Lake Okeechobee Elite Series Prediction

Well it’s that time of year and very rarely does the elite series make a stop at the Famous Lake Okeechobee. Okeechobee means big water in Seminole Language and trust me it’s a very big body of water and most of it is 4ft or less and averaging 9ft at full pool. 

  The lake isn’t what it usually is right now. This time of year we usually see 25+ to win a tournament and 18+ get a check. Lately 20lbs wins and 15lbs get a check and in a BFL 9-12lbs will take you home some money. 
  Why’s the lake fishing so horribly this year well it’s quite simple actually drawdowns and over spraying and way to much pressure. For a lake of such size this year it’s fishing incredibly small with 2-3 areas of the lake playing key factors in tournaments and to fish those 2-3 areas you’ll be accompanied by 50-100+ boats. 
  The spawn this year has been completely out of whack when you find a fish on a bed take advantage of it he won’t be there tomorrow they’ll pull up and pull right off.
   What’s going to be productive your typical baits are still going to be the key to Okeechobee. Alot of flipping, spinnerbaits, swimjigs, frogs and chatterbaits will be the big key to unlocking this tournament. 
My predictions for the tournament I believe it’s going to be won up north by harney pond area as its just fishing so good and I think a variety of baits will be used to win it as you just have to fish the moment and it’ll take between 60-80lbs to win just depends on the mood the lakes in it’s fishing good one day than horrible the next.
By Bryceson Wright

Lee a Darkhorse (Blackfish?) for AOY

Lee a Darkhorse (Blackfish?) for AOY  

With the 2016 Bassmaster Elite season in the books, it’s time to look ahead to 2017. The race for

Angler of the Year (AOY) will, as always, be hotly contested right out of the gate. Aaron Mertens,

Greg Hackney, and Gerald Swindle (the reigning champ) are the early favorites, while Edwin

Evers and Skeet Reese are near the top, as well.   

The living legend Kevin VanDam gets a nod, too, based on his past resume, one presumes, more

than his recent results.   

While those guys are all deserving of a spot near the top of the list for one reason or another, I

see a few anglers who could surprise in 2017. If you look back at the Angler of the Year

winners-list, you’ll see that repeat winners are more common than first-timers. But the sport is

more wide-open than ever these days and there is so much talent in every neck of the woods �

and a lot of that talent is young; I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a first-timer takes home the

coveted title in 2017.   

One man I like, in particular, is Jordan Lee. The Cullman, Alabama, native finished sixth in the

AOY standings last year, thanks in large part to his runner-up finish at Cayuga Lake and

fourth-place at Mississippi River. He had another three top-15s and only finished outside of the

top-30 four times in 11 Bassmaster Elite tournaments.   

Long story short, the Auburn grad was one of the most consistent anglers, week in and week out.

If you’re going to win AOY, you have to be consistent, snagging points at every opportunity. 


A couple years ago (2014 season), a 23-year-old Lee was the youngest angler on the Elite tour.

Now 25 years old, Lee is still on the rise and it’s only a matter of time before he gets his first Elite


Pro Bass Class

Kurt Dove

Pro-Bass Class

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