Reins Tungsten Sliding Football Heads

RB BASS Angler Ron Howe with nice Clear Lake Bass


Reins Tungsten Sliding Football Heads

The Reins Tungsten Sliding Football Heads are designed for the swinging jig head style of rigging that utilizes separate components to enhance the swimming action of the attached bait. By now many anglers have at least heard of the swinging jig head technique introduced to the world by Gene Larew’s Biffle Buggin setup that includes a jointed jig head/hook and a soft plastic craw bait. The action is somewhat similar to a crankbait, but instead of a hard plastic treble hook bait, anglers can attach any type of plastic they’d prefer including creatures, craws or swimbaits among many others. The Reins Tungsten Sliding Football Heads allows users to create their own version on the swinging jig head with seemingly limitless possibilities for customization.

Rigging up the Reins Tungsten Sliding Football Heads is very simple – start with a sinker peg, followed by the sliding football head and finally tie of the hook of your choice. Cinch the peg down a bit closer to the hook for a free swinging action as the bait is crawled along the bottom. The neat part about the Reins Tungsten Sliding Football Heads is that you can utilize any hook you’d like and also add a punch skirt to the presentation if you’d like to enhance the profile. These tungsten football heads are quality throughout featuring a line protection sleeve, a quality matte finish and smooth edges along the contoured head section.

We offer the Reins Tungsten Sliding Football Heads in five sizes of two colors: Black & Green Pumpkin. Quantity varies see list below.


Weight Quantities

  • 1/4oz – 3pk
  • 3/8oz – 2pk
  • 1/2oz – 2pk
  • 3/4oz – 1pk
  • 1oz – 1pk

The new Balam 300 Swimbait Product Review by Josh Parris

Balam 300

The Balam 300 from Optimum baits just landed state side a little over a month ago and is already making its mark! I’ve been anticipating its arrival for some time and was lucky enough to nab one shortly after they arrived.
At first look it’s big, 12 inches long with a premium paint job and weighs in at 6.5 ounces. I had been watching videos of Kazuya Simada putting a serious hurting on some big fish with the prototypes in Japan long before its arrival.
So I was more than anxious to get out and see the action of the bait first hand. My first trip out with it I was blown away. It throws like dream! Some larger baits over 10 inches can be a bit cumbersome to cast, not the Balam. It sails! On the first morning out with it I started out with a slow and steady presentation. Whammy, it got nailed by a four pound spotted bass.
On a slow retrieve the Balam 300 has subtle tail swim, perfect for weary bass who have grown accustomed to glide baits. What was astounding to me was how slow I could retrieve the bait and it continued to swim. As the day continued on I started to play with retrieves. We began seeing bass chasing trout around, I got as close as possible to the schooling bass and tried burning it with short pauses. Bam! It was freight trained by a big large mouth.
I’m throwing it on the Flacon Cara Big Swimbait XH MF Rod, that rod is a perfect balance of strength for hook sets and give for keeping them hooked. The Balam 300 will continue to make a difference in my fishing, with every one so hung up on glide baits this is the perfect niche bait to show the big bass in my lakes something different. It’s not species specific either, a Sacramento pike minnow less then .03 away from the IGFA record also took a liking to it!
Product Review by Josh Parris

New Melones Fishing Report by Josh Parris

New Melones Fishing report by Josh Parris

Winter is in full swing on New Melones lake, with levels on the rise and water temps hanging in the mid to low fifties. Although the temps are dropping the fishing has been heating up. Main lake is slightly stained along with most of the creek arms, upriver remains fairly clear for now. The trout plants have started and the larger bass have begun to move up to gorge on them. My last few trips have been most successful on clear days, fronts and prefrontal conditions have been negatively affecting the fishing. The fish I’ve been targeting have been rather shallow in the morning in the 5-15 foot range despite the low temps and moving out in the mid morning. Staying warm and comfortable has been key for me to be effectively fishing with air temps in the low 20’s at sunrise. has everything you need to beat the frigid temps. Hand warmers and gloves have been must for me. Some of my go to baits have been jigs early in the morning, swimbaits like River2sea S waver 200’s and Optimum thumper tail’s , Ive been using shaky heads when I see fish on the graph. The bite on jigs and plastics has mostly been a heavy pressure bite with an occasional thump. There are still also quite a few fish chasing balls of shad at the mouths of creeks and on main lake secondary points in 15-30 foot of water. A rigs, crank baits and smaller swimbaits have been producing well on these fish, mostly spotted bass. My best fish have been on jigs and swimbaits early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Hope this helps and good luck out there! Stay warm!

New Melones Chunky Bass


13 lb Bass caught on a IMA Pinjack at New Melones

New Melones Lake Map

Lake New melones fishing report

I got out on new Melones little over a week ago with my dad for some fun fishing. I was just poking around trying to get some fish on film. The water level although higher than this time last year is on a steady fall of about 2 feet a week. Water clarity is stained through out most of the lake. I started my day running main lake points with top water and bluegill swim baits. Top water was slow, but I had two good bites on the swim bait. Both where 4-5lb spotted bass and both came off half way back to the boat. We decided to switch it up and run up river and started throwing jigs and crank baits. The jig bite was decent on the the bluff walls for 1-2lb spots. I started cranking humps and points towards the end of the day, while my dad continued throw a jig. I was throwing the IMA Pin Jack 200 on the Falcon Bucoo Deep Runner rod. The Falcon Deep Runner rod is extremely light and sensitive, I can throw it all day and always am able to feel exactly what my bait is doing or hitting. While I was running the IMA Pin Jack over a ledge my dad was dragging a jig up it. We got a double hook up! It wasn’t till my fish jumped that I realized it was big! I immediately told my dad to forget his fish and to grab the camera, and I’d land her by hand. I figured she was in the 8lb range from my short glimpse of her jumping. As she got closer to the boat it became apparent she was quite a bit bigger than 8lbs. As she was right next to the boat, I began questioning landing her by hand. The opportunity arose and I reached out and grabbed her. Realizing she would go upwards of 10 or 11lbs I wanted to get a weight and immediately get her back into the water. She went 13.01, a true summer giant! After releasing her and a few minutes of celebration we finished out the day cranking and throwing jigs for a handful more of 1-3lb fish. After reviewing the footage, I need to take a little extra time on editing it before releasing it. Hope this helps and good luck out there!
Josh Ima1
Josh Ima 2

Michael Murphy New Ima Lure Concept

Michael Murphy of Ima Lures talks about his custom design Signature series Wake Bait, Swimbait,Jerk bait.