Don Pedro fishing report by Josh Parris

Over the weekend, I fished the FPT central region on Don Padro. It was a great event with crazy weather. I was only able to get out once to pre-fish, the Wednesday before the tournament. The week before the event the weather had been stable with warm sunny days reaching 70 degrees. The weather was forecasting a storm to arrive on Friday and continue threw Saturday. My game plan for pre-fish was to find as many spawning areas as possible to come back to tournament day and blind cast on, I thought sight fishing would be out with the storm and high winds predicted. After finding a few good bedding areas I employed to other great techniques to find fish. First is the River2sea S Waver 200, this is a great bait to not only get big bites on but will get a lot of followers

The key there is to watch where the fish are coming from and how aggressive they are. Most of the fish I found following the S Waver and bites I had came on the first points out side of the spawning areas. Very few fish seemed to be aggressive but more so following the bait out of interest or instinct but still showing me areas with higher concentrations of fish. The second bait I threw to quickly find fish was the River2sea whopper plopper 90, which is a great search bait that can also help eliminate water quickly. I ended up finding a few post spawn fish on the plopper in the backs of coves and on steep banks.

So tournament day was here, I immediately ran to the first spawning cove were I had seen the most cruisers. I started the morning out with reaction but quickly realized the fish weren’t having it. So I opted for a senko with a small Reins tungsten nail weight.

Within a few casts, I picked up a 3lber! After a few more dinks I got the kicker bite I needed! Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the boat. After a few minutes of sulking I was back at it! The fish were still on beds and cruising for the most part, you had to make a tone of cast in the small areas to get the better bites. Later in the day the sun came out and I was able to get up shallow and sight fish. A crucial part of sight fishing is polarized glass, I use Edge eye wears Brazeau in copper.

I typically stick to copper and amber colors for sight fishing. The fish on beds seemed a bit skittish when you got close to them so I backed out and continued blind casting senkos the remainder of the day, make a few small culls. We ended the day with 16.19 lbs good enough for 9th place. Hope this helps and good luck out there!

Hope this helps and good luck out there!

Thank you,

Josh Parris

Future Pro Championship at Folsom lake – report by Josh Parris

Water temp: 47-60

Clarity: 1-3 ft

Conditions: partially cloudy 

Lake level: rising daily 


I had a blast last week on Folsom lake while fishing the Future Pro Tour Championship with Nick Lynch. We had been looking forward to this event the entire year! The decision to move it to Folsom lake after the Oroville dam issue had little to no effect on me. I know neither lake very well but was excited either way! Official practice opened the Monday prior to the event. I was not able to get out on the water until Tuesday. I started out a little late around 8am. I started throwing reaction main lake to shake out some of the excitement. 20 minutes in with no bite I had a gut feeling based on conditions to slow down. I picked up a darter head and went to work. 3rd cast in about 18ft of water I cracked the first fish of the day and it was a good one! So, I pressed on the rest of the day with the darter head. I never got a lot of bites or even two in one spot but the ones I did were big large mouth. 

Day two of practice I figured I’d just expand on that pattern. It didn’t work out! After only getting two bites the entire day on main lake I knew I was missing something. So, on the last day of practice we had to be of the water by noon. We made the decision to run north, I’ve personally never even been to that part of the lake. Once we got up there we realized there was an abrupt water temp and clarity change. That change in clarity would prove to be where most of the top ten did it. It got really clear and the temp dropped. We picked a do nothing point and got to work. Immediately I hit 2 big largemouth back to back. Then Nick grabbed a 2 lb spot. We jumped around a bit a liked what we were seeing. It was the most bites in the shortest time span we’d seen. That’s where we would start on day one. 

Day one of the championship went off without a hitch! Had 7 bites land 6 and ended the day with 16.02 putting us in the lead. Day two we were last boat out and a few of our spots were taken. We still did good considering but not enough to hold on to the lead. With only 11 lbs we fell short and to 3rd place on day two. All our fish were still coming on the dart head in 18-20 ft of water in the north fork. 

Day three we knew we would have to hit everywhere we caught a fish and even some new spots. The fish had been beaten up and seen everything. We stuck to our guns and pulled out another 11lbs on day 3. It wasn’t enough to push us up but was enough to hold on to third. Anglers Press put on a great event and I look forward to next years’ championship!

Thank You,

Josh Parris 


Nate Boomhower joins RB BASS Group of Anglers

Age 35
Born Sacramento
Lives Citrus Heights

Fishing runs deep in my family from generations to Generations. As far as I can remember I always had a fishing pole in my hand every chance I had. From fishing small farm ponds when I was little to fishing bigger bodies of water As I Grew Older . I always just loved to fish. Bass fishing trumped all fishing for me though. It became a part of my life more then I could ever imagine. Through out the years I became a better angler, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Now, I’m loving the sport even more. I started competitive bass tournaments in 2006 fishing several different local circuits in northern California. I currently am a Tournament Angler fishing the BBT northern region and FPT Northern Region. I’m also a writer for Westernbass. I write reports, online featured articles and articles for the magazine. I’m blessed to have the sport I love so much be such a big part of my life and to share and enjoy it with my 2 beautiful boys is amazing.

Lake Oroville fishing report 10/24

Lake Oroville fishing report 10/24

Josh Parris and I fished the final Future Pro Tour event at Oroville last Saturday. The bite proved to be tough but we managed to take 7th place with 8.52lb. We had both spent lots of time pre-fishing and we got out on Friday before the tournament to put our patterns together. Here is how it went.


During pre-fish the only true big Oroville fish we caught came from way up the south arm, so that’s where we decided to start. We ran all the up to the 5mph zone and began fishing the trees. We saw fish jumping and could see them on our graph but they were not biting for us. We fished trees for an hour with no luck. We eventually caught one small keeper and decided to leave the area.


We started making our way back to the main body and hit a few little areas on the way which produced some small keepers. Most fish came on typical Oroville baits, Hula Grubs, Shaky Heads and Tubes ended up catching all the fish we weighed in. I also caught a few on a IMA Flit jerkbait in the Wakasagi color.

At about 11am we decided to go fish Canyon Creek because we thought we could at least put together 7lbs of spots up there. We idled about 5mins past the fives and started fishing, once we got close to the back we realized that this area was loaded. I picked up a 4inch green pumpkin black flake Hula Grub on a 3/8ounce head and started catching fish almost every cast. I threw it on a Dobyns SS 703C and 10lb line. We were dragging these jigs from 10ft-50ft of water. A lot of the better bites came from deeper water. Every fish that we weighed in except one came from Canyon creek on a jig.


After Canyon, we ran around a bit looking for that one better than average bite but never found it. The key for us was just to sit on the school we found and go through them till we got the slightly better fish. Most teams reported few topwater strikes if any and the winners said the key for them was locating largemouth. Other than that, it was a very finesse bite. Angler Press put on another great event, if you are new to bass fishing the Future Pro Tour is a great way to get started. Hope this helps- Nick Lynch.


Don Pedro Fishing Report 10/16 by Nick Lynch

donpedro map

Nick Spots

Conditions: Overcast sky, 15-20mph winds from the south

            Josh Parris and I fished Don Pedro for a Future Pro event. The bite turned out to be incredibly tough for the whole field. We started our day up river looking for deep schools of fish feeding on bait. We found some fish on the graph but they had lock jaw and anything that did bite was just barely a keeper. I threw everything I could think of at them but the only way to get them to bite was dead sticking a dropshot or slow dragging a small tube. The only bites we got came from 40-20 ft of water with absolutely no fish shallow. That was our story everywhere we went, we only managed a 7.43lb limit. Almost every team in the top ten caught their fish deep on a dropshot. I did not hear any word of a shallow bite or a reaction bite. It took just over 13lbs to win. If you are going out be ready for a slow bite and deep fishing. There is also a great event recap on the Future Pro website.

Hope this helps,

Nick Lynch

CA Delta Report 9-24-2016 by Nick Lynch


Delta Map


I fished the Future Pro Tour event today with my partner Josh Parris. We took 10th place with 14lbs, here’s how it went down. We started our day in 14 mile slough throwing reaction baits and topwater. The water up there was very dirty and we only managed 1 keeper fish in an hour of fishing, topwater never went for us and our one fish came on a square bill. It was pretty much a grind after that, we filled out a small limit running around throwing senkos and dropshots. We fished around Hog Island and landed another decent fish on a spinner bait, the reaction bite was producing better fish. Towards the end of the day we fished the San Joaquin River and upgraded most of our fish by throwing senkos and punching the grass. If you’re going to be fishing the delta this time of the year you have to be punching if you want to catch a big bag. Everyone in the top 5 reported catching punch fish. The only issue is there has been tons of spraying going on and there is not much good punch water until you get around Franks Tract. Due to our boat we had to stay local and it was a grind to find our 14 lbs.

Tight lines, Nick Lynch


Future Pro Tour wraps up 2016 on the Delta this weekend

Future Pro Logo NEW


STOCKTON, Ca – “Crunch Time” is officially here, and you can best believe that Future Pro Tour anglers are preparing in earnest for the final event in the FPT’s “Delta Swing” series of events, dubbed “Rollin on the River” which is an event that also happens to be the second to last event of the Coors Light Future Pro Tour’s 2016 season.


This event scheduled for Saturday, September 24th on the California Delta at Morelli Park, will see those teams with even the slightest hopes of making it to the 2016/2017 Future Pro Tour Classic championship, (which will be held the second week in March on Lake Oroville and Bullard’s Bar), “runnin and gunnin” and pulling out all stops, in an effort to make it to the FPT Classic and the “big show”.


“We have to let it all go for this event”, noted an anxious Charlie King and Chase Elliott, who currently sit just outside of the FPT Classic qualifying bubble. The year has been up and down for us and we know we are better anglers than our current score reflects. We like the California Delta and are very comfortable with the waterway, so we think we have a good chance to bring our score up and making it to the big show in March”.


Ortiz and Malhotra ready to make a move


Tough competitors Rafael Ortiz and Vjay Malhotra are also concerned as they not only sit outside of the 50 berth Classic qualifying bubble, but, also outside the wildcard draw qualification. But considering the delta to be their “home waters” and the fact that Vjay is a former Yamamoto Big Bass Champion, NO ONE should even think about counting this team out of the running.


“The delta is home, and though we had a rough year – with many unexpected difficulties, we know we can fish better than we have been and will fish very aggressive for this event”, noted Rafael. “We feel that we can definitely go out and get a top ten in this event, which will help our cause in a big way”.


A Full-Day Event


“With weather conditions predicted to be warm and stable, and this event being a FULL DAY affair, anglers would be wise to go for some big bites early, trying to get the big fish that feed primarily in the early morning hours on top water, then switch to a “punching” technique later in the day”, noted Navionics/Humminbird pro Travis Huckaby who is a top pro-level competitior. Anglers need to remember that this is the “transitional” time of the year for delta bass, so timing and focus is critical”.


Been wanting to tryout the FPT?


If you have been wanting to just try out a FPT event, or know you can’t make all FPT events, “limited memberships” of just $5 per angler are always available. If you have not already pre-signed for this event, you can sign up the morning of the event at Morelli Park beginning at 4:00 am, where we will be providing fresh coffee, pastries, and snacks and for participants to enjoy coutesy of Elk Grove Ram.



Talon Rewards – PAYS BIG CASH



And if you own a Talon Shallow Water anchor, you can register for the Talon Rewards Program that pays a cash bonus of $500 to the winner or $250 for being the highest finishing Talon owner in the field.


You must register for the Talon Award Program program before the event starts, and will be able to do so this Saturday morning when you arrive.


See you all there!

Lake New Melones Fishing Report

New Melones Lake Map

New Melones fishing report

Last weekend Nick Lynch and I fished FPT on New Melones for the central region. I was able to get out the week and day before the tournament for pre fish. I noticed the water was clear and on the rise from the previous week. With water temps 65 and rising I knew the fish wanted to start bedding but were reluctant due to the water rising over the last week. I put the trolling motor on high and started scouting the south end of the lake while also flipping around a texas rigged senko and River2sea S-wavers. I was able to put together a limit for 17-18lbs, but was not seeing any beds. By the end of the day I had only found three beds but two of them had 8-10 lb fish on them. Tournament morning our first stop was on a bed fish. We sat out deep and threw shallow to the bed. Third cast on a senko I got one just under 5. It was still to dark to see so we moved to another spot and finished out a small limit on senkos and drop shotting. We returned to that bed as soon as we thought we could see it. When we got there the big female was reluctant but eventually started nosing down on our baits. She was making a large circles swimming in and out of the bed. Nick was working her with a drop shot, she would seem to get aggravated but then swim out deep. My last flip to her was with a senko, she nosed straight down on it flared her gills and swam off. Nick flipped his drop shot behind the boat, as if in slow mo I watched his rod tick twice before he set the hook, it was her! She immediately began thrashing at the surface and running towards timber. We chased her down and finally got her in the net. After a quick celebration we went back to work. Whether due to conditions or pressure it got tuff. The pattern I had the day before dried up. We made a few small culls throughout the day flipping timber with senkos and drop shots, but nothing we that we thought was going to give us the win. We ended the day with 21.26 and Nick’s big fish went 9.24! It was enough for the win and big fish honors.
Lynch PB

Lake Oroville FPT recap by Danny Cross

Lake Oroville Map

Future Pro Tour Classic Recap

We had some big shoes to fill returning to this event as last years champions but we were ready for the challenge.

Danny and DUgan

Danny Cross and Team Partner Dugan Wilson

The 2015 Season TOC this weekend was a split venue held at lake Oroville for 2 days and the final (top 15) carried over to Bullards Bar for the final day.

                We prefished the whole week for the event. We started day one of prefish in the south arm, found decent size fish but the bite was just very slow on that side and water clarity was very bad.  Mid day, we ran to the middle fork and found a decent bite in the waterfalls.  We consistantly were catching good size fish for Oroville standards and lots of them were at every waterfall.  My partner, Dugan Wilson, even caught a 4lb german brown out of one of them on a spinner bait!!  We were catching fish on anything finnesse but found that a senko was the most productive.

                Day 2 of prefish we decided to explore this pattern we had found and perfect it a bit. With that said, we decided to head to the north end of the lake.   Our theory behind this is that we might bump our head on a largemouth up there  and these falls would have less pressure considering they were a further run for the 100 boat field.  We spent the whole day scouring every bit of shoreline marking falls.  We would fish every one for a bit and we picked out our best 5 and considered these to be our “milk run” come tournament day.

Sac Black Rifle

                Day 3 of prefish we went back to the south arm just to check and make sure nothing had changed, and to explore a bit of the main body. We did catch some fish but not near as consistant of what we found up north. So our plan was set.

                Tournament Day 1:  We made the run to our first fall where we had a limit within the first hour and bounced around from each of our most productive falls as the day went on slowly culling our way up.  Mid afternoon we decided to start fishing the outside points and shorelines leading to the falls with an arig.  A few casts in I caught our kicker fish, a nice 5lb largemouth! This was good enough for 3rd big fish of the 2 days at Oroville.  Now about this fish…. I consider this fish a gift and here’s why.  I like to throw my arig from shallow to deep and bring it up the points, but with the heavy winds my rig was blown around the point and my line was now going across all the rocks on dry land.  Rather than drag and fray my line across the rocks, I got on the trolling motor and got to the tip of the point.  With time to sit and sink, my rig was now hung up.  So I continued on the trolling motor and got right on top of my rig in 6 ft of water and was yanking on it.  Finally, after a few hefty jerks it busted loose.  I got about one turn of the reel after it broke loose and a saw a huge flash and my rod doubled over.  We couldn’t believe what just happened and that it yielded a 5lber at Oroville!!  We ended day one in 5th place with 13.02 lbs.

Danny Cross Orovile FPT

                Tournament Day 2:  We did the same thing as day one but decided to start with the arigs and fill the bag later.  We knew that was a good choice when Dugan stuck a 2.5 lb largemouth as our first fish.  We then worked some more falls and got our limit and added a nice 3.05 lb spot out of one of them.  Day 2 finished up with 11.87 lbs and we moved up to 2nd place and made the top 15 cut for day 3 at Bullards Bar.

                Tournament Day 3:  Bullards bar!!!  I cringe at the sound.  Between Dugan and I we spent 12 days here the last 2 months in preperation for the next 8 hours we had out here.  This body of water can pump out some giants, but figuring them out has been a bit of a challenge for us.  We knew the tournament was going to be won here.  We kept our heads held high regardless of our past experiences but unfourtunaltly we only found two small fish.  We weighed in around 5lbs for 2 fish and finished 7th overall.

                THE SETUP–

                As mentioned, we were using neko rigged senkos.  Color didnt seem to matter but our top choices were silver flash and watermelon with red flake.  We also found that putting scent on them was more productive, Bass Dynasty craw flavor was our choice. The two arigs we were using were the eco tungsten and the yum flash mob jr paired with 3.3 and 3.8 kietechs in silver flash color.


                We had a blast spending the week with all of our FPT friends and making some new ones.  Despite the abundant amount of rain and wind we endured we enjoyed every moment on the water.  We would like to give a special thanks to Sacramento Black Rifle for the support throught the season.  Also to RB Bass, Monster Fishing Tackle, River2Sea, Big Bass Dreams, Bass Dynasty, Reelspeed, Dobyns Rods, and Eyesurrender.  We also want to give a huge congrats to fellow RB Bass member Austin Wilson and partner Shane Pierson on the win this weekend!!

Future Pro Tour Championship

FPT Championship


Oroville, CA – In competitive bass fishing, strategy matters.

 And “saving the best for last”, just might prove to be the best strategy to deploy for anglers fishing in the most important and certainly the most challenging event of the year, the 2015/16 Coors Light Future Pro Tour Classic, to be held March 11-13th on Oroville Lake and Bullard’s Bar reservoir.

 And the challenge is simple…yet complex, as less than 100 Classic qualifiers will gear up to fish for two days at Lake Oroville, an impoundment noted throughout the west for its QUANTITY of spotted bass, and after which, 85% of the field will be eliminated, with the remaining 15 teams heading approximately 25 miles due east to Bullard’s Bar reservoir, a lake now recognized the world over for its abundance of record-setting spotted bass.

Making up your mind

March on Lake Oroville can be the best time to get big limits – if you wish to key on the areas where the big largemouth and smallies could be moving up to spawn. But as with any lake, the gamble to hunt for big fish, at the expense of securing a decent two-day limit of smaller – but easier to catch bass, could be a major mistake, and cost a team the opportunity to move on with the final 15 to the championship round. And that championship round will truly be a test for the best, as the stakes: a new Ranger Z118 with Evinrude E-Tech engine, Minn Kota and Humminbird electronics, valued at nearly $40,000, will be awarded to the first place team on the final day. Add to this the fact that if any angler catches the world record spotted bass on Bullard’s during the final day, they will be awarded a $25,000 cash bonus, and you have an event that will make even the most stoic of bass anglers become excited about the possibilities of claiming the most coveted title amateur bass fishing!

And please note…the spotted bass world-record was broken twice on Bullard’s bar over the last year – at this time same of the year!

Big Spot 8

This is what Bullard’s Bar can produce in the early spring!

 Go big, or go home?

 That will be the decision each angler must make as they prepare their strategies for the most challenging FPT Classic event ever presented!

 Good luck to all, and congratulations Coors Light Future Pro Tour Classic qualifiers!


The 2015 Future Pro Tour is presented in part by:

 •             Coors Light

•             RAM Trucks

•             Ranger Boats

•             Evinrude Outboards

•             Navionics

•             Johnson Outdoors – featuring Humminbird/Minnkota

•             Jarritos

•             River2Sea

•             Gamakatsu

•             Mustang Survival

•             Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits

•             Lucky Craft

•             Daiwa

•             Maxima

•             NorCal Tire Pros, PK Tire Pros

•             Plano Synergy

•             Anglers Inn Mexico

•             Cabral Ram – Manteca

•             Fisherman’s Warehouse

•             Guns, Fishing, and Other Stuff

•             Hi’s Tackle Box

•             Bass Angler Magazine

•             The Fish Sniffer

•             Stockton Convention and Visitors Bureau

•             C&C Marine – Modesto

•             Gone Fishin Marine – Dixon

•             Marine Unlimited – Rohnert Park

•             Angler’s Marine – Aneheim

•             Trucksmart – Rocklin/Auburn

•             Radial Tire Service – Sacramento