Folsom Lake Fishing Report by Danny McElroy

My buddy Jason Wing and I launch out of Granite Bay around 10 o’clock on a last-minute decision to go fishing.. We blasted off into the north end of the lake fishing rock piles with tubes, cranks, and Keitech swim baits .. We were really expecting a tough bite , but didn’t take long to get one with a Keitech on an offshore rock pile.. Water clarity was stained with visibility up to 3-5′ where we were.. We moved in shallow and the water was a little warmer in the 54°-58° range and we started getting some shallow bites on the tube , and we were finding bait in the same areas.. We made a decision to check water temps on the main body but we only had about 45 minutes left to fish, water temps were around the same but the clarity was a little bit more stained than up north..

        So we wrapped up our day at about 2 o’clock, and we ended up with six fish and a few missed bites. I would have to say Folsom is worth going to right now and next weeks rain just might fire them up.. So stay tuned to RBBASS I’m looking to go find out.. Fish safe guys and gals, good luck!

Folsom Lake Fishing Report 6/19

Folsom Lake Map


I hit Folsom with my buddy Christan Wright the other day. We got on the water at 5:45, there were about 8-15mph winds, water temp 68-73. We had two bites going for us, both were up the north fork, we fished between the Granite Bay ramp and Rattle Snake Bar. The first was fishing offshore rock piles and island tops in search of post spawn fish. We tried to target these areas that were out side of spawning grounds. We caught a bunch of spots and a decent largemouth doing this.

Lynch Folsom2

The first fish I caught spit up tons of tiny pond smelt so I put a 2 inch kietech EZ shiner on my drop shot and went to work on them. If you notice fish are eating bait defiantly put a bait fish imitation on your drop shot. The other bite going was a shallow reaction bite along rocky banks. Since it was windy I threw an IMA Flit 120 in the Wakasagi color. The spots there absolutely love that bait, I caught about 5 fish on it. Christan caught some a white spinner bait and also had some big blow ups and followers on an MS Slammer, unfortunately none of them committed to it. If you hit the water soon defiantly give post spawn areas a look. Hope this helps, tight lines.

Nick Lynch

Lynch Folsom

Folsom Fishing Report

Folsom Lake Map

I didn’t plan on fishing at all this weekend as I will be heading out mid week for the WWBT Team TOC at clearlake. But with this heat we have had I thought it would be a good day to take the kids to the lake and go swimming and be around some water. I could do all my prepping for clearlake while beached on the shoreline, much better than doing it in a hot garage today.
Folsom Trees
I only fished about 45 minutes on our way out and for Folsom standards it was GREAT!! The water clarity was up to 6ft in some areas with temps around 77. I caught about a dozen keepers with most being 1-2lb spots with a few Largemouth mixed in. The biggest was a largemouth that I guess to be around 3.5lbs she was awfully skinny, all spawned out. I fished submerged trees in 8-19ft water with a frenzy nail shaky head and rigged with a reaction innovations 6.75 flirt worm in California 420 color. Really wish I could have spent the rest of the day running this pattern as it was clearly working today!
Shakey Head Folsom
Danny Cross Folsom

Folsom Lake Report

folsom lake


Folsom Lake has been fishing pretty tough lately. Josh Parris and I took 10th place at the FPT event with 11.92lbs. We found our best fish in 14-18 feet in the back half of long coves down the south fork. To fish those coves I threw a nail weighted senko and Josh threw a jig and a tube. The backs of the coves were the only place we found largemouth. We caught lots of spots on the points in the front of the coves and leading into the coves on tubes but nothing over 3lb. That was really it for our pattern, we failed to find any reaction bite and never saw a single fish on a bed. The fish we caught were pre-spawn so they should pull up soon. The winner of the event was able to figure out the willow trees and ran them the whole day.

Tight lines- Nick Lynch

Nick top 10

Josh top 10

Folsom Lake 2/16

Folsom Lake Map

water clarity 3-6 feet

water temp 53-56


I got on the water at about 1:30 with Sheldon Bisbee. We launched out of Granite Bay, there is still a good amount of floating debris so you have to be careful. We headed north and found fish around visible rocks that were leading into spawning areas. Most of our fish were in the 8-14 ft range. I caught fish on a drop shot with a zoom tiny fluke in the baitfish color and a 1/4 brown football jig. Sheldon got them on a drop shot and a 1/2 ounce jig. The fish are starting to get active out there but still are not chasing very well. I threw an IMA Flit rip bait for a while with no luck. Sheldon managed a little one on a Strike King 5XD. Other than that I had one pretty good fish grab my A-rig and take the tail off of the Kietech. The bite should get good pretty soon. Good luck, Nick Lynch

Bisbee Lynch