Delta fishing report by Christopher Evola 3/12/17

Water temp: 56-59
Water Clarity: 6″-2′ 
Air Temp: 56-74 degrees 
Wind: Northwest 2-7 mph 
Tide: Outgoing
Moon: Full ?

My brother Justin Ross and I, launched my boat at 0645 hours out of the Tiki Lagun Marina & Resort, located at 12988 W. Mcdonald  Road, Stockton, California, 95206. 

After launching we made our way out to the North side of Mildred Island. We started off throwing reaction baits such as the River2sea Ish Monroe Square Bill in delta craw color, and the River2sea Ish Monroe Bling Spinnerbait in the cold blooded color. We had zero bites on these baits in the first thirty minutes of fishing. I knew there were fish in the area because it’s a well known spot by almost everyone who fishes the delta. With the water warming the way it has, the full moon, stable weather, and high tide, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around why they wouldn’t eat a moving bait. 

Without hesitation I knew exactly what needed to be done. The warm weather had me so excited for the pre spawn I forgot about winter transition. The bass needed to transition from their wintering holes up into the secondary breaks. From the secondary breaks they needed to feed on a forage that provides high calories, minerals, magnesium, and calcium which will sustain them through the spawning process. They needed to feed on crawfish which were becoming more active with the warm weather. I looked at my brother Justin and quickly put away all my rods but one. The only rod I left on the deck was my Dobyns 735 matched with my Abu Garcia Revo Rocket. This combination compliments my 1/2 ounce TNT Baits Dragon Fly Wada Jig extremely well.  This particular color is my go to when the bass are in their winter transitioning stages. 

We pulled up to a break on the north side of Mildred where the water was ripping out of the island. The rocks on the break were barely exposed and several scattered  tules were present. I pitched my jig into a hole between the tules and rock about the size of a basketball. I felt a small tick so I leaned in and set, boat flipping a three pounder onto the deck of the boat. I looked over at my brother Justin and I told him we’re throwing jigs the rest of the day. He agreed and we continued down the bank catching several three to three and a half pounders. The tide was over half way out so we decided to run to Mandeville. We pulled up on the south side of Mandeville and it just looked perfect for a big girl to be present. It had a hard rock break scattered tules and a hard well defined grass line five feet off the bank. This area is what is referred to as a trough. I pitched my jig into the trough popped it twice and my line shot under the boat. I cranked on my Revo Rocket twice and leaned back with a cracking hook set. My rod doubled over and a nice chunk largemouth jumped right next to the boat. I flipping her up onto the deck of the boat and was greeted by a fist bump from my brother. That’s a seven he stated and I obliged him as I slipped her carefully into the livewell. As we made our way down the bank we caught several more three pounders along with several fish in the two pound class. As the tide fell out even further we noticed the fish were reacting towards a more aggressive swimming action on our jigs. This was beneficial because it allowed us to cover more water quicker rather then a traditional slow retrieve. 

We came to an area where the trough was no deeper then two feet and there was lots of wood present. My brother flipped in between two limbs which were submerged and his line jumped approximately two feet. He leaned in and set the hook as he landed a nice largemouth which weighed five and a half pounds. We ran out of good looking water so we started up the motor and blasted back towards Mildred. We settled in an area we call three ponds which is located Northeast to Mildred. This area is basically tules with mixed in grass but the exterior has deep water around it which makes it ideal for winter transitioning bass. We fishing there for approximately twenty minutes when we doubled almost simultaneously on twin four pounders. With limited time before we had to leave, we took a quick photo and ended the day. 

If I had only one tip to give it would be this. Just because the water is warming rapidly and there is a few fish getting ready to bed, doesn’t mean they all are. Keep an open mind while your out on the water and always stay optimistic. Hope this fishing report helps you catch more fish, and good  luck out there next time your on the water.

RB Bass Pro Staff Angler 

Christopher Anthony Evola 

Camp Far West fishing report by Bob Pietruszka 3-9-17

My buddy David and I launched the boat about 10 am.. Water temp was 57 at the dock.  The water clarity was about 6 in. before you’re lure disappeared. Cold and muddy, not looking good. We fished all of my favorite spots and searched for new ones. We used brown Jigs with plastic trailers, spinner baits and both square bill and medium diving crank baits. All fished as slow as possible. Still nothing. The graph showed fish spread out and not schooling at all. No bait fish balls and diving birds were spread out searching. Caught my first fish on a jig on the edge of the drop in front of the spillway. Caught my last fish on the square bill in the Rock Creek arm in about 3ft. of water. Two fish total for the day. We did not get up into the Bear River arm so I don’t know what the water temp or clarity is up there. As always, thank you for checking in with RBBass and please visit our sponsors on our home page for great deals.   

Bob Pietruszka

Nate Boomhower joins RB BASS Group of Anglers

Age 35
Born Sacramento
Lives Citrus Heights

Fishing runs deep in my family from generations to Generations. As far as I can remember I always had a fishing pole in my hand every chance I had. From fishing small farm ponds when I was little to fishing bigger bodies of water As I Grew Older . I always just loved to fish. Bass fishing trumped all fishing for me though. It became a part of my life more then I could ever imagine. Through out the years I became a better angler, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Now, I’m loving the sport even more. I started competitive bass tournaments in 2006 fishing several different local circuits in northern California. I currently am a Tournament Angler fishing the BBT northern region and FPT Northern Region. I’m also a writer for Westernbass. I write reports, online featured articles and articles for the magazine. I’m blessed to have the sport I love so much be such a big part of my life and to share and enjoy it with my 2 beautiful boys is amazing.

Delta Fishing report by Alex Sanchez

Water Temperature-54-58

Water Clarity Mud – 5 Feet

Weather Condition- Party Cloudy/Rain

Wind- 10 to 20MPH


I had the chance to fish the California Delta this past Sunday with long time friend and sponsor Vince Borges of Phenix Rods. Vince and I got on the water about 7:30, due to high water conditions we launched out of Paradise Point Marina. We started fishing fairly close to Paradise Point Marina jumping around through Disappointment and 14 Mile Slough. We managed to boat a couple nice fish tossing Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits on some isolated tulle berms nothing really special to try and duplicate. So we started working our way to the West Delta looking for some cleaner / warmer water. It took quite a bit of gas to do so but we found 58 degree water with 5 foot visibility and the fish were chewing! Immediately, Vince and I double hook up with a 5 and 3 pounder both on Chatterbaits..

We continue further back into the pocket and not a bite! I change things up and toss a deep diving Crankbait and boat another solid fish. We reached the end of the pocket, Vince tosses his Chatterbait against the edge of some isolated Hyacinth and gets CRUSHED…two head shakes and comes unbuttoned. Vince was heartbroken knowing that could have been a today’s kicker fish. Being pressed for time with a bad weather system coming in we decided to fish up to little patch of tulles adjacent to hyacinth then leave. I fired cast into the patch and got hammered! A beautiful 6 pound pre-spawn bass boated on a Spinnerbait! Vince and I ended up with 17 pounds for our best five. Our key to success was clear water, you won’t catch a lot of fish but you will boat the right ones.

Todays Gear

River2Sea Goon Crankbait

River2Sea Bling Spinnerbait



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Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Camanche Reservoir Map

Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Late Fall Early Winter

Weather-37-60 deg overcast-partly sunny

Water Temp 57 deg

Water color -Clear to 9ft 

Lake Camanche is fishing good for Quality Bass right now. You can catch bass several different ways. Ron Howe and Charlie King had a great day on the water, The lake is about 50 ft higher than last year at the same time, so it was Like a new lake to us. We started off close to the ramp on the River Channel bend near the North Fork ramp, despite all the recent news about the lake there was only 4-6 boats at the North Ramp.  There is a solid Alabama Rig Bite right now all over the lake, this bite was good till about 1130 when it got cooler and breezy the Rig bite slowed down. Fish were holding in the 10-15ft range on drop offs. We caught a mixed bag of Spotted Bass and Largemouth Bass.

 “Ron Howe with a Nice Lake Camanche Largemouth Bass”


We also caught fish on 1/2 oz Jigs and Tubes as well as Small swimbaits in 15-20ft of water on the main body near Offshore flats and Island Tops. The fish were knocking slack in the line! We could get 2-3 Bites in a Spot and then it would shut down so we would continue to bounce around making our way up river for the afternoon. 

“Ron Howe holds up a nice Mixed Pair of Largemouth and Spotted Bass”


The Main Body was dominated with Spotted Bass, so we moved up river to try new water. As the wind picked up we had to make changes to get bites, it was surprising that with increasing clouds and a breeze that the reaction bite slowed down, so We made adjustments and changed to a Darthead in 1/16 oz with a 7″ Morning Dawn worm. You had to shake the bait just right to trigger bites. Unlike the Main Body Bait chasers the fish up river were chewing Craws, you could see the Red raw color in there jaws. We would throw our baits close to chunk rocks with steep walls, shake the worm and then it was on! The fish were moving deeper twords the end of the day in the 25-30ft range. And these fish were dominate Largemouth.

“Charlie King Holds up a Largemouth Bass caught in 30ft on a Darthead” 


“Charlie King holds up a pair of Lake Camanche Spotted Bass”  


Jimbo’s Lake Lanier Fishing Report


Jimbo Guide Picture



Hey Gang –

Here are my current open dates for November:  2(AM), 7, 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30.  
The fishing on Lake Lanier has again been excellent this past week! The water temperatures have stabilized this past week with the warm days and cool nights, but the water level continues to drop as the corp continues to pull water and we get no rain. We are in store for a continued excellent autumn of fishing as the lake continues to drop.  I look for a great ditch bite later this fall, and until then, the topwater and swimbait bite is ON!  We are starting to see some schooling activity early each morning around shallower humps both on the main lake and mouths of creeks. This is always fun and you should expect this to hang around for the next few weeks.  When the schooling bite is slow, we have been heading out to main lake humps early in the morning and working a jig, shaky head, and drop shot for some solid fish. 8-12 feet seems to be the best depth. As the day progresses and the sun starts to get up, we have been working humps and long running points with brush.  The fish have been relating to brush in 12-18 feet of water on most sunny days.  The topwater and swimbait bite over the brush has really been awesome this week – make sure to check out the pictures above as well as on my FaceBook account – Jimbo On Lanier.  Our best topwater baits have been a chug bug, Vixen, Whopper Plopper, and a Pencil Popper.  A Sebile has been our go-to swimbait.  If you get no response on top, switch to a SuperSpin and Spro Jerkbait around and over the brush. Also a Picasso Swim Jig or Chatterbait slow-reeled over the brush has been a good option.
For Fluorocarbon Line, I exclusively use Seaguar.  It is simply the best Fluoro on the market.  I especially like the Abrazx and Tatsu. Absolutely the Best of the Best in fishing Line!
The fish are really getting active and I am fired up for this fall!!  I am now guiding in a Brand New Xpress Bass Boat – 21’3″ powered by a 250 Yamaha SHO and equipped with the latest Lowrance HDS Gen III units featuring 3D Structure Scan technology.  Come take a ride in this beauty!  
Here are my current open dates for November:  2(AM), 7, 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30. 
 Give me a call and let’s get out and have some fun! If you have been waiting for the fall bite, its here, and its time to FISH!

Thanks to all and May God Bless.

Lake Oroville Fishing Report

Lake Oroville Map

Oroville is getting some much needed rain! With the recent rain improving lake conditions it has also improved fishing conditions for the bigger spots. Currently Lake Oroville is at 736.02 feet and the lake has remained at 736′ for about 15 days, this has made fishing stable and the rain has already got some of the creeks flowing. Last weekend the Future pro tournament was held out of Bidwell Marina and it took less than 9.5lbs to win that event, for this weekends North Valley Tackle open i do predict the weights will go up some.  Bigger spots are showing up on reaction baits such as shad pattern spinnerbaits and mid range crankbaits like the IMA Pinjack, also topwater baits like the Rover are producing quality bites. Try targeting the running creeks with a spinnerbait and the flatter main points with topwater, this is a tough pattern to fish all day but it will produce better than average results. As of right now the spillway ramp is open and in good shape with 8 lanes in the water, water clarity will vary from 12′ in the main body and middle fork to less than 2′ in the running creeks up and down the slot. Good luck everybody!

North Valley Tackle & Pro Shop
2368 B LIncoln St
Oroville, CA 95966

Jamey Soensen/Dan Wells

North Valley Tackle & Pro Shop
“Event will be Launching from the Spillway Launch Area”

Fall Fishing Fun on Lake Ray Hubbard by Darrel Thomas

Fall Fishing Fun on Lake Ray Hubbard by Darrel Thomas


Finally…the dog days of summer are behind us.  It’s fall, and the weather is absolutely perfect for fishing!  With the cooler air and water temperatures, the key to success on Lake Ray Hubbard right now is….find the baitfish and you’ll find the bass…and I mean, plenty of bass!

So far, the larger bass have not been as easy to locate, however if you’re looking to catch numbers and have a lot of fun, then you’ll be very happy.  During a recent outing, my partner and I caught close to 30 bass.  They came on a few different baits.  We caught them on soft plastic stick baits, bladed jigs and square bill crankbaits.

We were always on the lookout for schoolers coming up to feed on the baitfish, however our primary patterns were the following:


Casting and Pitching Soft Plastic Stick Baits along Rip Rap Banks




Casting Bladed Jigs through Scattered Grass and Stick Ups


Casting Square Bill Crankbaits along Seawalls


Although most of our fish were between 12 – 14 inches, we did manage to run into a few very nice bass, as you can see!


My Bait Choices & Colors for the Day

 Keitech Salty Core Stick 5.5″


(Green Pumpkin Magic)     


   Picasso Shock Blade (Bling Shad)    


 Skirmish Baits M9-RT (Holographic Black Shad)





You can find the soft plastic stick baits and bladed jigs at: Monster Fishing Tackle  

 Use this link: to get to the store.

You can fine the square bill crankbaits at:                                                 (Use coupon code “thomas10” at checkout and get 10% off your order)


Right now, the bass are plentiful and a whole lot of fun to catch!  This is the perfect time to take a novice, and get them involved in bass fishing…they will not be bored!  Just remember…find the bait (which should not be too hard) and you’ll find the bass!  Until next time…tight lines and always remember, Safety First!

You can follow me on:

My Website:








Breaking Down Oroville by Charlie King


It’s been a long hard year that started right here in March on Lake Oroville. Last weekend marked the ending of the 2016 FPT season in beautiful Oroville California. 
I set aside Thursday and Friday to get some pre fishing in because I have not had a chance to get back to the lake sent the Classic. 
Both Thursday and Friday fishing was pretty good you could catch them on top water all the way down to 50 feet of water. 
Thursday I went south in the hopes of find some lagermouth, I never did. I ended up catching about 7 to 8 pounds of spotted bass in 20 to 25 feet on a drop shot, I was using a bait by Savage Gear that I’m pretty sure the fish are not seeing everyday, the bait is called Sandeels Slugs, this is a floating bait that is 4 inches long and when nose hooked it has incredible action. I used Okuma TCS 7′ drop shot rod paired with Okuma Helios Hx 25 high speed spinning reel, this is a super light and sensitive rod. I use Fins 40G 45lb test Composite Superline, I know why such a heavy Pound test for dropshotting, well friends let me tell you this line only has a 6lb Mono Diameter and I like to use a 6lb test fluorocarbon tag so with the line size being the same the double uni knot I use is extremely strong. 
Lake Oroville Map
Friday I started on the main lake and the fish were just going crazy for the River2Sea Rover in Ghost Minnow color. I throw the Rover with Okuma TCS 7′ 3″ casting rod paired with the TCS Helios and Fins 40lb test Wind tamer braided line. As long as the wind was blowing the fish would eat the Rover but if it stopped so did the bite. I  found that a deep diving crank bait would catch fish for about a half hour after the wind died down, but after that I was not very happy with what I was seeing, I spent the rest of the day running around the lake check here and there but was still a little worried about the afternoon bite, now what I’m about to say is a very important lesson to pay attention to, the sun was bright and the wind was dead calm it was hot and getting late in the day so I was headed to the ramp, I noticed a cove that had some trees in the water and turn to go look and see if I could get a fish or two. I know everyone was throwing a Senko so to give the fish are different look I chose to fish the Savage Gear Watermelon Red 3D Armor Crawler. This bait is great when using a nail weight because of the armor mesh that is infused throughout the head of the worm there is no need to glue the weigh so it doesn’t get thrown out every time you catch a fish. The first pitch into the tree I was rewarded with a 2lb spot, the biggest fish of my pre fish. I got a  couple more bites that I shook off and pulled up to go look for more trees, I  pulling into the next cove and pitch the Armor Crawler into the tree and my line jumped I set the hook on a big fish that did not like it and took off, I  never got to see it because it broke my 10lb test fluorocarbon line. The good news is I  was pretty happy with what I had found for my afternoon pattern when the wind died down and the hot sun came up, there are  those two key words again. I had my game plan for the tournament now I need to get  some heavier line because I was not going to have a fish break me off on tournament day, so off I go to North Valley Tackle in Oroville, which by the way I would like to say thanks to, they kept the store open until 8pm on Friday for us guys fishing the Future Pro Tour and opened up at 4am Saturday morning even had coffee and donuts for the fisherman, that my friends is pretty cool, so make sure to stop in on your way to the lake.
Finally tournament day is here and I am feeling pretty good with what I found in pre fish. Now that lesson I told you to pay a attention to, I am starting to notice as we blast off the wind is blowing a little bit more and the sky’s a bit darker at first I thought it was going to really help the top water bite, as I  pull up to the first main lake point and make a cast with the Rover I noticed something right away, the wind was blowing from a different direction, I fished for about 20 minutes without a bite and told my team partner we are in trouble, today is completely different from my two pre fishing days and the top water fish are gone! Now I just couldn’t except that a little cloud cover would hurt a top water bite right, so I made a couple of judgments and went to the windblown side of Lake and got a couple to eat a Rico Popper but it was still no where near as good as it was yesterday. I pulled out my Okuma drop shot rod and put 3 keeper’s in the boat to feel our limit, but all the fish are barely 13″ fish, I told my partner with this cloudy conditions to keep with the top water bait and I will try to get a bigger fish deep while we wait for the  sun to come out. Here it is 12 noon and we have 5.5 to 6 pounds and the sun is no where in sight, I still have to go check out the trees so we make the run from the main body to the middle river and pull into the cover with the trees, not one boat is in there and I tell Chase this might be ok. As I idle up to the trees I noticed on my Humminbird the bait is gone, I new then in my heart that we would get no fish in the trees but I still had to check after about a hour without a bite we gave up and headed back to the main lake to throw top water the rest of the day, with a hour left to fish the wind gods looked down on us and we culled two fish with 1.75lbs spots that smashed the Rover with less then a hour to fish. We now had a 7.00lb limit. I new it was a tough day and the weights would be low and I was right. Little less then 10lbs won the event and we missed a check by less then half 
a pound.
I want to thank RBBASS for giving me the opportunity to share my fishing adventures with you all a I look forward to writing more about the equipment and techniques I use in my Tournament Fishing.
So if you enjoyed reading my story please let me know, Thanks and God Bless.
Charlie King
Savage Gear USA Okuma Johnson Outdoors Humminbird/MinnKota River2Sea PlanoSynergy Cal Coast Fishing TNT Reelspeed THCG Dan’s Delta Outdoors and RBBASS