Folsom Fishing Report by Charlie King

2nd stop on the Future Pro Tour Season was at Folsom lake April 22, the lake has been on the raise for a month now and is just about full. The amount of wood and debris that is floating around is flat out dangerous,
the water is clear with about 10 foot of visibility on the main body, it gets a little less the further you go up the river arms.

Folsom lake has always been a place I just can’t seem to catch them at, so I was very happy to come to the scales with 10.38lbs. Not enough to get a check but for me and Folsom, I will take it!
With water temp in the sixties some fish are on beds but the weather just will not stay stable long enough for a big move to the beds.

Friday during pre fish, it was bright and sunny with very little wind and I  found a good number of fish in the willow trees that would eat a Savage Gear Armor Crawler and planned on starting the tournament fishing the trees. The weather called for temps in the high seventies and sunny sky’s, but as normal the weatherman was completely wrong, it was windy, cloudy and colder then it had been all week.

The wood had blown into the cove so bad we couldn’t even get back to the trees we wanted to fish, so we had to make some adjustments right away.

I started with a darthead and a Pro Point Lure JR Bug and my partner Chase used a small swimbait on a ball head and we had a limit of small fish in about hour just fishing the edge of the wood that had blown into our cove.

Folsom Lake Bass

Needing to up grade our weight we started looking for trees we could pitch that Armor Crawler into and found enough trees to cull up to 10.38lbs.
I actually had a good time on the lake and caught 30 to 40 fish, just couldn’t get a big fish to put our total weight into the teens.

As usual Future Pro Tour had a great tournament and a awesome drive up weigh in that was a lot of fun.
So hope you enjoyed the recap of our day on Folsom lake and we are off to the next stop on the incredible Clear Lake.

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Future Pro Championship at Folsom lake – report by Josh Parris

Water temp: 47-60

Clarity: 1-3 ft

Conditions: partially cloudy 

Lake level: rising daily 


I had a blast last week on Folsom lake while fishing the Future Pro Tour Championship with Nick Lynch. We had been looking forward to this event the entire year! The decision to move it to Folsom lake after the Oroville dam issue had little to no effect on me. I know neither lake very well but was excited either way! Official practice opened the Monday prior to the event. I was not able to get out on the water until Tuesday. I started out a little late around 8am. I started throwing reaction main lake to shake out some of the excitement. 20 minutes in with no bite I had a gut feeling based on conditions to slow down. I picked up a darter head and went to work. 3rd cast in about 18ft of water I cracked the first fish of the day and it was a good one! So, I pressed on the rest of the day with the darter head. I never got a lot of bites or even two in one spot but the ones I did were big large mouth. 

Day two of practice I figured I’d just expand on that pattern. It didn’t work out! After only getting two bites the entire day on main lake I knew I was missing something. So, on the last day of practice we had to be of the water by noon. We made the decision to run north, I’ve personally never even been to that part of the lake. Once we got up there we realized there was an abrupt water temp and clarity change. That change in clarity would prove to be where most of the top ten did it. It got really clear and the temp dropped. We picked a do nothing point and got to work. Immediately I hit 2 big largemouth back to back. Then Nick grabbed a 2 lb spot. We jumped around a bit a liked what we were seeing. It was the most bites in the shortest time span we’d seen. That’s where we would start on day one. 

Day one of the championship went off without a hitch! Had 7 bites land 6 and ended the day with 16.02 putting us in the lead. Day two we were last boat out and a few of our spots were taken. We still did good considering but not enough to hold on to the lead. With only 11 lbs we fell short and to 3rd place on day two. All our fish were still coming on the dart head in 18-20 ft of water in the north fork. 

Day three we knew we would have to hit everywhere we caught a fish and even some new spots. The fish had been beaten up and seen everything. We stuck to our guns and pulled out another 11lbs on day 3. It wasn’t enough to push us up but was enough to hold on to third. Anglers Press put on a great event and I look forward to next years’ championship!

Thank You,

Josh Parris 


Folsom Lake Fishing Report by Danny McElroy

My buddy Jason Wing and I launch out of Granite Bay around 10 o’clock on a last-minute decision to go fishing.. We blasted off into the north end of the lake fishing rock piles with tubes, cranks, and Keitech swim baits .. We were really expecting a tough bite , but didn’t take long to get one with a Keitech on an offshore rock pile.. Water clarity was stained with visibility up to 3-5′ where we were.. We moved in shallow and the water was a little warmer in the 54°-58° range and we started getting some shallow bites on the tube , and we were finding bait in the same areas.. We made a decision to check water temps on the main body but we only had about 45 minutes left to fish, water temps were around the same but the clarity was a little bit more stained than up north..

        So we wrapped up our day at about 2 o’clock, and we ended up with six fish and a few missed bites. I would have to say Folsom is worth going to right now and next weeks rain just might fire them up.. So stay tuned to RBBASS I’m looking to go find out.. Fish safe guys and gals, good luck!

Folsom Lake fishing report by Mike Tremont

Folsom 3-5-2017

Temp. 40 to 55 rain with hail showers.

Wind was 5 to about 25 during a downpour.

Water temp. 46 to 50,

stained 6 inch visibility.
Fished the local High School Tournament put on by Vista del Lago HS. Each boat has 2 anglers from a high school fishing team. The HS Anglers fish for their own 5 fish limit and the boater fishes for one fish in a big fish only option. I prefished Saturday, the water levels have been fluctuating greatly with all the recent rain. Between 2/10 and 3/5 the high water level was 450 and the low of 400. With all this and the lingering cold water temps, the fish were not very active. I committed to the main body of the lake. Found some nice groups of fish in the 20 foot range outside of some coves and off of some points. I threw a number of known fish catching baits at them with no takers! I threw spinnerbaits, A-Rig and my trusty pointers on some flats, nothing! Deciding that some smaller baits like tubes, baby brush hogs and 4″ fat worms would increase my odds of getting bit, everything else went in the rod locker.
Working a rocky flat with a few stumps I got my one and only prefish bite. Chunky spot that ate a 4″ green pumpkin Senko, covered in Smelly Jelly. Surprise to me, it was in about 2 feet of water. That was a pattern I was going to focus on in the tournament. I was paired with Daniel and Tony from Vista del Lago. They were ready and had similar results from their prefish. At 8:30 I got bit and landed a nice 4lb Spot on a green pumpkin tube dipped in chartreuse dye on an 1/8 darthead. Having a little confidence that we were doing the right thing, I put my rod down and let the kids go at it while I tried to keep them in good position. The grind was on, doubts creeping in my head as 2 hours passed without another bite. I grabbed a rod with a Zappu head and trick worm. Many more casts and finally a bite, but it was gone that fast! One of the team had a Smallie Beaver on a darthead rigged which he threw in immediately where I was just bit. Fish on! They landed a nice little 2 pounder. I put my rod down again for some time. I really wanted these guys to do well, but the fish weren’t cooperative! We kept moving around trying different baits. I picked my rod back up and instantly wished I hadn’t, I landed another 4 pounders!

Knowing we have decent fish around is great, but me catching them is not helping! I put the rod down again and kept my guys in good position, until the wind really started going. It was time to seek shelter behind a hill. There were several other boats with the same idea. There was also a huge school of fish down in 20′, but they would not bite! The water was also 46 degrees! We had an hour left and decided to try one other spot close to the ramp. The wind had really shifted and was blowing. On our way in we found some good size waves and the ride was rough, even in a 21′ Champion! We stopped outside the ramp area and discussed our options. They made a great decision to call it a day. We had a great pizza lunch, raffle while the wind laid down as the sun was coming out. 

Simple and effective baits all found at were the key. While there were some that did better, there were many that didn’t even get bit. Remember what’s important is the learning and to remain safe when you’re out there!



Folsom Lake Fishing Report

Folsom Lake Map

My parner Jim Vretzos and I fished the FPT last weekend, and the bite was pretty tough. We started in the South Arm with top water and Senkos with no luck. After about an hour we made a move to the north just to get a limit. We were using an Old Ugly tube on #8 test and started catching them immediately in the Rock Garden. We got our limit and culled a few times and even got a Largemouth on a Senko.
Folsom has been off an on lately, and is getting hundreds of boats daily.. Fish are on beds and in the backs of coves in around 8′ of water. Here’s a few pictures of the fish we were getting the past few weeks…




Folsom Lake Fishing Report March 9, 2011

Work & home has been real busy and I just needed a day off to go fishing. So I called my buddy & team partner Jim Eaton and asked if he wanted to go fish Folsom Lake on Wednesday? (it’s about 2 min from our houses) “Sure! He says, it should be getting good with all this awesome weather!” Last year in March, Jim had an extraordinary day on Folsom and the conditions seemed just right for another great day,..  Well, we were right! It was! Both our personal best with Spotted Bass!  >>> READ THE REST OF THIS REPORT >>>