Lake Oroville Fishing Report by Sheldon Bisbee

CTT @ Lake Oroville

Day 1 of CTT (California Tournament Trail), water temps were anywhere from 49- 52 degrees, water was dirty with about a 2ft visibility. My pro for day 1 was Scott Head, we started off in the South fork fishing island tops in about 5-15ft of water. With no luck we moved to a waterfall and caught a limit on ¼ darterheads rigged with 2.8 Keitech rainbow shad. About noon the wind started to pick up so we fished rock walls with white on white spinnerbaits and a underspin with a 2.8 kKitech rainbow shad, caught about 10 fish with a couple good 2 pound spots. Towards the end of the day we started fishing shallow sand banks with spinnerbaits and caught better fish. We weighed 9.98 for the first day.

Day 2 of CTT, water temps and water clarity were the same but the wind was blowing a little more. My pro for day 2 was Mark Lassagne, owner of BAM (Bass Angler Magazine)  we fished main body points and coves throwing a-rigs and a underspin with a 2.8 Keitech. Around 1pm we headed up north and found a crankbait bite, I was throwing a Ima Pinjack in Hot Craw color in about 3-9ft of water. We ended the day with 9.95, overall it was a decent tournament. Finished 13th on the am side, Bill Cook and the CTT staff run a amazing circuit and I do recommend it for anyone that is just starting out fishing Pro-Ams. I learned a lot from my pros.

You can find the baits I used this weekend at Monster Tackles website

Mark Lassagne (Bass Angler Magazine)

Scott Head (

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Lake Oroville Fishing Report


Location: Lake Oroville
Water Temp: 49-56 degrees
Water clarity: Stained to 2ft
Weather: Sunny

My buddy Brandyn and I launched out of Bidwell about 9 o’clock in the morning, we started out the day fishing main body with no luck on steep walls. About an hour later we decided to head up the middle fork and found that the drop shot and a small swimbait produced a better bite. All fish were caught anywhere between 15-25ft on flats and slow! Headed up north bout noon, a lot of debris in the water. Fished the coves with a small swimbait and found bait and started catching fish pretty good, overall a good day! Good luck!

Lake Oroville Bass

Destination Oroville and Lake Shasta


I got a call from fellow anglers Christopher Freeman and Cody Derby to tag along on a fishing trip to Lake Shasta.  I thought it would be good practice before the Future Pro Tour Classic on Lake Oroville scheduled for early March.
As we made our way to the lake, we started calling around for room availability, after about 4 calls and because of the Pro Am at Shasta there was nothing available until Saturday.   So we changed our plan and decided to fish Lake Oroville on Saturday, and then head up to Lake Shasta for a full day of fishing Sunday.  A perfect plan for me!

Lake Oroville Spotted Bass
-Charlie King

Lake Oroville is known for a variety of fish (large mouth and small mouth bass, chinook, catfish, white crappie to name a few) and we went looking for bass.   The air temperature was just around freezing as we pulled up to the spillway ramp at daylight, the sky was crystal clear and just a slight breeze on the water. The lake has received a lot of rain the last few weeks and is at 80% of capacity.

The water was slightly stained and a lot of wood and debris floating around.  Once we made it to our first stop, at Middle Fork, the water temp was 46 to 49 degrees and the water falls were running and absolutely beautiful. I tried the A-rig and Spinnerbait early, fish weren’t interested so I switched to drop-shot and a small swimbait.  The Drop Shot and small Swimbait produced the best bite in the 15 to 35 feet range.   As the sun started to warm the day, we were able to get fish on points and the bluff walls all the way back to the main lake.   Once we made it back to the main lake, Chris got on a small Jig bite in 15 to 20 feet on under water humps, we finished the day catching about 15 to 20 fish and enjoyed the outdoors and awesome views Lake Oroville has to offer.

Lake Oroville Spotted Bass Anglers Charlie , Chris and Cody

We got off the water in time to stop by to say hi to the folks at North Valley Tackle and pick up a few things for our next day of fishing on Lake Shasta.  Chris’s wonderful wife Mary had already booked our stay at the Bridge Bay Resort right on Lake Shasta and all we had to do was make the drive!

Lake Shasta, wow – what a beautiful lake to wake to!  Snow covered mountains and Bald Eagles flying around, we couldn’t wait to hit the water! Now the first thing we noticed was the outside temperature was about 10 degrees warmer than the day before, with quite a bit of cloud cover in the sky.  Now like Lake Oroville, Lake Shasta has received a bunch of rain and is filling nicely.  The water clarity and temp is just about the same as Oroville. We focused on the Pit River arm of the lake and made the run to some stuff similar to what we finished on yesterday at Oroville.

I think Cody got the first fish on an underspin and little swimbait, Chris and I were throwing small jigs and picked up where we left off yesterday. The fish wanted that jig on the bottom and not moved at all! We got most of the fish in 15 to 20 foot range and had 10lbs for are best 5 by 8:30 am. I also was able to get the spotted bass to eat the A-rig that day and got several fish on it, but they were smaller than the jig fish.

Lake Shasta Spotted Bass Charlie and Chris

Over all we got about 30 fish that day and had a blast.  As we set in the middle of a big cove around noon, taking pictures and just admiring the beautiful surroundings, a Bald Eagle swooped down about 30 yards away and plucked his lunch out of the water, it was incredible to see. What a way to end this awesome weekend! I want to thank Chris and Mary Freeman and Cody Derby for inviting me along.  I also want to thank my wife Natalie and daughters Melissa & Rebecca for their support, love you guys!

DROP SHOT: Okuma TCS 7’2” Rod paired with Okuma Helios Hx-25s Reel with 5lb test Fins 40G.
A-RIG: Okuma Guide Select 7’11” Rod and Okuma Komodo 350 with 50lb Fins windtamer Braid. The
JIG: Okuma TCS 7’ jig rod paired with Okuma Helios TCS 8:1:1 gear ratio with 12lb floro line



Nor Cal 90 Lake Oroville Results

Nor Cal 90 Lake Oroville Tournament Results


1 RYAN FRIEND CLINT ISBELL 2.85 11.26  $ 1,600.00
2 PETE JENSON JACK GOODBY 4.50 11.19  $ 1,490.00
3 MIKE FRIEND SHELLY CARR 2.20 10.79  $    750.00
4 RYAN WHITE TROY DANIELS 3.29 10.57  $    700.00
5 RICHARD DOBYNS JOHN BRADFORD 0.00 10.26  $    450.00
6 JOHN MCCLELLAN JAKE MCCLELLAN 2.87 9.40  $    400.00
7 MIKE OSBORN ERIC BOYD 2.66 9.36  $    350.00
8 DAN CRONE ERIC CRONE 2.51 9.11  $    275.00
9 DUGAN MCINTOSH RYAN MCINTOSH 2.53 9.08  $    225.00
10 MICHAEL TIMMONS BILLY HINES 0.00 9.01  $    200.00
11 JAKE ENGASSER BEAR ENGASSER 0.00 9.00  $           –
12 TOM GORDON LOGAN ROUSH 2.71 8.93  $           –
13 JR. WRIGHT MICHAEL WRIGHT 0.00 8.83  $           –
14 JOE HINKLE GLEN LOCKHART 0.00 8.78  $           –
14 JARED WALKER JESSE MARTIN 0.00 8.78  $           –
16 TOM SALO CHARLES WOOTEN 0.00 8.77  $           –
17 BRIAN FESLER MIKE ANTHONY 0.00 8.68  $           –
18 JAY GUTERDING BOB BENSON 0.00 8.59  $           –
19 ALAX PARKER CHRIS LAYTON 0.00 8.58  $           –
20 DAN SWEAT CODY NORRIS 3.14 8.55  $           –
21 PHIL GARCIA BRAD MARR 0.00 8.53  $           –
21 DANIEL ANDRUSAITIS SHANE ROBERTSON 2.62 8.53  $           –
23 JODY JORDAN DAVE KISTLE 0.00 8.41  $           –
24 TONY RAINEY KEVIN DAVIS 0.00 8.38  $           –
25 GARY SOUZA DON REIGHLEY 0.00 8.37  $           –
26 RON GANDOLFI VIC PETKUS 0.00 8.28  $           –
26 STEVE KLEIN NICK KLEIN 0.00 8.28  $           –
28 CHRIS WADSWORTH CORY CANCILLA 0.00 8.26  $           –
29 JOE OROZCO CHRIS WRIGHT 0.00 8.21  $           –
30 DUSTIN MARAVIOV LUKE WILSON 2.66 8.10  $           –
31 DAVID SHERRILL BOBI SHERRILL 0.00 8.05  $           –
32 JARED BOOM JEFF BOOM 0.00 8.03  $           –
33 BUB TOSH RUSSELL HERRING 0.00 7.91  $           –
34 CLAY KETTELL CHUCK GILES 0.00 7.85  $           –
35 BOBBY MURACO KENNETH KNIGHT 0.00 7.84  $           –
36 BRAD BONINO KIM BONINO 0.00 7.81  $           –
37 RICHARD ALCANTAR ERIC CASTRO 0.00 7.79  $           –
38 GARY DOBYNS CRAIG GOTTWALS 0.00 7.61  $           –
39 DAVE RUSH BRAD TAGGART 0.00 7.51  $           –
40 MIKEY KLEMM MARK GODFREY 0.00 7.29  $           –
41 JAMES LONG ALLEN GORDON 0.00 7.24  $           –
42 DOUG JONES DOUG MCKA 0.00 7.21  $           –
43 TRAVIS FOSTER DAVE BROWN 0.00 7.09  $           –
44 JAMEY SORENSEN TAMARA RUSTIN 0.00 7.01  $           –
45 JIM ELLIOT JORDAN KUNDE 0.00 6.97  $           –
46 CHRIS STOREY EDDY LOPES 0.00 6.87  $           –
47 CHUCK KAVROS CHAD DIBBLE 0.00 6.83  $           –
48 JACOB BEAUCHAMP TIM EVANS 0.00 6.80  $           –
49 DALLAS MERRICK TONI CORPE 0.00 6.70  $           –
50 SCOTT CAVEN JEFF MCFALL 0.00 6.50  $           –
51 KEVIN HOCHSTRASSER BILLY SYKES 0.00 4.77  $           –
52 AARON QUIN BRIAN DENNING 0.00 0.00  $           –
52 VERN ROBERTS LEON PUGH 0.00 0.00  $           –
52 LUKE BELLEFEUILLE ERIC KILBY 0.00 0.00  $           –

Lake Oroville Fishing Report by Ed Everhart

Lake Oroville Fishing Report January

Water -stained to 2 ft

Water Temp 47-49 Deg

Weather Cloudy Cold – light rain


Nor Cal 90 -Lake Oroville 2017 Tournaments

NorCal90 logo

2017 Tournament Season

“Lake Oroville”

The Basic Entry for each event will be $130 per team and this includes Big Fish money.

There will be 1 -$20 option that pays back the top 3, for an All-In of $150.

$20.00 membership per person (good for 2017 season) must be paid before fishing any event.


Saturday – December 3rd , 2016 – Bidwell Ramp

Saturday – January 7th  , 2017 – Bidwell Ramp

Saturday – February 4th  , 2017 – Bidwell Ramp

Sunday – March 5th , 2017 – Spillway Ramp

Sunday – April 9th , 2017 – Spillway Ramp


Dates to be determined ???


The 2017 points race (5 events) will start in Dec. and be 1 event per month through Apr. Teams must fish 4 of 5 events to qualify (no throw out for AOY/Top 5 in Points). Points will be awarded as follows “100-1st, 99-2nd,98-3rd , etc”, + 10 show up points per event fished. We will take the highest finishing team (1) from each event that has fished 4 of 5 events that did not qualify based on Top 5. Currently the only info that will be provided for the Fish-Off is that it will not be on Lake Oroville and will be kept secret until at least 24/48hrs prior to the event.  
Entry Forms will be accepted @ North Valley Tackle 2368 Lincoln Blvd. 530-712-9356

Until Fri. before each event, or Mail them to address below to avoid late fee the morning of.

   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

 This will be a Trail ran by Fisherman, for the Fisherman. 

Jason Bubier Owner/Director 34 Gleness Dr., Oroville, Ca 95966

530-589-2601 530-230-8868


Lake Oroville Report by Danny Cross

Lake Oroville Map

Lake Oroville report for 10/21 – 10/29


I was able to get up to Oroville for 2 events the last 2 weekends. The season closer of Future Pro Tour and The North Valley Tackle Open. The FPT had a 74 boat field and was won with 9.25lbs and the North Valley Open was 9.26lbs with 61 boats. Water temps ranged from 60-62 and weather was overcast to mild rain.


Prefish was our best day of course, we had around 11 lbs by 8:30am. The biggest of that bag was a 3lb largemouth and a couple 2s.  FPT we weighed in 9.03 for 4th and 7.11 for 25th at the North Valley Open. The typical Oroville 1- 1.3 lb fish were abundant to say the least. We averaged around 50 fish per day every day we fished. Weeding through them and finding the bigger bites is key as always here where ounces count but we just couldn’t find those key bites on tournament day.


Our main areas of focus were steep bluff walls with any change (ie. Shale to granite, boulders to red clay etc),  and points leading into shallower water. Every fish we caught was regurgitating small bait fish so we matched the forage. Most of our bigger fish were caught on an arig and spinner bait earlier in the day and backed up with numbers by finessing with either a shakey head or dopshot with bait imitating plastics. Depth range we focused on was 2-20ft.


                It was great to get out there again as we haven’t fished any events in a few months. Oroville is always a fun lake especially when it’s like this and your catching fish ALL day long.  Big thanks to Vince and crew at the FPT and Jamey,  Dan and Jason at North Valley for putting on these events, and of course Sacramento Black Rifle, Monster Fishing Tackle, RB Bass, Dobyns Rods, River2Sea, Eyesurrender, and Big Bass Dreams. Look forward to seeing you all out there next time Danny Cross


RB BASS Anglers on a Roll!


We get asked a lot who is RB BASS? What is RB BASS? Well the truth is its not an easy answer. Here at RB BASS we do a lot of things for the Fishing Community. From Seminars, Video Shoots, YouTube, Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs,Bass Angler Magazine, Bass Pro Shop Event appearances , involvement in Youth Fishing events and more, we are a very active group of Tournament Anglers that love to fish and support our sport. RB BASS has estimated that it has given away over $25,000.00 in Rods, Reels, Tackle and many other prizes by supporting and hosting raffles , Giveaways and other Promotions.  We have been responsible for helping Tournaments receive sponsorships from Tire Pros, and General Tire to mention a few. RB BASS and its Anglers support the Sport!


The RB BASS Group has Tournament Anglers from 19 to 70 plus years old. We support all Tournament Organizations. We have Anglers in California, Texas, and Florida. We have some young Guns that are going to make noise well into the future of this sport. Not only do we collectively spend a lot of time on the water we have a very competitive Group of Anglers. Were all becoming better friends every day and the support we give to each other is not measurable, but when a boat number is called its game on!


The start of 2016 has been a good one for many of Anglers in the group. RB BASS has a lot of very good Yung Guns that will be making noise at Tournaments for years to come!

RB Anglers-3

Here is a small summary of the start to 2016. Josh Parris Future Pro Tour 13th place Lake Berryessa,10th place Future Pro Tour Folsom Lake, 1st Place Future Pro Tour Lake New Melones.

Lynch PB

Austin Schmalz 2nd Place AM CTT Lake Oroville,Big Fish AM Lake Berryessa,

Austin SChmalz Berryessa Bass

Preston Henson Top 10 Wild West Lake Oroville, Boby Tyler Top 10 Wild West Lake Oroville,10th Place BBT Lake Oroville, John Bradford 2nd Place Wild West AM Lake Oroville, Bryceson Wright three top 5’s in the South end Challenge YTD,

Tim Meeks 3rd Place Ca Delta Teams Trail.

Meeks Dirty D

Alex Sanchez 2nd place and 9th place BASS Federation Cal Delta.

Alex Delta


Danny Cross 2nd place Wild West Lake Oroville, 4th place CTT Pro Lake Oroville, 7th place finish Future Pro Tour T.O.C Lake Oroville/Bullards Bar.

Danny Cross Oroville

Nick Lynch AOY Future Pro Tour, Future Pro Tour 13th place Lake Berryessa,10th place Future Pro Tour Folsom Lake, 1st Place Future Pro Tour Lake New Melones.

Nick top 10

Austin Wilson 1st place Future Pro Tour Championship wins Ranger Bass Boat.

Austin Mag Spotts

Michael Coleman 2nd place BASS Federation Pyramid Lake,15th place Wild West Pro am,13th Place CTT AM,11th place CTT AM, 2nd place Anglers Choice Delta, 10th place BASS divisional,1st place Ca State Champion.

Federation Champion

Ron Howe 16th Place Pro Wild West Lake Oroville, 9th place Future Pro Tour Lake Berryessa,3rd place Wild West Lake Berryessa,

Ron Howe Wild West Berryessa 3rd place

Bob Miller 3rd place Wild West Lake Berryessa,

Bob Miller WWBT 3rd Berryessa

James Everhart 11th Place Future Pro Tour Championship.

James Oroville






Best Bass Tournaments Upcoming Events

BBT header

Tournament: Pine Flat
Date: 4/9/2016
Body of Water: Pine Flat Res
Launch Location: Deer Creek
Details: Check-ins for this event will start around 4am with blast off at safe light. Coffee and goodies will be available at sign ups and plenty of staff there to help you out. There is camping and lodgeing here at this facility for those of you who want to stay at the lake.

Tournament: Nacimiento
Date: 4/9/2016
Body of Water: Lake Nacimiento
Launch Location: Main Ramp
Details: Sign ups for this event will be held at 5a.m the morning of the event in front of the fish cleaning station in the main parking lot of the lake. Don’t forget to check for any up to date info or changes. Also check us out on Facebook and Instagram. For any other questions please contact Chris Gilkison

Tournament: Oroville
Date: 4/9/2016
Body of Water: Lake Oroville
Launch Location: Spillway
Details: Best Bass Tournaments will be holding the convenient Friday night check-in at America’s Best Value Inn & Suites at the BBT trailer between 4 PM and 6 PM for the anglers who are there and wish to get that part out of the way. For Anglers looking for a room call 530-533-7070 to book now. We will be launching out of the Spillway and doing early morning sign ups at 4 AM by the grandstands on left side of parking lot. This will be a drive-by weigh-in. Just follow the cones. Come early as this looks to be a great event.

Berry Winners

Lake Oroville FPT recap by Danny Cross

Lake Oroville Map

Future Pro Tour Classic Recap

We had some big shoes to fill returning to this event as last years champions but we were ready for the challenge.

Danny and DUgan

Danny Cross and Team Partner Dugan Wilson

The 2015 Season TOC this weekend was a split venue held at lake Oroville for 2 days and the final (top 15) carried over to Bullards Bar for the final day.

                We prefished the whole week for the event. We started day one of prefish in the south arm, found decent size fish but the bite was just very slow on that side and water clarity was very bad.  Mid day, we ran to the middle fork and found a decent bite in the waterfalls.  We consistantly were catching good size fish for Oroville standards and lots of them were at every waterfall.  My partner, Dugan Wilson, even caught a 4lb german brown out of one of them on a spinner bait!!  We were catching fish on anything finnesse but found that a senko was the most productive.

                Day 2 of prefish we decided to explore this pattern we had found and perfect it a bit. With that said, we decided to head to the north end of the lake.   Our theory behind this is that we might bump our head on a largemouth up there  and these falls would have less pressure considering they were a further run for the 100 boat field.  We spent the whole day scouring every bit of shoreline marking falls.  We would fish every one for a bit and we picked out our best 5 and considered these to be our “milk run” come tournament day.

Sac Black Rifle

                Day 3 of prefish we went back to the south arm just to check and make sure nothing had changed, and to explore a bit of the main body. We did catch some fish but not near as consistant of what we found up north. So our plan was set.

                Tournament Day 1:  We made the run to our first fall where we had a limit within the first hour and bounced around from each of our most productive falls as the day went on slowly culling our way up.  Mid afternoon we decided to start fishing the outside points and shorelines leading to the falls with an arig.  A few casts in I caught our kicker fish, a nice 5lb largemouth! This was good enough for 3rd big fish of the 2 days at Oroville.  Now about this fish…. I consider this fish a gift and here’s why.  I like to throw my arig from shallow to deep and bring it up the points, but with the heavy winds my rig was blown around the point and my line was now going across all the rocks on dry land.  Rather than drag and fray my line across the rocks, I got on the trolling motor and got to the tip of the point.  With time to sit and sink, my rig was now hung up.  So I continued on the trolling motor and got right on top of my rig in 6 ft of water and was yanking on it.  Finally, after a few hefty jerks it busted loose.  I got about one turn of the reel after it broke loose and a saw a huge flash and my rod doubled over.  We couldn’t believe what just happened and that it yielded a 5lber at Oroville!!  We ended day one in 5th place with 13.02 lbs.

Danny Cross Orovile FPT

                Tournament Day 2:  We did the same thing as day one but decided to start with the arigs and fill the bag later.  We knew that was a good choice when Dugan stuck a 2.5 lb largemouth as our first fish.  We then worked some more falls and got our limit and added a nice 3.05 lb spot out of one of them.  Day 2 finished up with 11.87 lbs and we moved up to 2nd place and made the top 15 cut for day 3 at Bullards Bar.

                Tournament Day 3:  Bullards bar!!!  I cringe at the sound.  Between Dugan and I we spent 12 days here the last 2 months in preperation for the next 8 hours we had out here.  This body of water can pump out some giants, but figuring them out has been a bit of a challenge for us.  We knew the tournament was going to be won here.  We kept our heads held high regardless of our past experiences but unfourtunaltly we only found two small fish.  We weighed in around 5lbs for 2 fish and finished 7th overall.

                THE SETUP–

                As mentioned, we were using neko rigged senkos.  Color didnt seem to matter but our top choices were silver flash and watermelon with red flake.  We also found that putting scent on them was more productive, Bass Dynasty craw flavor was our choice. The two arigs we were using were the eco tungsten and the yum flash mob jr paired with 3.3 and 3.8 kietechs in silver flash color.


                We had a blast spending the week with all of our FPT friends and making some new ones.  Despite the abundant amount of rain and wind we endured we enjoyed every moment on the water.  We would like to give a special thanks to Sacramento Black Rifle for the support throught the season.  Also to RB Bass, Monster Fishing Tackle, River2Sea, Big Bass Dreams, Bass Dynasty, Reelspeed, Dobyns Rods, and Eyesurrender.  We also want to give a huge congrats to fellow RB Bass member Austin Wilson and partner Shane Pierson on the win this weekend!!