more all using the same technique and all in different areas.

 If you’ve followed the publisher of Bass Angler Magazine you know Mark Lassagne’s go-to technique is punching where he has done quite well over the few years.



 OK, Mark likes to punch and he gets big ones doing it but where does he fish?

 We asked this this question and the answer was “it doesn’t matter”!

 What? How could that be? Mark said, “It matters what but not specifically where”.

 Mark went on to say, “you need three things this time of year: the right tide, current and green stuff”.

 The fish want to be in the thick green vegetation, hyacthin is best but they have been spraying it so that’s not always an option so fish penny wart or most anything green that makes a canopy with some water under it, even dead hyacthin is ok.

 The current, summer and early fall bass like to be in the current, not ripping but just some moving water is good.

 The right tide – this is the toughest one and will take experimenting. This can change from day to day depending on other factors like weather, wind, if they are pulling water, bigger tides, water clarity, area and type of cover.

 Mark guided twice last week where his clients caught over 30 fish each trip, those days the best bite was the last hour of the low tide into the first hour of the high tide then the bite died for a while. On Saturday when he caught the big bag the best tide was the top of the incoming.

 Mark’s key to a successful day is running the tides; he generally starts in one area sampling different (generally productive) spots to see what’s going on. Then based on what he’s found Mark adjusts his plan. If he can’t get bit he will either stay in the area waiting or head west going into the tide.

 The tide starts in the ocean (west) and travels inland eastward (also south and north) where you can fish the same tide for several hours.

 Once Mark starts to catch fish he will travel to the best cover in that area looking for those good bites. The bite will get good for a period of time 30 minutes to two hours where you will notice a spike in activity. Mark said, “You’ve probably noticed it before pulling up to a spot and wacking um”. Watch this spike catch as many as you can then head inland where you can catch that same tide again and again.

 Mark is always asked about spots, on last Saturday Mark shared that he caught big fish on several spot he had never fished before – just looking for places that look right.

 Next time you’re your out try hanging out until they bite and when they do look for those key spots and follow the tide as far as you can.

 Mark’s punchin setup

 Okuma Matt Daddy 711XH, Okuma Helios 7:3 to 1 reel, 65lb braid, 6th Sense bobber stop, 4/0 Gamakatsu heavy wire hook, 1OZ River2Sea Trash Bomb Tungsten Weight and Yamamoto Flappin Hog

 Good Luck

 Mark’s Facebook

Mark’s website





Delta Fishing Report

Delta Map

The California Delta has been fishing up and down if your tossing a Frog around! The last 30 days the delta has been blasted by many different brands of top water Frogs for the UFC and the Snag Proof Open. Some days the bite has been good and some days it has been tough. The evening Bite has by far been the best, but you can pick up fish all day long if your patient and know what to look for. Fish are from Post Spawn to Summer mode and in many cases not where you would normally catch them this time of year. There has been a lot of short bites and missed hooksets. With that being said when you connect it can be a good one! We caught fish mostly in the current the last 30 days and all in Open water. The mat or Cheese bite has not been on when were on the water. Stay in the current for the most Bites. Fish slower, these fish have been pressured and boat traffic on the weekends has been crazy. Popping Frogs in River 2 Sea, Snag Proof and Furbit the Frog by Optimum baits , Bleeding Frogs and Bobby’s Perfect frog have all been working. Each day the fish change a little and you have to adapt, Dark frogs early and late and white frogs in mid day. Use your favorite Frog with your Spiderwire and go have some fun!

Ron Howe and Kevin Cornwell    

Ron 5er

Kevin 6er


2016 Snag Proof Open California Delta Entry Form


This event is excepting Cash Only at the event.

Click the Link below fill your Snag Proof Open entry form out and bring your Frog Money!