IMA Pinjack review by Rich Hale

So far this has been the year of the Ima Pinjack for me. This crank bait has been fantastic for fooling the shallow bass that are making their way to the spawning sites. For being a small profile bait it casts a long distance. I find it runs true whether I throw it in the trees or grind it into the rocks. I haven’t had a soft bite on it yet. When fish choose to bite this bait they flat out crush it. I have been throwing it on 12 pound Trilene fluorocarbon and the bait gets down to about 8 feet deep.

Recently I have really been having a lot of success throwing the bluegill color but when the water got dirtier the Hot Craw and the Chartreuse sexy shad have been producing more fish. I haven’t been known in the past as a big cranker but so far it has been my go to search bait on the Motherlode lakes. Get yourself a handful of colors and start launching them at your favorite lake.

Hold on and SET THE HOOK!


Folsom Lake Fishing Report

Folsom Lake Map


Hit Folsom Lake on Monday after school with my friend Ethan. We launched at the Granite Bay ramp at about one. They have a paved 2 lane ramp with a single dock. You do have to drive on the dirt to get to the ramp and the lanes are pretty narrow but other than that it is good. I don’t believe the Browns ravine ramp is open yet. The lake has been rising fast making the fishing tough. We ran straight to the mouth of the south fork. Ethan caught one pretty quick with a drop shot rigged with a zoom tiny fluke, I started throwing a jig but couldn’t produce a bite. We kept working our way down the south fork hitting any steep point with rock on it. Ethan caught another one on the drop shot and I picked one up on a ¼ ounce shakey head. The fish were shallower than I thought they would be. Ethan hooked up on the drop shot again but lost the fish. Right at the end of the day I caught a decent largemouth on a 3.2 inch kietech rigged on a ¼ ounce jig head. All the bites we had came from 20-5 ft. The bite has been slow but if you hit enough points and keep your presentation small you are certain to catch a fish or two. Make sure you really watch where you are going because there is tons of floating debris that has been washed in and invisible island tops. Good luck and tight lines, Nick Lynch

Nick Lynch